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It’s Spring! Who’s excited for all the flowers blooming?🌸💐 #rosedose

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rosedoseofficial. Iced Rose Matcha Latte at @freshstartespresso 💚🤗

Iced Rose Matcha Latte at @freshstartespresso 💚🤗

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Raspberry Rose Macarons by @donnasmacarons topped with our rose petals 🤗🖤🌸 Have you tasted rose macarons?? #rosedose

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Rose Latte from @dripp_bar 🌸Did you know they use our Rose Buds? What’s your favorite coffee shop??☕️💕 📸 @r.za #rosedose

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Morning! We found the perfect coffee + cookie pairing. These Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies by @champagneandcookies 💕She even topped them off with our Rose Petals 🌸😍 #rosedose

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Craving this warm Rose Almond Milk this morning by @quemamey 🌸💕 She also added Cinnamon and Cardamom 😍✨ #rosedose

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rosedoseofficial. Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing ladies! 💕✨ #intern

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing ladies! 💕✨ #internationalwomensday

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Pretty Rose Petals 🖤 Perfect for Infusions, Garnishes, Teas, and Crafts ✨ How do you use our Rose Petals?? #rosedose

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Rose or Lavender? Seed Cycle Moon Milk for Hormone Health by @moon.and.spoon.and.yum #rosedose

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It’s #teatime 🍵 What are you sippin’ today? @white.blank.space has a pretty setup with our Love Tea ❤️ #rosedose

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Did you know that roses are packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-bacterial properties? All which help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. ✨ #glowup #rosedose

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Rose Water is made by using organic rose buds + petals. It’s hydrating, helps balance the skin pH, soothes irritations, and has antibacterial properties. The perfect toner + refresher! 🖤💦 #rosedose

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Roses can be used in many ways to fit your medicinal needs! Easily add to your tea, sprinkle some petals onto a yummy dessert, or infuse your favorite drinks!🌸 #rosedose

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Need to unwind on a Tuesday? We get it, Tuesdays are tough...it feels like Monday and we’re already thinking about the weekend. Weekday nights are for tea! Rose + Saffron tea is caffeine free and filled with antioxidants that will help you get through the rest of the busy week!💛 #rosedose

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Ingredients for an Earl Grey infused gin cocktail garnished with rose buds 💕🍹 #rosedose 📸@psbartholomew

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Wake up and smell the roses☀️The Bulgarian Rose is the new Super Herb💕 Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose) has a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. In the old times, the Bulgarian Rose was discovered to have many health benefits. It has grown to be known as the new Super Herb for its antioxidant properties and vitamins. Rosa Damascena is often used in therapeutic practices and Ayurvedic medicine. ✨

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The rose has been valued for thousands of years due to its beauty and fragrance. What’s your favorite use for this herb? 🍃 #rosedose

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It’s Tea Time ✨ Rose Bud Tea has that perfect sweet floral taste you need to uplift your mood 🙏 #rosedose

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