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This time of year is really hard in England for a light lover like me. We’ve got two fewer hours of daylight than I had in the Northeastern US and I feel it. I knew it was coming and had plenty of tools. Vitamin D. My light lamp. Daily meditation. Getting outside every day no matter how cold or gray. Running five miles every other day. Even so, I get irritable and run down and fatigued and so, so sad. I just can’t escape it. Last night I was reading A a bedtime story. A new review copy book. Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o. I had no idea what to expect from the book. Its message was one of empowerment for young girls of colour. It was also a reminder. We need both Night and day. A time and purpose for everything under heaven. A asked me why I was crying while I was reading. “It’s just so beautiful,” I told her. And it is. . . . . #readersofinstagram #raiseareader #sulwe #booklover #yoga #lightlovers #lupitanyongo #love #bedtimestories #readmore #writers #authorsofig

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Feeling pretty fed up today. First there was the @nytimes piece on unwanted touch in yoga that mentioned a teacher I’d had. Then there was the video of the same teacher highlighting his dismissive views of how women might feel in his class. It’s too much. When I teach I don’t adjust men I don’t know anymore. I used to. And then too many took it the wrong way. Multiple times men said really inappropriate things to me and other yoga teachers. And how many times was I cornered after a night class by a random men who thought my adjustment meant more? Nevermind the male teacher who would adjust me in obviously sexual ways every time I was in his class. I’m not against assists. I took a class with a new to me teacher today and I loved her adjustments. But I usually Trust women to know the difference between an adjustment that feels right and one that is sexual in nature. I’ve practiced my whole life. I know what gets me deeper into a posture and what’s just an excuse to feel Me up. Any male teacher who isn’t mindful of the current sea change happening among women better wake up. We won’t be silent when things feel wrong anymore. And your mansplaining misogyny in dismissing our concerns is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. So. Fucking. Done. . . . . #yoga #metoo #yogateacher #allvibeswelcome #yogi #offthemat #assists #adjustment #newyorktimes #enough #timesup

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People ask us all the time whether we feel “safe” when we travel. Most of the time, the answer is yes. For the past week, we’ve been planning our February trip to South Africa and a couple of the planned routes we had have been knocked off after guides warned us of excessive muggings and danger in the area. We also need a number of jabs to go. Yellow fever for the kids (both rob and I have it) as well as malaria pills and typhoid shots. It’s giving us pause. And then we learned there was a mass stabbing right here in the spot my kids are standing. Eight tourists were stabbed in Jerash in Jordan. Two weeks from the day we stood there ourselves. The truth is we didn’t feel unsafe in Jordan. Not even once. We had an amazing guide. The people were lovely and warm and welcoming. Travel is a risk. So is going outside on a beautiful day. So is going for a run. So is #yoga You run the stats. You research. You talk to experts and guides and friends who’ve been there. You cross your fingers. You hope for the best. There are no guarantees. But I’d rather take calculated risks than let fear make the decisions for me. I’d rather risk in adventure than exist in caution. Life is risk. Stabbing happen in London. Shootings happen in Peoria. Do I feel unsafe? My children did shooting drills at their American school. First graders were killed in their classroom in Connecticut. Safety is so relative. And those who don’t travel as much are fear in all the places they shouldn’t and safety in all the places that aren’t. Risk is everywhere. Whether you choose to see it or not. . . . #travel #jerash #jordan #safetravel #familytravel #travelwithkids #kidswhotravel #traveler #wanderlust #wanderer

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Sunrise over the Berkshires. Western Massachusetts in the fall will always have my heart. Being home as an expat is the weirdest mix of weird and wonderful. I find myself staring at people and just marvelling at the fact that they are American, too. The openness. The willingness to be silly and loud. The emotional honesty. It’s amazing to slip into home. Like an old outfit you used to love and thought you’d outgrown but are delighted to discover still fits and makes you look hot. To belong and be part of something. To get the cultural cues and the customs. To be familiar with every little nuance without thinking twice. It’s the hardest part of being away. And Yep. This outfit makes me look hot, indeed. . . . #expatlife #kripalu #yoga #yogi #yogalife #yogaretreat #travel #traveler #wanderer #home #massachusetts

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Today would have been her 71st birthday. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about grief. Especially about “out of order or time” grief. It’s normal to lose our parents. It’s not normal to lose them at 16 or at 7. It’s not normal to have a part of you always stay the age at which that trauma happened. 20+ years can pass and still I will be that 16 YO girl whose mom will never see her grandkids or her wedding or her graduations from HS, college, or grad school. I miss her every single day, all the time. This kind of grief isn’t the kind most will ever know and that’s a good thing. But for the ones who do, I see you today and always. Today she would have been 71. And as long as I am alive, I will mark that and wish her happy birthday wherever she is. I’m grateful to have had such a powerful role model for a mother. Grateful for the example of motherhood she set for me to be so close to my own children. I was tremendously unlucky in a horrible way and tremendously lucky in another. That kind of love doesn’t die. And now I share it with my own children. . . . #motherloss #grief #namastethehardway #griefmemoir #motherloss #momlife #daughter

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Samhain greetings from The Worsham Family (click, click). . . . #familycostume #halloween #happyhalloween #allhallowseve #expatlife #family #love #thefamilythatplays

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My favorite day of the year is also this guy’s birthday! Some might say I fell for Rob Worsham largely because he was a Scorpio (true) and because he is a Halloween baby (also true). I’ve known this man for 30 years and seen him in all his decades. He’s the most ever-evolving person I know and lives steeped in curiosity and openness to new adventure. The older I get, the more rare I realize that is and the more grateful I am to have found a partner so willing to expand himself and grow as a human. If you see him tell him happy birthday a million times and also remind him that Age is just a number. What really matters is the willingness to take things outside the comfort zone. He’ll always be young to me because that’s who he is. Change seeker. Adventure lover. Steady partner. Growth master. Happy birthday baby. . . . #marriage #yearsyoung #adventure #travel #changeisgood #expatlife #growth #halloweenbaby #halloween #allhallowseve

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I’ve been in a much better meditation routine of late. At least 20 minutes a day. At the Dead Sea, the rampant flies presented quite a challenge. But that’s the whole point of the exercise. Can you let what happens happen without distraction? Can you sit in peace even with the world buzzing and crawling and begging for your attention? Some days yes. Some days no. But we sit anyway. Every day new. . . . #meditation #justbreathe #beherenow #yoga #deadsea #jordantravel #traveler #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom

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We’ve been sneaking out every morning at 6 to watch the sun rise from the Dead Sea. It’s true what they say about the healing properties. It’s a magical kind of place. It’s also impossible not to be in a constant boat pose. . . . #deadsea #jordan #travel #traveler #floating #deadseafloats #weallfloathere #yoga #boatpose

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I always bring my travel mat. I’ve practiced in hotels around the world. Some are always more beautiful than others. This is one of them. Good morning Wadi Rum. . . . #yoga #yogi #yogapractice #yogaaroundtheworld #travel #desertyoga #yogainthedesert #wadiramyoga #wadirum #traveler #expatlife

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Adventure travel with small children is not only possible, it’s preferable. Everywhere we go people give them things. But particularly our littlest. This Bedouin outfit was gifted last night. People just love her and she’s been our little ambassador. I’m proud of how all the kids accept cultural differences and change and all the walking and riding and sightseeing we’ve done. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. They are more flexible than the grown ups and welcomed almost everywhere. . . . #expatlife #travelwithkids #travel #traveler #travellife #familytravel #jordan #jordanwithkids #wadirum #desert

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There aren’t words to adequately capture Petra. Just see it before you die. It’s non negotiable. You know those times when you are making the memories that will last a lifetime and you actually know it? That was today. So grateful. . . . #petra #expatlife #travelwithkids #familytravel #traveljordan #traveler #wanderlust #livethelifeyoulove #sunshine #wonderoftheworld

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Jordan has exceeded our expectations in every way. Although we have traveled extensively with the children, we tend to save our more adventurous travel for times when we are alone. We’ve been very lucky that my parents are always more than happy to take our three, which has always given us ample time to explore off the beaten track countries we’d worry about taking the kids to. This isn’t our first adventure with the kids. Driving the Ring Road in Iceland for two weeks in a camper was pretty wild. Glamping in Wales in November felt a little crazy. But this time they are out of their element culturally. So many questions, many of which we struggle to answer. But this is the kind of travel that feels the most real and rewarding. It ain’t Disney. That’s for sure. But it’s something I have no doubt they will remember forever. It’s shaping them into the kind of curious and adventurous citizens of the world I hope to raise. . . . #travelwithkids #kidtravel #travel #familytravel #offthemap #roadlesstraveled #worldschooling #traveler #wanderlust #wanderlustfamily #wanderlustwithkids #exploremore #expatlife

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Pro tip: our first stop on any trip is always to the local grocery store. It’s the one place you always know won’t be heavily touristed and where you’ll really get to see a slice of daily life. Tonight we got to sample a dozen kinds of honey from Yemen at the local grocery store after eating arguably the best dinner we’ve had in at least 15 months. So far, so good Jordan. . . . #familytravel #travel #jordan #travelinjordan #travelwithkids #expatlife #traveltips #yemenhoney #yum #givemeallthefood

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Happy Caturday! Sir Leo Gingerbread Worsham came into our lives a year ago next month. As the only full British member of the Worsham household he is still adjusting to our American ways. We’ve also had to adjust to him. We’ve never had an outdoor cat, but Leo forced our hand by jumping out windows and running under our feet every time we opened the door. We’ve compromised so now he’s indoor/outdoor and everyone is a bit happier. But it’s a huge cultural difference between Brits and Americans. In the US we are all told it’s terrible to let your cat out. Here you are told you are terrible if you keep him in. Caught between two cultures. Our American cat never goes out. Leo spends half his time prowling our grounds. It’s all part of #expat life. Little adjustments everywhere. . . . #caturday #catlife #catsofinstagram #kittylove #yoga #travel #englishlife

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sashabrownworsham. You know the coolest thing about being together with someone for almos

You know the coolest thing about being together with someone for almost two decades? Being seen. Like really really seen. And known. All the flaws. All the bad stuff. All the stuff you try to hide from everyone else. And still being loved. I mean i can’t think of a better reason to be married. I can be a real asshole and it’s not like he doesn’t know. He knows better than anyone. But he’s still got my back times 1,000. That’s the why of it all. . . #travel #beseen #love #marriage #thewhy #getseen #getsomelove #loveisgood #yoga #santorini #greece #noregrets

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A trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. It’s fun even when you’re not 22! . . . #oktoberfest #travel #travelphotography #travelwriter #traveler #germany🇩🇪 #germantravel #expatlife

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sashabrownworsham. This was my 24th half marathon. Also my slowest one. Just over two hou

This was my 24th half marathon. Also my slowest one. Just over two hours. It was the hardest course I’ve ever run. Many hills. Plus wind. Plus rain. I wanted to quit and I didn’t. So I’m taking it as a win and appreciating this photo of me running with Windsor Castle in the background. I’ll surely run this one again but this was a run to remember. . . . #windsorhalfmarathon #marathontraining #running #runner #runningmom #runrunrun #race #runnergirl #runningyogi

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Rob and I were talking the other day about our lives. How we never could have seen the course it would all take when we got together two decades ago. It’s such a ride and I feel so grateful we get to take it together. And this rainbow has to be a sign we are into something good, right? . . . #expatlife #england #rainbows #wow #livethelifeyoulove #yoga #yogi #grateful

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I wrote a little something for @guardian after I got fired up last week. Link in bio. Thanks for reading. 🔥

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This was an existential race. So much uphill. I hadn’t trained on hills. I hadn’t trained much at all after a hip injury in August. At mile 5, I really wanted to quit when I knew I wasn’t going to come in under 2. I used to run these in 1:40. And rollerblade after. At mile 5 my inner self said “you’re fat now. You’re slow now. You’re too old. You should just quit.” I almost listened. But then I changed the script. “I have to run this” became “I get to run this.” I’m not going to PR. So what? I’ll still finish. I’ll still get to say I ran 13.1 in Windsor. I’ll still get the medal. So I surrendered to the failure. And 2:05 feels like a failure. But it also feels like a victory. Because I told that angry inner self to sod off. When my mom was my age, she was in a hospital bed getting a mastectomy and chemo. I get to run a half marathon. As Nahko says “today’s a good day for my ego to die.” And besides, I’ll be faster next year. Here’s to it. ❤️❤️❤️ . . #windsorhalfmarathon #running #runner #expatlife #expat #runnergirl #runningyogi #runmore #halfmarathon

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Be careful the teachers you follow. I haven’t taught yoga in about 18 months. I’ve practiced every day. I’ve been a student again. I’ve always been a student. Far too many teachers today come to it as a profession. After a few months of regular practice. It’s not enough. And I don’t say that to be cruel or judgmental. I say that as a person whose been steeped in yoga my whole life who has watched the way the practice has morphed from spiritual to the epitome of American consumerism. The money is in teacher trainings. In expensive Mala beads and lucrative speaking gigs and handstands on Instagram. I try to be careful with who I follow and what messages I take in. It’s been difficult to watch the changes and see yoga set to music or set in a gym become the norm. Moving and becoming part of a new studio has set me right, but lately, my quiet daily home practice has felt the most right. The closest to my truth. I wish there were fewer yoga trainings. I’m glad the @yogaalliance has changed their requirements. I hope things start moving back toward standards and the truth of the practice. . . . #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogi #yogamom #yogini #yogisofinsta #yogapractice #itsapractice #itsnotaboutbeingthin #wakeup #yogais

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sashabrownworsham. Apparently it’s #nationaldaughtersday and I can’t resist. I dreamed of

Apparently it’s #nationaldaughtersday and I can’t resist. I dreamed of a daughter my whole life. Especially having lost the mother daughter relationship so early and young. The universe (and my sexy spouse) gave me two. There has never been or will never be a greater gift. It’s the sweetest challenge raising these two. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. . . . . #mom #momlife #nationaldaysarelame #butidothemanyway #lovemykids #love #expatlife #onaboat #kidswhotravel #travel #travellife #traveler #becurious

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sashabrownworsham. Moving to a different country as a family is so much harder than they

Moving to a different country as a family is so much harder than they tell you it will be. People who have done it claimed it would take 6 months. It didn’t. It took much longer. But so far, our second year in England is really different from the first for the kids. They are fully engaged, becoming local (minus the accents), and I can already see that when/if we return to the US, that is going to be weird, too. They are so much worldlier than they were. They now seem to have an understanding of the fact that the way Americans do things isn’t the right way or the only way. We traveled a lot before we moved but it took living abroad for them to really see this. They understand inherently that nothing is permanent, change is good, and there are always more than a few ways to solve every problem. I’m envious sometimes of what they are getting so young. The world is wide open to them. Im so glad they are old enough to grasp the enormity of this opportunity. The kids are just fine. The adults, on the other hand, are still learning. Still googling terms every day, texting good neighbor friends and asking them to define slang, and generally limping along. But I have a dentist and a dermatologist and a manicurist and a stylist and yoga studio and a license. These are the small things that add up to the big things. So yeah, I would say that 14 months in, we have come a long, long way. . . #expatlife #familytravel #travel #lifeabroad #englishlife #worldschooling #kidsabroad #yogamom #yoga #lifeisbeautiful #dowhatyoulove #gratitude #change #learning

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