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Last day of our trip. Having this semester be so close to ending is really bittersweet. Can't wait to see everyone stateside. #chinastudyabroad #chinatravels #studyabroad2019 #beautifularchitecture

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China cycling continues as we head towards the Guangdong province out of lush Fujian. Pomelo fields (completely surrounding us!) and a few more Tulou houses on our way out of the countryside and back into the hustle and bustle of development China. #tulou #cyclingchina #chinatravels #worldbybike #chinacountryside

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Sáng hôm ấy vẫn là mùa xuân 🤓

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Kasongan is the name of a tourist destination in the district of Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region which is famous for its pottery handicrafts. This place is precisely located in the Kajen hamlet, Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan sub-district, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region, about 6 km from Yogyakarta North Square to the south. Kasongan was originally a rice field owned by villagers in the south of Yogyakarta. During the Dutch Occupation in Indonesia, residents who did not own land switched professions to become ceramics craftsmen who initially only flattened land that did not break when put together. Actually the land was only used for children's toys and kitchen furniture. and traditions passed down through generations, Kasongan finally became a fairly famous Tourism Village. ------------------------------------- MARKETING TOUR TRAVEL NYONYA WA : 0856.4312.3324 ☎ : 0877.4893.2010 ------------------------------------- ♤FACILITATE YOUR JOURNEY♤ #makanantradisionaljogja

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“Around the world, started on Slauson “ 4 in the morning. Nipsey Hussle. Crenshaw. Although my beginnings were elsewhere, I am feelin it💪🏽👊🏽 #thejonarthurexperience #eyemjonarthur #worldlaps #carrythetorch #hongkong #nightlights #china #chinatravels #travelculture #travelmagazine #photographynight #sonyfullframe

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mocomorocco_travel. Merzouga 😍砂漠 🐪Desert🌞

Merzouga 😍砂漠 🐪Desert🌞

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Remember this guy from the 2008 Olympics? #birdsnest

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China🏔️😍Would you go there? Tag a friend you want to go with! ========= • Follow @dope__world_ For More. • Credits : unknownn ----------------- • Tag us to be featured! . . #china #hunan #hunanprovince #travel_ #travelvideos #chinatravels

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black_sheep_girl. Clear view of the Great Wall of China!

#beijing #jinshanling #china20

Clear view of the Great Wall of China! #beijing #jinshanling #china2019 #chinatravels #greatwallofchina #hikingchina

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peachybunnymel. This was our second Airbnb private room experience, and Jim was a bit

This was our second Airbnb private room experience, and Jim was a bit against it at first ‘cause we had some really bad experience with Airbnb in Tokyo and London before (the host just flaked and airbnb did not provide any support whatsoever). But I still wanted to stay here cause (you guessed it) it’s instagrammable 😅 #millenialproblems Luckily the host was extremely helpful and responsive, room was clean and reasonably comfortable. 🧐 Do you guys prefer hotels or private accommodations when traveling? ————— #girltraveller #girlswhotravel #intimissimi #millenialgirl

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And let there be light 💡 As painful as it is to wake up in time for sunrise, we never regret it when we feel the warmth of the golden glow. Are you a morning person? 😴

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Радієм теплу і заквітчаному світу🌿🌸 ⠀ • ⠀ Photo by @envy4lens 📍Gucun park, Shanghai, China ⠀ • ⠀ #springwarmth

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In my favouritest place on earth

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