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🧧🧧🧧Pictures are from last year's spring festival at shanghais yuyuan garden. ➡️Continue to learn something about spring festival ⬇️ We are still in the year of the 🐓 and will enter the year of the 🐷 on the 5th of February. The Chinese spring festival is lasting more then one week and during this week there are many special days which are celebrated. It starts of with the day before the new year when Chinese getter with their relatives to celebrate the last day of the year. The night from the old year to the new year is celebrated at home and in preparation to the new year. Mostly new cloth should be worn to not bring any bad and old 'habits' into the new year. Also at the south and northern part of China prepare their specialty food to be eaten after the new year is entered at 12pm. In the north 饺子( jiaozi) or dumblings are eaten which symbolize small treasure bags which are supposed to bring good luck and fortune for the new year when eaten. They have each different fillings with incridients like vegetables, pork meat or shrimps. In south of china the people will traditionally eat 年糕 (niangao) which means literally -yearcake-. It is made from glutinous rice and mostly served in many different kinds of sweet forms. I personally prefer the jiaozi which are far more delicious😊. But that's a matter of taste. The new years night, which is followed by the moon calender and every year on a different day, is celebrated with lots or fireworks. During the following days, people will light up fireworks during the whole week, day and night (excapt for some bigger cities like shanghai where any firework is strictly forbidden). - Hope you learned something. Next post tomorrow! #whpcolorpallet - #travel2china #moodygrams #natgeoyourshot #travellingthroughtheworld #heatercentral #earthpix #passionpassport #lensbible #sonyalphaa6000 #fatalframes #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #hypebeast #wonderful_places #sonyimages #VisualAmbassadors #LOVES_CHINA #springfestival #citykillerz #instagood #gramslayers #trappingtones #ourplanetdaily #chinesenewyear #yuyuangarden #chineseculture #chinatravel #shanghaicity #travelchina

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Наши 6 лет !!!

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mdahomess. Bir ömür mutluluklar dileriz 🙏 
#müşterimemnuniyeti #sizdengelenler

Bir ömür mutluluklar dileriz 🙏 #müşterimemnuniyeti #sizdengelenler

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gilitcooper. Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss this belt a little bit. It was my first

Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss this belt a little bit. It was my first (obviously 🙄) and it’s meant so much to me, every time I put it on. The first time, the time after i had been out with a broken foot (or the other time with a torn knee), the first time I came by myself without my friend that brought me, the first time I went to night class, the first time I went to competition class, every time I’ve tied on that belt, it’s been the moment where I was saying to myself: It’s time. Even if I wasn’t feeling ready, this was my armor. And I’ve been using it as armor, saying “what do I know? I’m a dumb white belt?” Now it’s time to take some responsibility and push more. My first class as a blue belt is tomorrow night. It’s time 👊

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miss_gemma_fied. Reminiscing back on all the amazing moments from 2018! What an amazing

Reminiscing back on all the amazing moments from 2018! What an amazing year it's been, thank you for all the love & support! Come on 2 0 1 9. I'm Ready For Y A 🎆 Keep Safe & Happy New Y E A R 🎆 Love Gemma 💋 #model #swimwear #aussiemodel #naturalbeauty #youngmodel #sydney #ig_kids #tween #girl #closeup #topmodel #instagood #dreamer #reminiscing #blackandwhite #greeneyes #freckles #brunette #portrait #happynewyear #2019 #femalemodel #influencer #fierce #actress #beauty #inspo #mood #photooftheday #modelstatus 🎆

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missbird.art.school. My beautiful Wren is getting more alert and characterful every day 😍

My beautiful Wren is getting more alert and characterful every day 😍 #baby #play #sun #scandiborn #weegallery

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bunny.kanan. จุ๊บุ จิ๊บิ งุงิ งุงิ 💚💙 @bunny.eiif

จุ๊บุ จิ๊บิ งุงิ งุงิ 💚💙 @bunny.eiif

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ky2rare. Richer than your daddy...😤

Richer than your daddy...😤

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Ringoplast - дышащие пластиковые формы для расстойки теста , имитирующие тростниковые корзинки.  Запатентованный состав пластика и микрорельеф внутренней поверхности формы, позволяет работать с самыми влажными тестами, используя минимальное количество муки. Формы для расстойки Ringoplast очень крепкие, отличаются практичностью и долговечностью использования. Отвечают стандартам гигиены  и легко моются. В отличие от тростниковых форм со временем не плесневеют, не слоятся и не разрушаются, отсутствуют металлические скрепки, которые могут попасть в тесто. Для успешной расстойки теста, в форме Ringoplast,  расположены дышащие щели 0,5 мм. под ребрами, которые имитируют тростник. Для получения идеально ровной поверхности тестовой заготовки используется хлопчатобумажная ткань с резинкой, которая одевается на форму, т.о. с одной формы можно получить два разных на вида изделия. Формы бывают: овальные, прямоугольные и круглые. Минимальная партия заказа в ассортименте от 50 шт. #ХлебОборудование #хлебобор #хлеб #формовкатеста #хлебныеформы #ringoplast #форма_для_расстойки

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nicolevale15. 🖤


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