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amy_decal. Wow. I mean, I am shocked {SHOCKED} that I actually did this today. Th

Wow. I mean, I am shocked {SHOCKED} that I actually did this today. These presses are wildly addicting, and I literally wouldn’t stop until I was so tired I could barely lift. I cheated on the blocks for many practice presses before I decided to try without them again. While I was SO EXCITED (which you can see) when using the blocks to lift into the full handstand, I was in complete and utter disbelief that I actually pressed up without blocks in the second video. I seriously said “Was that me?” as though I had temporarily inhabited someone else’s body to accomplish that. But no, I did that. I’ve been practicing and practicing and playing with handstands for years and it’s like progress with them has just sped up significantly. __ Funny how things happen like that. When you least expect it and when you’ve been trying and trying and trying, one day it all just sort of clicks and comes together out of nowhere. I know I still have a long way to go, but I can’t believe the steps that have been taken today and I’m super proud of how far I’ve come with my strength. __ Day 13 of #handstandmechanics is the Straddle Press and this is definitely my favorite day of the challenge thus far 😊 __ Thank you @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial @splash_org and @miir for putting on this challenge and for giving people strength, smiles, and clean water 💗

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amy_decal. I got wayyy too addicted to practicing these presses. I’m surprised th

I got wayyy too addicted to practicing these presses. I’m surprised the New Moon let me lift up so many times since she’s been keeping me feeling rather heavy. Here is a blended clip of both my challenge poses for the day—parsva bakasana and puppy press. I kept trying and trying to control the movement from my straddle to the tuck but kept coming down as I shifted. Maybe tomorrow 😊 __ Favorite quote forever and I’ll say it a million times over, “Fall down seven times, get up eight” #nevergiveup __ Day 11 of the #oceanyogachallenge with @ainania_yoga and @supyogacostabrava Sponsored by @shambhalabarcelona @mukhascollection @organicup @thebamandboo @miahmobcn @slastikbcn @potionsbcn __ Day 12 of #handstandmechanics with @kinoyoga @miir @splash_org and @omstarsofficial __ #keeppressingon #practicepractice

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Good evening my lovely friends🤗 This is Day10 of #HandstandMechanics and today's way to enter the handstand is a #thunderbolt or #kneetochest pose. One of the best ways to learn how to hold a straight handstand without the banana back. Wish you all a beautiful evening❤🙏 . . Host😍 @kinoyoga Sponsors💜 @omstarsofficial @miir Donation for @splash_org ❤ . . . Mat is by @yogi.bare My outfit is by @onzie _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #practiceandalliscoming #yogachallenge

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Good evening dear souls❤ This is Day8 of #HandstandMechanics and the pose of today is a straight #handstand . To learn this you can always use a wall, this will help to get into the right alignment. Have a nice evening you all🙏 . . Host😍 @kinoyoga Sponsors💜 @omstarsofficial @miir Donation for @splash_org ❤ . . . My mat is by @yogi.bare Mala is by @i.am.blessed.mala.beads My outfit is by @onzie _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #practiceandalliscoming #yogachallenge

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lancuks_yoga. Hi dear souls. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend😉❤🙏
Here is

Hi dear souls. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend😉❤🙏 Here is Day13 of #HandstandMechanics . Today we work on a #straddlepress up in a #handstand . You can see some ways how to get into it in my videos. Have a beautiful practice and the rest of the day👍😊 . . Host😍 @kinoyoga Sponsors💜 @omstarsofficial @miir Donation for @splash_org ❤ . . . My legging is by @gymfitsquare My mat is by @phantaiyoga My mala is by @bohemian_treasure My yoga wheel is by @limitlesswheel #practiceandalliscoming #yogachallenge

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patyoga3. “La búsqueda de la libertad es la única fuerza que yo conozco. Liberta

“La búsqueda de la libertad es la única fuerza que yo conozco. Libertad de volar en ese infinito. Libertad de disolverse, de elevarse, de ser como la llama de una vela, que aún al enfrentarse a la luz de un billón de estrellas permanece intacta, porque nunca pretendió ser más de lo que es: la llama de una vela.” (Don J.M.) 🔥 #handstand #handstandmechanics #yoga #yogainspiration #yogalife #upsidedown #bestrong #fitness #abs #beastmode #fitnessmotivation #yogagirl #beachyoga #paradodemanos #sanddunes #sand #dunes #yogi #yogaeverywhere #instafit #paradise #yogahispana #yogamx

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I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve been cynical when I’ve heard people talk about love. I’m a sober-minded person. What that means is I often have a bullshit meter that starts to go off when people talk about just sending love and light to the world. These same people are often quite willing to devolve into hate and blame the moment you don’t do something that fits into their definition of love and light. _ But love, at least the way I understand love, follows no rules. And actually love breaks all the rules. Love has no bounds. Love is big enough and brave enough to hold what appears to be opposites in its heart. _ Sometimes what people call “love” is actually a pretense for judgement and delusion. That’s sad. I know bc I’ve been there myself. I’ve been judgmental and I’ve been judged. I’ve been blinded my own illusions and I’ve been passed over bc people wouldn’t see the truth. But that’s life. I’m not beyond it. Im a human being making utterly human mistakes and choosing to love myself through them. That to me is strength. _ In a world that tells you you’re not good enough, the decision to love yourself is a revolution. Be a revolutionary in your own mind. _ Day 13 #handstandmechanics is the Press on @omstarsofficial Straddle Press is the easiest full press with both legs if you’re flexible. Try it and let me k ow how it goes. Only two more days to join the challenge and help us raise money for @splash_org to bring clean water to kids and public schools in India and Nepal with help from @miir Come on, let’s do it! Let’s break 9,000 people. Link to sign up is in my bio. _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @freexmoney @b.lvvk 🙏

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Kicking up into a handstand can turn out to be quite a nightmare if you underestimate the kickup momentum. 🤸🏾‍♀️😮🤸🏾‍♀️ . . . This drill I practice helps reduce reliance on kick up momentum but does demand some hip flexor flexibility as you would ideally like to get your leg up well past 90 degrees in relation to the wall. The higher you can naturally stretch the “kickup” leg towards vertical (though you are not kicking up at all), the easier the transition into arm balance and getting both feet off the floor. Between those two points is a patient chipping away as you ask questions of the rectus abdominus ( one assumes the lower bandhas are already engaged ) and large muscles of the upper back and all spinal extensors. . . . Use the wall as your guide on the way down too when exiting. By keeping the sacrum in contact with the wall, you are teaching the hips to remain in anterior pelvic tilt ( retain a gap between the lumbar and the wall so you are truly in anterior pelvic tilt ), a position you have to learn how to hold if you want to learn how to exit gracefully from a handstand. . . . . #handstand #handstandpractice #handstands #handstands365 #handstandprep #handstandlove #handstandmechanics #handstanddrills #handstandtraining #handstandnation #handstandpushup #handstandprogress #armbalance #armbalancing #coreworkout #corestrengthening #corestabilitytraining #coreworkouts #coreexercises #corestrength #corestrengthtraining #yogacore #yogateachers #yogaclasses #handstandtips #handstandjourney #wallyoga #wallyogawithewabigio

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I’ve been working on handstand holds lately. And I’ve realized balance is no longer hindering me from holding a handstand but strength is. I can hold it for a little over a minute before my arms and shoulders are on fire. My goal is to add another minute onto that comfortably. Its surprisingly really difficult! I never realized how much I needed to work on this until @spaceistheshit pointed it out to me. So thank you! 😊 . Photo by: @tridentvisions

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queenmamayoga. I used to practice handstands away from walls but then I had a set bac

I used to practice handstands away from walls but then I had a set back. I am inspired by @j_e_s_s__b and tried without walls again. Thank you beautiful. I am trying to get over my fear #kickups #straightlegs #hangtime #handstandprogress 🤸🏽‍♀️🙏🏼 #keepingitreal🤸🏽‍♀️ #queenmamayoga #yogadaily #yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming #practicepracticepractice #yogamum #yogamom #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogainspiration #yogalife #yogajunkie #yogacommunity #yogagram #fitmum #fitmom #strongbodystrongmind #upsidedownfun #teamresolutionhs2018 #teamresolutionhandstand365 #muscles #handstandmechanics ————————————————-wearing @liquidoactive leggings 💕 and my dog Peanut is featuring too as usual 😆 🐶

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I have too many mosquito bites to count, my allergies are acting up, I’ve been eating like crap so I feel like crap. And my face has completely broken out in acne like I’m back in high school. . Starting a complete overhaul on my diet, and exercising daily again. What you eat effects everything including your mood. And since yesterday I clearly am not eating the right foods. . Following @the.holistic.psychologist for all the inspiration I need to pick my shit up and not fall down this rabbit hole. . Photo by: @tridentvisions

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shreddedshape. Still got lots of work but straightened my back towards the end, so ha

Still got lots of work but straightened my back towards the end, so happy with the progress #persistancepaysoff • • need to press more through my shoulders • • Need to squeeze my butt more and suck my stomach in

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jacqedwright. You can never really understand a person until you consider things fro

You can never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view~Harper Lee #newpetspective #newview #myview #handstandmechanics #practicing #shoulderstability

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A good way to practice to handstands is do it up against a wall. It requires good shoulder and wrist flexibility. Make sure to squeeze and engage all your muscles, pointing your toes helps! A good wrist warm up will definitely help. • For extra balance, once your in the handstand, think about pulling your fingers towards you rather than pushing them up against the ground when you're falling forward. And if you can prevent walking thats probably best in order to get the posture down. So if you are falling just fall into a forward roll!

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I bring patience from my yoga and acroyoga practice to my daily life. . The past two days in an Elemental Acroyoga Immersion have challenged me so much that my frustration was building. I was frustrated at myself for not being at the level I want to and not being able to do techniques that are supposed to aid us to our inversion practice. I need assists every time. And sometimes the way I was getting assists wasn’t pleasant. However, I bring myself to patience. . Patience to bring the things I’m learning to my daily practice. Patience to remember the intent of the person assisting me. Patience to continue working on these difficult poses to where it will become easier. Patience to go on my forearms when my wrists are aching and my elbows are giving out... PATIENCE. . How do you exercise patience? #enrichwithrachel 📸 @dekacrokaki

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shreddedshape. Practicing the rollout...
It’s important to not fear falling over

Practicing the rollout... • • It’s important to not fear falling over to be able to learn the handstand • • Easy simple safe roll

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I’m looking to lead a handstand workshop while I’m in Toronto this December. ❄️ Would any of my Canadian friends be interested in attending?? 🤗 . I’ve wanted to lead a workshop for a long time. But I’m often moving around too often to make connections with the right people to make it happen. Haven’t given up hope yet! . Photo by: @tridentvisions

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Challenge #handstand_evolution ! It is really difficult, but I am not giving up, still working on my handstand alignment! ~ ~ 🔸День 4 - Прогиб полностью убрать невозможно 😞 🔸 День 5 - Телеграфирование об стену. 🔸 День 6 - просто ужас 😳😳 🔸 День 7 - кажется немножко лучше чем в первом челендже.. ~ ~ Hosts : @yogablog.kiev.ua @sinyinversion ~ ~ Sponsors: @nataliorganic @your_yoga_mat ~ ~ #handstandtraining #handstandpractice #handstand #handstandlove #handstandmechanics #handstandchallenge #handstandprep #handstanddrills #стойканаруках #стойканаруках_как_конструктор #стойкаустены #practiceandalliscoming #practiceandallwillcome #practicepracticepractice #practicemakesprogress #practicedaily #yogaeveryday #nevergiveup #workinghard

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Grateful for another birthday. This year we celebrated at Boca Chita Key. Healthy, happy and cancer free. I can’t believe we now live in such a beautiful place. I am grateful, humbled and blessed. I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve yet God still blesses me. #bocachita #biscaynenationalpark #grateful #birthday #handstandmechanics #handstand #adhomukhavrksasana #dailypractice #journey #consistency #ptl #nationalparks #bocachitakey

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Challenge #handstand_evolution ! Всё-таки решила попробовать, надеюсь что в этом челендже получиться лучше! 🔸День 1 - очень надеюсь что плечи стоят. 🔸 День 2 - Нога включена, локти прямые, взгляд в пол, а вот про плечи не уверена, ещё кажется что вес на пятках ладоней, очень трудно перевести вес на пальцах! 🔸День 3 - Даже не знаю, кажется между ⭐️ и ⭐️⭐️ 😊😊! ~ ~ Спасибо организаторам: @yogablog.kiev.ua @sinyinversion @nataliorganic @your_yoga_mat ~ ~ #handstandpractice #handstand #handstandtraining #стойканаруках #стойканаруках_как_конструктор #yogapractice #handstandatthewall #handstandprogress #handstandprep #handstandmechanics #handstanddrills #handstandjourney #practiceandalliscoming #practiceandallwillcome #practicepracticepractice

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