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nrtkah_scarf.co. Good morning si cantik manis.
Semoga hari ni lebih banyak kejayaan y

Good morning si cantik manis. . Semoga hari ni lebih banyak kejayaan yang kita buat. . #sobellamelaka

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What do I want to write? . What is important? How do we assign value to something, an experience, a feeling, a person? What constitutes value and when does it get hit the point where the writer says, this, this is what I want to share with the world. . I’m sitting here thinking about the task I’ve committed to, writing every day for 90 days, and my first thought is: I have nothing to say. Which isn’t fucking possible. Everyone has something to say. So the underlying issue just might be that I have devalued the potential things before I’ve even let them out of the gate. Somewhere, probably in many places along the way, I took hits to my confidence and believed less and less in my capacity to create. It’s like I say: “Go Brain, gimme whatcha got” and Brain says: “I’m sorry, that command is unrecognized, please try again”, a tone of “Don’t even pretend like we have anything in here except half-assed smoothie recipes and unrequited love.” As if unrequited love isn’t some juicy writing, Brain! The people would love that! (Maybe on another day...) But I digress. So essentially, I get writer’s block, but it’s bigger, it’s Aubrey block, it’s block of the essence that is me, it’s the acknowledgment that starting this process means opening up not just the current iteration of my being but all my beings, all the gritty, witty, stuck, beautiful, unnerving, petulant and deserving parts of my being, shed in the trillions of cells that my body has disposed of over the years but kept in the tombs of my mind. It’s taking that little girl and acknowledging she is a woman and taking that woman and remembering she’s connected to that very confused teenager and admitting I’ve lived a life, owning it, and expressing it. Let’s go back to the cell thing. Imagine that for a moment: How your Body is constantly regenerating and creating new fucking life and leaving little bits of your skin and hair and organs all over the damn place in a trail leading back to your mother’s uterus. That’s a god damn long trail. Can you imagine retracing that trail? What do you find? Is it as you remembered? What did you find that you recall differently? What didn’t you find?

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lady.g.audrey. #Repost @mireverdan with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Gift for the father. You p

#Repost @mireverdan with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Gift for the father. You pick the colors, I draw the picture. It pleases me and pleases you. What a joy! #indyartist #indyartscene #womenofindyarts #pencildrawing #doodle

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beattystonefarms. Spring pig, fat as a football and happy as a clam. #pasturedpigs #beat

Spring pig, fat as a football and happy as a clam. #pasturedpigs #beattystonefarms

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Last days in Croatia 🇭🇷🐟🐠🦀🐡

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m.tattarrattat. #youaresovain


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Ass so mean that I’m always on her bad side 😜🎶 _ Set: @live_fabulously

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lillykofficial. Thank you ALL for 900k! You don’t know how much I appreciate your supp

Thank you ALL for 900k! You don’t know how much I appreciate your support! 🥰 You. Have. No. Idea. Big love for you all! Now which pic? One or two? Let’s see which version gets more votes! ❤️ . . . . . #Lillyk #thankyoufor900k #soappreciative #lovemyfollowers #fanappreciation #youguysrock

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Arkadaki inşaatların sahibi pozu :)

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Потому что: ✅ Гарантируем качество и предлагаем только оригинальные продукты от официальных дистрибьюторов! ✅Имеем огромный ассортимент парфюмерии (в том числе винтаж, раритет) ✅Мы предлагаем Вам удобный выбор ароматов по различным категориям: по времени года, по применению, по семействам, по характеру и т.д. ✅Мы поможем Вам подобрать аромат в подарок! ✅Если Вы желаете выбрать парфюм с определённой нотой-мы и в этом Вам сможем помочь! ✅Мы любим свою работу и своих покупателей, поэтому мы делаем всё для того, чтобы Ваш шоппинг был быстрым и комфортным! ✅Держим минимальную цену на рынке за счёт оптимизации расходов! ✅Делаем удобную для Вас доставку по Москве и другим городам РФ! ✅К каждому заказу мы дарим Вам подарки (пробники, семплы косметики, интерьерные свечи)!

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cern. This picture shows the opening the HRMT-45 module by means of a robot

This picture shows the opening the HRMT-45 module by means of a robot 🤖 After having undergone several high intensity beam impacts at the HiRadMat facility in August, the TDIS HRMT-45 module starts to be disassembled for the post-irradiation analysis. The ultimate goal is to verify that all the equipment components remain fully functional after the high thermomechanical loads they were subjected to during the experiment. Such loads were equivalent to those likely to occur inside the TDIS during future operation HiLumi beams. Given the significant radioactivity of the module, some dismantling activities are to be performed by means of robots in order to minimize the dose taken by personnel. The robot appearing in the pictures is the in-house developed CERNbot, which was able to unfasten the tank upstream and downstream transitions while being operated remotely from another room. This was possible partly thanks to some robot-friendly solutions implemented in the TDIS HRMT-45 design. The next step following to the tank opening is the metrology of the jaws, which flatness level measurement is expected to return similar values with respect to the pre-test condition. #Robot #Science #engineering #CERN #CERNbot #HiLumiLHC

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