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Living in a world full of “to-do’s” can get really exhausting. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This is me...or at least this is my brain 95% of the time. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I’m constantly thinking “all of the things” what seems like simultaneously. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I’ll be happily typing an email, and all of a sudden the brain is like girl you needa cook. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Then I’ll put the food to cook and the brain goes wait, you didn’t work out! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Then I’ll work out and the brain goes ugh, is the food ready yet? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I realize it’s ready but crap, I missed my estimated eating time.😩⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Then Get’s like hello, we gotta film, so then I go put makeup on. But guess what? I didn’t finish deciding on what to film 🤦🏽‍♀️. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So then I start thinking of filming ideas but then realize I still need to finish that email. ⁣⁣😩 ⁣⁣ So I try to do that, but I’m also in the middle of learning more on Ayurveda, writing newsletters and blog posts, answering DM’s, getting on client calls, dealing with family, and the list goes on.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ One thing I know for sure is that anytime the mind cultivates a perception of overwhelm or “not enough time,” that means that we’re not staying in the present moment. We’re doing too much! We’ve got to learn how to slow down.⁣ ⁣⁣ Next time you find yourself in this place...bogged down with all the responsibilities of life, stop and take a breath.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Go back to your list of to-do’s and really get clear on your most pressing priorities. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What must be done first? What thing is contingent upon the next things completion? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What do you feel like doing right now and does that align with your priorities? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Have you checked in with your body today? Stretched? Thought about what you’re going to eat prior to 10 minutes before you’re supposed to eat it? Are you taking silent pauses throughout the day to appreciate nature and the world around you?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Ask yourself these things when overwhelm starts to creep in. But most of all, do one thing at a time. ⁣ ⁣ How does this change your perspective? Lemme know 💚✨⁣⁣

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cleanprogram. Many of Ayurveda’s core principles go hand-in-hand with what we believ

Many of Ayurveda’s core principles go hand-in-hand with what we believe in at Clean - eat whole, live mindfully, move often, cleanse regularly and enjoy being uniquely you! #Ayurveda is far from a one-size-fits-all way of life. While our unique Dosha (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) largely dictates what foods nourish us, and which foods harm us, there are some overall principles of the Ayurvedic way of eating. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Swipe through to see the guidelines for each #Dosha. Don’t know yours? Tap the link in our bio to discover yours! ⤴︎

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COMMENT YOUR BODY TYPE ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA AND TAG YOUR FRIEND Ayurveda is a holistic science of health, focusing on maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state. Ayurveda began about 5,000 - 6,000 years ago when Indian monks were looking for new ways to be healthy. Revering their bodies like temples, the monks believed that preserving their health would help them meditate and develop spiritually. Over thousands of years of observations, they gathered all their conclusions and advice and preserved it for future generations. This collection of knowledge came to be known as the "science or knowledge of life" -- Ayurveda. • • • • • Digestion according to Dosha Type: Vata digestion tends to be variable and often delicate. #Pitta digestion tends to be strong and intense. #Kapha digestion tends to be slow and often heavy. . . . . #Digestion #DoshaTypes #ayurvedalifestyle #yogastudent #doshabodytypes #pitha #kappha #vata #yogapractice #yogafam #yogawear #yogaaday #yogalife #yogapants #yogamom #yogaphotography #yogaretreat #yogadaily #yogaforlife #yogainstructor #yogasequence

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🌿Feel Well Oxymel🌿 . Elderberry’s excellent Anti-Viral effect is due to its Anthocyanin compound. This special compound is specific against fighting the Human Influenza Virus (the flu). Since viruses have no genetic material of their own, they work by hijacking ours and beginning the mutation process. . This Anthocyanin compound works by sealing our cell membrane channels that the virus enters through. This blocks the virus from using our genetic material to replicate itself, leaving it outside the cell for our immune system to attack. . Ginger Root is known for relieving upper respiratory infections. A strong antimicrobial which aids the body in destroying pathogens and helping to prevent further infection. . Rose Hips’ Flavonoid compounds are extremely nutrient dense and packed with Vitamin C, resulting in enhanced immune system response and reduction of inflammation in the body. . Link in bio 🌿

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kalsiayurveda. Ayurveda and Yoga are like two branches to the same great tree of anci

Ayurveda and Yoga are like two branches to the same great tree of ancient Vedic knowledge. . . If you already practice yoga, then chances are you’re ready to learn more about Ayurveda and how to keep your doshas in balance. . . . Follow this page for regular ayurvedic tips or subscribe to our monthly box of natural, vegan and cruelty free goodies that will assist in your quest to bring Ayurveda into your life. . . . . . #kalsiayurveda #ayurveda #yoga #vata #pitta #kapha #dosha #ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedaeveryday #kundalini #yogainspiration #kaslibox #yogalife

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dr_kaufman. Cannot believe it's already last day of our #ConnectToYourEnergy chall

Cannot believe it's already last day of our #ConnectToYourEnergy challenge! It was so much fun! Thank you all who participated! Loved all your amazing posts. Huge thanks to our generous sponsors and my gorgeous co hosts Eli, Myca and Madison.💛💛💛 So last day we decided to #kapha dosha. Kapha Dosha is made of the Earth & Water elements. Earth & Water are both by nature: dense, heavy, cold, static and dull. Kapha Dosha is the force of stability due to the grounded, stable elements that create it. A Kapha Type reflects Earth and Water in their physical, mental and emotional being. A Kapha Body is solid and sometimes stocky. A Kapha personality is sweet, loving and loyal. They are the people at the party or social gathering making sure everyone else is okay. They will make sure your drink is full, you have eaten and you are not too hot or not too cold.😂😂😂 Kapha Types are also grounded, steady and enjoy routine. The unofficial mascot of Kapha Dosha is an elephant. They move slowly, have open hearts and have natural compassion for others. 💫💫💫 Hosts: @eli_lifestyle @dr_kaufman @mleighyogi @supermyca . 💫💫💫 Sponsors: @liquidoactive @posayoga @vivesana @sashka_co @mindoverlather To be eligible for a prize: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors 2. Repost the flyer and tag a couple of friends who might want to join in! 3. Post the selected pose each day using the hashtag #connecttoyourenergy and tag all hosts and sponsors. 4. Make sure your profile is public so we can see your pictures 📸 5. ENJOY YOURSELF

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niramayayu. #AyurvedicFungaInfection
#Tinea or the ringworm infection is not due t

#AyurvedicFungaInfection #Tinea or the ringworm infection is not due to worms but caused by fungi #dermatophytes. ... As per the #Ayurvedic philosophy, #tinea is often diagnosed as #dadru. The body type or the #dosha involved is #kapha and #vata. #Kapha, which is an #Ayurvedic humor symbolizes #niramayAyurvedicHospitl #Drsandippatel

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elementsbybeth. An Ayurvedic lifestyle includes preventative strategies such as implem

An Ayurvedic lifestyle includes preventative strategies such as implementing daily and seasonal routines. Examples include strengthening the digestion (agni) with the right foods, digestive aids, and the right environment. #ayurveda #selfcare #wisdom #yoga #meditation #naturalhealth #dosha #balance #vata #pitta #kapha #yourelementsofbalance #healthyliving #selfcare

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ayurveda_sutil_e_desconstruida. Os srotas são canais físicos e energéticos ao longo dos quais os dosha

Os srotas são canais físicos e energéticos ao longo dos quais os doshas - vata, pitta e kapha - se movem pelo corpo, permitindo que os sistemas, os órgãos e tecidos desempenhem suas várias funções e interajam entre si. Prana vaha srotas é o canal que transporta a vida, o sistema respiratório do corpo. Alergias respiratórias, coriza e espirros, falta de ar e roncos, entre outros distúrbios, são indicações de que a função do prana vaha srotas está sendo afetada pela dieta, estilo de vida, ambiente ou outros fatores. Quem está sofrendo com estas alergias neste verão do entra e sai de ambientes climatizados? Vou dar uma dica em breve. #Dosha #Vata #Kapha #Pitta #sistemarespiratório #srota #Ayurveda #VasantLad #crisayres

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Помимо всем известных Богинь,таких как Лада и Макошь,есть у нас Богини менее известные,а то и вовсе позабытые.Поговорим сегодня о них #ТАРА.Дочь Перуна.Хранительница Священных рощ,лесов,дубрав и священных деревьев.Вместе со своим братом Тархом охраняет Земли и территории нынешней России.Их еще называют землями Тарха и Тары,то есть Великой Тартарией.Полярная звезда у части народов так же именовалась Тарой. #БАБА ЙОГА.Йогиня Матушка.Покровительница детей и сирот.Йога костяная нога.Забирала она к себе в Колесницу детей-сирот,что остались на Земле без родителей.Со временем ей стали пугать детей,мол заберет тебя Баба Яга,если ты такой непослушный.Аккуратнее с такими пожеланиями.Ведь мы желаем,чтобы ребенок остался сиротой. #ЛЕЛЯ.Ляля.Дочь Бога Сварога и Богини Лады.Покровительница семейного счастья и супружеского согласия. #ЗИМУН.Как Солнце-Даждьбог,так и Небесная корова Зимун-покровительница не относится к нашей Солнечной Системе.Зимун-покровительница нашей прародины,Ингард-Земли.Небесная Корова.Отсюда многие несостыковки в сознаниее людей,мол как Корова может быть матерью Велеса и Одина?Обьясняется все просто,она умела ПЕРЕВОПЛОЩАТЬСЯ. #МАТЬ СЫРА ЗЕМЛЯ.Это уже Богиня нашей Солнечной системы.Покровительница Земли.Дарит урожай и плодородие.Требы ей - любые посевы - зерно,цветы,садовые культуры или деревья.Сажая в землю семена,мы приносим Требу Матери Сырой Земле. #KAPHA.Покровительница новых рождений и перевоплощений.От нее зависит место,время и условия,в которых суждено воплотиться человеку. #МЕРЦАНА.Заря-Зареница.Управительница Зари и покровительница урожая.Мерцаной еще называли утреннюю звезду-Венеру.Считали,что на Венере у Богини Мерцаны есть собственные прекрасные чертоги.Но это не точно.Мерцана-покровительница первой девичей влюбленности. #ЖЕЛЯ.Младшая сестра Карны.Покровительница обрядов Тризны и всех перешедших в иной мир людей.Встречает души-навьи,что поднимаются от погребального костра и дает им необходимые наставления. #богиславян #triglav_богини

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thenourishedsoul. Will this ever feel easy??? .
I will find out I guess.. I will turn up

Will this ever feel easy??? . I will find out I guess.. I will turn up and just do them each and every day. Thank god fir my daily disciplines - my dhinacharya! . Having a Vata/Pitta mind body type, I really need regular routines and grounding food. Yet it's fumny how we avoid doing the very things we know that are good for us.. the struggle is real for everyone.

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🌱 There are 3 types of Beauty: Inner Beauty, Outer Beauty and Lasting Beauty ~ the kind that doesn't fade with age. 🌻 ○●○●○ Ayurvedic Beauty Tips. These are a few of my favourite tips to help you shine brightly inside and out! 1. Know your Prakriti. When we know our Dosha type, we get to truly understand what works for us in terms of our personal genetic makeup. (To learn what yours is: book in for an Ayurvedic Health coaching session!) 2. Work with the Seasons. The seasons not only influence our diet and mind, but also our beauty routine. What you are doing during winter wont necessarily be what we are doing in summer. 3. Dry Brushing. This is such a beautiful and invigorating practice. Using a natural bristle brush, start at your feet, massaging upwards in a circular motion towards the heart. Not only does this help with exfoliation and creating smooth skin, it also helps move your lymphatic system, helping to remove retained fluid, toxins and can help reduce cellulite. 4. Self Abyanga (self massage). This is a lovely daily practice to be done with warmed black sesame oil. (Depending on your Dosha type and season, other oils can also be used. Check with your Ayurvedic health coach!) Massage your entire body (Including your hair if you are about to wash it!) with the nourishing warm oil, really focussing on connecting to your body with love and nurturing. This helps boost skin radiance, decreases stress in the mind and body, deeply moisturising and has many health benefits. 5. Rosewater. Rosewater is my number one go-to for beauty. I use it for toner, perfume, hair infusing, and calming room spray. You can buy this from Indian groceries or from the Indian food section from coles or woolies. I put mine into a little spray bottle and have it with me at all times. Bliss! 🌺🌺🌺 There are many other amazing Ayurvedic Beauty tips and tricks around for helping you glow in your natural beauty - inside and out. If you are having concerns about anything like acne, dry hair, or other beauty concerns, book in for an appointment. Times available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Em x x x 📷 by @annareynal + @glitterguide

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izzyadair. What’s in your winter herbal regimen? I tend to favor ashwagandha, tul

What’s in your winter herbal regimen? I tend to favor ashwagandha, tulsi, elderberry, and ginger. Want to learn more about herbs for YOUR dosha? There are just two weeks left of my new year’s discounted consults! $50 instead of $80 for all appointments booked through January ✨ DM for booking! . . . . . . . . . . . #dosha #pitta #kapha #vata #whatsyourdosha #ayurvedicmedicine #ayurveda #ayurvedicwisdom #ayurvedalove #ayurvedichealth #ayurvedacoach #ayurvedicherbs #yogidiet #yogafood #yogini #ayurvedayoga #yogaforhealth #dietofayogi #ayurvedacooking #ayurvedaliving #ayurvedahealing #ayurvedic #healthyweightloss #healthcoach #healthcoaching #plantbased #vegetarian #paleo #vegan . . . . I do not own the rights to this photograph

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kapha.balancing. Full day, 1197 calories and 62 grams of protein.

Flax seed, carob, an

Full day, 1197 calories and 62 grams of protein. Flax seed, carob, and cardamom pudding with kiwi: 160 cal Steamed satsuma imo (sweet potato) with mustard greens and miso paste: 207 cal Green leaf lettuce, shiokonbu, daikon, and carrot salad with lime juice and toasted sesame oil: 143 cal Masoor dal soup: 687 cal Bottomless ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom tea: 0 cal Today was #vegan #kapha #kaphadosha #kaphabalancing #balancingkapha #pungentbitterastringent #ayurveda #kaphadiet #fulldayofeating #1200isplenty

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That full moon eclipse last night got me like hello, realizations! I’m just gonna full on go for what I want right now. ✨ ✨ ✨ Super blessed and honored to be on the Blissed Out Podcast @blissedoutpodcast with my girls @anniehyberger @thelifeofpi. It’s always a good and inspiring time- we talk about conscious collective, Ayurvedic resets, mantras for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to connect deeper into their intuition through food and awareness. . . . Give it a go! Episode 15: Hitting Reset with Flourish Ayurveda by @blissedoutpodcast found on iTunes, Spotify 💗🙏

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wellspicedlife. If you type “dosha quiz” into Google, an abundance of resources will p

If you type “dosha quiz” into Google, an abundance of resources will pop up if you want to figure out your dosha! I suggest taking a few different ones, and comparing the results, as well as having a friend or significant other fill one out for you. Since we have all 3 doshas within us, it can be difficult at first to figure out which dosha we truly are, because we resonate with all of them on some level. On the other hand, usually one or two will REALLY stand out to you, while the remaining one seems completely inapplicable. . 🦚 . In our modern world, it is not uncommon to have a dual dosha. The mind can even be one dosha, while the physical body is another! In that case, the mental constitution always dominates the physical constitution, meaning we care for that one first. . 🦚 . When taking the quizes, it is important to answer the questions honestly. There is no need to lie to yourself, noone is ever going to know how you answered these questions but you. Try to see yourself as you are, and not as your judgments tell you you are (this is the reason it is suggested to have someone else take a quiz on your behalf). You want accurate results, so you can achieve the accurate healing you need to live in harmony! . 🦚 . #ayurveda #doshas #vata #kapha #pitta #ayurvedalifestyle #yogalifestyle #yoga #prakriti #vikriti #ayurveda101 #ayurvedabasics #wellspicedayurveda #wellspicedlife #yoga #vedanta #ayurvedicmedicine #ayurvedictype #ayurvedicconstitution

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bynayevargas. Gracias gracias gracias 🙏
La fuerza vital universal se manifiesta en

Gracias gracias gracias 🙏 La fuerza vital universal se manifiesta en tres energías diferentes o doshas: vata (energía del movimiento), pitta (energía de la digestión o metabolismo) y kapha (energía que permite mantener la estructura celular). #healthylifestyle #yogalife #photooftheday #inspiration #healthy #beauty #yogini #quotes #like #food #goals #om #spiritual #fitlife #spirituality #style #lifestyle #yoga #ayurvedalife #ayurvedic #21Enero #healthybody #healthyfood #vata #pitta #kapha

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sarah.flowerandfin. • Keep Warm •
In my little corner of the world, winter is shining in a

• Keep Warm • In my little corner of the world, winter is shining in all her glory. The temps have been in the single digits, snow blankets the fields, and ice forces us all to slow down. Keep warm during this cold, kapha time. • bundle up with scarves, leg warmers, and hats • drink warm tea, turning to herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and astragalus • listen to your body. what is it saying? 🍂💙❄ #winter #january #plants #pine #herbs #flowers #trees #herbalist #healing #health #body #meditation #yoga #ice #snow #ayurveda #kapha #weather #love #selfcare #art #nature #earth #wild #outdoors #hike #tea #seasons

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zaireblackmusic. 🦁📿
The wind got me contemplating my #doshatalk .. #vata air sp

🦁📿 . . . The wind got me contemplating my #doshatalk .. #vata air space energy . . . Vata is quick unsettled spontaneity. If it happens, don’t trip but know you can slow down. Some simple stuff is less tech device time, less coffee or eat cooling foods. Balance them doshas yo 🙌🏾🖤 . . . #ayurveda #pitta #kapha #vata #hiphop #music #worldmusic #roots #vibesup #morelove #conscioushiphop #blessed #wellness #health #yoga #chill #meditate #relax #coolout #yamean #breath into #calm #selfcare . . . Song: Dosha Talk Album: #aficionados Online Everywhere Pic: @wigggins

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ayursukhayu_ayurveda. .




. 満月 スーパームーンでした とっても明るい光で月光浴もとても気持ち良かったです 月の光を浴びて少し深呼吸をするだけでも気持ちが満たされます pitta体質の方は特に月光浴がお勧めです(^_^) 月の光が気持ちを落ち着かせてくれます! #healthylife

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Sortearemos este tazón entre los que asistan al Taller!!!.......Y si nos aceptamos tal cual somos !!!!! Nuestra constitución se fija al nacer pero vive en constante desarmonía. Cuál es tu Prakriti : Vata - Pitta - Kapha. #yoga #yogaayurveda #ayurveda #vata #pitta #kapha #tallerprovidencia

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satorinaturals. 🌔✨ “Que tus manos se limpien para que creen cosas hermosas, que tus p

🌔✨ “Que tus manos se limpien para que creen cosas hermosas, que tus pies se limpien para que te lleven a donde más te necesitan, que tu corazón se limpie para que escuches su guía claramente, que tu garganta se limpie para que veas la maravilla y la magia a tu alrededor, que cada célula de tu ser sea restaurada a su estado prístino.” 🔸 Durante los próximos días aprovechemos la energía lunar para hace una limpieza y sanación de año nuevo para dejar atrás todo lo que nos agobía, lo que nos angustía, nuestros miedos, nuestros fracasos, lo que nos desbalancea los chakras, lo que nos oscurece el aura. 🔸 El palo santo y la salvia son métodos ancestrales que se pueden usar para este fin. No nos dejemos afectar por el “blue monday” y limpiemos todas nuestras tristezas y temores con serenidad, amor propio y calma. ~Namasté #lunesdelimpieza #limpiezadesalvia #sanacionenergetica #satori #satorinaturals #ayurveda #bellezaysalud #bienestar #selflove #amorpropio #alma #cuidadopersonal #vata #pitta #kapha #balance #dosha #personalcare #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedacolombia #selfcare #palosanto #sage #salvia #ayurvedacolombia

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charlee813. Made #kitchari from the @iamsahararose @eatfeelfresh cookbook.  Benefi

Made #kitchari from the @iamsahararose @eatfeelfresh cookbook. Benefits: ❇️Tri-Doshic. ❇️Mung beans are a good source of protein. ❇️Detoxifying. #ayurveda #tridoshic #pitta #vata #kapha #pittaAF #kaphaAF #vataAF #eatfeelfresh @highestselfpodcast

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If at first you dont succeed, chai again. 💫 Here’s my favorite recipe for an at-home chai latte! It’s 14 degrees in NYC right now and chai spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon are great for warming on cold days like today. warm soy chai // ☕️ 1/2 cup soy milk 1/2 cup water 1 tsp black tea pinch of cardamom powder pinch of ginger powder pinch of cinnamon pinch of ground cloves 💕 1. Combine 1/2 cup soy milk & 1/2 cup water and bring to a boil over medium heat. 2. Add 1 tsp black tea and steep for 20 min. 3. Strain and add to blender along with cardamom powder, ginger powder, and ground cloves. I use my nutribullet but any blender will do! 4. Blend for ~30 seconds. 5. Transfer to cup and add cinnamon on top. 💕 #chai #latte #ayurveda #balance #wellness #health #foodporn #vata #kapha #recipe #lifestyle #blogger #photography #thrillofbrazil #opi #nyc #greenwichvillage #newyork #love #peace #namaste #loa #manifest #wellbeing #chaitea #healthyrecipes #winter

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christelleomveda. Nouvelle vidéo en ligne sur ma chaîne ⬆️ LIEN DANS MA BIO ⬆️
Cette s
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~Ashtanga Hridaya Tika~15 A.H.Su. 1/13 #vata #pitta #kapha #rasa #rakta #mansa #meda #asthi #majja #shukra #purish #mutra #sweda #Ayurveda #Panchamahabhuta #Dosha #Dhatu #Mala #Agni #AYUSH #Life #Prakruti #bodyconstitution #Ashtanga #Hridaya #Commentary #Sanskrita #shloka Dr Abhijeet Shirkande & Dr Ankita Shirkande Neha Dharmadhikari Shree VishwAngad Ayurveda Panchkarma and Yoga Clinic, Sandhya Society, Plot no 1, Near Shinde High School, Sahakar Nagar 2, Pune 9, +919975253664, +919766588108

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PAPRIKA 🌶 MEDICINAL PROFILE: Paprika contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium which help in purifying the blood and keep the heart healthy. It has antioxidant properties that are used to enhance circulation. #Paprika also contains a large amount of vitamin E which helps in red blood cell production, speeding up wound healing. If you’ve cut yourself, sprinkle a small amount of paprika on the wound and apply pressure for rapid wound healing. Notice how the bright red color mimics the tone of blood? Interesting 🌶 Paprika has a thermogenic effect, increasing body temperature. 🔥 It pacifies #Kapha and #Vata and increases #Pitta. Paprika is great for skin and hair. It is loaded with antibacterial properties that make it effective against any skin problem associated with bacterial infection, including acne. It is also an anti inflammatory which means it aids in reducing swelling and is good for joint health. Paprika aids in weight loss since it comprises elements that boost better digestion and metabolism. FLAVOR PROFILE: Sweet paprika lends aroma and flavor without the fieriness (Pitta) of cayenne, if you are looking for a deeper and more rich flavor profile try using smoked paprika as an alternative.

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yourpeacefulbelly. VATA SUPPER, recipe with pic last but one. This will ground, smooth an

VATA SUPPER, recipe with pic last but one. This will ground, smooth and nourish a Vata’s depleted nervous system in times of stress

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