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💬 Examples: ⠀ 🔻他已戒烟三年, 这次却破了戒。 🚬 tā yǐ jièyān sān nián, zhècì què pò le jiè. He’s given up smoking for three years, but broke his vow this time. ☠️🔥 ⠀ 🔻小王听从了我的劝告, 把烟戒了。 🙅🏻‍♂️💨 Xiǎo wáng tīngcóng le wǒ de quàngào, bǎ yān jiè le. 👍🏻 Xiao Wang has taken my advice and given up (or quit) smoking. ⠀ 🔻这只戒指值五百元。 Zhè zhī jièzhi zhí wǔbǎi yuán. 💍 This ring is worth 500 yuan. 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣💴 ⠀ 🔻奉劝你早日戒烟。 🚬🗑 fèngquàn nǐ zǎorì jièyān. Let me give you a piece of advice: quit smoking as soon as possible. ☝🏻🧐 ⠀ 🤔Interested in China?🇨🇳 ✅ Check our 👉🏻《HuHu Store》to get fashionable Chinese style clothing 🔥🐲🔥 🛍☯️👕⬇️👚☯️🛍 @china_huhu (link in bio) ⠀ Like ❤️ and leave your examples in the comments below 👇🏻

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mrvanderbelt. Weihai, Shandong, China.

Weihai, Shandong, China.

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human body is a special kind of art 👁️

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china__focus. The Peach Blossoms here extend mile upon mile in Nyingchi, a county in

The Peach Blossoms here extend mile upon mile in Nyingchi, a county in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Got a pic of China? Submit it to our #ChinaFocus70 Photo Contest and you could win $$$$$$!

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安全 ān quán [Safe]. It’s been more than a week already since we started our trip, and it’s incredible how much safe is China. . Compared to many places I have been so far - including my native country and the one where I am currently based, #safety is not promoted, #londoners’ See It, Say It, Sorted - famous slogan showed everywhere)... no, there is no need here. . It’s a cultural matter for people, like a form of #respect, for others people belongings, time and #life. . We saw people sleeping at the entrance of the underground - or in a park, with their last model smartphone just next to them. We saw friends taking pictures and leaving their expensive branded bags and newest technology on the streets, without checking them at all. . We walked back to our hostel in the middle of the night, taking dark alleyways many times, and without that horrible feeling that someone could bother us, or the need to check our backs, or ‘la esquina’ (spanish for ‘corner’). . And in that crowed street at the Muslim Quarter in Xi’An, with thousands people around, a lot of noise and an incredible smell of delicious food, with my 3 cameras exposed while capturing moments, the only thing I could see was trust, good vibes and life. . The Western dream made colourful reality: different cultures and religions living in harmony since ages, and creating an incredible joyful and relaxed atmosphere for whoever crossed the way. . So, friends, how many years do we need to wait to feel safe and joyful on the street also back home? . ➰Muslim Quarter, Xi’An, Shaanxi, #China . #backpackingchina / day 7-8 . #muslimquarterxian #xian #shaanxi #muslimquarter #visitchina #backpacking #chinaadventures #chinatrip #travelblog #travelblogging #travelblogger #travelpassion #theasianlife #chinalife #chinaphotography #instachina #loves_china #thefreetraveler #couplestravelgoal #chinaphoto #chinatravels #asianadventures #theasianlife #backtochina #discoverchina

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china__focus. Large Chinese murals and cultural relics in Hall 33, British Museum, L

Large Chinese murals and cultural relics in Hall 33, British Museum, London, UK. Taken a pic about Chinese culture in your hometown? Post your pics by 15th September tagged with #ChinaFocus70 and WIN US$1500! Click http://www.cnfocus.com/china-focus-photo-contest/ for more info.

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“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Good day fellas! 📍Huayan Temple, Chongqing🇨🇳 📷Photo by @charlie_7u - Follow us to explore the fascinating world of Chinese👇🏻 #chinatrips✈️Chongqing - #ig_china #igerschina #Temple

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The mountains are shaped by a millennium of wind, rain and sun; they etch, carve, cleave and scoop out rock. The tea vintage, like with wine, is shaped by soil, weather, and the farming hand; they nurture, cultivate, harvest, roast and process the plants. Inside the temple, they consider what shapes a person. // There are circumstances and genetics, but most of all there is, simply, each other. Like with the mountains, grand guiding factors across millennia shape our evolution. But in the here and very now, we are each other’s influence: with every interaction we bring the sun or the storm, we nurture or starve, we cultivate or prune back. And often we have that choice…that choice of how we show up in the moment for our family, friends, co-workers or, even, strangers. Do we treat a jostle with a return jostle? Or turn the other cheek? Do we spread our bad mood about like a garden sprinkler? Or sow seeds of kindness? Are we infectious or affectious? // All it takes is a second, a fleeting moment, as quick as a middle finger in traffic or a cut in line, to impact another. All it takes is a second, a fleeting moment, as quick as a warm greeting or a smile to a passerby, to impact another. How many people, intimate or stranger, are in your day? You have a great power. Wield it wisely.

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