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This might possibly be the least busy I’ve ever been in my entire life! 🙇🏽‍♀️ Building my own business is wildly freeing and shit scary at the same time. It’s also a much slower process than I anticipated. I’m thoroughly enjoying quality time with my loved ones and cultivating the next chapter in my yoga endeavors yet simultaneously I’m feeling unproductive and stagnant. I know this is part of the process, and soon enough I’ll be reminiscing about these days of sleeping in, reading and practicing without time constraints. That doesn’t mean I’m finding this lull a little difficult to surrender to as well, I mean burning the candle at both ends is my jam! Running around like crazy and biting off more than I can chew is all I knew for most of my life! 🏃🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ Learning this new way of living, slowing down, taking things in, indulging in doing nothing is bitter sweet, and I’m working on letting go of the bitter part with more grace. 😏 If anyone else is in a transition time that’s leaving them feeling less than, comment below and we can support each other through this time of change and growth. And if you’re mad busy enjoy this time too, and be thankful you are able to share your light to so many peeps. Sending you all lots of positive vibes today friends. ✌🏾✨ 📸 @maya___david . . . . #werkwerkwerk #tantrayoga #girlbosslife #shaktipower #tantrateacher #yogalosangeles #losangelesyogateacher #slowdowntime #riceterrace #balilifestyle #qualitynotquantity #selfempowerment #selfemployedlife #createcultivate #tantragoddess #livingwithpurpose #trusttheuniverse #wildandfree #yogagoddess #warriorgoddesstraining #busyisntbetter #rightontrack #longbeachyoga #longbeachyogalution #longbeachyogateacher

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restaurantgrettagogo. Queden pocs dies per venir a fer el menú Bombolla't, no us el perdeu..

Queden pocs dies per venir a fer el menú Bombolla't, no us el perdeu... els nostres plats maridats amb uns caves excel·lents. #jornadesgastronomiquesdecavaalbages #jornadesdelcava #bombollat #menú #maridatge #cava #restaurant #grettagogo #manresa #bages

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Sala lettura e studio per i più giovani 📚 . . . #biblioteca #libri

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archdigest. Jeanette Mix admits that she had lost that loving feeling, residential

Jeanette Mix admits that she had lost that loving feeling, residentially speaking: “I had been disappointed with my home for five or ten years.” The redbrick Stockholm mansion, completed in 1916 and her nest since 2002, was, she says, “beautifully decorated with antiques and contemporary furniture but always felt a bit too formal.” She and her husband, Harald, and three children, gravitated to the kitchen, leaving the main rooms largely uninhabited. Ironically, the Mixes own @etthemstockholm, Swedish for “at home,” an Arts and Crafts townhouse three blocks away that Jeanette transformed into a 12-room hotel renowned for its hygge chic since it opened in 2012. So she posed the same question that she did when developing Ett Hem: What would Ilse Crawford do? “The process of doing the hotel made Jeanette realize that she had to circle back and look at her own place,” says Crawford, the London-based #AD100 creator of magnetically cozy, spiritually calming interiors. Now, what had been the kitchen is now a dayroom with a mix-master blend of furnishings, furry throws, and tall potted plants. The library is now darkly painted, so it beckons from the pale neighboring spaces and vice versa, and the original dining room has been transformed into Jeanette’s study. On the upper floors, the warren of bedrooms has been streamlined and equipped with marble baths. Also, Crawford cannily adds, none of the young Mixes’ bedrooms is “so palatial that they would only hang out there—and that’s intentional.” One guest bathroom, pictured here, features a limestone sink and @marthearmitageprints wallpaper. To see more of the home, visit the link in our profile. Photo by @magnusmarding; text by @adaesthete; styled by @jcbhrtzl

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"Chi era Leonardo da Vinci?" "Un aeroporto!"☁️ ✈️☁️ ° ° ° ° ° ° #igersitalia

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⭐️ Karl quote ⭐️ ——————————— #chanel #legend #quote #icon #fashion #love #karllagerfeld

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furhly. 💖
Follow @furhly for more‼️
@furhlyedits -

💖 - Follow @furhly for more‼️ - @furhlyedits - #everything #furhlyedits

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robotkarateman. Suns out but winter isn't giving up just yet. #alaska #backyardwildlif

Suns out but winter isn't giving up just yet. #alaska #backyardwildlife #plasticflamingo

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