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Thank you @athleta @athletanyc for gifting this beautiful yoga gear to teach in for our @yogalovesorg event held @555ten (the most beautiful building in Hell’s Kitchen) to benefit @housingworks this past weekend! Raising funds for those suffering from homelessness and living with HIV/AIDS has been the mission of yogaloves.org for our events. Yogaloves believes in the act of “Karma” yoga with the tagline “giving through yoga.” Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and partners who participated in making this happen because no one living in New York City or anywhere else should ever go homeless. There are enough resources in this world to make sure everyone has a decent roof over their head. Let us not falter to greed and materialism but instead give back because there is always someone suffering more than you and if you ever have a problem the best advice I can give you is to focus on a bigger problem. For me that is the growing problem of the homeless on the streets of NYC and how they got there. These people are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters sons, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends to SOMEONE! Maybe even a former colleague who perhaps lost their job and couldn’t make the ends meet. To me the focus is raising funds for those who may not have the friends or family around that can help them through hard times (and boy do those hard times come) and to be a voice for those who have no voice and to advocate and do what I can with what I’ve got to make a dent in this growing issue. Thank you @housingworks for existing and being an organization of inspiration and tireless advocacy! Thank you @karengreatti for capturing this image on top of NYC and donating your services to help capture what we @yogaloves are doing to spread the word. If you’d like to help our mission, please see link in bio 👆🏽 click “donate” and help make a difference! @amberlightbeauty @birchbox @dianneandelisabeth @getskinnydipped @hackamoreenergy @juicepress @ritualsusa @scentbird @skinspanewyork @sportwaterbev @w42st @themarshalnyc @yogacarenyc @youngheesalon @cockpitusa @dharmayoganyc • • • • • #charity #yoga #donate #yogaeverydamnday #nonprofit #fundraising #yogi #philanthrop


“I am more than just water. I am performance H20. I am Sportwater.” @sportwaterbev Sportwater keeps me hydrated with 200 electrolyte formula and ideal pH +8 when I teach in the hot room, the salt room, on a rooftop 56 stories up @555ten or wherever. Thank you for keeping all of the donors hydrated for our @yogalovesorg event this past weekend. See my story for deets!👆🏽 Catch me at some of my public classes this week: ✨ Monday 7pm salted dharma yoga @modrnsanctuary , Tuesday 6:30am & 10:30am Bikram Yoga @yogacarenyc Wednesday 4:30pm @yogacarenyc & 7pm @modrnsanctuary , Saturday 9am @momentumfitnessnyc & 4pm @yogacarenyc Photo Credit: @karengreatti Hair: @madion_creates @davidryansalon Yoga Gear: @athleta @athletanyc Lips: @ritualscosmetics @ritualsusa


“Be part of something bigger. People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they do. ... A simple way to describe having 'meaning' in your life is that it's about being part of something that we really believe in that is bigger than ourselves.” ~actionforhappiness.org Photo Credit: @granthenrymedia Yoga Gear: @athleta @athletanyc • • • • • #happiness #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #joy #peace #yogi #yogalove #positivity #yogainspiration #namaste #yogaeverywhere #positivevibes #yogagirl #blessed #yogachallenge #yogalife #igyoga #yogini #yogapractice #meditation #yogapose #yogaeveryday #instayoga #practiceandalliscoming #handstand #balance #pilates #yogajourney #asana #flexibility