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reach_onaka_itai. 今日は会社の飲み会。


久しぶりに富山駅前で呑めたのになぁ。。。 用事終わったので今から呑むぜ!!

今日は会社の飲み会。 でしたが、用事あったため参加できず。 久しぶりに富山駅前で呑めたのになぁ。。。 用事終わったので今から呑むぜ!! #あびるほど飲みたい #と思うけど #昔ほど飲めなくなった #老化の始まり #色々と元気ない

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HOW I BALANCED MY HORMONES . At the age of 14 (before I'd even has sex!) I was put on birth control to help control my cycle. My periods were intenseeee, super heavy, and painful. . At the age of 19 I decided to take myself off birth control, and my period never came back😱 This is because my body got so used to the artificial hormones in the BC pill that it forgot how to make the hormones on it's own! . While I waiting for my period to return, I developed chronic illness and so that too kept my period away. I didn't have a period more than a handful of times within the following 9 YEARS! . I now have a super healthy menstrual cycle! . ▪️Its comes on time every month ▪️I have zero cramping ▪️No PMS ▪️No bloating ▪️Normal/healthy flow levels ▪️I can't even tell when it's coming now! . SO HOW DID I DO IT? Everything I teach in my program Total Healing is what got my hormones back to healthy, but I want to share a few specifics with you!👇 . 1️⃣VISUALIZE Every day I would visualize in my mind (like a day dream) me healthy & happy. I would even visualize myself getting my period back, and the excitement and joy I would feel! I let myself feel those feelings as if it had really happened! . 2️⃣TRAUMA HEALING I worked on healing the trauma I had in my past. Sexual traumas of any kind or even traumas on your self image can be incredibly harmful and negatively impact female hormones. . 3️⃣LOVE I started putting a serious effort on learning to accept and eventually love myself! The more I loved myself, the more I gave my body what it was asking for without guilt (food, sleep, sex, etc), the healthier I became. I released control, stopped trying to control my body, started listening to the signals it was sending me, and chose to radically accept/love myself no matter what. . Do have imbalanced hormones? Do have no period like I did for so long? Get working on the steps above and that will get you headed in the right direction! . Which one are you going to try out? Share with me in the comments!👇

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