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Seasonings and rubs for meat, sides and condiments! Give Dad a Father’s Day gift that will light up his grill!

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Make your Father’s Day pork chops grilltastic with Smokehouse Rub Spice Blend!

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Summer is for...picnics! Take a fruit cobbler made with Peach Bellini Sugar for dessert!

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You are not supposed to have a favorite.. but a warm cup of tea and a stolen quiet moment is by far my favorite. Thank you Spice and Tea Exchange! • • • #5thavenuesouth #naplesflorida #igtravel #sunshinestate #fl #bestoftheday #gulfcoast #traveltheworld #natgeo #visitflorida #instatravel #photogram #fla #travelgram #gulfofmexico #intercoastal #ig_photooftheday #floridabeaches #picoftheday #spice #tea #hottea #stolenmoments

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Get Dad ready for a grilltastic Father’s Day with our Espresso Steak Rub!

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Summer is for...BBQ! Whether you are in charge of the meat or the sauce, we’ve got you covered with custom BBQ spice blends!

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‪Love lemonade? Try mixing it with with iced Blueberry Black Tea for a whole new twist on a summer classic!‬

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SUMMER FAVORITE! On this National Iced Tea Day, lift a glass of iced Mint Basil Herbal Tea. Refreshingly minty and perfect for hot days!

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BEST DAY OF THE YEAR! It’s National Iced Tea Day so we will be sharing some of our favorites all day starting with the classic: Southern Iced Tea!

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Summer is for...travel! Take our Urban Tumbler along for the journey and post a pic of where your vacay takes you!

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SATURDAY, JUNE 8TH! Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with an all day $2 Tea Bar Event! Choose your favorite loose-leaf tea from our collection and we will steep it fresh to-go!

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What’s a tall glass of iced tea without a lemon infuser to go with it?

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Is there any better way to start National Iced Tea Month than with our Southern Iced Tea? A smooth black that reminds us of the sun tea mom used to make. Sugar free, smooth and bold, summer starts now!

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June is here and so is National Iced Tea Month! All month we will bring you fresh and flavorful iced tea ideas to celebrate. Visit today and find your favorite!

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We are a little excited because our popular Blood-Orange Smoothie Herbal Tea now has its own candle for summer! You have enjoyed the flavor, now infuse your home with the same creamy orange, vanilla, floral and citrus scents!

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Specially designed for smoothies and iced tea, these reusable straws make summer sipping super cool!

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Steep into summer with ROY G. BIV! Here for a limited time and incorporating every color of the rainbow, this tea and candle will brighten your day with vibrant fruits and botanicals!

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Summer grilling starts here with Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt! Organic Pacific sea salt slow-smoked over Red Alderwood for 24 hours gives a strong natural smoke flavor to grilled meats. We also love it sprinkled over freshly cooked pasta!

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