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It’s my favourite time of summer. Camp is over. Family is back together. We are in our favourite place to be as a family. But I also know what’s looming later this week. Soaking in these last few days of fun in the sun in America. . . . #expatlife #lakelife #campmom #momlife #yogini #yoga #travel #moosepond #maine #maineiac #loveyourlife #familytravel #travelwithkids

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It’s been about a year since we’ve had alone time together. Turns out we really needed it. So grateful for this week alone in our favourite spot on Earth. It’s our 12th stay at this inn and it never gets old. . . . #nofilter #beach #beachlife #beachvibes #saltlife #saltescape #sunshine #travel #sunshinetherapy #vitaminsea #capecod #provincetown #ptown #marriage #yoga #love #traveler #expatlife

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My parents had wanderlust. I grew up traveling and watching them embark on destinations near and far. My father has been to very nearly every country in the world. So if you ever wonder if #wanderlust is genetic or if traveling with your family is worth it, look no further than these two. My mom and dad. Machu Picchu, 1983. I remember dying to get there myself. And I did. 30 years later. As we get ready to head back to England and to a travel schedule that is already making my head spin, I’m reminding myself of the “why.” I want to give my kids the world. This is the Brown family version of that. Thanks to @lindsaymeck and @msb86 for the photos. . . . #yogamemoirs #yogini #travel #traveler #familytravel #wander #seetheworld #worldtraveler #macchupicchu #momsanddaughters #griefmemoir #namastethehardway

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It’s been a summer of rediscovering “home.” Of barefoot climbing on rocky beaches and lobster rolls and hot, 8 mile runs and ticks and gazebos and paddleboards and mosquitoes. At first, six weeks in the US seemed insane. Now it seems too short. “I’m American!” Adara shouts at whoever will listen. She counts American flags and works hard to remember what it was like to live here even though she’s now lived nearly a quarter of her little life elsewhere. “What are bagels?” She asked me the second day she arrived in the us as we ate breakfast. She remembers now. . . . #expatlife #travel #kidswhotravel #familytravel #traveler #maine #mainecoast #ustravel #yogamom #family #traveler #wanderers #wanderlust #home #newengland

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This precious baby is 11 today. Hard to believe. Even harder to believe he’s at camp so I can’t say it. He’s the Tabasco to our chilli. The ketchup to our fries. The dressing to our salad. Hilarious commentary and deep thoughts are my fave. Miss you baby boy. Can’t wait to birthday hug you. 11. Where does the time go? . . . #birthday #momlife #kidsofinstagram #funnyboy #lakelife #expatlife #campmom #mom #momsofinstagram

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Officially started training for the @windsorhalfmarathon today. Nine weeks out. Seems fitting that the training for my first marathon in 7 years should start in the place where I’ve always done all my marathon training. 7 miles!!! . . . #marathontraining #runner #runningyogi #yogamom #yoga #lakelife #runner #travel #expatlife

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I did camp drop off totally alone this year. I’d been dreading it. Somehow it seemed impossible. And yet. Here I am. Five hours of driving. All trunks, drawers, bedding and boots tucked away. All beds made. This move has changed so many things that were once easy. And I’ll always speak out when I manage something I’m proud of. Empowered mamas, ftw. . . . #becket #campbecket #chimneycorners #chimneycornerscamp #campmom #summer #mamalife

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Last haircut before camp. America is: porch haircuts, lobster, 102 degrees, marching bands, art fairs, library sales, and flags everywhere. New England, ftw. I’m going to miss this kid so much after camp drop off today. . . . #travelling #expatlife #americansabroad #lakelife #smalltown #bridgtonmaine #maineiac #newengland #yogi #yoga #travel

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JOY. I tend to focus on the negative. 20 people could tell me they love me, but I’ll almost always believe — and focus on — the one person who doesn’t. My goal this year is to stop that shite. No one is universally liked. You can’t live a big and beautiful life without earning some haters. I know that it’s usually their problem and not mine. That envy and insecurity cloud many things. But I’ve also tended to believe the bad things at the expense of the good. On some level I believe the people who don’t like me are smarter than the ones who do. But this year, I’m done with all that. I want more joy. Want to focus on the people who get me and see me and love me for who I am. Imperfect. Flawed. Sometimes failing at being exactly what I hope. But also: Loyal AF. Enthusiastic. Encouraging. Loving. Fun. Silly. For my new year, my plan is to judge less. To accept that not all people will get me. To understand that I don’t have to fight for the attention of those who aren’t for me. And finally, to really accept that the people who love me fiercely and always have my back might actually be the ones who matter more. News flash: they’ve always mattered more. . . . #findmorejoy #screwhaters #hatersgonnahate #yogamemoir #yogini #happybirthday #yoga #momlife

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If you have to get older, may I suggest you do so in a beautiful place, surrounded by people you love. May I suggest a 90 minute massage, a lobster roll, cupcakes, and greetings that make your heart sing. May I suggest long runs and paddle boards and children who sing happy birthday first thing in the morning. I don’t love aging. I do love my life. I’ll take it all. . . . #happybirthdaytome #loveyourlife #lakelife #maineiac #lake #summer #birthdaygirl #expatlife #travelling #love

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HOME. What a weird and wonderful combination of familiar and foreign these last few days have been. The realisation that I can now get all the things I’ve missed: Mexican food. Benzoyl peroxide. Sephora. Target. Good kombucha has come along with seeing so many friends we’ve missed so much. But also its foreign now. I can’t pay at the pump because I don’t have a US zip code. Things that were once normal (oh hai air conditioning and American flags everywhere) now seem bizarre and unnecessary. I’m glad we get this interlude to our time abroad. I’m also glad we get to go back. Mixed emotions. This whole experience is full of them. . . . . #expatlife #home #livingmybestlife #travel #america #travelinamerica #maine #lakelife #thewaylifeshouldbe

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There is still time to come to my signing tonight! 7:30 in Maplewood at Words Bookstore. Hope to see you all there! . . . #authorsofinstagram #maplewoodnj #independentbookstore #writersofinstagram #book #bookclub #yogamemoir #yogamemoirs #memoir #writing #expatlife #booksigning #writer #yoga #yogi #write

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America really did her thing last night and we got to be here for it. Finally. Ate mexican. Went to a festival. Took a long walk. Saw lightning bugs. I missed this so much. ❤️🇺🇸 . . . #travelling #travel #noplacelikehome #home #maplewood #america #traveler #yoga #happytobehere #homeiswheretheheartis

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I’m trapped in my room. Packing and putting away laundry. But following the Timeshifter jet lag app to help with the transition from Greenwich to EST. I’m Hating to waste the beautiful morning light but if it beats the jet lag, it will be worth it. Anyone else ever used the app? Any luck? . . . . #jetlag #timeshifter #beatjetlag #travel #traveler #travelling #yogamom #timechanges #traveling #sleep #ilovemysleep

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One year. When this move first became a thing, we thought it would be easy. They speak English. We were a colony for God’s sake. It turns out, a lot changes in 250 years. The food. The language. The attitude. People say it takes 6 months to adjust fully. For me, it took more like 10. It’s only in the last few weeks I feel the ground beneath me. I am proud of myself. For doing something every single day we have been here that scares me. For learning to drive on the other side. For putting myself out there to teach yoga. For making new friends. For traveling around Europe with the three kids in tow. For learning a whole new system. I am proud of Rob. For how we’ve grown as a couple. If we are together, we can do anything. For my three children. For whom there are no words. For a 12 YO who misses her friends like crazy, but still fights her way through middle school in a foreign country. For a 10 YO boy who desperately needed a change and who stepped up academically in the way we always knew he could. Who proved all the teachers at his old school laughably wrong about who he could be in the right environment. And for our baby expat. Whose adjustment has been nearly complete. Who has the beginnings of a British accent and a first year of school that is the stuff Harry Potter dreams are made of. Our family is so much closer. The two “bigs” have shared something few other children really get. It’s a bond I am not sure they could have forged any other way. No matter where we end up after this, the fact that they have each other is everything. Perhaps, most of all, we have fallen in love with the UK. From Cornwall to Wales to Scotland and Yorkshire. From Devon to Dover and Kent and London. There are things we all struggle with, but I have no doubt that this experience has made rabid anglophiles of us all. This quirky, beautiful country, steeped in history and ghosts and hilarious customs and all sorts of macabre tales. We are so much richer for this experience. I am looking back with such profound gratitude, it makes me weak at the knees. We are so lucky. What an experience. What a life. . . . #expatlife #travelling #writersofinstagram #yoga #travel #worldschooling

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I’ve been terrified of this test since the day we arrived (almost one year to the day ago). When getting behind the wheel made me flinch and cry. When I thought I’d never get used to the left side and the narrow roads and the 60 MPH on tiny country lanes. And then I did. I did get used to it. Still, the test terrified me. I’ve been a shaky, angry, stressed out mess for weeks. In the UK, you have one year to drive legally on your US license. And then they start to take away your driving insurance and if you have an accident, they could revoke your visa. And of course it’s a complicated process To get the license here. One that can (and should) take 6 months or so. We put it off but I managed to squeeze it in by being willing to take my tests hours away from where we live. Still, I was a nervous wreck. Shaking. Crying. Heart pounding terror when I thought about it. Rob kept asking me why I was being like this. And then it occurred to me that the last time I got my license, when I was 16, my mom was dying of cancer. It was the worst time in my life. She was in the hospital for my 16th birthday getting her last chemo. Her birthday letter to me included the keys to the car that became mine because she died. I failed my first American test. Which sucked. Especially in light of everything else. But I passed the test the second time and she died a few weeks later. its all tied up. That sweet teenage freedom and the unimaginable pain of losing her. The first stirrings of adult independence and the lifelong grief that came soon after. So it’s never been just a test for me. The trauma is all tied up. And this was triggering. It’s not very often we get do-overs in life. A chance to do things in better ways and change the past. This time around I passed the first time. Both tests. And it’s not going to fix losing a mom at 16. But it’s still a great roadmarker for how far I’ve come. Look out England, I’m a licensed driver now. One year (EXACTLY) from the date my Visa went into effect. BOOM. . . . . #travelling #traveling #expatlife #motherloss #griefmemoir #yogamom #yoga #yogamemoir #writersofinsta #writer #expatlife #englishlife #authorsofinstagram

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This is the last week we will all be together. Next week, the big kids and I head to the US while baby and daddy stay in England. Then big kids are at camp for a month and daddy flies back and forth. I’ll be stateside for six weeks. Maybe too long. We’ll see. At any rate, I’m savouring these sweet faces more than ever this week knowing what’s ahead. Thanks to @lrgphoto for capturing the intense love between them. . . . . #siblings #momlife #travel #globalcitizen #kidswhotravel #traveler #expatlife #expatkids #camp #summer #sleepawaycamp #love #siblinglove #portraits #photography

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