mthiessen. Athabasca Falls, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦

Athabasca Falls, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦


Get me back to France 🇫🇷❤️ I decided August was my month off from travelling, firstly because Europe gets completely rammed at this time of year and secondly, I almost forgot where my home was I’d been away so much. Oh and is nice to be back with Alex too 💗🤗 . Throwing back to sunny fields and cute streets with @kiipixofficial , printing my pics on the go without the need for batteries of WiFi. Of course Alex is thrilled with my new found decorations 🙊 . Do you have any holiday destinations you go back to over and over again? I never know if it’s the nostalgia that takes me back or if it’s down to the new memories I make, either way, I’m sure I’ll be back to Brittany soon 💖 . #mykiipix [ad]


- 生活越簡單越美好


So I think we’ve found it... after two years addicted to Rightmove. And by ‘it’ I mean our house. One slight problem, it’s quiiite a lot over our budget, so now it’s evenings spent looking at finances and see what we can do to save and what we need to cut down on. . The house has got the country kitchen I always wanted, not in duck egg blue but it’s sage green and to be honest I like it just as much! It’s got a bay window, it’s on a super lovely street, it’s near town so Alex can walk to get his hair cut which seemed to be the most important thing to him throughout this whole process 🤣 it’s got a fire place, and also a pretty fabulous wall in the master bedroom we can add fitted wardrobes, you know, the important stuff. . I can totally see myself in that house for the next 25 years with a dog 🐶 one day a baby 👶🏻 and the kitchen is a fabulous spot to bake scones and cake. The house is a compromise between both what Alex and I want and I don’t even feel sad it’s not got a roll top Bath 🛀 or exposed brick wall because to have actually found something we both love, in a town we both love, is something close to a miracle. . So here is to hoping we can sort things out and buy it, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high 😬 Please keep your fingers and toes crossed! 🏡💗 . Ps as much as I wish it were, I’m not moving into THIS house 🤣

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🏆The Artist 👉@tatsolbe 🎊
Location: Dinant 

Tag #kings_villages 🏆The Artist 👉 @tatsolbe 🎊 . Location: Dinant Belgium . 🎉🎊🎉 Our Congratulations!!🎉🎊🎉 . Please visit Her/His Gallery!! ___________________________________ 🔎 Pic chosen by Admins @nicole_marongiu @gravity300 ___________________________________ KINGS_VILLAGES is Member of 👑 @Kings_hubs_staff . Visit the Kings Galleries: @kings_animals_love @kings_outdoors @don_in_sardegna ________________________________ Graphics by @ impressionismo ________________________________


[9 a.m] 🧢 É bello vedere che il mondo é davvero vario! Ho immortalato il momento in cui c’è chi, anche con diciassette gradi e un vento che porta via, si immerge nelle acque del mare del Nord. - - - - #travelmore


🍿// перезалив, так как инстаграм сам почему-то очень странно обрезал это фото, а я не заметила, до сих пор не понимаю, как так вышло

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a well deserved break


15 agosto 2018 😊📆🐚📓🏖🎶📷🌞 Siamo lieti di presentarvi una delle foto più belle del giorno! ➡ Foto di: @raffaella_spaventato 📍Celenza Valfortore CONGRATULAZIONI.🌟🏆 La tua fotografia è stata scelta come una delle migliori del giorno. ------------------------------------------ É gradito un repost, anche temporaneo 😉 ----------------------------------------- FOLLOW: @vivofoggia Official Tag: | #vivofoggia #foggia Admin☞ @videbellis Admin☞ @rosangela_1804 Selected by: @videbellis G R U P P O | vivo_italia ------------------------------------------ #vivo_italia #puglia #vivopuglia #discover_vacations #coloridipuglia #italian_places #italytour #suditalia #beatifuldestinations #yallerspuglia #gargano #italia #italia_da_scoprire #traveleurope #europe_ig #wonderful_places #travelgram #daunia #capitanata #apulia #italy_vacations #igerspuglia #ig_worldclub #igersitalia #celenzavalfortore


Non avevo mai pensato di praticare questo sport.. Da piccolo, per un paio di anni, ho giocato a calcio, ma ero una vera ciofeca😂 Decisi poi di iscrivermi a pallavolo e da allora è diventato qualcosa di cui non posso farne a meno. Anche se ora ho lasciato per dedicarmi a pieno all’uni, non aspetto altro che arrivi l’estate per il torneo di beach volley. This is me🙋🏼‍♂️ Un Mikbiondo palleggiatore🙌🏻 Buon ferragosto a tutti!💙✨ Ph: @marioscotto9. . . . @mikbiondo ©️ ______________________________________________ #BestVacations #fantastic_earth #awesomeearth #bestdiscovery #world_places #destinationearth #earthlandscape #BeautifulMatters #PassionPassport #Awesome_Earthpix #AwesomePix #TravelAwesome #DiscoverGlobe #Discover_Vacations #loves_united_italia #bestitaliapics #best_italiansites #top_italia_photo #new_photoitaly #travelworld_addiction #travel_drops #hello_worldpics #travel #blogger #instaitalia #gf_italy #procida #campania #italiastyle20 #italy