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pallavi.kedia. 5 days of no bath, no phone and no internet. 
5 days of bright smiles,

5 days of no bath, no phone and no internet. 5 days of bright smiles, new friends and so much gratitude 😇 Looks like it's time to head towards the mountains again... #harkidoon #decathlon #solowomantraveler #firstsolotrip #trek #trekthehimalayas #mountains

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pallavi.kedia. Autumn is like a bridge. A bridge to go from summer to winter. You kno

Autumn is like a bridge. A bridge to go from summer to winter. You know the feeling in end of October, beginning of November... when the sun is not so harsh, you don't need air conditioning all the time, you can go for evening walks and you are so thankful that the heat is finally settling and you are looking forward to winter and wearing warm clothes? Well, Autumns have always been this for me untill last October. I went for a trek last October. As we started to hike on the first day, I entered a brown and orange forest of tall pine trees and walnut trees. They kept shedding their leaves everytime winds would touch them. The trail was covered with a carpet of dry, cracking leaves and pine cones of various sizes and variety. Even the shrubs growing from under the rocks and the vast Alpine meadows were in the same shade of color. While walking, I happened to look up and saw this dried leaf with it's beautiful intricacies. I am glad I did. As I tried to take a picture of the leaf, I realised that autumn is not like a bridge. It's a place in itself and it has so much character. Autumn is like that shy, introverted friend who when opens up, just doesn't stop expressing. #autumnleaves #autumnvibes🍁 #autumncolors🍁 #autumnaesthetic #autumnforest #autumnphotography #harkidoon #mountains #mountain #valley #trek #trekking #dehradun #solotrip #thetrek #trekthehimalayas #himalayas #gharwal #decathlon #solowomantraveler

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This photo was taken on 30th Oct, 2018 when our group reached Har Ki Doon which is a beautiful valley in the Gharwal range of the Himalayas at an altitude of over 13,000 ft. When we broke for lunch, one of our trek mates did one push-up here and it looked so lovely that even I wanted to try it. So I finished my food and did a few Chaturangas (@ajinkyameheryoga I was so grateful to your yoga classes in that moment because that's the only reason I could pull off something like this) and drank fresh, cold Himalayan water from River Supin. What a wonderful day it was :) #chaturanga #harkidoon #mountains #mountain #valley #summitpoint #river #trek #trekking #dehradun #solotrip #thetrek #trekthehimalayas #himalayas #gharwal #decathlon #solowomantraveler

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We named her Tina and then it became Katrina by mistake. Isn't she the cutest? #sheep #mountains #autumnleaves #autumn🍂 #trek #uttrakhand #harkidoon

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I experienced a lot of firsts from 26th Oct to 3rd Nov. My first solo trip, first trek, first chai ka glass, first time eating soyabean ki sabzi, saw the milky way for the first time, using dry toilets, not taking bath for 5 days and playing Lagori for the first time (though I sucked at it but had fun). #firsts #firstsolotrip #firsttrek #trek #chai #lagori #uttrakhand #mountainstories #mountain #harkidoon #himalayas #gharwal #wanttogoback

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2 months ago, bored with the monotony of work and with many leaves pending, I decided to go for a holiday. Asked a lot of my friends but none of them were free. Irritated and angry, I finalised on going for a solo trip. Now, this is the first solo trip of my life and I didn't know where to go, how to go about it, how to plan things... To make it more interesting, I decided to make my first solo trip into my first trek. I thought I'd meet new people and make new friends and if nothing works out, I would have at least climbed a mountain. After spending an entire day researching on which trek to choose and where to book it from, I circled on Har Ki Doon. Har Ki Doon is a 7 day trek in the Gharwal region of Himalayas. It's this small valley (as seen in the picture) at an altitude of 11, 800 ft. I immediately booked the trek and the flight tickets to Dehradun and had no idea of what was in store for me. Little did I know that this would be one of the best decisions of my life so far :) #himalayas #mountains #dehradun #valley #uttrakhand #trek #camping #camp #tent #autumnleaves #browns #snow #wildrose #sankri #firstsolotrip #solotrip #gosolo

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It's time to go for another holiday.

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Photo by mother.

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I always wanted to wear a bikini but was extremely conscious of my body... my stomach bulging out, the cellulite on my thighs and the stretch marks on my bum. And most importantly I was conscious of what people will say. Last year one of my closest friends @survirathi and I planned a trip to Pondicherry and I thought that enough is enough, I should wear what I want to wear. No holding back. So that's what I did. I bought a pair of bikini and wore it on the last day of our trip. Was extremely shy to even come out of the bathroom and show it to Survi. Gladly, there was no other soul in the pool that day and I could forget all my shyness and consciousness and just float, swim and play in water. This was just phase 1. Phase 2 - Survi took a few pictures of me, some general and some in yoga poses. And they are beautiful. Beautiful because of the color of water and leaves and walls and beautiful because I was uninhibited. And I wanted to show those pictures to everyone and tell them how I felt. But, of course all the hesitancy, insecurity and self-consciousness crept in once again. And I cut-copied these pictures to the hard drive and forgot about it. But today, I don't know why, I feel like letting it all go. So, here it goes... #onestepcloser

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The sound of the waves and the gentle flow of water are two extremely calming things that I have experienced. #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogainspiration #yogapants #yogalife #beach #waves #sea #sunset #yoga #yogi #yogini

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I remember how this swing was built. The craftsmen would make the mosaic tiled floor and the carpenters would make the wooden net. While growing up I used to love spending early evenings on this swing eating freshly plucked guavas or Cornetto butterscotch ice cream, monkeying on the side bars, sometimes taking a nap with the fan switched on or just sit there and admire the plants and flowers. But I had never imagined that one day I would come back to this and do yoga asanas infront. Actually, I had never imagined I would do yoga at all. #yoga #yogapants #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogi #yogini #chakrasana #fitness #fitnessmotivation #home #nature #vacation

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For the last couple of months I have not been practicing asanas regularly. But, I do take out sometime and practice handstands at home. Over these months I have started to like handstands and that's for two main reasons. One, everytime I am able to leave the wall and stand straight in the air, even if for a fraction of a second, I feel very strong and immensely motivated and secondly, this feels like my only connection with yoga and asanas these days. I try to be regular to class, to wake up early, to sleep on time but I fail on most days, almost all actually. Guess, I just have to try harder... to get to class and to get to hold the handstand longer. 🤸

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@survirathi and @krunalm you both are fighters and believers. 💫

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pallavi.kedia. Thank you @upasanahanda for sending me love all the way from Dublin, I

Thank you @upasanahanda for sending me love all the way from Dublin, Ireland 💜

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pallavi.kedia. Early morning meditations 💙

Early morning meditations 💙

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