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Sir Dam found a nice place on a spring day🇳🇱

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Sir Dam in the city during spring🌸

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Sir Dam enjoying the city during the spring #spring 💛🌇

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Sir Dam enjoying the city lights 🌃❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam on an evening stroll through the city🌃 photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam one a walk at Sundown 🌇✨photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam looking at the lovely canal houses ❤️ photo by @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam walking on a special street ❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam enjoying the canal view ❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam walking through his city ❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam is on the #Sirdam photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Its snowing in the city of Sir Dam❄️ #Sirdamvodka photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam is coming to Leidsesquare ✨photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Amsterdam in the winter❤️ #sirdam photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Pink Amsterdam 💗 photo by: @sirdamvodka

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A perfect Amsterdam spot to boost your inspiration ❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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New week, new goals 🍁🙏🏼@Sirdamvodka

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Inspired by the city. Do you also love the autumn sceneries in the iconic streets of Amsterdam 😍? Tag a friend who’d love to live here.

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