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wigworland. Tom Penny
Switch Noseslide
Milton Keynes
Just heard that Trans

Tom Penny Switch Noseslide Milton Keynes 1993? - Just heard that Transworld Skateboarding Magazine has ceased to be a print title. It is amazing it lasted as long as it did going to press! My contribution meant a huge amount to me and I was lucky enough to be called a ‘Senior Photographer’ on the mast head for a long time during the 1990s and early 2000s. Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen month on month and year on year across the decades. You know who you are. - I printed this picture of Tom in a borrowed darkroom way back. The image was printed through the back of the paper for added #texture 🤣 I was full of it back then! - @daveswift01 @jgrantbrittain @skinphoto @switch_360_judo @oliverbarton @jodymorrisphoto @thomascampbellart @atibaphoto @ryangee_photo @deadhippie #tompenny #transworldskate #mid90s

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indigoangel80. And so it is! 💖🙏😇

And so it is! 💖🙏😇

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atadauborneo. #wildsambe


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y.akko.y. #水曜日はおちり祭り🍑

#水曜日はおちり祭り🍑@hknnom99 なおみん&あいちゃん企画 ・ おむつシスターズ🤣 ・ ベリン15歳10ヶ月。 尿漏れ防止に😅 ・ クリム1歳6ヶ月。 うれション予防に🤣 ・ それぞれのオシッコ事情💦 ・ @full_of_vigor サニタリー・介護用 ・ #dachshund #dog #dogs #dogstagram #cream #creamcollar #crim #berin #senior #full_of_vigor

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bant_taganrog. В наличии. Бант на выписку из роддома в красном цвете с белым кружевом

В наличии. Бант на выписку из роддома в красном цвете с белым кружевом и цветами. В наборе бант 20 см и 2 второстепенных банта. Длина ленты 2 м. Бант снимается с ленты,может быть использован в дальнейшем для украшения колясочки или кроватки. Цена :200 рублей. #выписка

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veshchisistoriei. 8️⃣5️⃣Восемьдесят пятый день.  Легкий овощной салат – это то блюдо, пр

8️⃣5️⃣Восемьдесят пятый день. Легкий овощной салат – это то блюдо, при приготовлении которого Вы можете строго не придерживаться рецептуры, а готовить его из сезонных овощей. Получается оно невероятно полезным, ведь не поддается термической обработке, а значит все витамины, микро- и макро- элементы сохраняются в нем в полном объеме. Несомненным достоинством данного блюда является еще и то, что на приготовление его уйдет около 20 минут, а потому не придется проводить слишком много времени на кухне! Пищевая ценность на 100 грамм Калории: 34.8 ккал. Белки: 0.8 гр. Жиры: 1.8 гр. Углеводы: 3.9 гр. #язнаючтоем

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Trmksh sudah meeting disini..kami tunggu kunjungan brikutnya🙏🙏 . Buat yg demen suasana outdoor dgn udara segar & view ciamikk..buat foto yg instagrammable..sambil kulineran sedapp tapi budget ringan..emang paling pas disini @hahahihi.wr @bakmijuanda! 🌳🍝🍹 . Yukk mampir BUKBER !! . 📬 Jl.Ruhui Rahayu I - tembusan ke Unmul/ex.Bakom, masuk dr samping Taman Cerdas Lembuswana 50 meter, gedung putih kiri jalan. . 🏍️ GO FOOD 🏍️ GRAB DELIVERY (Search : Bakmi Juanda / Ny.Sari Waroeng Rame-Rame, ORDER MANUAL) . DELIVERY langsung dari @hahahihi.wr : ☎️/WA : 081348128688 . 🕗 BUKA DARI PAGI JAM: 08.00--22.00 ! 🕚 Sabtu : 08.00--23.00 ! . . #kulinersmd #wisatasamarinda #wisatakulinersamarinda #makanmurahsamarinda #makanenaksamarinda #cateringsamarinda #prasmanansamarinda #tumpengsamarinda #nasikotaksamarinda #nasiboxsamarinda #bcasamarinda #brisamarinda #mandirisamarinda #bnisamarinda #bfisamarinda #pegadaiansamarinda #sma1samarinda #sma2samarinda #sma5samarinda #unmul #untagsamarinda #widyagamasamarinda #stikeswiyatahusadasamarinda #umktsamarinda #bumisempaja #astonsamarinda #harrissamarinda #polnessamarinda

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"So we first met each other in chemistry class during first year, but ever since we joined VSA, it brought us a lot closer together. Through participating and organizing different events for VSA, we were both put in a position where we were exposed to our Vietnamese heritage much more than we ever expected. Christina made me feel a lot more welcomed and pulled me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to make the reach to become an exec, rather than just a general member. Overall, VSA has changed my friendship with Christina, from a school friend to a now much more personal friend." - Andy Kwok (left) . "I’ve known Andy since first year. I always had to think about what to say before speaking to him. Andy was strictly a school friend, someone I didn’t want to offend, but since both of us joined VSA and finished first year, our relationship has grown drastically. We grew to be personal friends, our relationship now is much more intimate than it ever was. Before, we only discussed grades, school work and all that, but now Andy has become a much more outgoing person, which transformed us into more like siblings, not just friends." - Christina Quach (right) ---------------------------------------------------------- Both are from @uwvsa #PoVSA #PeopleOfVSA #GiaDinhMeansFamily #UVSAOntario #UWVSA

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myindustry.ir. ‌
این تصویر بر روی #بیلبورد در استان #گیلان کار شده است.
نام #کمپین

‌ این تصویر بر روی #بیلبورد در استان #گیلان کار شده است. ‌ نام #کمپین #هم_نفس است و به موضوع شهدای #شیمیایی پرداخته است و تلاش نموده با همه باید 《نفس شهر به لبخند تو بند است، بخند》 ‌👇 عناصر مختلف در این کمپین به نظر خوب کنار یکدیگر قرار گرفته اند. ‌🗯🗯 شما در اولین لحظه تماشای این تصویر، چه حسی گرفتید؟ ‌ #انیمیشن #پویش #تابلو #رشت #تبلیغ #تبلیغات #iran #iranad #myindustry

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"My previous experiences in the Vietnamese community, I’ve always been just a part of it. I’ve never really hosted anything or been part of a team. Whereas I came to Waterloo and my friends told me to go be part of the Vietnamese executive team. That was something I really like to do so I tried out for it. I got accepted. I got my interview. They said “oh you’ll be first year rep” and I was like yesss definitely! I was so excited. So far, we’ve only been having meetings. It’s nice to have meetings where everyone just let all their ideas come in. For me, I have lots of ideas as well since being part of the Viet community for so long. I’ve had ideas, but it’s cause I wasn’t really part of a team that I didn’t really voice it out. Now that being part of a team, I’m able to voice those opinions out. (What are you most looking forward too?) IGNITE! Christina (UW Ignite Coordinator) talks to me about that. She hypes it up and I was like that’s so interesting. I really like to do skits, dances and cultural things. So, I’m really looking forward to that." - Maria Pham @mari_pham (UW VSA) #PoVSA #PeopleOfVSA #GiaDinhMeansFamily #UVSAOntario #UWVSA #Vietnamese #Viet

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