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Bom Dia❄️

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shivaniipaliwal. 誕生日おめでとうひな! あなたが想像する以上にあなたを愛しています。 私はあなたとあなたの誕生日を祝うことができてとても幸せです。 ごきげん

誕生日おめでとうひな! あなたが想像する以上にあなたを愛しています。 私はあなたとあなたの誕生日を祝うことができてとても幸せです。 ごきげんよう ❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOU SO MATCHA❤️❤️❤️

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Me waiting to see our uniters be like😏 #uniters

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Had amazing time with pepsi in Dubai! See you soon🙈💙 . . . . @pepsi @pepsi_arabia @pepsicoarabia #PepsiBlack #BeBolderTryMore #nowunited

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We had an amazing night! Thank you so much whoever came❤️ @pepsi @pepsi_arabia @pepsicoarabia #PepsiBlack #BeBolderTryMore ❤ See you soon Mumbai🇮🇳

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Back w/ my babies💕 . . . *also recreated one of our picture*

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Alright thanks! That’s enough pictures, I gotta go now and catch a flight to meet my fam at Dubai✈️

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Going back on tour very soon! Can’t wait to me you all🥰 #nowunited #uniters #iloveyoumorethanyouloveme #love

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shivaniipaliwal. Did guys know that all of the @nowunited music will be streaming on al

Did guys know that all of the @nowunited music will be streaming on all platforms worldwide September 23rd which is in 3 days?😱🤩 Also make sure to follow us on Spotify💚 I am so excited!! Are you? #StreamingNowUnited

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