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Can you feel the FLOW tonight?? 1pm tomorrow - Sunday, July 21, Lion King Flow at @barefeetpoweryoga! 🦁 Register: barefeetpoweryoga.com | #MindBody App | #ClassPass Pinned ya! .... Pinned ya again! #Lionkingflow #Nala #Simba #LionKingYoga #westloop #RajNATIONyoga

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rajnation. Remember...who you are...
July 21st 1pm.
Register at barefeetpowery

Remember...who you are... July 21st 1pm. 🦁 Register at barefeetpoweryoga.com |mindbody app | classpass #rajnationyoga

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Part 2 of that video introducing Pete “Dead Game” Rodriguez

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Aaand here’s some footage from last nights @eaflmma National Championship! 🎥 taken by @rambo_nomolos

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Ready to rumble? 🥊 Tonight marks my official combat / wrestling / sports live arena announcing debut! 🎙 It’s the @eaflmma National Championship, Illinois Inferno takes on the Arizona Apollos with championship belts at each weight class on the line! 🤼‍♂️ Tonight also marks my official television debut as this will be broadcast on @nbcsports on tape delay later this summer! 📺 It’s the battle for the ‘ship — Elite Amateur Fight League, called by ya boy, the official @startuphypeman RajNATION! 🏆 Follow the @startuphypeman IG account throughout the night for fight highlights. 🎟 It all goes down at the #UICforum tonight beginning 6pm, tix available online and at the door! 🎤 Wish me luck! 🎧 (Photo taken during sound check.)

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THANK YOU CHICAGO!! The threat of rain didn’t stop us - we showed up and showed out 😎. . We danced again, we tumbled, we did partner poses, we hugged it out, and we did it all in the name of LOVE and did it all through yoga! 🤸🏾‍♂️ This summer I’m only out there for 2 classes instead of 4, so this was my swan song for the season, but I enjoyed every second with you all. 🙌🏾 If you want more you can catch me: -Sundays 9am @bottomlineyoga -Sunday’s 1pm @barefeetpoweryoga -Wednesday’s 7am and 5pm @bottomlineyoga 🗓 And of course - sign up now for #HAMILflow on July 20 and Aug 17, and Lion King Flow on July 21! Link in bio to register. #RajNATION yoga @millennium_park

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rajnation. 🙏🏾 for no rain 🙏🏾

🙏🏾 for no rain 🙏🏾 #RajNATIONyoga

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rajnation. First 3 texts I got this morning. 
#warriors #klay #dynasty #raptors #

First 3 texts I got this morning. #warriors #klay #dynasty #raptors #sixgods

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It’s baaaaaack! ⭐️ The #HAMILflow summer tour hits @bottomlineyoga on July 13 and August 17! swipe ⬅️ for details. ⭐️This is the official and original @hamiltonmusical singalong yoga class. ⭐️If you’re a fan of the show like I am, it’s the next best thing to actually being there. ⭐️PLUS, all attendees of #HAMILflow will receive a promo code for discounted admission to @hamexhibition — you read that right! ⭐️Tix go quickly — Sign up at link in bio or go to @eventbrite and search #HAMILflow. ⭐️Don’t throw away your shot! #RajNATIONyoga

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Hundreds of trees in the middle of the park 🙂 Comment with where you are in this photo so I can appropriately tag you! (@kristyeriksen @raj.doshi34 I tagged in your general area even though you are not visible here. @hcraun I took my best guess!) 🌳 #RajNATIONyoga #Millenniumpark @millennium_park

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COMMENT IF YOU WERE THERE! We danced, we shared love, we laughed, we Om’d, and we did it all whilst doing yoga. 🙌🏾 Thank you Chicago! Can’t wait to do it again next week! 🥁🎸 Shoutout to @garrettsoundart and the Surabhi crew for the amazing tunes that inspired the movement. #RajNATIONyoga #millenniumpark @millennium_park

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I’m baaaaaack! Join me and 200+ other O.G. Yogis out on the Pritzker Lawn the next 2 Saturdays starting 8am sharp. Classes are FREE, led by yours truly, with live music accompaniment from Carlo Basile, @garrettsoundart, and more! I’M SO PUMPED! #millenniumpark #yogainthepark #rajnationyoga

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Red Bicycle Coffee in #Nashville. Shoutout to @kelseymgrady for recommending this back in 2015!

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Drink in her hand: Speakerboxx Drink in my hand: Love Below #outkast #husk #husknashville

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Final day back in #Nashville — let me just tell you about a place called #Husk. This was our second time going (first time 2018 March on a quick weekend trip). It’s a little slice of southern heaven. Watch the #ChefsTable episode on Chef Sean Brock to truly understand it.

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Mountains fa dayzzz

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Turns out Radford Gatlin, for whom Gatlinburg, TN was named after, was a real piece of shit. Also turns out mini golf courses can be #woke.

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When you’re in a much better position to take photos facing the sun because you wore sunglasses.

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