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Double digits by the end of the week!! ☀️ 🥳 This is the last full week I’m home with kiddos while we finish up the tile and plumbing at our Potter Rd project, then it’s back into the shop for me!! As renovations projects wrap up it is always bitter sweet - I’m so excited to see it finally all finished and put together and to style it - but always feel like I’ve lost a creative outlet! We have already started our search for our next home renovation and restoration and if you’re in the Manotick area and are considering selling your home in its near original state, send me a dm! These pretty pots and stands are in the shop, obviously 😉

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New modern farmhouse collection in the shop! I mean - I’m going home in an hour but come see Monday 🖤

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Focus on these pretty sea glass bottles and eucalyptus and not on the 15cm of snow forecast for Ottawa Friday. 😩

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urbandesignottawa. Spring is here!! This is my kitchen. Home with the kids today so that

Spring is here!! This is my kitchen. Home with the kids today so that is all I have time for. Happy Equinox! Mercury in retrograde is almost overrrrr 🖤

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I’m no cook. In fact, I hate cooking. BUT, when I have to, this granite mortar and pestle makes it way less miserable. And it looks really great in my kitchen. 😂

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File this porcelain led cactus light under “Things I didn’t know I needed but now I have to have”.... They come in two sizes and there’s a pineapple and an egg and they are effing adorable. In the shop!! Happy Monday (ewwwww - Monday after St Pats 💚☘️🥴).

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urbandesignottawa. More great stuff from West Coast Canadian makers Timber and Gray in th

More great stuff from West Coast Canadian makers Timber and Gray in the shop!! Pretty words. 🖤 • • 📷 credit to @timberandgray

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If I had a cottage or a beach house (one day!) these would most certainly be front and centre. Our Spanish glass candle sticks will make the perfect accessory to your lake house, cottage or river front home! I promise they’ll look good. 🏝 If they don’t look good, I’ll call you a liar, but you can bring them back! 😂😉

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This company ❤️ Farm owners - lover of beautiful things - and people that are trying to do better for the planet. @the.better.farm.co has these amazing bags that can totally eliminate plastic bags of all sizes from grocery shopping. These bags are awesome. 100% cotton, a host of different sizes and uses - from tiny cotton mesh for garlic to large cotton mesh for oranges. A great product and larger bags with compartments for all your food things! And you know it’s good because we don’t even sell them and I am posting about them. Head over to @the.better.farm.co and check them out. Their insta is adorable too, so that doesn’t suck. This isn’t even a collab. Just something I think is great 🖤 • • 📷 credit on the first two shots to @the.better.farm.co - second, Leigh and Luke 🖤

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So many new goodies arriving this week! Including, SPRING WEATHER YOU GUYS!! And this sign, which is super cute ❤️

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These joyful little creatures are all in stock! Lots more to choose from. Happy Monday. I heard a rumour that spring is around the corner and I’m not mad at it!! 🖤🌸

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I’m going to buy house plants this week. Live ones. Maybe even a tree. Let’s all say a little prayer for them. Pots available in the shop 🖤

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These copper lanterns are headed into the shop this week! Our Spring 2019 line has arrived and our Summer line is starting to trickle in - I’m holding out hope that we will at least have a few teaser spring days by the time spring “officially” arrives in a couple weeks, but this IS Ottawa, and we DID win the title for the worst winter in the country this year so I don’t even know anymore... How do you winter lovers do it?!

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New product! These galvanised metal pots are BEAUTIES. If I wasn’t a plant murderer they wouldn’t even have made it into the shop. A great tree in a pot like this is a super nice way to accessorise any room - and clean the air around you at the same time! Bonus!! Or if you’re a plant killer like me, get a fakie and go for a walk 😉

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Classy, timeless hoops ✨what's your fav? Mine is probably slide 3 but it's so hard to choose! #hoops #sterlingsilver #925 #earrings #jewelry #jewelryaddict #jewelrylover #shoplocal #perthshopping #613 #613shopping #perthontario

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I’m taking a bit of a SM break! Back soon. Come see us in the shop as we will be rotating some of our stock on sale! We have our gold dot stemware and some other glassware on sale starting this weekend and our Caldrea sale continues until it’s done! Have the best week friends!!

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Spring things! It’s all starting to come in. Our spring and summer line has arrived and I’m slowly (it’s a lot of boxes guys..) bringing it into the shop. Well. Not super slowly because the warehouse is here at the farm and I want my parking spot in the garage back before our last few winter storms hit. For reals. Anyway, come in and see! New pillows! New art! New mugs!! And I really like it all so none of it sucks 🖤 SPRING IS COMING!!

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📷: @hawkmoonhealing 💕 look at all those glorious cushions and quilt :D #decor #cushion #quilt #interiordecor #design #zenplace #shoplocal #613shopping #perth #ontario

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Sadly, Caldrea has decided to pull out of the Canadian wholesale and by result, retail market and will only be available to Canadians online now. As we wind down as a stockist, all of our remaining stock is 50% off. Pop in and grab the last of your faves for a huge savings! We need the shelf space for our spring line 😉. 📷 @caldreaco

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Oh look! It’s three of my favourite places to be! Dreaming of perfect spring days in Van and long summer days in Muskoka might get me through February and March 🖤 Come on in and shop the entire @vancouvercandleco collection.

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dragonmoonshop. We must be crazy! Yes. This weekend half price!

We must be crazy! Yes. This weekend half price!

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We have lots of great ideas for ❤️ day in the shop! I’ve never been totally on board for Valentine’s Day - the focus on romance has always left me scratching my head. I’ve always believed it should be a day about LOVE. Not romantic love, just general, caring for someone - wanting the best for them - wanting them to be happy and healthy - LOVE. So, come in and see us if you want to pick up something to show someone a little love. Our ❤️ cards are pretty awesome too 😉.

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pickitfencerenfrew. For that SPECIAL WINE ♥️LOVER♥️
YOURS-MINE stemless wine glasses, OURS

For that SPECIAL WINE ♥️LOVER♥️ YOURS-MINE stemless wine glasses, OURS carafe or can be used as a vase.. comes with rose gold corkscrew and bottle opener... all that for only $24.99🥰🥰🥰 . . . . #valentines #winelover #perfectgift #pickitfencerenfrew #shop #613shopping #boutique #yoursmineandours

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telayna.silvericing. #SETYOURCLOCK ❤⏰ Name: Happy Go Lucky Necklace✨
Sizes: O/S
Price: $29.

#SETYOURCLOCK ❤⏰ Name: Happy Go Lucky Necklace✨ Sizes: O/S Price: $29.99 (Retail $34.95) Colour(S): White and Gold, Grey and Gold Brand: Sparrow Cove Estimated Ship Date: Feb 21 Name: Feeling Lucky Sweatshirt🍀 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL Price: $29.99 (Retail $35.00) Colour(S): Red, Black, Light Grey Melange Brand: Only Estimated Ship Date: Feb 21 www.silvericing.com/telayna #silvericing #ottawafashion #613fashion #613shopping #silvericingstylist

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It’s my birthday and I just realised I’m technically an #eldermillennial . Credit to the ever hilarious @ilizas for the oh so appropriate term. I’m not sure how this went unnoticed for so long but here we are. • Open from 10am-5pm today!!

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medleyvintage. Don’t miss the first #613flea of 2019! It will be a fantastic market w

Don’t miss the first #613flea of 2019! It will be a fantastic market with 125+ vendors, and Medley will have lots of new stuff. Come by the Aberdeen Pavilion in two weeks on Saturday, February 23 from 10-4. Admission is free. See you there! . #613flea #613 #613shopping #vintagefinds #oneofakind #vintagewares #ottawaantiques #shoplocal #medleyvintage

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Rainbows and Unicorns!! I saw a rainbow today on my way into the shop - are rainbows in February a thing? What is it about Rainbows and Unicorns that we love so much? Myth? Imagination? You know what’s reallllly mythical? Unicorns opening your WINE 😉 • Open today and tomorrow 10am-5pm ❤️

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We are wrapping up on our whole home project at the end of this month! You may think I’m crazy when I say this (don’t care) but this house has such great energy. I’m a big believer in listening to a house when you’re renovating it. I think if you’re attentive and careful you can renovate a home in the style in which it was built with beautiful updated choices that bring it back to life. I think we’ve done a great job bringing this gal back to life and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

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Spring is coming and so is our Spring @jellycat_official line!! We are proud to be the only #jellycat retailer in Manotick and can’t wait to have you pop by to see all the fun pieces for Spring and Easter 🐣

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My favourite “new” design trend for bathrooms is definitely black bathtubs (black everything, like my 🖤). We went with a more traditional all white tub for our Potter Drive renovation but I sure did stop and stare at this beauty - for the appropriate amount of time - don’t make it weird.

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Good Morning frigid friends! Amy is in the shop 10am-5pm today to help you out with all your styling and gift needs. I’m back in tomorrow and Saturday afternoon! I LOVE being in the shop but this week is a renovation and child care heavy week. I will be storying some shots from our Potter Rd project over the course of the week (and deciding on the final paint colours, I promise @silverliningpainting 😁 - I have it totally narrowed down now 😉). Thank you in advance to those of you who brave the cold to stop in and shop! Stay warm!!

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