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When it comes to the world of make up I totally believe that there are good products in all different price ranges! I have been using the @Primark beauty range and I have been so impressed at what it has to offer: the pigmentation, quality and price point has sold it to me! I have now been using the products for my every day make up look for the past few weeks and here is what I have been using: Radiant primer Glow foundation in Nude Beige ( it has an spf 30) Concealer stick in Cool Sand Opal hightlight & glow palette on my cheeks Brow pencil & gel Nude Basics eye shadow palette Brown kohl eye pencil Amplif-eyed mascara Luster lipstick in Toast Finished with the Glow setting spray Brush set #Iworkwithprimark #PrimarkBeauty #ad

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Another day, another colorful mirror selfie! 🖤 Also reverting back to wearing hair clips like a 7 year old because that seems to be what the cool fashion girls are doing these days! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Is it just enough to post a pretty picture? Does anyone actually read the caption any more or are we all too busy? ⠀⠀ I personally love following accounts more for their personality behind the account. I always take the time to share my life on here and write both meaningful captions and read others. I love the connections I’ve made on here ⠀⠀ Let me know are you just here for my stunning good looks or do you like getting to know me a bit better through my captions? I’m a big girl I can take it 😂 #allaboutrosalilla #keralablogexpress

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23 weeks today and learning how to love my new curves 👶🏼💙💗 The human body really is pretty amazing when you think about it! Growing something as incredible as a baby in just 9 short months completely blows my mind! Only 119 days until our due date and we finally get to meet our little one. We love you so much already🤰🏽💋

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Putting my best foot forward on this chilly day 👀 This outfit is a combination of my favourite pieces currently in stores & in my wardrobe - I’m head over heels obsessed 👇🏼🧡 Coat & Jumper @hm Silk dress @topshop Trainers @adidas Jewellery @daisy_jewellery & @linesandcurrent Watch @danielwellington

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“First things first, exfoliate, remove all previous tan, shower & apply fresh tan to clear skin” @bperfectcosmetics 🍉 These cold nights you can’t beat being able to get dressed in 10 seconds. I let my tan develop overnight, I’ll shower in the morning & moisturise. Chatting all things exfoliating & treatments over on my Snapchat 2night 👌🏻 To keep your tan on you need to moisturise daily or twice a day! Your skin is constantly rejuvenating itself shedding the old top layer of skin & exposing new skin, dry skin sheds faster & takes your tan with it! #hair pinned by @claireblackadder_hair Exciting few events coming up this month! 🤪 Ready for my holidays in #Cork ✌🏻

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bourbon_paddy. I know it's not #turkeythursday until tomorrow but I couldn't resist!�

I know it's not #turkeythursday until tomorrow but I couldn't resist!👌🦃 These two wax-dipped @corknbottle Russel's Reserve store picks arrived today and I couldn't be happier because I've finally completed the trio of Swan's Song, Shake N Bake, and Photobomber 😎🔥 I feel an epic three way side by side coming soon - watch this space 😉🥃Follow for daily pics and weekly reviews!! #whiskeywednesday #new #storepick #singlebarrel #wax #epic #humpday #mailcall #delicious #irishbourbonlovers #greatview #picoftheday #bourbonporn #bourbon #bourboncollection #whiskeylife #whiskey #instadrink #drinkporn #drink #instabourbon #whiskeygram #dram #whiskeytime #drinkwhiskey #ireland #instalove #specialreserve #irishblogger

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We are being blessed with unusually great weather for the time of year (The slight drop in temperature aside) We've had months of very mild weather 😉 The days are crisp and bright and with it being January, it is making getting out and about much easier, especially when trying to get your 10k per day steps in This week’s challenge is something along the same lines, as we are still trying to be active and get our steps in, BUT, this one is also going to let us get to know Donegal (or wherever you are from) a little better So, what I would like to know this week is this; Where in Donegal do you go to take a walk, go for a jog, a hike or just to clear your head for a bit and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? This is a great exercise to do as it’ll help you get to know Donegal even better and also help us all to find some of the unique and special places that make our county so incredible! So often we end up going to the same places over and over again…. simply out of habit and because we know what to expect, or have a route that we know well So it’s time to switch that up 👍 Your challenge this week is to pick a new place you’ve always wanted to visit – and actually GO there! There are LOADS of places around the county that you can go to keep active and enjoy the scenery while you are doing it 🤗 Here are a few of my favourite places you may want to check out if you’ve never been there before! (I’m always surprised when I mention a few of them to people who live locally and they never have been to some of these places Glenveagh Lisfannon Beach Muckish Mountain Sliabh Liag (Slieve League) Marble Hill Strand Beach These are some of my favourite places to go for a Sunday walk with the family and also to go for excursions with the Rushe Fitness members We have climbed Muckish and Mt Errigal several times over the past few years and they never fail to disappoint 💯 So, the question is where are YOU headed this week?!? Be sure to let me know some of the hidden gems where you like to go, so we can find even more places to get our 10k per day step in and also to find out more about Donegal 😀 Happy stepping #leanin2019

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Kinda 80’s vibes from this look! What’s your favourite fashion era?

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Is it too early to start thinking about Valentines Day or nah? I'm not a romantic gal so would be a pleasure to know what you're planning to do and inspire myself 😂😍🎁 #psootd #primania #dublinbloggers

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fashionable_frank. #style can be a confidence booster. One of the first things people not

#style can be a confidence booster. One of the first things people notice about us is our appearance. There are no right or wrong answers with #fashion. What matters is you are happy with how you look. My goal in 2019 is to be the best version of myself! _____________________ #fashionable_frank #fashionstyle #fashiongram #fashionblogger #fashionformen #stylishmen #styleinspo #styleblogger #sartorialelegance #sartorial #sprezzatura #streetstyle #sneakers #pittiuomo #pittiuomo95 #dapper #dappermen #trousersnake #trousers #mensfashion #mensstyle #menwithclass #menwithstyle #irishblogger #ukblogger #imwearingri #zaramen

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thebigfwordblog. Who else is loving the corduroy trend at the minute? 😍 I guarantee y'

Who else is loving the corduroy trend at the minute? 😍 I guarantee y'all have something made from cord tucked in the back of your wardrobe! Dig it out again and rewear it 2019 style! 😍⭐🙌 • • • #trends #corduroy #primark #pinafore #fedora #cord #camel #discoverunder5k #niblogger #irishblogger

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My skin is parched, the metal plates in my body ache, I’ve a serious case of the January blues and no matter how many layers I wear I just can’t get warm! Bring me to the sun...please! 🙈 I’m such a warm weather girl, I cannot wait for Cuba in April, need to get planning! #januaryblues #sun #usa #usaroadtrip • • • #styleboothique #photography #travel #travelgram #instatravel #irishblogger #deathvalley #travelblogger #travelstoke

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‘’take it all in, let yourself be emotional, f*cking have a sob every now and then, pick yourself back up and just remind yourself that you’re a f*cking hot bitch.’’ 💋💋 @__lilybrown 👑

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happy_whole_. 👀 Trying hard not to say bullshit at the end as you can see lol, but

👀 Trying hard not to say bullshit at the end as you can see lol, but I may as well have said it, because it is what it is, bullshit. 👌😂 #happywhole #personalfreedom #youmatter

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yesss 👏🏼😅

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A gray day provides the best light...Leonardo da Vinci Check out the new blog post on the website !!www.chroniclesofalord.co.uk

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daddypoppinsireland. Happiness is a girl with her flower. Even if she won’t come in outta t

Happiness is a girl with her flower. Even if she won’t come in outta the cold until she’s picked the perfect one, who would have thought it could take so long to decide which is the best daisy in your front garden. Brrrrr!!!!! #cold #flower #dadscomm #dadblog #cutie #pbloggers #daddypoppins #irishblogger #ipbig #ukdadbloggers

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Colour blocking 💟💫

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2nerdsandababy. A sick little man, he had a trip to a&e with a bad viral infection and

A sick little man, he had a trip to a&e with a bad viral infection and bronchiolitis. It's scary when they're so small, he's such a good patient though 💙

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gamercreatrix. Found this oddity in the charity shop recently. Somebody had donated w

Found this oddity in the charity shop recently. Somebody had donated what looked like their entire PC game collection and this was among it for about 50 cent!! Has anybody ever used one of these things before? I haven't had a chance yet and I'm pretty curious 🤔 . . Gaming partners 🎮 @irish.gamer.gal @captain_cold25 . . #ps2 #playstation2 #charityshopfind #charityshopfinds #sonyplaystation #playstation #irishgamer #irishblogger #irishbloggers #gamer #gamergirl #gaming #instagamer #instagamergirl #retrogamer #videogames #videogamer #gamers #player #videogameaddict #retrogaming #thrifty #gamingcommunity #gamersofinstagram #game #gaminglife

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LADIES 👏🏻BOOK 👏🏻YOUR 👏🏻SMEARS👏🏻AND 👏🏻ACTUALLY 👏🏻ATTEND👏🏻 • Mine is due this year & I have it booked already ✅ • So so so important! There is nothing to be embarrassed about - the people who carry out smears are PROFESSIONALS & see multiple different vaginas on a daily basis! • They don’t care about shape, size, hair (or lack of), discharge, natural smell or anything like that - all they care is that you are SAFE & have the test! • If you have concerns over having a smear due to trauma, sexual trauma or vaginismus for example - speak to your nurse - they are PROFESSIONALS & will know how difficult a smear could be for you & will take their time & make sure you are as comfortable as possible 👌🏻 • #Repost @betamummy with @get_repost ・・・ *FEEL FREE TO RE-POST/RE-TWEET THE SHIZZLE OUT OF THIS POST* This week is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. The best way for you as an individual is to attend your regular smear tests (cervical screening). For the majority of women, smears are painless and literally take seconds, yet screening rates are at their lowest for 20 years. Smear tests are free on our wonderful NHS and are so important in early cervical cancer detection. A few moments of slight embarrassment/discomfort could very well save your life. Don't delay - if you're due one, make your appointment today! P.S. what is the point of the blue paper towel...? And where do you put your knickers?!

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🖤 Ride or Die 🖤

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