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WHY WHISK? Just shake and go! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! High elevation grown teas, like our Jade Cloud, result in more flavor complexity, less bitterness and a creamy textured finish. What’s in your cup? #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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JADE CLOUD TEA | This special grade of green tea produced in high-elevation gardens of Hubei, China gives a smooth and mellow cup, with a sweet aroma and the slight flavor of toasted chestnuts. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Try our Crème Brulee Tea for a yummy dessert replacement you can make in under three minutes! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN HERBS! Lemongrass has a tangy flavor similar to lemon zest with a scallion undertone. Try it in stir-fry, seafood, chicken, Thai and Asian cooking or steep as a tea. When consumed, Lemongrass has been known to assist with: digestion, cold/flu, and detox. #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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CRÈME BRULEE TEA! With its caramelly richness, this luxurious dessert tea is just as heavenly as the real thing! Indulge in a brew with a decadent nutty start and a creamy, cake-like finish. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Did you know you can add tea to your sweets? Try a Mint-Chilla Chai-Nilla concentrate mixed with softened ice cream then refreeze for a green tea treat! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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MINT-CHILLA CHAI-NILLA | With organic green pu-erh tea, creamy vanilla, bright peppermint, and a touch of cinnamon, this rich tea adds a minty twist to traditional chai tea #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Combining the wellness boosting properties of green tea with the soft scent and flavor of jasmine, our Jasmine Pearls Tea makes a luxurious cup! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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JASMINE PEARLS TEA | Scented with jasmine blossoms, these Chinese green tea leaves are shaped into beautiful hand-rolled pearls of tea. During infusion, the pearls unfurl releasing their delicate scent and soft floral flavor. Go green tea! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN HERBS! Known as a digestive aid, rosemary has lemon and pine notes and a woody flavor that pairs well with lamb, fish and Italian dishes. Try it in our Rosemary Basil Sea Salt blend! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Season got you stressed? Green tea is known to be rich in the l-theanine amino acid which promotes stress reduction. Grab a cup of our green tea, like Sinfully Cherry, and sip your way to relaxation today! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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SINFULLY CHERRY | Like a stroll through cherry orchards, this tea is brimming with blissful cherry aromas and ripe fruity flavor. With a brisk and refreshing finish, the cherry essences of this green tea are sinfully delicious! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA! Try our Decaf Mango Tea with muddled peaches, lime juice and vodka for a Mango Green Tea Peach Cocktail! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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DECAF MANGO TEA | Organic green tea leaves from India are combined with flowers and natural mango for a nice fruity flavor. This naturally decaffeinated green tea is great hot or iced! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN TEA | Known for its natural metabolic boosting properties, green tea is a great between-meals power drink. Try our Green Tropical Tea and make powering up a pleasure! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GO GREEN HERBS | Peppermint, a natural hybrid of watermint and spearmint with a refreshing taste and scent, can be used in cooking or steeped as a tea. Also great for mitigating cold & flu symptoms! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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GREEN TROPICAL TEA | This incredibly fragrant blend of green tea and tropical fruits makes for a natural lightly sweet tea. Great served hot, but also excellent for making an iced tea. A Naples’ favorite! #spiceandteanaples #flavorofnaples

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