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My son told us the other day that he thinks of himself as a person “getting to know Planet Earth.” He has a collection of foreign coins and a close count on all his countries (14!). I love how they meet children everywhere we go. How they learn little phrases in new languages and get excited about legends and lore and art and culture. Their childhood is unconventional, but I’d like to think it’s preparing them to be global citizens whose home is more than one single pin on a map. . . . #globalcitizen #familytravel #travelwithkids #traveler #wander #worldschoolers #momlife #travel #notallwhowanderarelost #familylife #malta #travelers #kidswhotravel

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Malta is a pretty fascinating little country. It’s been occupied many times and it shows. We keep walking around saying the countries it reminds us of. Turkey. Greece. Italy. Morocco. England. It’s been occupied by some of them and they all left a little mark. But this little island that sits between Europe and Africa in the heart of the Mediterranean is really all its own. . . . #malta #familytravel #wanderlust #travelers #travelwithkids #kidtravel #seetheworld #kidsseetheworld #mediterranean #sea #sun #sparkle #joy #englishkidsneedthesun

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Travel always makes me really grateful for Ashtanga. A 90 minute poolside practice I have always in my back pocket. And yes. I know #vrkasana isn’t in the series. But I couldn’t resist this balance in this spot. Living on the edge. Greetings from the Mediterranean. . . . #yoga #treepose #travel #wanderlust #traveler #familytravel #vacationmode #yogatravel #yogamom #practice #ashtanga #malta

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People always say that parenthood ruins marriages. That wasn’t our experience at all with newborns. Each baby solidified our bond. We worked together. We were an amazing team when it came to babies. But babies are easy. They get on predictable schedules. Their whole sphere is home and mommy and daddy. I am finding older children far more toxic to marriage. They are loud. They insist on later bedtimes. They are always in our business. They have friends over so much we are seemingly never alone. Their problems are bigger, too. Far more emotionally jarring and very easy to find yourself on the opposite side from your spouse of a parenting issue with a pre teen than with a baby. I wish there were more truth around this. Babies don’t ruin marriages. But pre-teens might. . . . #mom #momlife #marriage #expatlife #yoga #yogamom #yogi

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For a variety of reasons, today was not an ideal Valentines Day. But love is love. And I’m so grateful for these two angels who always look out for me when I come home in the dark. May we all be so lucky in love. . . . #cat #catsofinstagram #bestfriendgoals #kittens #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #yoga #kittylove #catmama

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sashabrownworsham. ❤️❤️
................ #Repost @maressasylvie with @get_repost
I st

❤️❤️ ................ #Repost @maressasylvie with @get_repost ・・・ I struggled to write how profoundly proud I am of my dear friend @sashabrownworsham for pouring her heart into a stunningly honest, brave, beautiful memoir. In the 21st century, yoga has become a capitalism-fueled industry that brings to mind designer labels and copious hashtags faster than it does mindfulness and breathing techniques. But Sasha remembers a time not that long ago when yogis like her mother wore loose-fitting linen pants and practiced complete stillness, gentle movement at most, and sometimes silence. A time before everyone and their BFF regularly hit up fast-paced, sweaty Vinyasa classes taught in rooms heated to 100+ degrees. And a time when an adolescent Sasha cringed about her yogi mom’s eyebrow-raising lifestyle that was far from commonplace in her Midwestern town. Through emotionally raw, conversational prose, Sasha lays bare the embarrassment she felt and how it twisted, turned, and morphed into a bevy of lessons as she watched her mom battle breast cancer, losing her to the disease when she was just 16. By exploring themes of grief, mindfulness, coming-of-age, connection, aging, marriage, identity, and oh yes, yoga, Sasha bravely captures and exposes the nitty-gritty, complex, at times amusing and at times uncomfortable layers of motherhood and daughterhood. Although yoga principles explained throughout brilliantly serve to reflect its many life lessons, Namaste the Hard Way is, at its core, a passionately personal and deeply human memoir. Through a patchwork quilt of poignant, humorous, and vividly candid moments, Namaste nails the dichotomy of pain and love that is innately woven into our most intimate relationships—and, in Sasha’s case, into the powerful spiritual connection she will forever share with her mother. It’s a love letter to our most intimate bonds, to becoming who you were always meant to be, and to the all at once challenging and incredibly rewarding practice of yoga. If you love Judy Blume, Cheryl Strayed, yoga, your daughter, your mom, yourself, you'll love Namaste the Hard Way. I can't recommend this gorgeous book enough.

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Look at this mess in my house. This is what I live with. Three kids man. Do you think I cleaned it or left it for a 5 mile run? I’ll let you guess....🤣🤣 . . . #momlife #runner #runlikeidontcare #becauseidont #notreallyanyway #runningmama #yogarunner #runtolive #runanyway #thisrunwontrunitself

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How you see this quote says everything about who you are. It’s inevitable. We are all starring in our own tragedies. So how do we find meaning within that truth? For me? It’s my children and my marriage. First. Then it’s travel. Being able to see as much of the world as humanly possible. And, of course, it’s writing. I’m working on my fiction. Im slowly taking new projects. It’s evolving this life. But I know how it ends. How do you find your meaning? . . . #yogateacher #writersofinstagram #writing #yogi #yoga #yogini #expatlife #authorsofinstagram #author #dorothyparker #strongwomen #writinglife

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I taught my first class in 8 months yesterday. I’m not returning to a full teaching schedule anytime soon. We are planning too much travel for that. But it felt good to be back in the studio as something other than a student. Leaving all my students behind and everything I built was hard. But the pieces of myself are falling back into place here. Like a puzzle I’m trying to reconfigure. It felt natural to teach again. I plan to keep going. . . . #yogateacher #yoga #yogi #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #yogamom #expatlife #yogini

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Sundays are for 90 minute, sweat soaked yoga practices, great books (Roanoke Girls and Becoming), cuddles and nap time with my man, and long hot soaks with all the essential oils and salts and crystals. And yes. I’ve become a bath person. So much a bath person. And how. . . . #sunday #sundayfunday #bookstagram #reader #readersofinstagram #yoga #yogi #bath #momlife #weekendsbelike

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We had a 12th birthday party here last night. “A murder at the Hogwarts talent show.” The company we hired to run it gave our girls a night to remember. Our house became Hogwarts for a night. Our 12 YO is a happy girl. We are exhausted. 14 girls is a lot! . . . #harrypotter #hogwarts #potterheads #momlife #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #birthdayparty #magic #travel #expatlife #wanderlust

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sashabrownworsham. My forever mood. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about thought patte

My forever mood. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about thought patterns. How our moods are often a choice we make. It’s particularly striking when I think about the nearly 6 years we lived in NJ. I hated it. Was miserable a lot of the time. I thought we had few friends. It felt isolating and lonely a lot of the time. And yet.... here we are 6 months into this new life and, while I Love it, i am also shocked by how many people I miss. How many people I met in NJ I genuinely loved. Why did it take moving away to realize that? Was it the house I hated? The snow? The monotony of suburbia? Or was it a choice I made? To not see what was right in front of me. Ennui is my natural state, it’s true. But I’m making a conscious effort to BE more conscious these days. To love people right now instead of in hindsight. Happiness is a choice. Realistically, I’ll always be a little melancholy. That’s just my way. But We can create change. We can be better. I’m trying. . . . #expatlife #melancholy #authorsofinstagram #travel #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #namastethehardway #momlife #wanderlust #thisisme

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The list of what I wish I’d been told about parenthood before becoming a mom could fill a book. There’s so much no one can warn new parents about. They just have to live it. And yet, if I could go back 13 years and tell my 20-something self the truth, I’d say this: get comfortable with bittersweet. With nostalgia. With saudade as the Brazilians say. Every single day is a day they grow and a day you can’t get back. I love the people my children are becoming. I love the freedom that comes with having slightly older children. I love the way my 12 YO tells jokes I get and moves closer to being more friend than babysitting charge. And yet... this pure innocence. It goes away. And fast. Bittersweet. The entire experience of parenting in one word. Be warned new moms. It never ends. . . . #parenting #momlife #expatlife #familytravel #authorsofinstagram #love #bittersweet #thetruthaboutparenting #truth #instainspo

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sashabrownworsham. When I was a little girl I used to climb into my mother’s bed and look

When I was a little girl I used to climb into my mother’s bed and look through her jewellery box. She had a few fine pieces, but this one was always my favourite. Nothing was more her. The colour. The setting. The size (my mother had such small wrists). Even the style. Earthy. Hippy. I’ve been feeling a blue stone vibe lately. A throat chakra kind of groove. Celestite. Blue calcite. I’ve been meditating on and practicing with these stones exclusively. Somehow this morning, I stumbled upon this again. It’s Larimar. Another Vishuddha stone. I believe it’s my mother telling me to find my voice. That I’m on the right path. It still smells like her. Magic. . . . #vishuddha #larimar #crystals #namastethehardway #motherloss #authorsofinstagram #momlife #yoga #chakras #chakrahealing #travel #vitaminsea

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There are many things to not like about the way yoga has been interpreted in the West. A 200 hour YTT doesn’t even scratch the surface of the truth of yoga and yet people graduate and fancy themselves gurus. often these same people insist on pushing positivity. Not understanding that the full spectrum of emotions and feeling are the damn point. We aren’t meant to “see the good in all things.” We are meant to ride the waves with equanimity. I love that so many people practice yoga now. That the practice my mother shared with me when I was barely a toddler is now so popular. But I wish it were more inclusive in every way. I wish there were more humility among yoga thought leaders. But here we are. All I can do is live my truth. As a writer. As a teacher. As a yogi. And I will always welcome all vibes. . . . #allvibes #yoga #yogateacher #yogi #yogamom #yogini #momlife #expatlife #truth #notaguru #travel

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sashabrownworsham. Two years ago I was right here. Take me back. Luckily our next beach t

Two years ago I was right here. Take me back. Luckily our next beach trip in in 14 days. Not that I’m counting. I’ve found the only way to survive winter is at least a week somewhere warm every February. . . . . #beachinwinter #mexico #travel #vitaminsea #momlife #february #summervibes #ilovesun

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I am holding myself more accountable this year in my reading, which means once a month I will be posting what I read this month. I read 11 books in January. The best was My Year of Rest and Relaxation, but it was a hard race. A lot of good reads this month. Inheritance is classic Dani Shapiro whose style is always so intensely intimate and person and yet so universal at the same time. Trevor Noah's book blew me away. I joined a book club, which I am sure will help with my numbers, but it's so good to be reading at my old pace. Nothing on this Earth makes me feel more "me." . . . #reading #januaryreads #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #amreading #thingiread #momlife #authorsofinstagram

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