If loving carbs is wrong, I don’t want to be right 🥨🥐🍞🥖 . #vikingcruises #myvikingstory #lovegreatbritain #foodisgreat


Brugge 🍷🍸🍹 Belgium Congrats @bangupnata Use #map_of_europe #Belgium


Rouge ou rosé? C’est le temps de l’apéro.


Happy Friday! Here’s another one from Kew because I realised I only posted one and I took so many pictures, I was too obsessed with this beautiful place 🌿


I honestly don’t care it’s 84 degrees, I’m done with NYC summer, bring on bbw candles and pumpkin spice everything 🎃 ⠀ ⠀ Лето в НЙ в самом разгаре, а я уже закупалась осенними свечами и достала свою коллекцию свитеров (в количестве 28 штук).⠀ Без особой оригинальности: всем отличных выходных❣️⠀


Getting lost these days is a good thing #montpellier #topmontpellierphoto #france


We really enjoyed the quiet streets, blue skies and monochromatic facades of #montpellier #topmontpellierphoto #france


I shall return. 🌊 🏝 🏊‍♂️ #throwback


Fly away. Best activity ever.✨


Art will enhance focus! #ghana


1 or 2? 💕 . А ещё, я влюблена в это место ♡ . . #thestreetnetwork #vscocam #vscorussia #theprettycities #moscow #instagood #travel


Splite Moj 🇭🇷♥️⛪


Day 28 of the #fearlessandforward challenge themed: Someone that inspires me Photo: I love this house! Stone walls made it disappeare within the landscape and blend right in. I used a grad ND to hold in some of the light in the sky but nothing else. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I am inspired by youtube. You will find a video of anything! You can explore a city, watch inspirational talks, see how the perfect eyeliner is applied, what to cook for dinner, follow a 10 minute workout or hear some talk about loosing 20 kilos and how this changed her/his life. I don’t even watch TV anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch Netflix and stream movies. But regular TV or even news (also not as print or online ) are not part of my life anymore. News make me feel miserable and fill my brain with horrible things that I can’t change.


Iniziamo a fare strada ! Domani prima tappa Etna ! oggi come prima cosa chiudo il borsone e preparo le ultimissime cose . Sarà una settimana lunga piena di emozioni, avrò poco tempo per mostrarvi tutto quello che vedremo , ma hai la possibilità di fare lo stesso tour assieme a noi e rivivere le stesse emozioni tu stesso , contatta @xtreme_sicily o @jonas_vacanze per scegliere il tour su misura per te . La Sicilia vi aspetta . #Etna #Escursioni #offroad #discovery3 #Sicilia


On an island, under a tree