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little_anu70. #rang_de_rajhna#tiktok_wid#follow_me_on_tiktok
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_balqis_.ahlam_. I love u

I love u

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casper_boegeskov. Last day with physical work is done. Now it’s time for making plans to

Last day with physical work is done. Now it’s time for making plans to take over the world in 2020, and to catch up with customers. #Aarhus #denmark #vacay #foodentrepreneur #foodconsultant #smplfood #cunextyear #ideserveit HO HO HO 🎅

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카다뭄향이 나는 초콜렛💚

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allashevchenko470. Команда... начинается с семьи 😉
#AllaShevshenko #моясемья #нашидети

Команда... начинается с семьи 😉 . #AllaShevshenko #моясемья #нашидети #нашасемейка #счасиливывместе

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Немного московского барокко. У меня сегодня познавательный день, с утра история Оскара Уайльда, вечером история Священномученика Климента Папы Римского. #пятницкаяулица #москва #московскоебарокко

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Pour le 2ème jour du calendrier de l'Avent, je vous ai ressorti "Kurt Cobalt". J'ai hésité avec le "magnifique" (un peu plus clair) qui pour moi sont des bleus incontournables. Ils apportent une touche de sobriété tout en étant peu conventionnel. On sort clairement du rouge traditionnel. Et pourtant, portés sur ongles courts ou longs, ils donnent cette même profondeur et ce côté chic tout en étant stylé. Parfait en toute saison et pour toutes occasions. Que celle qui n'a jamais porté du bleu lève la main! 😂🤣 💙💙💙 #adventcalendar #nailstreetstudio #day2 #indigonails

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akashh_shady. Our religion (Part 1/2)
Last night she came closer to me and told me:

Our religion (Part 1/2) Last night she came closer to me and told me: Lay down, darling. Lay down slowly and naked next to my laying naked body. But don't do anything still lay there simply, in peace for a while, don't touch me yet. Just stare deep through my eyes into my mind and read it Breathe loudly and deeply, make sure that the air which comes out of your lungs goes straight into mine and I'll do the same So that our chests tighten up because lack of oxygen, which is exactly what we want, we want everything to tighten up, tension to grow We want to poison each other with each others melting body Breathe louder and deeper Tension grow Madness grow But don't touch me yet Don't touch me until I go wild Until I beg Until I rage and roar and scream at you and hate you cause you're letting me drown in lust, but you stay calm as you watch me turn into a wild animal, a deadly beast, a tigress perhaps and then Then, touch me Touch me so extremely gently like no living creature has ever been touched before With only the tips of your fingers Start from behind my ears, run your fingertips around my neck, then over my spine, between my thighs and on and on, keep going, so as you run them across every inch of my skin listen to the sounds coming from underneath it But don't taste me yet Just listen to the sound of my vertebrae disassemble and my hips, they crack and then all of my knuckles and joints unlock and dislocate and all my tendons break and muscles cramp and separate from bones and bones rattle But I don’t feel any pain under the extreme tenderness and anesthesia of your fingertips... (To be continued) #life #photooftheday #beautiful #religion #passion #photography #perfect #love #lust #skin #body #touch #sea #ocean #girl #waves #bikini #happy #sexy #words #poem #explore #travel #fire #instagood #picture #instagram #akashh_shady

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