_12bq9. 한 달째 선미 노래에서 헤어나오지 못했어.

한 달째 선미 노래에서 헤어나오지 못했어.

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    delusixxal. So I had this deep chat right like proper deep almost got me to tears

    So I had this deep chat right like proper deep almost got me to tears and if u know me I’ve not cried in years but I jus wanna say something ahem ~~~ See these 2 bastards they’re jojo and jax if u wanna be cringe we’re the originals in our group the 3 musketeers (sorry Jesse) and they’ve stuck by me thro everything even after shit we still find our way back to each other like ye know jax being a dick cos trust me he’s like that a lot or jojo distancing for a bit but we like magnets and we get back together and Ik I don’t say it enough but I love u guys like Ik I’m a handful and I take shit to far or I sometimes hurt u guys without meaning to but u both are always there for me which I’m thankful for ~~~ Jax u become rly overprotective which is low key cute but annoying aswell like u think of me as a sister I think of U as a brother which is kinda messed up but yh i looove u ur always there for me checking up on me and ur relatable af we have gd deep chats n shit which is gd n u can come to me aswell cos Ik Shit gets to u but act as if shits gd n stuff so like I’m here yh ~~~ Jojo trust me sometimes I wanna kill u ur cute af and I love how laid back we are we can talk for ages over nothing but everything and ur like a big sister I just hit on to much and occasionally mind fuck u always put ppl in front of u even when u got bigger problems don’t do that hoe ur damaging ur own self but Fr I look up to u ur a person I wished I had in my life ages ago cos if u were there I wouldn’t be doin stuff to myself and I’m sorry I made u cry that night don’t cry cos it ain’t worth it I’ve said everything to u other times so yh love u baby girl

    laurabroown. Fuerte protege al débil 

    Fuerte protege al débil #Amor