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mylittleyogi. Happy Monday 🌙 🔮 sending love ❤️ \"look down at your body

Happy Monday 🌙 🔮 sending love ❤️ "look down at your body whisper there is no home like you." #rupikaur ❤️ is our divine responsibility to take care of our mind, body and soul 🙏🏼 #mindbodysoul #loveyourself #forwardfold #flowerpower #magick #sacredfeminine #goddess #fitmom

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projecthappiness_org. One way to alleviate anxious thoughts is to gain a wider perspective.

One way to alleviate anxious thoughts is to gain a wider perspective. Time Warp Challenge: As you move through your day, imagine that whatever circumstance you are dealing with isn’t going to last. Simply ask yourself, “Will this matter a year from now?” Sometimes it may, but a vast majority of the time, it simply won’t matter in a year – or even a week from now! The key is to distance yourself a bit from your worries, so you can see in a more objective light. Imagine yourself doing things that make you happy, and the day to day problems of today are parts of the rhythms of life. . 📙Check out more helpful exercises in our #ProjectHappiness Handbook! Link in bio👆 #MindfulMonday #DontSweatTheSmallStuff 📷🙏@perotto

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dr_holistic_health. Thank you @babaramdass 💖🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💖
Feel the breeze on your face o

Thank you @babaramdass 💖🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💖 Feel the breeze on your face or your neck? See how it’s going by? You’re not all hung up with it. You don’t have to see where each breeze goes. You don’t have to look quickly to see if it hit those trees over there. It’s the breezes, and they’re just going by. Make your thoughts like those breezes, those little breezes…just going by. 🔸 Photo repost: @trudy_goodman ❤️ . . . . #spiritual #loveandlight #spirituality #ramdass #ramdassquotes #spiritualawakening #aun #om #namaste #amen #holistichealing #mindbodyspirit #mindbodysoul #drholistichealth #optimalhealth #soulwork #loa #frequency #highervibrations #higherconsciousness #highervibrations

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Detox vem da ideia de desintoxicar, tirar do corpo tudo o que não lhe faz bem. Louvável, sem dúvida nenhuma. Mas o problema começa quando as pessoas acham que um copo de suco verde pela manhã são a solução para melhorar suas vidas. Não adianta beber 3 litros de água por dia quando se se reclama da vida, dos outros, do país, do frio, do calor, do trânsito... É um círculo vicioso, quanto mais a gente fala das coisas ruins, menos atenção a gente dá às coisas boas! É ilusão achar que a mudança vem de fora para dentro. Que a felicidade e a saúde cabem em embalagens plásticas com códigos de barra. Produtos podem ser ótimos coadjuvantes nessa busca, mas a verdadeira mudança é só o protagonista quem faz. Detox de gente ruim. Detox de maus hábitos. Detox de inveja. Detox de relações doentes. Detox de obsessões. Detox de pessimistas. Detox de medo de mudar. Detox de sentimentos pobres. Detox de superficialidade. Detox de vícios. Detox de viver por viver. E pra fazer detox na vida é preciso coragem. Coragem para mudar, para arriscar, para romper, para fechar ciclos que há muito tempo deveriam ter terminado... By Ruth Manus ♥️ #mindbodysoul #yoga #yoniverse #yoga4growth #focanobem #riseandshine

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funfitmsv. Mindset is everything ♥️
You have two choices— you can continue

Mindset is everything ♥️ . . . You have two choices— you can continue living in a negative headspace OR you can push yourself to take a positive approach to life ✌🏼 . . . It’s not easy! It takes practice and it’s not foolproof...sometimes the negative energy sneaks in! BUT, just like most things in life— the more work you put in, the more you benefit 😉 . . . #trytostaypositive #positivevibes #positivethinking #positivity #powerofpositivity #powerofpositive #powerofpositivethinking #positivevibesonly #positivenergy #positivemind #positivemindset #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmatters #mindsetshift #strongwomen #strongwoman #fitnessjourney #healthjourney #healthylifestyle #mindbodysoul #weightlossjourney #weightloss

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raise.the.vibe.tribe. @inked.mystic• Let’s Raise the Vibe, Tribe •
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EATING DISORDER VIDEO UP! Or should I say “videoS”, cause it’s divided in 2 parts. . So that’s the hardest video I’ve ever filmed. I’ve never opened up that much to anyone about this issue and am feeling extremely vulnerable putting myself out there with this. . Please, be kind and supportive and try not to judge. We all go through tough times and cannot always understand the way others think, but that doesn’t mean we should disrespect them. . The link to the video is in my bio ❤️

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cassandrabodzak. Mondays are for lady love. 💃🏻💃🏻
Every week I get to kick off wit

Mondays are for lady love. 💃🏻💃🏻 . Every week I get to kick off with my Spread Your Light Mastermind coaching groups (7am + 7pm) to book end my day! The ladies bring each other just as much love and support as I bring as their leader and it is the most beautiful thing — the most soul nourishing thing. Just women gathering to share the ups and downs of following their heart and doing big things in the world. 😍 . The ladies that work for me are literally my angels — saving graces that lighten my load and support my mission. Even my representation for literary and content development are bad ass lady bosses. I feel SO BLESSED to have incredible women on every corner and facet of my business. I don’t kid myself that I could do it without them. We all need each other — and we can all shine our brightest together. . My latest endeavor, spreading plant magic with the Path to Freedom and helping people learn more about natural solutions with essential oils, has once again connected me to amazing women in a whole new way. Being in business with my lady boss friends @iamsahararose + @melissaambrosini and @nitikachopra @laurencunger @cosmicchristine @christyskarulis has been more soul nourishing than I even knew possible. I’ve felt deeply supported and cheered on by women in a world where all too often we are pitted as competitors. . . There’s a medicine to it I believe. There’s a magic that happens when women support other women. We all rise together. We rise with grace, vitality and joy. . Tag your girl gang below 👇🏼and slide into my DMs if you want more info about being part of my amazing Path to Freedom lady boss squad 💁🏼‍♀️✨.

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cempakaschools. Ahoy Cempaka!⁣
Ian Aiman Muhammad Syafiq of Form 3, Cempaka Cheras a

Ahoy Cempaka!⁣ ⁣ Ian Aiman Muhammad Syafiq of Form 3, Cempaka Cheras and sole representative from Cempaka sets sail in the Raja Muda Regatta 2018.⁣ ⁣ ‘Bravehearts’, his team comprising 7 scouts and 3 adults will spend 9 days from 16-24 November on their yacht NAFI. ⁣ ⁣ Nothing Is Impossible!⁣ ⁣ #cempaka35⁣ #nothingisimpossible⁣ #mindbodysoul⁣ #onlyincempaka

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“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be.” . Thank you Jenna and @asana_studios for the perfect end to a Monday with Restorative yoga and words that were just what my soul needed to hear. . Being in the midst of big change in my life a reminder that it might just be pushing me to exactly where I need to be. #welcomechange #selfcaremonday #asanastudiosyyc . . . #namaste #yoga #yogayyc #mindbodysoul #reset #recharge #change #thankyounext #marketing #events #yycsmallbusiness #photography #fempreneur #creativepreneur #mycreativebiz #creativepreneuryyc #nextchapter #rebrand #newlaunchcoming #mindset #refocus #workformyself

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Mayūrāsana or Peacock Pose is an asana where the individual assumes a peacock like posture. Yoga asana tones up the abdominal portion of the body. It also strengthens the fore arms, wrists and elbows. #yoga #morningroutine #meditate #peace #balancedlife #corestrength #mindbodysoul #neversaynever #athletelife #realstrength #nosteroids #allnatural #rabbrakha #satnamwaheguruੴ

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This Wed, 11/21 @8-9:15pm our Yoga by Donation Weekly class will feature Live Music by @kalanimusic 🎶 Join us for a heartful♥️Yoga Flow + Meditation on “Appreciation of Being,” to set the tone and digestive flow for Thanksgiving🕊 • Location: @lamaidainstitute 11159 La Maida St, N. Hollywood (Free street parking; Arrive early) 🌈 Root2RiseYoga.org/Community-Events . . . #yogawithlivemusic #yogacommunity #yogabydonation #happythanksgivng #digestivewellness #heartfullness #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone #werisetogether #northhollywood #shermanoaks #studiocity #valleyvillage #burbank #peacebeginswithin #communityyoga #flowwithgratitude #countyourblessings #lifeasart #theartofbeing #appreciation #meditation

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hadarahs.journey. “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possibl

“Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” - vegansociety.com The benefits of a vegan lifestyle are abundant! -it reduces the risk of certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, stroke & more - it saves sentient, beautiful animal lives - it means you’re no longer consuming animal hormones from milk, eggs & animals that have been injected with growth hormones as well. These alter the body in unnatural ways. - eating plants directly instead of recycling it through animals saves so many resources including land, water & the plants themselves. Food could be better distributed throughout the world - vegans aren’t consuming the low vibrational (negative) energy of animals that suffered, experienced trauma and were killed. This can help some people with depression and anxiety. I could go on about all the benefits, but there are too many to list them all. A vegan lifestyle, when planned properly, is an incredibly healthy, compassionate and beautiful thing. There is plenty more information online if you’d like to learn more, just ask me and I can send you some links. Peace and love☮️💙🌻

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This week on the blog 🌼 9 Tips To A Better Relationship With Yourself 🌼 Relationships are important. They will either serve you in a positive form or teach you lessons and help you grow. How is your relationship with yourself? Are you your own best friend? Do you rely on yourself when times get tough? #youbeyou #loveyourself #relationships #relationshipwithyourselffirst

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Sheer grit and determination. Cempakans never give up even until the very end. . 📷 Photo credit: Kong Deng Yin . #throwbacktuesday #sports #mindbodysoul #cempaka35 #onlyincempaka

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#Repost @tiffanytimebomb ・・・ #mindbombs 🧠💣 “Visualization” Before you can accomplish something great, you must first be able to visualize yourself doing just that thing. Visualization is a form of mental exercise I use to prepare my mind, my nervous system, my emotions, and my body to experience achieving the goal I have set for myself before I actually achieve it. By vividly imagining my experience all the way down to the smallest details such as the sights, sounds, and feelings I will experience on the way to or while achieving that goal, I am able to evoke some level of the emotion I expect to feel in that moment when I actually experience it. Not only does this little preview of what is to come become extra motivation to keep me working toward my objectives, it physically changes the chemistry in my brain and body the same way lifting weights changes our muscles. It strengthens my ability to control my thoughts and emotions. Visualization is effective however it can work adversely if you focus on and visualize negative outcomes or emotions. For example: If you visualize losing, you prepare your body and your mind for defeat and you will familiarize your nervous system with the feelings that accompany the unwanted outcome. It is best to focus on and visualize what it will be like when you achieve your specific goals so you have something to aspire toward rather than being driven by fear and avoidance. In other words- be powered by positivity not steered by fear. You can visualize struggle, but visualize overcoming that struggle as well. Your visualizations of your own success will become the fuel that powers you to do the work. I’ve won the fight a hundred times already in my mind before I even set foot in the ring. Come fight night, I’m able to relax and execute despite any emotions I feel or situation I’m in because in my mind I’ve already been there and done that. Visualize your greatness and you will achieve it. #tiffanytimebomb #visualization #mentaltraining #mindbodysoul #champion

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Explore 📍 Your Instagram account is a reflection of your business and whether you like it or not, people are forming their first impression before they even step into your studio. #firstimpressions ⠀ 〰️⠀ So, how does a little local #barre studio actually increase its engagement and grow it’s following? #instafollow Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just let your clients know you have an account and post on it daily. #domore ⠀ 〰️⠀ If you want to see your engagement improve and your followers increase, start implementing the 3 strategies in my latest blog post #linkinbio today and everyday!⠀ 〰️⠀ Leave a 👊🏼 if you're already doing this on your account! #barreboss ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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💕 Are you tired of running around in circles? 💕 Are you so ready for changes in your life? 💕 Do you want to feel closer to your soul and live a more fulfilling life? We are in the midst of some big changes to the way our 1:1 appointments work so to celebrate and to make the most of some services that will not be around very much longer we are running some crazy sale prices until the end of 2018!! 😱😱 🌟 Soul Coaching Sessions (90 minute Psychic Soul Reading and Reiki healing, receiving guidance and activation from your highest wisdom) usually $120, down to just $100. 🌟 Intuitive Healing Sessions (75 minute Healing Oracle advice and Healing around debris within the Auric field) usually $90, down to $70. 🌟 Reiki Healing (60 minute Beautiful Universal Energy Healing with Chakra tune up) usually $70, down to $60. 🌟 Psychic Reading Sessions (varies from 40mins to over 1 hr Guidance from your guides or passed loved ones) usually $90, down to $75. 🌟 Shamanic Past Life & Ancestral Reading and Healing Journey (90 Reading on past lives causing blockages and possible soul contracts with family members, healing journey to heal and break ties caused from these lives.) Usually $150, down to $120. 🌟 Shamanic Psychic Realm Activation Journey (1 hour + written channeled message A journey to meet your guides in a realm specific to you and them. This journey includes powerful attunements and DNA light code activations to reactivate past life psychic power and connection.) Usually $150, down to $120. 🌟Mini Channeled Messages via messenge🌟 🌿 Elemental Message ~ A channelled message from a specific spirit of the elements with a soul guidance message for where you are at right now. 🌈 Aura Message ~ A channelled message outlining the current colors in your Aura and how you can use them to your advantage for your life. This is also channeling with your guides so is a message for where you are at right now and guidance to move forward. 🧚‍♀️ Guides Message ~ A channelled message tuning into the specific type of guide who us coming forward for you to work with,why they are stepping forward and a message to help you heal and become empowered.

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#MeditationMonday #MotivationMonday “Prayer is Asking, Meditation is Listening” Meditation quiets the internal chatter in order for you to achieve clarity. . If you are struggling with an issue and you keep hitting persistent roadblocks, quiet your mind so you can refocus and achieve the clarity needed to see your next move . *~FREE RESOURCE~* Headspace App makes meditation accessible to beginners, including Common Obstacles of Meditation Guide and Sessions as short as 3 mins! . #SelfCare2Success Tip: 21 Days! It takes 21 days to form a habit. Strive to meditate daily. When the thought hits you, pause, throw in those headphones 🎧 and excuse yourself for 3-5 mins. . If driving, pullover or take 3 mins in the car before heading out! . Give yourself the gift 🎁 of meditation as often as possible 📷 - Me! Day trip to Mexico Sunday! 🇲🇽 . . . #wellness #selfcare

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{YOU ARE NOT ALONE...and other helpful hints} // Just a reminder, in case you need it this week as you begin your Thanksgiving travel: If the holidays are hard for you, you are not alone! If fact, you’re in good company. Here are a couple of things to consider while easing yourself (or being thrown headfirst!) into the Thursday’s gatherings: • ✨ Be honest with yourself that spending time with family and friends or going “home" might feel challenging, and remind yourself that it’s ok. Which leads me to... • ✨ Check your expectations. So much pain, for ourselves and others, lives at the intersection between how we expect (or hope) things will be, and how they are in reality. Our expectations are a set up for others to fail us (often without even knowing they are doing so), and in this process, we also set ourselves up to be disappointed. But here’s the thing: **when we let go of how we wish things would be, we can be more present for and available to what actually is (and we might be pleasantly surprised!)**. • ✨ Plan ahead; Take some time to think about when you most get triggered. In what situations? With what people? As my teacher @stephaniesnyderyoga says, “When your button is being pushed, remove the button”. This means, rather than being angry at the button-pusher or critical towards yourself for reacting, use it as an opportunity to get curious about what hurt parts of you might need some care and feeding. You can start by asking yourself, “What is this feeling? What does it remind me of? What is this hurt/angry/ashamed part of needing?” • ✨ Finally, get clear about how you’ll take care of yourself, before and during the holiday gatherings. What can you do differently, that provides you the opportunity to give yourself space? React in a new/different way? Create a boundary? Stock your Self-Care Tool Kit, whether that means renting your own car, bringing your own food to eat, or having a willing friend at the ready to answer an SOS phone call or text. • Wishing you all an ease-full and self-compassionate week 🙏🏽

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🌸NOURISH🌸 Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Myself and @nicoleundercover (vegan chef) have been working very hard to create the perfect menu to nourish your body while we transition from winter into spring. You will Nourish your mind body and soul with yoga and mediation lead by @bystephie & @emilyopalsmith at the magical @_thebigwhitehouse_ on Galiano Island. The prices are so affordable, it’s worth it to treat yourself or purchase as a gift for someone you love ❤️ Don’t miss out, space is limited! Check out the link in my bio for more details. 🧘‍♀️🙏 . . . . . . . #nourish #mindbodysoul #holisticnutrition #yvrnutritionist #thebigwhitehouse #galianoisland #yogaretreat #meditationretreat

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mylifestylesanctuary. Love this quaint local café serving great coffee and delicious house b

Love this quaint local café serving great coffee and delicious house baked food - @foodsmithcafeandpantry. We certainly agree with their philosophy “...food should be nutritious and leave you feeling nourished and uplifted.” Why not nourish yourself for breakfast or lunch with their flavoursome and colourful 'Nourish Bowl with quinoa, avocado, mixed greens and a selection of fresh, pickled and fermented vegetables, housemade dip and activated nut and seed sprinkle’ (with added Halloumi). A great place to catch up over a hot or cold beverage while having a bite to eat. And if by yourself just to relax! 😀 #MyLifestyleSanctuary #MLS #JoieDeVivre  #JoyOfLiving 🍃 Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, nut free options. 📍Tweed Heads, Australia _____________ #mindbodysoul #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #wellnessfood #holisticliving #cleanliving #superfoods #eattherainbow #nourishyourself #vegetarianeats #organiclifestyle #organicfood #wellnessthatworks #gfvegan #wellnesswarrior #veggielife #whatveganseat #salad #austalianfoodblog #nourishbowl #healthyfoodaustralia

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mofitmami. Sometimes it’s not about health or building muscle...it’s just therapy

Sometimes it’s not about health or building muscle...it’s just therapy. #ironlife #levelup #gymtherapy #loveyourselffirst #mindbodysoul

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It’s been a while since I’ve truly invested in myself and this past weekend I went through the most incredible, intensive, inspiring education with #raelisacowitz and @basipilates. I feel so honored to be part of the #basi and #pilates family and am overly excited to continue my commitment to this community. To say that I am inspired by this past weekend is an understatement. I have never felt more connected to my work as a #pilatesinstructor and Rael helped push me towards becoming that better me. Today I taught to several clients what I believe to be some of my best work, and I am SO very thankful for each day that I get to help someone better their lives through movement. So, thank you to Rael, to BASI, and to all my clients who keep coming back and who allow me to be a part of your continuous health. Your commitment to pilates, your strive to be a better you, and your dedication to the art and precision of the movement is what makes each day I teach so incredibly worth it. For those of you who I trained today, EXCELLENCE is what you were! THANK YOU for being present. For connecting with me. For allowing me to push you beyond your comfort and I genuinely hope you all notice how truly great you each are. 💛✨ . . . . . #pilateswithjess #pilates #basipilates #pilatescertification #pilatesfamily #teacher #challenge #strong #grow #love #believe #strength #body #workout #fit #fitmodel #fitness #physicaltherapy #mindbodysoul #leggings #beyondyoga #pilatesanytime #spirit

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prettylittle1. Books & Bubbles Monday Vibes 📚 
For anyone looking to raise their lea

Books & Bubbles Monday Vibes 📚 For anyone looking to raise their leadership to a higher level • #reading #theceonextdoor #nerd #business #alwayslearning #educateyourself #tlc #mindbodysoul

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makehealthylife. Lemons: are a good source of vitamin C and of flavonoids, or antioxida

Lemons: are a good source of vitamin C and of flavonoids, or antioxidants, which are thought to boost health and wellbeing in several ways.⠀ ⠀ More daily health feed?⠀ Follow us @makehealthylife ⠀ ⠀ #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #caloriescounter #calories #health

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biohackingnrf2. 💢 Taking the ONLY natural NRF2 activator on the market, you will redu

💢 Taking the ONLY natural NRF2 activator on the market, you will reduce oxidative stress by 40% - 70%. While the ingredients taken on their own are great, the synergy of ingredients together in a NRF2 activator make them 1800% stronger than on their own! 💪💥 🍃 Tumeric 🍃 Ashwagandha 🍃 Green Tea 🍃 Bacopa 🍃 Milk Thistle Comment "activator" if you want to learn more

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We can get mad at ourselves when things go wrong, but we make decisions based on the information that we have at that time and when we have different information we make a different decision. Get it? Our original decision was made by the person in the past - not the person who you are today.... with new information. Ahhhh Just Breathe.

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Remember when you make your list this Christmas for what your thankful for that you are on it too be thankful for every bit that makes you who you are 😍

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This is not a usual transformation picture... I need you to look at something that has been becoming an every day struggle for me.. my HAIR. . After having my son in 2012, I lost a little bit, no biggie, that’s normal during postpartum.. ya? I still had confidence about my ‘crown’ and it never bothered me.. . In 2015 I had my daughter, I lost more than I did with my son, but still just normal postpartum experiences right? . Then, I couldn’t shake some other symptoms I had been experiencing... constipation, cold intolerance, irritability, couldn’t drop 5lbs even with extreme exercise and nutritional deficits, thinning hair.. yep, still loosing my hair. . Then the diagnosis of #hypothyroidism came. Bah. . This past year, the loosing has continued and I’m becoming more and more self conscious about my CROWN. It’s all I think about, I get super frustrated first thing in the morning because I can’t HIDE it properly, or i can’t figure out what to do with it. So I wear headbands and hats, almost every day. I’m embarrassed to wear it down, curled or straight, because you can literally see through it.. it’s stringy, and dead, dry and incredibly thin. I have so much breakage. . . Are they’re any #hypothyroidismfigthers out there that can share some guidance with me? I’m at a lose and it’s draining me daily.... . . . . . . . #transformationjourney #healthylifestyle #mindbodysoul #anxietysupport #anxiety #totalsupport #timeforchange #conqueryourlife #conqueryourmind #hypothyroidwarrior #postpartum #thyroidissues #healthyliving #believeinYOU #thyroidwarrior #thyroidsupport #thyroid #thyroidproblems #thyroidrehabchallenge #thyroiddisease #thyroidhealth

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