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▪️ ▪️ Let’s hit our mats and let it all go on Thursday! Buti Yoga 9:30AM @ritual.rd ▪️ ▪️ #anythingcanhappen #litAF #sweatitout #sweatwithintention #movementpractice #movetogether #butitribeRD #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #mytribeisdope

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▪️ ▪️ We often think about forgiveness as it relates to people who have wronged us. But what about the times you have wronged yourself? The times you’ve looked in the mirror and tugged at your skin. The times you failed to fully appreciated your reflection. The times you’ve said something you didn’t mean to and beat yourself up playing it over in your mind. The times you’ve punished yourself with food or exercise or any other mechanism to cause yourself pain The times you’ve put food into your body that you know will make you feel sick later We make mistakes. It’s part of our life. But, we need to let that shit go. Forgive yourself For not living up to your own unrealistic expectations For not being perfect For being human Let it go Allow yourself to move forward Set yourself free ▪️ ▪️ #forgiveyourself #acceptyourself #moveforward #setyourselffree #behuman #bekindtoyourself

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▪️ ▪️ Starting next Tuesday I’m going to be teaching Vinyasa class @ritual.rd Let’s hit the mat and flow it out! ▪️ ▪️ #meetmeonthemat #yogaflow #flowitout #breatheandmove #movementpractice #vinyasaflow #reddeeryoga

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✨ ✨ We spend a good portion of our lives seeking for everything in the world around us. Happiness is in our next major life change. Healing can only come from an external healer. Our major decisions can only been made once we’ve had it validated by someone else. Find that connection to yourself. What do you FEEL and what do you NEED. You have the answer. Trust your gut. ✨ ✨ #newmoonvibes #intuition #intention #connection #poweriswithin #findyourpower #raiseyourvibe #ascension

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Happy Canada Day!!! 🇨🇦 ▪️ Join me on the mat this week: Buti Yoga Thursday 9:30AM @ritual.rd ▪️ #butiyoga #movementpractice #sweatwithintention #getonyourmat #letsdothis #summertimeyoga #butitribeRD

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▪️ ▪️ With awareness brings shifts in the energy that we begin to feel in a new way. Sensitivity to the energy shifts is normal. But often, as the energy begins to rise we will let our fear or ego step in to keep us safe. I encourage you to trust in yourself and your instincts. It’s your opportunity to rise. ▪️ ▪️ #woke #collectiveconsciousness #energyshift #collectiveenergy #intuition #riseabove

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studiosixs. Repost from @butiyoga - 🌀S P I R A L S🌀
Life is nonlinear, spiraling

Repost from @butiyoga - 🌀S P I R A L S🌀 Life is nonlinear, spiraling with highs and lows, consistently bringing us back to scenarios so that we may see deeper truths with more experiential wisdom. Our very DNA is a spiral. The natural growth of nature occurs on the spiral of the Fibonacci. And Kundalini, meaning “coiled power,” is said to lie dormant, coiled on the perineum, the physical correlation of the Muladhara, or root chakra. For some, she sleeps there for a lifetime, and for others, she awakens and begins to rise, spiraling up the sushumna, the energetic equivalent of the spine. This energy is the primordial, invincible, primal feminine power, also known as Shakti or the “sleeping serpent,” and, upon awakening, results in liberation and awareness. Yogi Bhajan, creator of Kundalini Yoga, says that “when the spiral rises and penetrates the chakras, the man knows he is Divine.” While Buti is a Vinyasa-based practice, we also believe deeply in the fundamentals of Kundalini and moving outside of the lines on the spiral for a deeper, non-physical purpose. If you don’t subscribe to the energy narrative, not to worry! Spiraling has some incredibly scientific benefits! When spiraling, you’re moving through spinal flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and (if you’re sitting tall to create length in the spine) axial extension. That’s 4 of the 5 spinal movements! The 5th spinal movement is axial rotation, so spiral in a twist and you’ve hit the jackpot for spinal mobility! When engaging mulabandha, moving seamlessly through these movements in a small range of motion restructures the deep core and strengthens the horizontal muscle fibers, which are often neglected in linear workouts. Raymond Dart, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Johannesburg from 1923-1958 states that “all things move spirally and all growth is helical,” thus proposing the Double Spiral Arrangement of Human Musculature, as practiced in the Alexander Technique and the Dart Procedures, referring to the winding diagonal “ribbons” of muscles that comprise the voluntary musculature of the torso. So, if our musculature is a spiral, it should make sense to work with it and not against it.

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studiosixs. Meet me on the mat this week! 
Thursday morning at 9:30AM @ritual.rd

Meet me on the mat this week! Thursday morning at 9:30AM @ritual.rd I’m fresh off the first unit on my 300HR training and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned through movement ▪️ #meetmeonthemat #butiyoga #morningyoga #showup #leaveitonthemat #sweatitout #sweatwithintention #soulmateworkout #movementismymedicine

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Next week we are flipping things around! ▪️ Join me Monday morning @ritual.rd for Hot Buti Yoga at 9:30AM. @lj.ritualyoga will be teaching my regular class on Thursday. ▪️ #meetmeonthemat #hotbuti #butiyoga #shakeitout #sweatitout #sweatwithintention #leaveitonthemat #mondaymorningyoga #butitribeRD

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studiosixs. Repost from @yung_pueblo using @RepostRegramApp - ▪️
It’s a journey of

Repost from @yung_pueblo using @RepostRegramApp - ▪️ It’s a journey of peeling back the layers to be completely, authentically you. Keep working. Keep changing. Happiness is within you 💖 ▪️ #transformation #growth #changeisbeautiful #findyourself #beyourself #speakyourtruth #happinessisinyou

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studiosixs. Repost from @butiyoga using @RepostRegramApp - ⚡️S T A T I C  S H A K

Repost from @butiyoga using @RepostRegramApp - ⚡️S T A T I C S H A K E⚡️ It’s a BUTI staple and people often think, “oh, that’s cute” or “that’s not yoga.” So, WHY do we static shake and incorporate it into our practice? One word: FASCIA. ————— Fascia is the intelligent connective tissue network that surrounds your muscles. Fascia is richly innervated, making it the “tissue of communication,” meaning that some research suggests that the fascia communicates sensation, muscle memory, and trauma— whether it be physical or emotional. In the emerging field of myofascial therapy, therapists often use vibration or shaking to facilitate an “unwinding,” or the release of any stored trauma/information in the fascia, which is not a new technique! One of the most ancient medicines on earth, “shake medicine,” incorporates the ecstatic shaking of the human body to achieve deep healing on a cellular level! This is similar to a child throwing a tantrum, in which they manipulate their bodies intuitively to release their frustrations, or even how an animal “shakes it out” after a hyper-stimulating event to deactivate their sympathetic response and return to parasympathetic homeostasis. As adults, we are often discouraged or downright opposed to moving our bodies in this way, but BUTI is here to reintroduce this medicine to the people and incorporate it into asana for a unique and transformational experience! ✨Also, it feels REALLY good and releases tension in the lumbar spine and may even reduce the lactic acid buildup responsible for post-workout soreness.✨ 🙌🏽It’s a win-win! ⭐️Edited to add: the Downward Facing Dog static shake is simply a release through the heels. If you rise up to the balls of the feet and then release the heels back toward the ground, there’s a natural jiggle that occurs when the glutes are disengaged. The repeated rise and release through the heels creates the shake, and it is not twerking, as twerking exaggerates the lumbar curve and can damage the spine. 💕 . . . #soulmateworkout #primalaf #butisattva #shakingmedicine #ecstaticmovement #buti #butiyoga #fasciarelease #yourchakrasareglowing #staticshake #iambuti #wearebuti

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Meet me on the mat this week at @ritual.rd for Buti Yoga on Thursday morning! Let’s connect, move and sweat! ▪️ DM myself or @ritual.rd to save your spot! ▪️ #butiyoga #sweatwithintention #soulmateworkout #meetmeonthemat #showup #doitforyourself #shakeitout #movementpractice

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studiosixs. Repost from @ritual.rd using @RepostRegramApp - Buti Basics is Back! J

Repost from @ritual.rd using @RepostRegramApp - Buti Basics is Back! Join Lorelei and Lindsay Sat. June 8th for an intimate Buti Basics workshop! We will break down the techniques and postures that make up a dynamic Buti practice, followed with a 75min practice, deep Savasana with massage and closing with healthy snacks and Kombucha. Space is limited. Investment is $45.00 cash / EMT Min registration of 6 people to run, cut off is Wed. June 5th. DM Ritual.RD Call/Text/Email Lindsay 403-506-3992 Lindsay@ritualyoga.ca #reddeer #reddeeryoga #butiyoga #workshop #albertayoga #soulmateworkout #getonyourmat #btribecanada #butitribeRD

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