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tarynleighh. We are daa Golden Hour... I miss you Stooopiiii 🌟☀️✨

We are daa Golden Hour... I miss you Stooopiiii 🌟☀️✨

koyawebb. All GREAT things in life are met with ADVERSITY. Those challenges will

All GREAT things in life are met with ADVERSITY. Those challenges will STRENGTHEN you if allow them to or they can leave you in DARKNESS. These DARK TIMES can bring communities together or tear them apart. YOGA and MEDITATION have been my BEST FRIENDS during these times in my life and I offer these FRIENDS to you via our new online yoga platform @alo.moves ✨ * Click link in my bio to try it out FREE for 2 weeks. Cody App is now @alo.moves so if you’re already part of the FAMILY enjoy the new content and more inspiring teachers to flow with.💫 * Let’s start a conversation around this healing practice. Do you practice yoga daily? Why or why not?✨ * Yoga Art in @aloyoga and @toesox 💫

the_big_lebansky. Week 16 of my story 🌱
Last week I left off with my first teacher Te

Week 16 of my story 🌱 • Last week I left off with my first teacher Teddy. Like I stated before, his genuine kindness and peace did not feel genuine to me initially. It took weeks and weeks (and now knowing him for years) to realize that the vibe he had was real. It was his consistency that ended up attracting me. As far as the practice goes, he taught Bikram Yoga with no heat and no mirrors. At the time I just assumed this was “Yoga” in its entirety. I had some preconceived notions about Yoga (not based in experience or knowledge), but just assumed that it wasn’t for me. I had very real problems and I had no idea what stretching could possibly do to even touch them. My body was a wreck (still recovering from Gout) and my mind and emotional state were all over the place. I could not be still, I could not close my eyes without immense anxiety, and I could not focus my mind if my life depended on it. But I participated every week because I had to. I don’t know what shifted but after a month or so I started to try. During a time when it was very difficult to care about my health or my future or my family, I started to care about this set of postures. I wanted to do it right, I wanted to hold it without falling, I wanted to be able to keep a single point of focus. This new attitude ebbed and flowed as my Recovery ebbed and flowed. But we were taught how we do anything is how we do everything. How we showed up in Yoga was indicative of how we showed up in group; of how we would eventually show up in life. So I tried. A couple months in, Teddy brought t-shirts to give away as “prizes”. He ended up giving me the title of “Most Improved” and for some reason this meant the world to me. I hadn’t been acknowledged for something positive in years and it softened me. It felt so good to have honestly worked at something and to see change. This lesson paralleled me efforts in Recovery (as Yoga principles continue to do). Something may not be easy or comfortable, but the reward for walking through it was building self-esteem. Something I had lost long ago. • To be continued 🙏

yogapaws. Happy #TutorialTuesday from @yoga.tutorials ✌️❤️
@miz.liz on the A

Happy #TutorialTuesday from @yoga.tutorials ✌️❤️ ・・・ @miz.liz on the Anti-Banana Back Handstand 🍌 ・・・ ✨Handstand: Do This/Not That✨ . . . First time making one of these because I thought it'd be fun! 😆 Handstand is all about integrating the entire body to balance it like it's one part, instead of 100 different moving parts. So engagement in all the limbs is super important! . . Do This: Feet together Toes pointed Legs squeezed together Engaged glutes Belly hollow Ribs in Straight back Extended shoulders Pro tip: press ground away like it's gluten (Max wanted me to put this in here 😂😂) . . Not that: Feet apart Inactive toes Legs apart Relaxed glutes Loose belly Ribs splayed Banana back Sunken shoulders . . . More handstand tips and drills can be found in our current #MasteringHandstands challenge or take a peep at my link in profile for the course ❤️ . . . Wearing all @aloyoga // Photos by Max #yoga #yogatutorial

joerehab. The SCM, a rotator of the neck
The Sternocleidomastoid is just that –

The SCM, a rotator of the neck The Sternocleidomastoid is just that – a muscle that attaches to the sternum, clavical, and mastoid process. Because of these attachments, it may also theoretically help lift the ribcage and can be considered a respiratory muscle as well. Tightness here can hinder breathing and lead to dysfunctions in the C or T spine, as well as headaches. . SCM Release . ❌🛑If you have a history of heart disease such a pulmonary embolism or DVT it can be dangerous and dislodge a thrombus and cause a stroke so do not do this release!!🛑❌ . 1. turn your neck to one side to allow your SCM to pop out 2. Lightly grip it and turn your neck away then back towards it and laterally flex neck as well. Do this slowly and work up the muscle. Stay longer on tender areas. . SCM Stretch . - Proper alignment, sitting up tall and draw in the core. - Anchor the same side arm under your seat - Extend the neck to look up, side bend your neck to the opposite side, and rotate the neck to look up a bit more. - Tuck in the chin (this makes a big difference for me!) - Use your other hand to gently press on the head. - Breathe out to intensify the stretch - Hold for 30 seconds or more, repeat 2-3 times on each side. . If one is tighter than the other. Try spending a bit more time. . Try this out and tag 3 friends and share the wealth . Photo Courtesy: @anatomytrainsofficial . Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and is used for educational purposes only. If you are having pain or health related complaints, please seek out a licensed healthcare professional. . #Myodetox #rehab #prehab #fitspo #health #fitfam #fit #workout #motivation #gym #healthy #fitness #mobility #strength #yoga #work #bodybuilding #strengthtraining #strengthandconditoning #me #fun #igers #toronto #markham

victoria.arvizu. I didn’t have a stable handstand practice until I steadily began pract

I didn’t have a stable handstand practice until I steadily began practicing at home. I used online yoga videos to help fill in the gaps between studio classes and also to target things I was working towards. If you are looking to improve your practice in a convenient and economical way try @alo.moves. They are offering a 14 day free trial so go ahead and see if a portable practice will help you get a little more time on the mat. PC: @sfreneenyc at the gorgeous @alonewyork studio. #ad

alessiarux. Fermati.
Probabilmente mi state seguendo nelle stories e, come sempr

Fermati. • Probabilmente mi state seguendo nelle stories e, come sempre, sono nella mia amata Puglia, questa volta insieme a @mieledilavanda e @mandorleesaporiacorte per scoprire le bellezze del mio territorio. Ora ci troviamo a @lidosabbiadoro e dopo ci aspetta un pranzo qui al @restaurantlidosabbiadoro. Questo posto grida “Puglia” da ogni angolo e io non posso che essere perfettamente a mio agio. #mandorleesaporiacorte Adv* #lidosabbiadoro Ph. @mieledilavanda . . . . . . . . #whatitalyis #ig_italy #italy_vacations #thecoolmagazine #guardiantravelsnaps #shootermag #welltraveled #cntraveler #agameoftones #ig_europe #kings_villages #bbctravel #huffpostitagram #exploringitaly #athomeintheworld #visualsgang

travel_drops_. 💧TRAVEL DROP OF THE DAY💧 

💧TRAVEL DROP OF THE DAY💧 21/06/2018 ____________________________________ 🏆 Belongs to the talented: 👉🏻 @epipha_ny ********************************************** 📷 Location: Sarlat-la-Canéda, France 🇫🇷 Photo selected by: 🌐 Admin: @insta_ksou *********************************************** 🏆 Congratulations 🏆 ----------------------------------------------- Please take some time to visit our featured artist's gallery and feel free to spread your love and support! ----------------------------------------------- For a chance to be featured, ➡️Follow: @travel_drops_ ➡️Tag: #travel_drops ____________________________________ Don't forget to mention where your photo was taken. ____________________________________

bestcitybreaks. 🇳🇱 Amsterdam Netherlands by @gabrielguita_
. 👉 Follow the featured

🇳🇱 Amsterdam Netherlands by @gabrielguita_ . 👉 Follow the featured feed for more 👈 👥 Tag your friends 👥 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🌍 Check out @travelanddestinations and @mikecleggphoto for more destination photos! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ➱ Features: Tag us in your photos and use #bestcitybreaks •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Amsterdam #Netherlands #europe #bcb_gabrielguita_ . . #lensbible #theweekoninstagram #nakedplanet #agameoftones #ig_color #folkgood #explorecreate #lifeofadventure #visualambassadorse #visualsoflife #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #travelandleisure #picoftheday #mood #kings_villages #earthfocus #natgeotravel #neverstopexploring #discovererearth #optoutside