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What are your plans for the weekend? #Sirdamvodka @5and33

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Check out our facebook page for pictures of our opening party! #SirDamVodka #SirDam pre order link in bio @sirdamvodka.

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#sirdamvodka Amsterdam in a bottle. Open yours and feel the vibrance of our home city. Shop link in bio @sirdamvodka.

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sirdamvodka. On may 1st we have released our new vodka brand Sir Dam vodka in the W

On may 1st we have released our new vodka brand Sir Dam vodka in the W hotel in Amsterdam. We had a very good time and we are ready to make this a big succes! #SirDam #SirDamVodka

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Did you see the after movie of our release party yet? Find it in our instagram stories @sirdamvodka.

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Find your pictures of the release party on our facebook page. #SirDamVodka

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#SirDamVodka is now available for pre order at our exlusive online partner Tonskeuze.nl link in bio @sirdamvodka 🎉 tag a friend!

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Pictures of our launch party in the @wamsterdamhotel are on facebook now! Link in bio @sirdamvodka

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Welcome drinks at our opening party in the @wamsterdamhotel #sirdam #sirdamvodka

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Wanna try Sir Dam Vodka in a Moscow Mule? Link in bio @sirdamvodka to pre order your bottle

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We had a blast last night! Thanks everyone for coming to our launch party at the W hotel. To pre order our bottle go to www.sirdamvodka.com / b2b: info@sirdamvodka.com

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Sir dam vodka! Amsterdam in a bottle. Link in bio @sirdamvodka to pre order.

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Sir Dam found a nice place on a spring day🇳🇱

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Sir Dam in the city during spring🌸

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Sir Dam enjoying the city during the spring #spring 💛🌇

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Sir Dam enjoying the city lights 🌃❤️ photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam on an evening stroll through the city🌃 photo by: @sirdamvodka

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Sir Dam one a walk at Sundown 🌇✨photo by: @sirdamvodka

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