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freddiemercuryclub. \"The next morning Diana Moseley (the costume designer for the Magic To

"The next morning Diana Moseley (the costume designer for the Magic Tour) arrived at our hotel suite delivering for the first time Freddie's campest costume, a deep red cloak trimmed in fake ermine and a jewelled crown for royalty. It was extraordinary to watch him as he threw the cloak over his white towelling robe, put on his crown and struted around the room. Freddie sashayed around regally but said something was missing. Then he grabbed a banana and used it as a microphone. He flounced about, trying to work out the way the cloak fell as he moved. He loved it. And so did all the fans that night." -Jim Hutton . 👉P.S. This is one of those photos that can describe Freddie very well. The royal majestic quality coupled with the down to earth cheeky yet witty humor that were always an inseparable part of his unique personality. 😍👑🍌 . #FreddieMercury #KingofQueen

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  • dfoster670@dfoster670

    @y_degtiariuk facts of his life or gossip. Brian May was actually in Freddie's life and was behind this project . How about any of you? Were you alive when Freddie was? Were you in his life? Or are you about the gossip from Jim Hutton's tell all book disrespecting Freddie's privacy after Freddie died?

  • dfoster670@dfoster670

    @y_degtiariuk and who told you he didn't propose to Mary shit spreader? Don't tell me you read that lie in Jim Hutton's book that hated Mary and lied blaming her for him being removed from Freddie's house after Freddie died. Wrong Mary is not a lawyer the lawyers that were the executors of Freddie's will and wishes stated in his will removed everyone but Mary as that was Freddie's wishes to give her hos home since he personally referred to her in interviews as his common law wife and said none of his partners could replace Mary.

  • dfoster670@dfoster670

    @y_degtiariuk yeah that's what I thought you are what 10? You kniw nothing

  • franklin_vargas2010@franklin_vargas2010

    El rey eterno

  • zero_romeave_101@zero_romeave_101

    Just a normal day for Freddie uwu

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Ким сулуу десем,мен дейт@baijigitbaijigitov Фотограф @gulumkansadirova. Прическа @baijigitbaijigitov😀

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kittus0403. #summer #flowers #shoppingtime #iphonered ✌🏼
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bmats. Art Party shenanigans #becorerules 
@becore x @stillhouseusa x @pbr_ar

Art Party shenanigans #becorerules @becore x @stillhouseusa x @pbr_art x @shasin_bu x @halloffameltd x @424inc pc: @_jerem 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

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lovidovi_3. 그래서 눈은 언제 온다고?? -

그래서 눈은 언제 온다고?? - #찌찌터질뻔

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monsterairways. I like it

I like it

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such a happy weekend :-) 🏳️‍🌈 #Pride

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pamela__hello. May the Farm Bill get signed tomorrow and open up a new era and end of

May the Farm Bill get signed tomorrow and open up a new era and end of Prohibitionist laws. Legalizing hemp opens up opportunity for so many: farmers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, a new mode for “made in America” and more. May we lead on this going forward. #hemp #farmbill #legalizemarijuana #legalizeit #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #madeinamerica #makeamericagreatagain #cbd #behappy #behappyandsmile #behappybehealthy #feelgood

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