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Such a joy to do a pop visit to @stellar.fit.sf for two days at @up_pilates_burlingame in San Francisco!!! #s6fitness #s6pilates #pilatesandsports #sanfranciscopilates

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pilateswithalexis. Happppy Halloweeeeeen 🎃
Can’t wait to put on my weekend costume

Happppy Halloweeeeeen 🎃 Can’t wait to put on my weekend costume 🚴🏻‍♀️ @leximillerapparel (👈throw me a follow, would ya?)

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Mat class this evening at 5:30 at Maiden Lane Studios! There are still spaces left for drop-ins. 🧘‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🧘‍♂️ . . . . . . #pilatesmat #sanfranciscofitness #maidenlanestudios #pilateswithjosie #matpilates #sanfranciscopilates #feelingstrong #powerhouse

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bootyshawl. Saturday afternoon in the #BootyShawl shipping department.

Saturday afternoon in the #BootyShawl shipping department. #tissuefolding #bellyband #packaging #holidayorders #giftsforher #giftsformom #giftsforsister #giftsforwife Shop early at bootyshawl.etsy.com

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I get refueled and inspired when I can help people. My client Jesssica has been to less than 20 pilates group sessions at @mightypilates and it has changed her for the better, forever! Thank you Jessica for getting me excited about teaching this coming week! I’m restored! 🙏 . . . #blessed #testimony #teachersofinstagram #pilates #pilatesandproperty #sanfranciscopilates

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motionexploration. About to teach my weekly pilates class at the Millennium Tower. Apprec

About to teach my weekly pilates class at the Millennium Tower. Appreciating the improvement of those who sticked to the practice over the years and see their strength, balance, mobility and flexibility improve! #gratitude #pilates #feldenkrais #motionexploration #rcptfit #pilatesmatclass #strength #balance #mobility #action #millenniumtower #sanfranciscopilates #millenniumtowersf #rcptfit #flexibility #fullpotential #teaching #improvement #gaiam #foamrollers #yogamats #wellbeing

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A very belated ‘race report’ from the only competitive event I do all year, the Trans Tahoe Relay.⁣ ⁣ The rules: 6 member relay team, swim 11 miles in 30 minute increments, and then 10 minute increments til you’re done. Oh, and the water is somewhere above or below 60 degrees and no wetsuits allowed 🥶⁣ ⁣ So we didn’t win and that was a given. So why bother, you ask? Well, it’s fun. It’s a beautiful place, the water is crystal clear and clean, you’ve got a boat full of teammates, and it’s a challenge even if you’re just trying to finish.⁣ ⁣ It’s not so much a physical challenge if you already swim. It’s way more mental. The anticipation of jumping in, of being cold, the monotony, seeing your teammates basking in the sun on the boat every time you turn your head for a much needed breath (the air is thin at 6,200’ ya know).⁣ ⁣ My idol, @fitnesslizbradley says the most challenging endurance sport is life. So training for endurance is really just training for life. When you make it through a 30 minute physical and mental challenge, you can take that with you. Carry it in your pocket, reach in and touch it as a reminder when shit gets tough, and know that you can handle it. ✌️

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It's Trainer Tuesday at A Body of Work with Margaret Tappan! . Margaret is a former professional ballet dancer and an avid and enthusiastic teacher of movement. She is especially intrested in the therapeutic applications of the Pilates methods as a means of stimulating the body's natural ability to heal. She specializes in correcting faulty posture and movement patterns, alleviating chronic pain in clients with special needs, such as scoliosis, sports and dance related injuries. Ultimately, Margaret aspires to bring the joy of movement to people's lives! #trainertuesday #pilates #presidiosf #sanfranciscopilates #gyrokenisis #pilatesstrong #abowsf

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madelineblackpilates. Encompass circles around the whole body using observations, movement r

Encompass circles around the whole body using observations, movement relationships as a whole and their influences on function and structure. This training embraces the how, why and what you are seeing, and sensing in order to help organize the client’s body during sessions. Time is spent practicing techniques progressing toward session development and directing the client’s body into better organization. It is not required to take Gather prior to this training. Total hours: 28 hours PMA CEC provided Next ENCOMPASS Trainings: San Francisco September 2019 London September 2019 Shanghai October 2019 Japan July 2020 Singapore August 2020 #pilates #MadelingBlackMethod #PilatesWorkshop #PilatesTraining #Movement #MovementTraining #SanFranciscoPilates #SFpilates #encompass

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🕺Move . From . Your . Center. 🕺 . Although this is one of the NINE PILATES PRINCIPLES and is meant to refer to the body, there is an inseparable connection between the physical and metaphysical expression of who we are. . When we strengthen our CORE we create an anchor point for movement. Physical expression from there is DYNAMIC, stable, supported, and FUN. When we attune to that place in our body and build balanced strength, suppleness and flexility, we create a desirable domain for our PERSONAL POWER to reside. Actually our core is referred to in Pilates as our POWERHOUSE :) . As we walk through the world our center is present, and we feel the glow of our personal power within. We begin to orient to that place inside and trust where we are at any given moment. Regardless if we are inside out, upside down, facing right, left or somewhere in between, we can stay connected to an inner strength that grounds us. . We becomes less effected, less pulled off center by the TOPSY TURVY world. Our lives can stay steady and manage change from a healthy place within. We can move and make choices from our true center. . So, get familiar with your CENTER, and explore what it means to create real strength. Strength is something that moves with the flow of life, has the ability to expand and contract, it’s dynamic and ALIVE. Take your center with you, and know you are strong enough to rely on that place when life gets weird. Because life will always…get weird.

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Have you had clients

✨RETHINK HOW YOU DO SIDE OVER ON THE REFORMER✨⁣ ⁣ Have you had clients do side bends over the short box and complain of QL or back pain?⁣ 👂Listen to this explanation for how I changed this up.⁣ ⁣ ✅ I place the box in the short position at the front of the reformer. The slight slope here provides the body with more square footage of support.⁣ ⁣ ✅ Place the strap on the top foot. If you are facing right you use the strap on the left.⁣ ⁣ 🔑 Be sure to have your body far enough over the box that the strap can have tension or shorten your straps.⁣ ⁣ 🔑 You should be able to stretch over the box and either touch the floor or hold the footbar which is in the down position.⁣ ⁣ 🔷 I use one blue spring⁣ ⁣ ✅ Feel free to add variations like a rotation towards the leg or a stretch!⁣ ⁣ ✨ I teach this in my Reformer Box workshops and it’s a favorite of mine! I hope you will give it a go!✨⁣ ⁣ #creativepilatesworkouts #corestrength #pilatesabs #pilatestvcore #reformerworkout #pilatesreformer #sanfranciscopilates #obliques #hipstrength #mindmuscleconnection #girlsgonestrong #fitpro

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Last 24 hours 20% off first 3 months of membership. Sign up NOW. Email us at soma@clubpilates.com #pilates #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscopilates #pilatessanfrancisco #lastminutedeals #strength #toningworkout #coreworkout #sfsoma

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Strength is the new E V E R Y T H I N G I recently marked another trip around the ☀️ - a big one 😬 More than anything, I want to remain strong. I want to be able to hold myself up, pull myself up, support myself - literally I often encounter people who suffer from not having paid attention to their health. I’ll never tell a client that it’s too late to get stronger and work on flexibility but it does break my heart knowing that had they started younger . . . It doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with simple things, like hydration and posture. Start by making small changes, making better habits. Aim for progress, no matter how small 💪

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Today our ITT Pilates Mat students are diving into Essential Exercises - these are the building blocks to sound movement and one of the things that makes ITT Pilates Instructors so successful with their clients. Plus, we love how our new manuals turned out! #ittpilates #ittpilatesteachertraining #pilatesteachertraining #pilatesinstructor #pilatesinstructortraining #essentialexercises #pilatessuccess #pilatescommunity #pilatessanfrancisco #sanfranciscopilates #abowsf #sanfrancisco #presidiosf

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Motivation Monday 💪🏽 . At A Body of Work mindful instruction is what sets us apart. Our instructors help you focus on your alignment and motor control to ensure you get the results you want! . Schedule a private one on one Pilates session at A Body of Work with some of the best trainers in San Francisco! . . . Schedule your appointment today at www.abowsf.com #motivationmonday #sanfranciscopilates #pilatessf #pilatesmat #pilatesreformer #abowsf #abodyofwork #sanfranciscofitness #presidiosf #ittpilates

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Anatomy Workshop⠀ For Teachers and Serious Students⠀ Saturday, December 14th⠀ 1:30 - 4:30pm⠀ ⠀ Fee: $150⠀ ⠀ Sign up via link in profile!⠀ ⠀ An owners manual for bodies. ⠀ Learn how to maximize the mobility of your hip joints. ⠀ Use breath to engage your core musculature.⠀ Play with bone rhythms to support your shoulder girdle, and arm movement. ⠀ Workshop will use imagery, lectures, and movement.⠀ Perfect for body owners of all types!⠀ ⠀ #AnatomyWorkshop #AnatomyForPilates #PilatesTeacher #PilatesTeacherTraining #PilatesStudents #PilatesInstructor #SanFranciscoPilates #PilatesEducationLab #SanchezStreetStudios

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Congratulations, Anna, for welcoming baby Kai into our world! Anna is returning from Maternity leave and we’re thrilled to have her back at TPW! . Anna approaches her students with a warm and supportive teaching style to help them confidently progress through increasingly challenging exercises. . Swipe to see Anna’s class times, and join her for some fine Pilates! . #SFPilates #sflocals #pilatesteacher #maternityleave #moms #sanfranciscopilates #sanfranciscocity #sflife #Pilatesclasses

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I love starting with my hands around the lumbo-pelvic area to ensure that I'm in alignment and working the right muscles equally. So often this becomes a major low back and QL exercise for folks without enough balanced muscular activation from the front. Who doesn't love the yummy stretch afterwards too!! #maidenlanestudios #bayareapilates #pilatesinstructor #pilates #sffitness #sanfranciscopilates #pilatesreformer #pilatesbody #pilatesworkout

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hastipilates. Happy Halloween from Luna, cutest puppy EVER🎃🎃 #pilates #sanfrancisc

Happy Halloween from Luna, cutest puppy EVER🎃🎃 #pilates #sanfranciscopilates

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2 things I love: ☝️ A good short spine flow ✌️ A good pair of leggings: they’ve got to be LONG and have jusssst the right amount of compression 🦵LOVE these @terez leggings from @carbon38 Get a pair for yourself with 15% OFF using code ALEXISRIN20

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Thank you so much Miranda from @maidenlanestudios for unwinding my aeroplane/ airplane body with your Pilates expertise. I feel so much better. See you next time I’m in SF 🌸 #pilatestour #postplanepilates #pilates #sanfranciscopilates #nextstoppma #sydneytosanfrancisco

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Still getting a handle of this exercise - it’s so much harder than it actually looks in a full body way!! I remember the first time I got into that upside-down squat, bringing my butt to my heels. It was the most intense muscular sensation I had ever felt in my hammies, and I was sore for daaaaaays! Look how far I’ve come from experiencing that intense sensation! #pilates #traineelife #pilatestrainee #pilatescadillac #pilatessquirrel #sfpilates #sanfranciscopilates #sanfrancisco #sflocal #sfbloggers #yogi @thepilatesworkshopsf

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80 Maiden Lane! Pilates reformer class at 4:30 and mat class at 5:30. Another beautiful day in downtown San Francisco! Come and get strong. 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️ . . . . . #pilateswithjosie #maidenlanestudios #sanfranciscopilates #maidenlanepilates #matpilates #moveyourbody #josephpilates #contrology

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hastipilates. Beth Trier killing it on the #reformer with some super challenging bal

Beth Trier killing it on the #reformer with some super challenging balance work #pilates #sanfranciscopilates #hastipilates

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A teaser wasn’t as available to me as it usually is- look at the slope of that footpath! Only a San Francisco Pilates person could cope with that surely ☺️ Happy #teasertuesday everyone! Thanks for the 📸@pilatesinsync #openlegrocker #streetpilates #pilates #footpathpilates #sidewalkpilates #iampolestar #pilatesfriends #sanfranciscopilates #mylegslooksolonginthisphoto

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hastipilates. Even your friendly neighborhood psychoanalyst needs to work out the ar

Even your friendly neighborhood psychoanalyst needs to work out the arches of his feet and practice balance work! #pilates #sanfranciscopilates #balance #reformerpilates

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Palo Alto is ready to welcome the newest addition to its fitness scene — @mntstudio. In a few short weeks, the SoMa Pilates and barre studio will be at 575 High St., right across from Palo Alto Creamery! Keep up with them on their social media to find when opening day will be so you can plan your first #MNTPA workout/milkshake date.🤸🍦⠀ ⠀ (📸: @mntstudios)

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