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essentiallyinspiredoils. Did you know that what you feel emotionally becomes how you feel physi

Did you know that what you feel emotionally becomes how you feel physically? 🤷‍♀️ Since starting my oil journey, I have learned so much about how emotional stressors can trigger physical issues. We're created to function as a whole - our mind, body and soul are inseparably connected and communicate at a cellular level. Our emotions are information carrying molecules that bind to and react with cell receptors. They go into the cell, and impact function and behavior. _ Our bodies are made of intelligent cells, wired to restore health; but sometimes it needs a little help, and doTERRA has scientifically developed a doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy line that is pre-diluted and ready to go or full strength to create your own dilution. They work well in conjunction with the methods you already use to deal with emotions - yoga, running, meditation, a workout, a warm bath, etc. So, for example: ✨After a tough day, use Forgive over your heart to rid yourself of unkind feelings of yourself or others. ✨Needing to come out of a sad mindset? Listening to Beethoven’s Fifth, and apply doTERRA Cheer to your temples. ✨Use the "Determine Your Mood" feature of the doTERRA Daily Drop App (download this APP today - it’s FREE) to determine which oils you need to use for emotional support based on your responses. ✨The great thing about emotions is that you are in complete control of them. It takes practice, but you can develop methods to take charge. _ If you have any questions about essential oils, or want to get started with your dōTERRA journey, send me a DM or head to my link in my BIO for the best value! As an Essential Oil Coach, I'm here to help you find a healthier version of you. No obligation to order monthly, and ongoing oil education with me. You can shop when you want to, with options to 🙌 save 25-55% off retail and earn FREE product monthly. Intro Packet - How to use your oils, and an Exclusive Welcome Pack from me.

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Staying good on my goal to spend more time in the sun this year.☀️📸: @norypouncil

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Have you considered the 💫ENERGY💫 you consume??? . We focus a lot about the types of foods we consume, but what about the energy WE give them?🤔 . Have you ever FEARED foods? - Like potatoes👆, carbs, sugar? Or FEARED how foods are going to impact you? - How you feel, your skin, your autoimmune conditions? That energy goes TO our food, and INTO our body. Ever feel like you eat SO clean, but always get bloated? Or like you never know what foods are going to react what ways? Or like you gain weight so easily? It may not be WHAT you're eating, but HOW you're eating. But I get it - at this point, you may not even know HOW to stop. I was there. For so many years I feared fats, carbs, sugar - aka anything remotely enjoyable. I developed incredibly bad IBS & Autoimmune conditions, and then began to EXPECT pain, discomfort, fatigue, etc. I was creating and fostering this environment. Unconsciously. It wasnt until I was able to lift the fear, that I was able to see: - How capable - How resiliant - And how limitless my body really is We are DESIGNED to heal. Designed to thrive. And designed for so much more than we could ever imagine. We just have to lift our limiting beliefs. And while affirmations and counseling can help, we need to truly dialogue with our SUBCONSCIOUS mind. Which is exactly what I do with my clients in Rapid Transformational Therapy. 1. Identify the block✔ 2. Replace with new patterning✔ 3. Manifest your true desires✔ It really is as simple as that. If you're wanting to LET GO of fears, pains, limiting beliefs, and EMBRACE love, abundance, and your true purpose - comment below or message me💫✨💗

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Today’s Mantra: I deserve and accept the abundant wealth of the Universe 💫⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ Been letting this sink in lately while listening to yet another audio book by @jensincero : You are a Badass at Making Money ⚡️ Our mindset is so powerful & Jen offers a ton of tips on how to view money with a more positive lens & opening yourself up to money making opportunities 🙌🏽⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ I’m already half way through and have fallen in love. Here’s to more creative endeavors and the funds to create as much magic as possible ✨ I highly recommend this read if you’re wanting to create a healthy relationship w/your mind and money—it’s really so inspiring.⁣ ⠀⠀⁣ What’s been your favorite self-help book lately? Drop them down below, I’d love to know! 💕 ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ 📸: @tyleeshayphotos

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To the naked eye the bigger transformation occurs in the first photo. What you don’t see is the creation of terrible habits and a toxic relationship with food. I couldn’t have a cheat meal without punishing myself for days. And I spent so many hours of my life planning it felt like a rat race to nowhere. It took seven years for me to crush my own self esteem. And not even recognize the woman in the mirror staring back at me. The second transformation isn’t as obvious. But it is SO much more healthy. Breaking down your walls and dealing with your shit is just as much your personal responsibility as maintaining a healthy diet and fitness regimen is. Go within, tackle your demons. They’ll keep trying to come back, in different ways, under different masks. But you can always be stronger. . . . Notice. Breath. Reflect. Grow. . . . . #katdivonewellness #tranformationtuesday #wellness #WellnessCoach #wellnesswarrior #wellnessjourney #wellnessblogger #WellnessAdvocate #wellnessfitness #WellnessCenter #wellnesslife #wellnessRetreat #WellnessBlog #WellnessCoaching #wellnesslifestyle #WellnessTips #wellnesshotel #wellnesstravel #WellnessZone #wellnesswarriors #WellnessCoaches #wellnessday #wellnessmama #wellnessspa #wellnesscaoch #wellnessweekend #wellnessinfluencer #wellnesscentre #wellnessfood

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Today, I was inspired by @greenwithin to make this warm and cozy buddha bowl. It's definitely not as cold in FL as it is in DC today, but it's still a very chilly day nonetheless. I toasted some quinoa with dulse (great source of iodine!) for my base. Then I added kale, tomato, avocado, roasted chickpeas, roasted carrots, green onion, crispy shiitake mushrooms, and micogreens. I finished off my bowl by swirling avocado cilantro and tamarind date sauces on top. This bowl is so filling and packed with protein! What cozy meals are you making today? #sacredplate

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[year 31 coming in hot] ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Honestly, I’m quite alright with it! 30 was hands down an amazing year. ⠀ ⠀ So, so much—>⠀ ⠀ good change⠀ learning ⠀ growth⠀ purpose⠀ fulfillment⠀ abundance ⠀ self-belief ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Looking forward to this year and all it holds! Thank you all for the sweetest wishes! ✨⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Never ever forget—> you can change who you are+what you are with your thoughts and positive daily inputs. 🖤⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 📸: @thehumblelion_

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Did a LIVE progress video over on my story because I know how easy it is to look at someone’s photos and be like “wow she looks great. I’ll never get there.” But I struggle too! Fact about me: I hate taking photos straight on because I always feel like I look wider than I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We all have those angles and ways we like to pose in photos that make us look like our best selves and there is nothing wrong with that. But as a coach, I need you to know that I’m on a journey too. I’m not just talking the talk, but running alongside you. 🏃‍♀️ I’m showing up every day for my workouts, just as I expect you to do. I’m working through my struggles with my body image and learning to love myself at every stage in my transformation, just as I expect you to do. I’m doing my very best to fill up my cup so I can pour into others, just as I expect you to do. So if you want a coach that is going to bark orders at you and expect you to be perfect, I’m not your coach. 👎 But if you want a friend that will hold you accountable and go on this journey WITH you, that’s me 🙋🏻‍♀️ Since this test group has been SO popular, I’m opening up 5 spots for early enrollment into my February bootcamp! 💕 Sign up before Jan. 31st and get a special gift from yours truly 🎁 Send me a DM or go to the link in my bio to apply!

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The simple practice I’ve been using using to stop overeating 🛑 ⠀ ⠀ Do you ever do it? Sit down to eat and scarf your meal, and before you know it, you’re uncomfortably full and wondering how you got there? Or, you finish your meal, have a little (or a lot) too much dessert, and find yourself past the point of comfort because you ate too much? Yeah, me too. But every time I find myself in this overly full predicament, the one thing I always notice is that I HATE the way it makes me feel. Low energy, sluggish, a little grumpy, it interferes with my sleep and it totally sets off my digestive symptoms👎🏼⠀ ⠀ I was recently reminded of a centuries-old healthy lifestyle practice that I first learned about while studying @nutritionschool, but had forgotten about until a conversation I had with a woman I know who comes from the culture that practices it. It’s a simple and VERY effective tool. ⠀ It’s called hara hachi bu and it translates to “belly 80% full” or “eat until you’re 8 parts full”. I’ve been using it for the past week or so and I’ve gotta tell you, I feel really good since implementing it. My digestion feels lighter, my jeans fit just right, and i just feel better energetically. Learn more about this portion control practice and how I’ve been practicing it in my own life in my latest post at www.thesouthernwellbeing.com (link in bio) ✨⠀ ⠀ 📷: @smo.jog

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The brightest light casts the biggest shadow... As high as the trees (we) branches reach toward Heaven, is as deep as it's roots must be grounded in Hell... As within, so without... Be the Alchemist of your life! Integrate the shadow. Re-member yourself, and be Whole! #becomplete #bestlifenow #dothework #twinflame

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solsticemoonwellness. \"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at ch

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." -Albert Einstein

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armindah_. THIS WEEK

#ontheblog - My surefire, tried and true ways to wellness🤓

THIS WEEK #ontheblog - My surefire, tried and true ways to wellness🤓 Get in on all the goodness at armindah.com link in bio @armindah_ 😍

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Things are changing slowly...and in order to expand my Coaching business I’ve created a new space for all things wellness,holistic health, holistic nutrition and coaching. I wanna welcome you to my new WELLNESS ACCOUNT @thewellnesskat Which you can go FOLLOW!! •• Repost from @thewellnesskat:”You can look at your journey with positive eyes or live in the past like a victim...” If you wanna learn more about positive reflection GO TO THE LINK IN MY BIO!! •• You can read this BLOG POST on the link in my new Insta Story!!! // #instawellness #procesosdecambio #selfcareadvocate #healyourlife #selflovetips #holistichealing #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #holisticcoach #healthcoaching #lifecoach #wellnesscoach #wellnessaccount #wellnessblogger #newblogpost #newpost #newpostup #healingwithin #instaquotes #quotestoliveby #instagramquotes #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #wellnessblog

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Not gonna lie it’s a pretty good feeling when I go to post a photo like this from a few months ago and then stop and think “wait, I don’t even look like that anymore.” I love the fact that I’m constantly changing, inside & out. 💃🏼 . My transformation hasn’t just been about what you guys see in all my pictures, it’s more about what you read in the captions. It’s about a complete change in lifestyle & mindset. It’s about a happier/healthier mind, body & soul. 🌻 . I can’t imagine where my life would be if I didn’t say YES to this opportunity almost two years ago. What a journey. 👯‍♀️ I’ve spent that time mostly focusing on my own health and coaching people on the side but now I’m looking forward to helping even more people this year with their health/wellness journeys than the past two years. . There’s a link in my bio to apply for the LAST wave of VIP members for my 20-min/day test group or you can always reach out via DM with questions. 💌 Cheers to the rest of your healthiest & happiest 2019 ever! 🥂

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sageglowstudio. Maybe I’m behind the times, but did you know that this adorable rose g

Maybe I’m behind the times, but did you know that this adorable rose gold beauty blender holder existed?! ⠀ 👄⠀ My sister in law gifted it to me along with the @ecotools blenders for Christmas and I love them all. I’ve been using the small blender every day (I have a small face so that usually does the trick) with my @14ecosmetics foundation or sheer tint and notice such a difference in even, smooth coverage. I give it a quick wash with @drbronner soap and pop it into the holder to dry. So much easier to clean than a makeup brush and much better results. I’m fully converted.⠀ 👄⠀ If you need to stock up on makeup tools to make your life easier, I’ve linked to the blenders and holder in my bio. And let me know if there are other beauty hacks like this I’m missing out on! ⠀

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lefleurbeautie. Beautiful food= Beautiful you 💚
🥒- Water based. Hydrating. Low calor

Beautiful food= Beautiful you 💚 🥒- Water based. Hydrating. Low calories. 🍊- Immune Booster + Vitamin C. 🌿- Vitamin A, C, D and just everything the body needs. . 🍇- Berries HIGH in antioxidants. Snack wisely. Xx

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happilyy.holistic. This was legit the best stir fry I've made in a while. I will leave th

This was legit the best stir fry I've made in a while. I will leave the ingredients that I used for the sauce, if you'd like to try it! You can add it to whatever veggies and/or protein that you like. Enjoy! Sauce: • sriracha • soy sauce (or tamari/coconut aminos for gluten free) • almond butter • water • lime juice • maple syrup • sesame oil • ginger • minced garlic #nutrition #health #vegan #whatveganseat #veganuary #vegansofig #dairyfree #glutenfree #wellbeing #cleaneating #stirfry #food #happilyholistic #wellnessblog

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aa.wellness.professional. Omega 3’s are so important, especially in today’s day and age. Our rat

Omega 3’s are so important, especially in today’s day and age. Our ratio of Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) to Omega 6 (pro-inflammatory) is so out of whack with the commercial food that is being shoved in our faces 24/7. 🤯 . . With the plant based movement happening globally, it’s important to know that you can still get these wonderful fatty acids from our green friends 🌿 . . #fitspiration #fitnessgoals #fitlife #strongnotskinny #fitnessforlife #positivemood #bestlifeproject #fitfluential #findyourstrong #movementculture #activeliving #youcandoit #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #fitnessaddict #fitnesswomen #wellnessjourney #mindfulliving #nourishyourself #healthyhappylife #liveinspired #cleanliving #wellnessblog #healthyhabits #bodyweighttraining #hometraining #vegetarian #plantbased #healthyrecipes #fitfood via @preview.app

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I had ice cream for dinner last night… after I sat in front of the fridge and cried because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat … (please tell me I’m not the only woman with fluctuating hormones who has done this…😂) . Even though dinner was all planned out, I knew what I was making, I had all the ingredients, I was aggravated because I didnt wana cook damn thing, Sean was sick and so there I was... . I mixed Nuzest protein powder in a bowl with water until a doughy, soft consistency and portioned out my ice cream. Protein plus the good fats from coconut milk was perfectly filling rather than ice cream alone! (highly recommend) . Honoring my body and listening to it is something I practice everyday. I cant tell you the last time I had ice cream for dinner but I knew if I deprived myself and shoved vegetables in my mouth, I probably would’ve cried harder and then would’ve eaten even more food that still didnt hit the spot. . For me... my diet consists 80% of good-for-me-whole foods that my body agrees with and 20% wiggle room, with no negativity allowed! I got right back to my normal eating today with this glorious bowl and felt on top of the world.

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thetiredgirlsociety. Beautiful things that make us smile.


Beautiful things that make us smile. @queridamaldita

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21% Off Savings + FREE Shipping! The B17 Synergy Pack helps you make the most of your B17 with the three main elements found in Apricot Seeds to help support the immune system: B17, B-15, and natural enzymes! SAVE 21% + FREE SHIPPING through Link in Bio!🔝 . . . Offer Valid: 01/18-1/25/2018. Not valid for wholesale orders. Cannot be applied to past orders or used in conjunction with other promotion. Free shipping on domestic orders only.

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sparkleupbuttercup. Cheers!! 🍷
Took a little break from my alcohol detox this weekend to

Cheers!! 🍷 Took a little break from my alcohol detox this weekend to enjoy a couple glasses with my mom. Never thought I’d be on the no alcohol train, but I got to a place where I wanted to try it and embraced it! I ended up going two weeks without any alcohol, which may not be impressive to some, but for someone who never thought about wanting to venture down that path this was pretty good! What did I get out of it: 💜My stomach became less bloated 💜I ended up drinking more water 💦 💜I missed it less than I thought I would- like actually going back to it after this. Don’t get me wrong I will still enjoy adult beverages 🍷🥂 Think I will keep it to one though unless it’s a fun occasion!( I was up to two nightly) 💜I’m still just as relaxed at night- tea has become my new night time drink 😍 💜Hard to explain but I felt a different kind of energized feeling. Enjoyed not feeling like I “wanted”, “needed”, or “had” to have a glass of wine. I do enjoy cooking with a glass of wine, but I started drinking my kombucha at this time instead. From a wine glass of course 😜😉 💜Not quite sure if the two are related yet because my emotional eating has been better since right before, but I didn’t get into as many extra bites of things (cough cough.... tortilla chips 😳) I encourage you to try new things and find what works for your body. You never know what you will find! What is something you’ve been wanting to try for your health and wellness, but haven’t quite been able to take that leap?! Hopefully we can help each other and get some new ideas 😊💜 leave me a comment or love to get a DM saying hey 👋😊 #sparkleupbuttercup #trynewthings #alcoholdetox #health #wellness #healthandwellness #healthandwellnessjourney #blog #blogger #healthblog #healthblogger #wellnessblog #wellnessblogger #healthandwellnessblog #healthandwellnessblogger #tricks #tips #relaxing #relaxingnight #nightritual #nighttime #community #wellnesstips #healthtips

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Ran out of palo santo!! My first little stick is now too tony to hold so I stopped by @whitelotusdivine after work and found the beautiful little ritual kit! I’ve been dreaming of back-bends this week and am feeling all the front body tightness that computer work brings. This little pack has me totally covered including an amethyst stone, quartz and healing heart essential oil. I chose the one with a green candle because spring is around the corner! Many will celebrate Imbolc on Feb 2, and others will celebrate the spring festival with Chinese new year on Feb 5. What I love about these practices is that is draws your eye to the things you can be grateful for and celebrate!! . How do you welcome spring? . . #spiritualentrepreneur #manifestationbabe #inspiredwomen #empowerwomen #growthmindset #wellpreneur #higherself #abundancemindset #soulpreneur #raiseyourfrequency #highvibes #soulpurpose #soulconnection #loveandlight #lawofattraction #wellnessblogger #wellnessblog #greenlifestyle #holisticlifestyle #mindbodyspirit . . #imbolc #paganism #sunworshiper #springfestival #chinesenewyear2019

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Grabbing a snack before team call tonight... without my superfoods, my cravings are all over the place! 🤯I'd rather have a cupcake, but we got goals so let's, still stay on track with our fuel. 😘✊ . Want to try some? Maybe I should raffle one off because I love you!❤ What do you think? Comment below, "sample" to join in the raffle!

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theptyoiler. (Para leer en español, mira la sección de comentarios)

(Para leer en español, mira la sección de comentarios) #backtobasics - What are Essential oils? - Believe it or not, essential oils are present in our toothpaste, candles, deodorant. Anything that’s been scented has essential oils. BUT, not all oils are created equally. Food and perfume grade oils are synthetic unless stated otherwise. These two types of oils can’t be used therapeutically for the benefits of your health. Synthetic oils can actually do more harm to your body, since they can be stored as toxins, unable to be released. - Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and work with your body to assist your health. Within 20 minutes of being applied to your skin, the oil has reached every cell in your body. These oils are steam distilled from the plant and contain its scent, immunity and hormones of each one. - Oils are distilled over a long period of time and low heat. If any step is missed or performed at the wrong time, the crop can go to waste. Gary Young, Young Living’s founder, stated it took him 5 years to train the men who worked the distilleries. When a plant is distilled correctly, the oil you will enjoy, is ensured to contain all the constituents of the plant, therefore have the most benefit for your body. ———— #wellnessblog #yleo #younglivinges #essentialoils #whatsinmyer #youngliving #aromatherapy #theptyoiler #panama #education #tuesdays #wellness #healthylife #toxicfreeliving #familysafety #mommalife #panamaoilers #vidasinquimicos #aprendesobreaceitesedenciales #cleanlife #healthylifestyle

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saigeandivy. I think my cooking is exquisite. My toddler does not😂. Moms how do yo

I think my cooking is exquisite. My toddler does not😂. Moms how do you get your toddlers to eat more veggies? It feels like a never ending battle and I don’t want to battle with her over this. All tips are welcomed! . . . . . . . . . . #wellnessjourney #iamwellandgood #mindbodygreen #holisticwellness #holistichealth #holisticliving #holisticlifestyle #mindfulliving #intuitiveliving #mindbodyspirit #holisticmedicine #healthmatters #nourishyourself #mindbodygram #selfloveclub #naturalhealth #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #liveinspired #nontoxicliving #organiclifestyle #cleanliving #mindandbody #wellbeingworrior #wellpreneur #wellnessblogger #wellnessblog

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insta_daab_. Haven’t been feeling or acting at all like myself lately. A long weeke

Haven’t been feeling or acting at all like myself lately. A long weekend with time for reflection + some real convos with some of my realest people have me feeling ready to bring back my fire 🔥Sorry for sucking, self, we back. • • • • • • • • #mindfulliving #healthyhappylife #wellnessblog #sunsets #soulwisdom #highvibes #choosejoy #quote #qotd #quotes #words #inspire #inspiring #motivation #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #instaquote #lifequotes #positivevibes #positivemind #positivelife #growthmindset #staypositive #girlpower #study #studyblr #handlettering #medicine #meditation #light

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