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Day 5 of #healthystrongknees is a #forwardfold i did a couple for fun #yogaeverydamnday #loveyourbodythruasanas ・・・ ・・・ 🧘‍♂️NEW CHALLENGE ANOUNCEMENT 🧘‍♂️ #HealthyStrongKnees 👉9-16 November 👈 . . it's super important to take care of our knees and to work on stabilizing and strengthening them. Especially if you have ever suffered from knee pain, arthritis, minisgus or any other knee issues or to simply keep them healthy for our yogapractice and for every day life. . . . so join us for #HealthyStrongKnees from 9th to 16th of November . . . . 🌟Hosts: @livingprettygreen @lucia_means_light @angela_argentina @mintyogini . . . . . 🌟Sponsors: @vayumudra @c2v.accessories @carolinacaroljewelry @medicinal_physiotherapy @lucid_moons @thespidersomen @hawaiipeeps @yogabody @rollgahealth . . . line up: . - chair pose (pls. share your country) . - warrior pose . - goddess pose . - balancing pose . - seated forward fold . - mountain pose . - bridge pose . - yogi's choice . . . . How to participate: . 🔹Follow all hosts and sponsors. . 🔹Share the challenge flyer in your feed and invite 3 friends by tagging them. . 🔹Post a picture or a video of the pose of the day and tag all hosts and sponsors . 🔹 Always feel free to modify if you need to. . 🔹Have fun and show some love to your fellow yogis 😘 . . . . . #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #yogalove #igyoga #yoga #yogafun #yogalife #instayoga #yogapose #yogi #yogaeverywhere #igyogachallenges #yogacommunity #igyogacommunity #namaste #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogaddict #yogapractice #healthyliving

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akforest. Light codes are symbols, shapes, dots, lines, colors, pulses, and patt

Light codes are symbols, shapes, dots, lines, colors, pulses, and patterns that represent different vibrations of the Universe. There are many cosmic tongues, languages which make no sense to the “rational” mind, but are felt, integrated, and understood by the higher aspects of self, or more accessibly phrased, the subconscious mind. . It is fair to say that most of us are turned off to the majority of our mind’s capabilities. We were all born complete and whole, but since we were born into an unevolved society, most if not all of the connections that we had to the cosmos have been lost to us. This phenomenon is what led Carl Jung to distinguish between a conscious self (which holds the aspects of ourselves that have been accepted, validated, and reaffirmed by the world around us), and an unconscious self (which holds the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected, disowned, and denied so that we could be accepted and validated by our communities; parts of us that we had been told were “naughty”, “disgusting”, “dangerous”, and so on.) . Quieting the mind through meditation can help your subconscious come to the surface - until you recall, accept, and reintegrate the parts of yourself that you have rejected, you may find yourself living in fear, limitation, and lack. . Allowing light into the subconscious mind can reactivate the intuition, connecting you deeper to your higher self. Your intuition is part of your higher self, and it is this part of your soul that can feel, understand, and integrate the coded language of the Universe. . Do you have any questions about light language and light codes? Have you ever found yourself speaking in an unknown language in a dream, or heard angelic tongues during meditation? I eat this up, so share with me in the comments. 🌙🦋🔮✨

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akforest. It is an honor to hear the call of the Goddess and gather with sisters

It is an honor to hear the call of the Goddess and gather with sisters on this earth to remember our Spirit-given worthiness. Women are strong, fierce, intuitive, wild, kind, and intelligent in ways that are far more powerful than we have ever been taught to believe. . I decide today to claim that power. I decide today to ask for what I want. I surrender all of my protective instincts to people-please my way through life. I am loud, I am graceful, I am decadent, I am a force of nature.🦋 . Today I am thinking about all the times I have done something brave when I was riddled with anxiety, and celebrating myself for committing to discomfort even when faced with my darkest fears. You are worthy each day for waking up and trying again. My heart feels your inner fire. You are a message of Light, and each time you speak through love, you break the curses you have placed on yourself.💎 Blessings to you angels🌙 and goodnight

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koreenwar. Tonight I will be at @northernyogacenter, Downtown St Paul. Leading a

Tonight I will be at @northernyogacenter, Downtown St Paul. Leading a very special 8pm Earth Goddess Yoga practice. Oh. And there is free parking at that time, in the loading zone in front of the building. Oh yea. Where’s my St Paul peeps? #stpaulyoga #strongwomenunite #earthgoddessyoga #earthgoddess #shaktirising #twistingcamel #camelposevariation #kriya #downtownstpaul #loveyourbodythruasanas #kundalinirising #reikipractitioner #yogateacher #teachlove #danceyouryoga

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earthgoddessyoga. Tonight I will be at @northernyogacenter, Downtown St Paul. Leading a

Tonight I will be at @northernyogacenter, Downtown St Paul. Leading a very special 8pm Earth Goddess Yoga practice. Oh. And there is free parking at that time, in the loading zone in front of the building. Oh yea. Where’s my St Paul peeps? #stpaulyoga #strongwomenunite #earthgoddessyoga #earthgoddess #shaktirising #twistingcamel #camelposevariation #kriya #downtownstpaul #loveyourbodythruasanas #kundalinirising #reikipractitioner #yogateacher #teachlove #danceyouryoga

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What do you say to your children about naked body’s that they see on paintings or sculptures ? When I was little my mom use to tell me that naked body is an art and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 🌸 Photo by @dinalevinson . . #loveyourbody

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As a young girl growing up, I had to learn to have prepared answers in my back pocket. After months and months of not seeing my aunts, my moms friends, strangers of the Vietnamese community... the small talks in this society was around weight and how I looked. ‘Ohhh why are you so skinny? Oh my gah you gained so much weight! You got so dark!’ From skin tone to the shape and size of our body. I believe this was the first topic inflicted on young asian Americans because our parents generation was not taught to be comfortable with emotional intelligence and how this kind of talk can traumatize a kid in their childhood into adulthood. At a young age I remember defending myself and standing my grounds of responding with truth to stop these people in their tracks. It became a game to me. A game of ending the conversation to this topic because to me it no longer phased me if I was 90lbs or 150lbs. And with all the ranges above, my health has fluctuated in all of these ranges and more. Our weight will never be able to amount to what our heart and soul is. This taught me to have a thicker skin and learn to unlearn what was boxing me in to what ‘Vietnamese society’ wanted to make me to be. And just as the American advertisement of what our bodies ‘should’ be... is no longer the wanted standards. I am so elated with all the women of my generation rising up and standing tall with #bodyneutral and #nomorebodyshame topics to be normalized. YOU ARE MADE THE WAY YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE. I want to empower you to be grateful for what your body has showed up for you and able to walk daily. Exercise and take classes you choose to do. Today thank your body for what it has brought you to. Remember it starts with the inner works first before the physical starts to change. . . . #loveyourbodythruasanas #loveyourbodyweek #loveyourbodytoday #comeasyouare19 #innerworkings #innerworks #innerworkout #mentalworkout #workoutformentalhealth #fitnesshealthwellbeing #mentalhealthwellbeing #beingwell #innerbeautystartshere #innerworking #comeasyourare #godlovesyoumore

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akforest. This week has been all about reconnecting with my inner magic and inco

This week has been all about reconnecting with my inner magic and incorporating ritual back into my life. . My joints have been tense and stiff for years... in my hips, chest, neck, and jaw. Since January, I have been on an intentional journey of releasing the fear, trauma, and guilt that has been stored in my body, so that I can remember who I was meant to be in this lifetime. . This journey is revealing itself as an intense spiritual reawakening. I had succumbed to the hopelessness and cynicism that was ever-present in my life growing up and left my mystical, fantastic dream-like state behind as a memory of my childhood. . I am starting to realize, through opening my heart again, that fairies are still real. Ghosts pass by me every day. Angels float next to me while I paint. Unicorns leave glitter behind on my kitchen floor. . I am remembering how to speak my truth, and how to write about it, because this lifetime that chose me has been nothing but magickal and I refuse for another moment to reject that. I was born with the capacity to speak to the divine for a reason. . My joints are full of air. They are weak and they crack, but at least they are moving... I am no longer rejecting myself, my talents, my gifts. This body will become stronger. These hands will no longer hurt, and instead they shall heal.

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✨I have spent most of my life feeling frozen and afraid. Like no matter how hard I tried, I was still stuck in my hiding place... safe within my comfort zone. . I always knew that I wanted to show up with confidence, to have the courage to speak my truth, and to live my life from a place of love and abundance instead of fear and lack. . That’s why I created 🦁The Lioness Academy🦁, a 12-week long one-on-one coaching course for the millennial woman who is ready to step into her power.🔮 . I have developed a six-step Bravery Process that is designed to tackle every single limiting belief you have about your self-worth, your finances, and your ability to succeed; while also giving you the space to rest, play, and celebrate how awesome it is to be YOU.💫 . Not to mention, I have made this program mind-blowingly affordable💰💰💰 - which is pretty much unheard of within the life-coaching industry. . You were put here to change the world with your natural gifts and brilliance. You don’t have time to hide in the shadows, Queen.👑🌹 . You need someone who will understand you, make you feel heard, but who isn’t afraid to light a fire under your booty and help you meet your goals. I want to be that for you.🦋🕯 . Registration for The Lioness Academy opens October 13th 🧹🌕👻, and it is first-come, first-served. I only have 13 SPOTS AVAILABLE!!!😱 . So if you are ready to boss up and change your life, 💥Girl. Don’t. Wait.💥 . To learn more about the 12-week coaching program, send me a DM or email me at amandakforest@gmail.com.⚡️ . Are you ready to embrace your inner Warrior Goddess?👑🌙✨

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✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨LOVE✨BODY✨LOVE✨YOGA ✨✨It starts with LOVE✨✨ #loveyourbodythruasanas #yogaeveryblessedday #highvibetribe #allorangeeverything #happyhealthystrong #happyhealthystrongheart 🧡

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I believe a simple outfit can really make your day. If I wear something I look good in, my mood is one level up... This is one of my favourites😍 Stay Stylish ❤️ . . . . . . . #2019 #throwbackmemories #mood #nofilter #ootdfashion #ootd #moodedits #Divathenandnow #sexy #selflove #sexyatitsbest #chubbygirl #chubbygirlyoga #feelingpositive #loveyourbodythruasanas #ilovemybody #ilovemyself #instapictures #yogagirl #empoweringwomen #strongwoman #powerwoman

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🌀www.yogaceleste.it🌀 A single Yoga class involves a wide range of different feelings, which are basically the same we experiment every day in our life. One of the strongest emotions I live during a Yoga class is the fullness arising as the chest opens. This kind of feeling has something supernatural, and I can’t actually define WHEN in my daily life I feel so whole and overwhelmed. It’s something that I experiment when I’m fully understood by someone important, or when I’m completely involved in what I’m doing. I guess it deals with feeling meaningful, important, appreciated. I think that’s why practicing heart openers enhences our self esteem and promotes good mood in the most basic sense. As usual, we have to remember that the link between body and spirit is dual: the way we feel affects our physical attitude, but our physical attitude can change the way we feel. That’s why I would surely suggest these kind of postures to those who need a mood booster. . . #moodbooster #yogamood #yogafam #instayogafam #openyourchest #chestopener #chestopeners #heartopener #heartopeners #heartchakra #heartchakrahealing #healyourbody #healyourlife #selfloveyoga #selflovetips #yogablackandwhite #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhiteyoga #selfesteemboost #loveyourbodynow #loveyourbodythruasanas #loveyourbodychallenge #bodypositiveyoga #bodypositivememes #yogaitaly #bodypositivepower #yogamilano #yogamilano #yogamilan

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jess.get.fit30. “Rest”days are just as important as hard core workout days.  It gives

“Rest”days are just as important as hard core workout days. It gives you and your body a day to recharge and realize right muscles. The more flexibility you gain, the stronger you can become! 4 weeks ago, I couldn’t do a downward dog without shoulder pain, but I can defiantly feel that I’m getting stronger ! #motivationfridays #stretchitoutstretchladder #shoulderstretch #justformoms #loveyourbodythruasanas #tireddays

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