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Snow. Light, fluffy beautiful snow!

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@neildmorton and @codmay at an #agency networking event in #Toronto! We are lucky as an agency to be partnered with some of the top #fbmarketers in the world!

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Check out this Case Study we did on our work with @ptbo_humane_society!

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We believe firmly that business growth happens when you #tellyourstory online. Telling your story breaks the ice, builds comfort food online and cultivates the know, like and trust factor. When the offline meetings happens your prospects feel like they already know you and you have overcome almost every reservation they might have had prior to that meeting. If you’re a business owner and are looking for a way to attract more clients, send us a DM with the word “STORY”, we would love to chat. #ptbo #ptbocanada #kawarthas #kawarthalakes #testimonial #peterboroughontario #canada #durham #whitby #oshawa

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Click the link in our bio and join the @studioptbo marketing hacks group. You will get access to these free trainings, other free resources and a community full of passionate #entrepreneurs.

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Are you shopping on value or price? The distinction is important!

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Link in bio 🤘

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Link in bio 🏡

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A little timelapse of some of today!

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Repetition Is Fine!

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Thanks 🙏 @markmillionre for the kind words! We are grateful to be helping realtors across North America generate leads! #realestate #realtors #realtorlife #agent #realtor #socialmediamarketing #leadgeneration

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By design, we offer a lot here at the studio! Watch a snippet from recent podcast @codmay and @neildmorton taped with one of our designers @mckinz. #design #marketing #graphicdesign #podcast

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We’re stoked to be working with #realestate professionals across North America. Watch the video featuring our FB specialist @codmay to learn more. DM us or email cody@studioptbo.com if you’re interested in working together. #realtor #realestateagent #realtorlife #home

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Our guess is you’re starting to plan your marketing for 2020? Maybe your business is looking to attract more leads and grow the brand in the online space? Did you know we work with businesses to build their business online with facebook/instagram ads, custom website builds, graphic design and video? If you’re looking for a new plan in 2020 contact our team at info@studioptbo.com. #2020vision #marketing #strategy

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Thank you @samsplacedeli for today! 😋

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Our @codmay and @neildmorton covered #tiktok on recent podcast. #socialmediamarketing #realestate #marketing

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Check out these cards we designed for @gauvreaucpa. Need Thank You, Welcome To The Team, Congratulations cards designed for your business? Email us at info@studioptbo.com. #cards #design #graphicdesign

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Need design help with holiday cards, etc.? Look no further! Reach out to us at info@studioptbo.com!! #design #holidays #christmas #designer

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Practice what you preach 🏆 One of the things we often encourage clients and prospects to do is to test and learn. Results don’t happen over night and we do not like making promises we can’t keep. If you’ve ever been on a sales call with me you know I say this often. “I will not make you a promise i can’t keep” Why make promises you can’t keep? Especially in the FB ad space... Our reputation is everything... Plus we as an agency are putting ourselves out there and creating content, so we are doing even more than just your standard FB ads. See... FB can go down and sometimes weird things can happen on the platform that are out of our control. That being said... I truly believe we are only as good as our last at bat. + We just happen to have a lot of good last at bats and have a proven track record. The last thing I’m going to do is to tell you FB ads is the solution if we are not practicing what we preach. So we run ads for ourselves to attract leads and we are practicing what we preach. (Our ad account pictured with 115 leads attracted into our business over the past couple months). We do know that we are averaging about $60 per conversion. Which means it’ll cost me about $60 to get someone on the phone 📲 This is important to know as we continue to scale. We talk with business owners locally and all across North America on a weekly basis because of FB ads and email nurture. And... We are constantly spending thousands on FB ads, testing and tweaking things to ensure we get the best possible ROI. We also do this for the clients that we work with. We let them know upfront how much ad spend it will cost to help them reach their goals. See we often talk about the science and the art. We are obsessed with every step of that process. We also do ongoing management to ensure that our clients ad spend is being spent well and achieving their desired result. We aren’t your cookie cutter offering. There is no one size fits all solution to every business. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. That being said... We do deliver stellar customer service and we do have a proven track record.

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Need a new logo? We have a proven track record, having designed hundreds for happy clients. Email us at info@studioptbo.com for info! #logo #design #logodesigner

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Today in 20 seconds!

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