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tindeyoga. Ettermiddagen i går tilbragte jeg stort sett oppned. På workshop med f

Ettermiddagen i går tilbragte jeg stort sett oppned. På workshop med fantastiske David Swenson på @hiyoga_no. En workshop som går gjennom hele helga og jeg er utrolig glad for å få være med på. Dyktig mann, mye læring. Bildet derimot er fra nydelige Nærøyfjorden da det var litt grønnere ute.

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cassydoesyoga. Woop woop! The day has finally arrived!! Day one of #sunpoweryogis 🌞

Woop woop! The day has finally arrived!! Day one of #sunpoweryogis 🌞 Today, our posture is any variation of #virhabadrasana AKA #warriorpose ❂ I was so fortunate to spend my entire Saturday soaking in the sun power 🌞 It really is so neat, all of the magical powers the sun shares with us! There’s a bunch of awesome health benefits from catchin some rays: ✹Sunlight increases vitamin D levels (especially important for kiddos, as without enough vitamin D, bones don’t form properly) ✹Sun exposure sets circadian rhythm (Getting enough sunlight during the day time is essential for good sleep!) ✹Sun exposure can help protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure ✹Exposure to sunlight makes you a happier human 🤗 Even just 15 minutes of direct sun-exposure can have your body reaping these sunny benefits ☀️ So get your butt outside! ❂ Absolutely LOVING everyone’s posts already! I am beyond grateful for all of you beautiful yogi’s who are participating in this one 💛 Our gallery is already looking SO amazing! You guys rock! ❂ Be sure to check out my beautiful co-hosts for more sunny inspiration! @samadhimoon @yoga_maverick @featherlife_yogi And a HUGE thank you to our amazingly generous sponsors 🙏🏻 @serenitysoapsessentials @theelephantpants @flowerofliving @samadhimoon @goodgraciousoils @vayumudra @_yogibelle_ ❂ It’s never too late to join in with us!! Pose line-up: 🌞1•Warrior Pose (any variation) 2•Half Lord of the Fishes 3•Bow Pose 4•Boat Pose 5•Sun Salutation (post a video, or choose a pose out of it) ❂ 🌞We are connected to the source of all power, and it flows through us to encourage the power of others💛

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I’ve been late now two days in a row for #hikhealhand, oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yesterday was Day 4 and the Hike/Pose was Down Dog but I just couldn’t find a photo that really fit until I watched this video from the beginning of the summer. It’s not down dog, but it does bring about the feeling that Day 4 was supposed to be about: Life has its ups and downs. This photo couldn’t explain that more for me as it was in a time that I needed someone in my life to literally catch me if I fell, challenge me, enjoy being outside, allow me to drop my guard, and just be here. ⛰ Yesterday we went on a little hike in Harpswell and I find it ironic that it was the same day we were hosting Day 4 of #hikehealhand. @rissdice thank you for being that person when I needed it even if you didn’t already know 🙌🏻⛰✨ I’m looking forward to our random adventures in the future. ⛰ If you’ve been following along to #hikehealhand but have been hesitant to post, this is your invisible permission slip. You don’t have to go with exactly what we’re doing (clearly I’m not!) but we do encourage you to practice at least ONE thing/day in order to align yourselves for the holidays! Check it out over at @oowhpodcast - you can start ANY time! We’ll be sending out the entire mindfulness challenge in a couple of weeks via email in case you just want it to practice to yourself so be sure to sign up for our newsletter 🤗 . . . . . #hikehealhand #oowhpodcast #handstand #mainemountains #hikemaine #happycamperyoga #wildish #staywildish #mindfulness #truenorthtribe #womenwhohike

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tindeyoga. \"We are the most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.

"We are the most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful." - Amit Ray * Thanks for letting me repost this amazing picture @leighlubin!

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Today I am missing the sun. Again. This seems to be a theme of my life this Fall. I have spent most of the day working on the computer, getting shit done. Although what I want to be doing is running through the forest with Koby, doing yoga and turning my face to soak in those tendrils of sunshine as they stream through the mostly bare trees. Alas, we are stuck inside while the sky opens up. At least there is a fire in the woodstove and a hot cup of tea to sip on while I move my body in front of the dancing orange flames. ❤

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Do you want to come adventure with me and some other badass ladies? Cool because I’m co-hosting a ladies-only Yoga Retreat in the Adirondack Mountains of New York August 24th through August 27th! 🤗 Check out @coreflowretreat and join @walshie.91 and I for an unforgettable long weekend filled with relaxation, yoga, guided hikes, and awesome food in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The all-inclusive price means that you get: •3 nights of accommodations (bring your tent and sleep under the stars, grab a bunk bed with your bestie, opt for a private suite – it’s your choice!) •Amazing meals •Daily yoga •3-4 fun workshops •Optional excursions to explore the beautiful Adirondacks •Unlimited access to our seven-person hot tub and sauna •Nightly campfires •Free time to spend however you please! These mountains are one of our favorite adventure spots in the world, and I am so thrilled to be able to share them with you guys! Click on the link in my bio to learn more! Or shoot me or @walshie.91 a message! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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unshodsoul. 🙏🏼


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Happy Monday, Babes! Do something today, that you will thank yourself for tomorrow. . . Something simple. Something big. Something annoying. Something easy. . . Just do something. . . Today I reached out to a yoga festival, Worked on my yoga for all certification, & spent time in nature! . . What can you do on your work break or once you get home from work? Comment below & let me know! . . 📸: @tobias_heckmann . . . . . #goaldigger #mountainstories #peoplewhoadventure #adventurenthusiasts #takemoreadventures #outside_project #likeamountaingirl #happycamperyoga

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Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength. | Lake Eibsee | Germany | ↠ @jennalewins | @Tobias_heckmann ↟ Tag @happycamperyoga to be featured ↟ ↟ ↟ #happycamperyoga

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I’m a day late on #hikehealhand because I was so excited about recording episode 18 of @oowhpodcast last night that I completely forgot to take a photo of the hike: Tadasana/Mountain Pose. So instead, I’m sharing what Mountain Pose means to me. »» First: I will never forget this day in this photo. It was the last hot summer day we had in September and I was paddle boarding down the North Dead River with two amazing women in Eustis with just a cooler & speaker strapped to my board. We spent almost 4 hours in the sun with the Bigelows ⛰⛰⛰ in front of us. I remember being in such a state of gratitude that my face hurt from smiling all day 😂 »» I feel 110% my truest self when I’m outside. I never thought this would make me feel so incredibly at home, humble, happy, and healed. 2018 has been a full year and has been my biggest lesson. I’m not wishing it away (sure there’s a couple of things I wish didn’t have to happen to get to this point) but the light is here in these final two months of the year. »» My personality pushes me to go full tilt in anything I pursue and this year especially didn’t disappoint. Because of this specific trait and the hand that was dealt for 2018 I was able to completely step into who I am, and stand completely in my truth. I poured my energy into what lit me up, surrounded myself with people who cheered me on, gave all that I had to my clients, went on countless adventures, started a podcast all about mindfulness, and ended up making some awesome new friends. »» All of that being said, I’ve been recognizing everything I pushed aside lately. Normally guilt will creep in, my inner critic will start telling me that I haven’t done enough... but you know what? I have. I have done more than enough and I have become more than I ever thought I would be and am still growing. My independence has grown from being shy & guarded to open & ready for any new opportunity that presents itself, I’m ok with what I had to let go in order to move forward, and if gratitude could shine from someone I’d be the fucking sun ☀️ »» Listen to episode 18 of @oowhpodcast this coming Friday - you can literally hear & feel my excitement... it’s all about Gratitude 🙏🏻✨

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Happy Wednesday! | Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now | Ayer | Massachusetts | ↠ @kristenlamarre ↟ Tag @happycamperyoga to be featured ↟ ↟ ↟ #happycamperyoga

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oowhpodcast. Day 3 of #hikehealhand ✨✨
Today we’re at the top of the mountain. ✨

Day 3 of #hikehealhand ✨✨ Today we’re at the top of the mountain. ✨ Hike: Mountain pose. Get up high and take in your surroundings. Go to the top of a mountain, stand on a big rock, your kitchen counter, a ladder, top of a building. Firm your feet into the ground, lift your chin, soften your gaze. Take a big breath in. ⛰ Heal: “Mountain Moment.” Use this mantra throughout the day. Set your intention to stand in your power and your truth. Embody the balance of strength and softness. You are whole, centered and enough. ❤️ Hand: Earth service. Pick up trash on your walk up the mountain. Pick up a paper of water bottle on your walk through a city or parking lot. Do something good for the Earth today. Start recycling or look into how you can recycle more or use more sustainable and reusable products. Look into composting! 🤝 Be intentional and make it your own! Take a photo of your yoga pose, destination or act of service and TAG US @oowhpodcast and use the #HIKEHEALHAND so we can follow your mindfulness journey this week! (Even if you don’t feel like sharing we encourage you to practice at least one of these practices today, it could lead to two practices tomorrow, and by the end of the week you may just feel slightly refreshed 😉) . . . . #hikehealhand #oowhpodcast #podcast #yogachallenge #hike #hikeandflow #mountainpose #tadasana #gratitude #holidays #refresh #optoutside #happycamperyoga #staywildish #wildish

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If you don't keep practicing the poses that come easy to you, you'll soon get stiff and they won't be accessible anymore 😥 use it or lose it 💜🙏🏼 I learnt this the hard way with dancer and crow, but I slowly got them back 😍 . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #DancerPose #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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oowhpodcast. DAY 2 of #HIKEHEALHAND

We're starting the trek up the mountain and we

DAY 2 of #HIKEHEALHAND We're starting the trek up the mountain and we believe in making the first step count. We've taken the step back, now let's step forward. Today's all about truly BEING in the fire, the process, knowing that it's ok to be uncomfortable and that sometimes rather than backing out we need to lean in. Hike: Crescent Lunge. Take that step forward and watch your alignment at the same time, your front knee is stacked over the ankle, hips faced forward, pulling everything in towards your center line. Maybe you stay there... maybe you find some variation, maybe you make it a movement. Heal: Have something you've always wanted to start but never have? Lean in, step forward, BE in the fire and learn to enjoy this uncomfortable, unsettling, and uneasy feeling. It means there's growth happening. Hand: Donate/get rid of 5 things in your house. Maybe it's some clothing, a jacket that no longer fits you that could go to a shelter. Or maybe you're not using some kitchen items, like that gorgeous plate you never do anything with but your friend absolutely adores, the list goes on. Give what you've loved to make space to grow. Again, be intentional. Make this practice your own creative process and share it with us! Take a photo of your Hike, Heal, or Hand (or maybe they're all in one!), post it and TAG us at @oowhpodcast and #hikehealhand :) We have a sweet little give away (check a few posts ago) that you can dive into before the holidays kick into full affect! . . . . #hikehealhand #oowhpodcast #igchallenge #yoga #mountain #crescentlunge #highlunge #yogaeverydamnday #optoutside #unplug #holidays #tistheseason #happycamperyoga #wildish #staywildish

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I consider myself a baby yoga teacher. Still learning and still finding my way. But the last two days I think I found where I want to be as a teacher, where I want to grow and what I want to teach. It’s so much deeper, than the already deep stuff I’ve been teaching. Yin is another story, I fell straight into my teaching style and teach what I have loved and known my whole life. Hatha was much harder for me, but now I know, and I can’t wait to grow. 💜🏵🦋 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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I have so much love for these special souls I met in Costa Rica. I’ve only known them for a week but I feel so connected to each of them. I’ve never felt more supported in my life. They have created this space for me to feel my feelings without judgment. I’ve learned to appreciate everyone’s unique stories and backgrounds while acknowledging that we are not alone in our truths. I LOVE these humans! And I love who I am with these humans. So much has changed for me over the past week. I am more gentle with myself, I know and appreciate my limits. I am more present, working to live in the moment: “I am here now”. I am more open and accepting to other’s truths. I am more emotionally free, knowing that I am exactly who I am meant to be. So much has changed, and so much more will continue to change thanks to these people and the mark they have left on me. Thank you guys so much, for everything. This week was magical! ✨🌎✨ PURA VIDA! ❤️ • • • • #costarica #yogaretreat #vidamountain #healthyliving #appreciation #happycamperyoga ❤️

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Today is all about observing. We’re s

#HIKEHEALHAND STARTS TODAY!!✨✨ Today is all about observing. We’re starting at the bottom of the mountain and we’re taking a good look before we start the hike up. ✨ Hike: Easy Seated Pose. Take a seat. Anywhere, wherever you are just sit down and take it all in. Sit at the base of a mountain, hill, slide, staircase. Sit outside for 5-20 minutes ⛰ Heal: “I Am Here.” Use this mantra throughout the day. Set your intention to listen, observe and be present in the Now. Take everything in exactly as it is without judgement. Be a fly on the wall and allow yourself to experience your every day life in a new light. ❤️ Hand: It’s time to put into writing how someone or something makes you feel. It could be a little love note to your spouse when they open the refrigerator, a letter written to an Aunt you haven’t spoken to in a while, or maybe even letter to yourself for you to look at when your inner critic starts to creep in. Send it in a text, write it down or put pen to paper and snail mail it💌 🤝 Be intentional and make it your own! Take a photo of your yoga pose, destination or act of service and TAG US @oowhpodcast and use the #HIKEHEALHAND so we can follow your mindfulness journey this week! (Even if you don’t feel like sharing we encourage you to practice at least one of these practices today, it could lead to two practices tomorrow, and by the end of the week you may just feel slightly refreshed 😉) . . . . . #oowhpodcast #igchallenge #hike #healing #actofservice #mindfulness #selfgrowth #holidays #homepractice #practiceoffthemat #easyseated #sitdown #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #podcast #happycamperyoga

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Gratitude is the best medicine. It heals your mind your body, your spirit. And attracts more things to be grateful for. | So grateful and so much love for these ladies! The retreat looked magical! 💜 |Vida Mountain Resort & Spa | Costa Rica ↠ @overtirene | @kellypenderyoga | @elbetheyogi ↟ Tag @happycamperyoga to be featured ↟ ↟ ↟ #happycamperyoga

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Thankful. ❤

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frondescenceyoga. School is still overwhelming, but I found a day to de-stress a bit! We

School is still overwhelming, but I found a day to de-stress a bit! Went on a super cool little adventure band found this spot 😊🐺

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Wheel. This was a few weeks ago in Orlando, no warm up, no yoga that week at all. Just a spontaneous picture. But my hips are so high, my arms and hands are under my shoulders, my feet inching closer to my hands. 😱 it took me a long time to get here, I've always had a flexible spine, but I never had the strength to push up higher and never the flexibility in my shoulders to get my hands where they are now. 😊 even a few months ago, my wheel looked completely different. So don't give up on where you want to be in your practice ❤🌸🏵 but don't forget, the shape of my bones and the flexibility of my fascia is why I can get here, it's not just practice 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #WheelPose #IGYogis #YogaHub

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annab.ie. I love Yin Yoga. I don't know how to explain it 😂 Everything about it

I love Yin Yoga. I don't know how to explain it 😂 Everything about it, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Fascia, the Meridians, the Organs, the Dantiens, the Chakras, the Taoism history, the poses AND how the are all linked 🙏🏼 it's magical 🌸🏵 one of the biggest lessons for me when I started yin training and teaching Yin is how different our bodies are, not the shape but our bone structure. 🤔 like for example, this pose, Saddle. All my life I could lie on my back with my legs either side of my hips and I've never felt anything. I could never understand how people couldn't physically lie down regardless for how tight their legs were. The only way I can feel anything in this pose is by putting THREE blocks under my bum 😂 it looks ridiculous but it's the of way I can feel the pose. It's just the way my bones and fascia are, no other reason. And we can't change the shape of your bones. So if you see someone next to you in Yin class go super deep and you can't, please don't judge yourself. I may be able to do this, but Frog is so painful for me 😊 we are all different, and that's what makes Yin so amazing 💙❤ Also, thank you to the beautiful 27 Yin Yogis that joined me last night in @YogaHub 🙏🏼 I loved teaching a bigger Yin class, hopefully I'll be back covering Yin again soon 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #YinAndYang #TraditionalChineseMedicine #Meridians #Fascia #Taoism #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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Saluting the sun always! Thankful it came back out today ☀️☀️

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This week we've been focusing on hips and twists 😍 join me on Friday at 6:15PM in @yogahub @junction6 to work on your Lizard 🦎 hip openers can be a huge emotional release for a lot of us, so after working on our hips, we will really slow down and focus on our emotions 🙏🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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svenssonsunniva. Ute i naturen hver dag, får jeg ro og kraft - det holder meg tilstede.

Ute i naturen hver dag, får jeg ro og kraft - det holder meg tilstede. Det siste halve året har jeg for alvor jobbet meg ut av helvete. Nå lar jeg ingenting forstyrre det livet jeg har skapt meg. Jeg skal aldri inn i mørket igjen. Jeg er en annen person enn tidligere. Jeg lever et annerledes liv. Jeg snakker og tenker på en annen måte. Jeg ser annerledes ut. Jeg er mest for meg selv. Mye og mange passer ikke inn i min flyt lengre. De aller fleste av dere vet ikke hvem jeg er nå. Dere kjenner meg ikke. Jeg tenker det er en naturlig konsekvens i og av transformasjon. Jeg tror ikke det skal være slik bestandig, at jeg skal være alene - det føles som min flokk er der ute. Vi treffes når vi treffes🔥 Jeg er takknemlig for alle jeg har møtt og alle som har vært en del av livet mitt frem til nå. Alle. Hver og en har gitt meg livserfaring og mulighet til endring og vekst. Jeg har tiltro. Til rene energier, til lys og kjærlighet. Jeg måtte rydde ut det onde som ble gitt meg, for at det gode skal få plass. Det er rom i meg nå. Det er åpent og vennlig. Ærlig. Meg. #shinrinyoku #gran #skog #trær #woods #ærlighet #honesty #lightwarrior #shaman #transformasjon #endring #evolve #healingjourney #natur #liveterbestute #yogaeveryday #happycamperyoga #tilgivelse #forgiveness #mittliv #gratitude #takknemlighet #lovenature #motherearth #iskogen #forest #naturelover #higherself #universe

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Every year for as long as I can remember I've suffered from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a depression that is related to the changes in seasons, usually from summer to winter 🌞➡️🌫➡️🌨 it's real and affects so so many people, but a lot think it's simply "The Winter Blues" 💙 I've wrote a blog post all about it and my biggest tips for treating SAD 🌟🌸 let me know in the comments if you have any more recommendations 😘🦋 . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #SAD #SeasonalAffectiveDisorder #WinterWeather #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #MentalHealthIreland #Depression #MentalHealth #SeasonalAffectiveDepression

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Theres magic in being out in the woods, on mountain peaks with leaves and sticks stuck in tangled hair. ❤ Come get on your mat with me today at @revolutioncommunityyoga 4pm Slow Flow and 630pm Warm Power Vinyasa!

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If you get annoyed by something someone posts, try look within yourself and see why it is bothering you. There's always a reason, and the reason is always within us, it's never to do with the other person.💜 Sometimes I need to do this, sometimes I'll get annoyed by something someone is posting, but then I ask myself "why is this bothering me". I sit quietly and think what the reason may be, the answer is always me. Doing this will help us grow to be better humans. 🙏🏼🦋🌟 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #yogaphotography #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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So I did a thing and recorded my first video in over 2 years 🏵 I'm hoping to start posting regularly, mostly talking about spirituality, metaphysics and my thoughts 💜 this video is about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies, which we all have 🙏🏼 it's quite short, they will get longer when I don't feel so awkward in front of the camera 😂 link is in my bio 🌸🌟🦋 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #DivineMasculineEnergy #DivineMasculine #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #DivineFeminieEnergy #DivineFeminine #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #Spirituality #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #Metaphysics #YogaPractice #Yoga #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #IGYogis #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #IGYogis #YogaHub

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There are lots of opportunities to practice with me 🙏🏼 my public timetable is below. But you can practice 1:1 with me also 💜 email me if you have any questions 😘 . . 🌟 Monday (Hatha Flow) at 5:45PM in @YogaLoftMeath . . 🌟 Monday (Hatha Flow) at 7PM in @YogaLoftMeath . 🌟 Thursday (Candlelit Yin Yoga) at 6PM in @YogaLoftMeath . 🌟 Friday (Flow) at 6:15PM in @YogaHub @Junction6 . 🌟 Sunday (Slow Flow) at 4PM in @YogaHub @Junction6 . . . . . . . . . . . . #YinYoga #KundaliniYoga #HathaYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryday #YogaEveryDamnDay #NamasteIreland #YogaTeacher #HappyCamperYoga #YogaInspiration #YogaGirl #WellnessBlogger #IrishYogi #yogagram #YogaBlogger #YogaClass #YogaLife #YogaInMeath #YogaPractice #YogaInNavan #YogaAsana #YogaGoals #YogaLiving #InstaYoga #YinYogi #Navan #Kundalini #SoulOnFireTribe #Kells #CountyMeath

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