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sunflowersandsage_. Goddess 🌙

Missing this beautiful place and this powerful magical ene

Goddess 🌙 Missing this beautiful place and this powerful magical energy✨

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It is time for our first Monthly Reiki Circle @stateofyoga ✨ Come enjoy a beautiful evening of healing connecting to the power of the Full Moon and the astrological New Year🌝 We will start with a guided chakra meditation + intention setting beginning to open up these energy portals in our bodies, with a crystal bowl sound bath. Then move into our reiki energy healing with live rav drumming! We also will use essential oils + sage to connect deeper and clear the energy🌙 Next Circle: Friday March 22nd, 6-730p Cost: By Donation $10 minimum love donation🥰

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sunflowersandsage_. Work on always keeping your mind in the positive so that you welcome i

Work on always keeping your mind in the positive so that you welcome in that energy✨ Affirm greatness, abundance, health, courage, strength and more💛

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sunflowersandsage_. As many of you know I was in India for the past 3 weeks, and the first

As many of you know I was in India for the past 3 weeks, and the first question I get asked now that I’m back is if I got sick in India. And the answer is NO 🙏🏽 I didn’t get sick at all while in India, and I can thank my oils for that! Everyone always has something different to tell you when you travel, and almost everyone told me horror stories of getting sick in India. I swore to myself I wasn’t going to spend my time there sick so I packed my favorite oils with me. Being gluten intolerant traveling also is already really hard for me because of what I am limited to eating, but to also be traveling overseas I knew I’d need the extra help. The DigestZen Oil is hands down the best remedy I’ve come across for all gastrointestinal problems. If I ended up eating something that was questionable I would take 2 drops of DigestZen under my tongue and take a swig of water. I also daily would put 2-3 drops in a glass of water with 2 drops of peppermint. This kept bloating and gas away from all the different types of food we were eating. It helped flush out anything my body might not have tolerated, and it allowed me to feel great the whole trip! The Peppermint oil I was so glad I brought with me. Not only does it taste great in water, but it helps with digestion if consumed and even by rubbing it on your belly. It also helped keep my breath fresh. We also had a lot of early mornings and long days. I would use a couple drops of peppermint in my hands and rub it on my temples along with taking 3-4 nice deep inhales of the oil to wake me up! The peppermint oil can also be used on the back of the neck to help awaken the body. These oils were a lifesaver and I only use these oils now that I’ve found them. Reason being is that they’re the most tested oils and are certified therapeutic grade oils. This means they are safe to consume and use topically without the worry of any added chemicals or having been diluted. If you have digestive issues, are gluten free or lactose intolerant then I highly recommend these. Send me a message to learn how to get them for yourself!

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med • i • tate 🌙 ———— to think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with chanting ———— at first glance it looks like a photo of me in meditation, but if you look closer you’ll see my hands are apart as if something was in between them, and for me there was energy was in between my palms. intense energy that made my palms tingle. an energy that made a intense ball like sensation. im here in meditation, but also feeling this power it’s hard to describe if you haven’t felt it yourself, but i love when i find that connection✨ ————— Come explore this sensation of energy with me on Friday March 22nd from 6-730p for our Monthly Reiki Healing Circle @stateofyoga ! Enjoy guided chakra meditation, sound healing, essential oils, smudging, and reiki healing with live transcendental drumming Healing is »By Donation« $10 minimum ~ cash preferred

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sunflowersandsage_. Hey Warrior, keep going✨

For those of you who have reached out and as

Hey Warrior, keep going✨ For those of you who have reached out and asked, yes Synergy Yoga and I have parted ways. I will no longer be affiliated with things there. I send my love to you all and know that everything happens for a reason. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to hear about my trip to India! Also, lots of fun stuff happening this week that I hope to see you at💛 ——— YOGA 🌙thurs 630p vinyasa @stateofyoga 🌙sat 10a power vinyasa »complimentary class« @nautilussobe @roya.fit ——— MUSIC 🌻wed 3/20 7p full moon equinox kirtan + meditation 3rd Street Beach »free event« @skandayoga ——— REIKI 🔮fri 3/22 6-730p reiki + vibrational medicine healing circle »by donation« @stateofyoga ——— Can’t make it to an event or class? No worries, I offer •Private Reiki Energy Healings •Private Yoga •Card Readings •Wellness + Lifestyle Consultations •Harmonium + Voice Lessons DM me for more info or click the link in my bio 🙏🏽

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Only 2 days back from India and I’m already missing those Vrindavan sunsets ✨

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We can’t wait for such a beautiful Sunday with you all 🌙 On Sunday March 17th join us for Illuminated Heart :: Healing Concert & Cacao Ceremony with @danielaarhatmusic, @sat.sukh + @emilia_garth from 430-930p✨ Open your heart with our cacao ceremony + opening meditation. Then enjoy a beautiful mantra + medicine music healing concert to connect us to the song in our hearts We will also offer thai massage, reiki, card readings and more during those in between times! $40 for the whole afternoon! Link is in our bio💛

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sunflowersandsage_. I am happy to say I finally made it back home to Miami, and what a cra

I am happy to say I finally made it back home to Miami, and what a crazy trip back it was 🤦🏼‍♀️ . My flight from India got delayed just enough that we landed in Istanbul at the same time my connecting flight to Miami took off. More than half the flight missed their connecting flights and we were stuck in the airport for 5 hours while they figured out what to do. The next flight to Miami for me wasn’t until Friday. Finally they called us all up by destination and they told us that we would sleep in Istanbul that night and for me I would fly 12 hours to NY then from NY fly to Miami So being alone made it all incredibly difficult as they explained we now all needed Turkish visas to leave the airport and to catch the shuttle, but thankfully I met a nice guy who was also traveling alone and we went through the whole visa, passport control, hotel transfer craziness together Then as we all boarded the bus to the hotel I noticed that the young family that had moved next to me on our flight from India (cause I had a whole empty row) was heading to the hotel with us. After chatting we realized we were all on the 5a shuttle to the airport in the next morning and on the same flight to NY. So the next morning we all gathered in the lobby and made our journey to the airport together. Turkey has SO MUCH SECURITY it was crazy, but again this family had me join them through it all. They made sure I was with them through security, boarding passes and then we had some time before boarding so I wandered off to get something to eat. When it got close to boarding time I made my way to the gate and the husband started waving at me and goes “where did you go! we got worried you got lost”. Even though I was totally fine it was so nice to see that even being alone and stranded people were watching out for me. People were aware of where I was and not even knowing me at all were worried. After landing in NY we went separate ways, and after 2 days of flying I finally made it safe and sound back to Miami. It was such an interesting journey during my stay at my home in India and on my way back to home in Miami Missing India already 💛

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In just a couple hours I start my trip back home to the states and I am already in deep separation from Vrindavan I have contemplated what would happen if I just happened to miss my flight and got to stay here India was such an amazing eye opening, heart opening, soul opening experience and I am feeling so blessed with everything that is happening Goodbye for now India 🇮🇳

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We went to see the Taj Mahal the other day and I must say the energy there is so so different there than these beautiful sacred places we have been visiting I think we were taking for granted how peaceful and blissful we were in Vrindavan, and when we went to this place it struck all of us Although the Taj Mahal is very beautiful it didn’t leave me in awe of its beauty, and I found myself in separation from Vrindavan So sad that I am leaving India so soon😔

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sunflowersandsage_. Don’t hide your magic 🔮

Don’t hide your talent, your power, your lov

Don’t hide your magic 🔮 Don’t hide your talent, your power, your love, your laugh, your being, your light or anything that makes you YOU✨

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Music frees the soul Connects us deeper Opens our mind Allows us to feel To breathe To release Music is the song of your heart; of my heart Music connects us together as one ✨

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Such a beautiful first day in Vrindavan yesterday✨ Time flies here and it felt like 3 days had passed in just one. We went temple hopping and finished the day with a boat ride on the Yamuna River. When we ended our ride the gentleman asked for us to come take darshan from his deities. After he came back saying he would take us no charge on a sunset boat ride to offer ghee lamps into the Yamuna for arti because he felt we did things from our heart ✨ It was so beautiful to do a spontaneous authentic arti on the Yamuna 🙏🏽

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sunflowersandsage_. Something I’ve seen in India is that you really do create your own hap

Something I’ve seen in India is that you really do create your own happiness. You attract it. You manifest it. To the material eye India may seem dirty and poor, and yet there is so much spirit here. So much bliss and peace. Ananda + Shanti ✨ We are more powerful than we know. These people appear to have nothing and yet they are in bliss. The lesson is just vibrate love 💗 Material is just material. The soul doesn’t care about material The soul cares about love + connection with the Divine 🌻

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Beautiful sunset as we make our way out of Rishikesh and on to Vrindavan✨ And quite the exit it was. Mercury went into retrograde today and boy have we felt it. We had one incident after the next today, but all is good. Bye for now Rishikesh. I’ll definitely be back 💛

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Spent time at a Shiva Ashram where they had a Shiva Lingam in a cave. We did a beautiful offering to Shiva in celebration of Maha Shivaratri which this Ashram was celebrating on the 5th 🌙 After I went to Ma Ganga and sat by her waters and ended up meditating for almost the whole time we were there It’s so crazy to me how time is different in meditation. What felt to me like 15 minutes was actually almost an hour! During my meditation I had some beautiful visions of Shiva and Shakti. I saw them dancing together in the mountains. I saw shapes and beautiful white light. I felt breath escaping from my body like it was being pulled out. I felt the energy so strong forming in my hands like a ball. It was all so beautiful ✨ Har Har Mahadev 🔱

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sunflowersandsage_. Everything happens in the way it’s suppose to and we just have to have

Everything happens in the way it’s suppose to and we just have to have FAITH and TRUST that the universe is giving us exactly what we need In the moment it can seem scary, overwhelming, confusing, and we want to know why it is happening right then and there Yet, it won’t be until later that you look back and understand why it all happened the way it did 🌙✨

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