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Art admiring art!

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Since you can’t bring the mountain to the studio bring your @shideawords mat to the mountain!

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Happy Earth Day! Did you know? The dark side of the moon is a myth. In reality both sides of the Moon see the same amount of sunlight however only one face of the Moon is ever seen from Earth. This is because the Moon rotates around on its own axis in exactly the same time it takes to orbit the Earth, meaning the same side is always facing the Earth. The side facing away from Earth has only been seen by the human eye from spacecraft.

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Happy Earth Day! You may feel like you're standing still, but you're actually moving — fast. Depending on where you are on the globe, you could be spinning through space at just over 1,000 miles per hour. People on the equator move the fastest, while someone standing on the North or South pole would be perfectly still. (Imagine a basketball spinning on your finger. A random point on the ball's equator has farther to go in a single spin as a point near your finger. Thus, the point on the equator is moving faster.)

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Happy Earth Day! Did you know? The Sun has a diameter of roughly 1.4 million kilometers (870,000 miles). To put this in perspective, this is almost 110 times the diameter of the Earth. What this means is that about one million Earth’s could fit inside the Sun.

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Thank you @krisblunt for sharing your practice on your SHIDE A WORDS mat

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"World peace begins with inner peace."

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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”📸 @zadimi 🧘🏻‍♂️@feelo.life

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shideawords. Love


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🥰 @yogawithadriana 🥰

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