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svetlana_babyshkina. Продолжаем любоваться цветочками. Деловая колбаса расхаживает по огоро

Продолжаем любоваться цветочками. Деловая колбаса расхаживает по огороду, как царь.😉 #марафон_волшебная_весна от @bloomval и @julieenot #марафон_волшебная_весна_викуличкадмитриевна #марафон_волшебная_весна_лупан Задание 9

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Self always

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Cuckoo-cuckoo-choo-choo! 😂 #train #trains #tracks #destination #transportation

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ааспыт 8р8буллэргэ кырдьа5ас Верхоянск куораппытыгар Потаповтар дьиэ кэргэттэрин бириистэригэр теннискэ курэхтэhии буолан ааста👍🏼 Курэххэ уопсайа 7 хамаанда кыттыыны ылла(Батагай, Верхоянск, Борулаах, Дулгалаах, Боронук, Остуолба уонна Сартан). Уопсай тумуккэ хамаанданнан Баата5ай бастаата, иккис Сартан, уьус Верхоянск👍🏼(Личнай киирсии тумугун бутэhик хаартыска5а уктум)🙌🏻 Биир дойдулаахтарбытын эгэрдэлээн кэбиhиэ5ин!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Сонуннаргытын 89141012324 ватсаптаан эбэтэр дирекка суруйун, манна таhаарыахпыт📝✏️✏️✏️

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. Ngabuburit . . Routingan : Gitar> @valeton_id dapper amp mini settingan hi gain, delay,reverb dan cab sim juga dari pedal ini > soundcard. Rekamnya pake iphone haha . . #isyanasarasvati #paradox #guitar #stratocaster #lukestellar #valetondapper #valetonid #adeavery

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mastiegirl. Ok friends - I know I usually stick to posting fun, happy things like

Ok friends - I know I usually stick to posting fun, happy things like yummy #allergyfriendly foods & cute lunch box ideas or recipes for #allergykids BUT now - it’s “TRUTH time” it’s time to talk about an uncomfortable but important topic #anaphylaxis - yesterday I had an #anaphylacticattack (due to my #mastcellactivationdisorder ) & I ALMOST DIED 😮 The ONLY reason I am here alive talking to you right now is BECAUSE at the first sign of symptoms (which this time for me was first a drop in blood pressure, then chills, then vomiting, & finally throat swelling & tightness - remember symptoms will not always be the same each time & past reactions don’t predict future ones) I USED MY EPI PEN. I credit @redsneakersforoakley for teaching me to ALWAYS “EPI FIRST & EPI FAST” - NEVER treat anaphylaxis with antihistamines (you know what a prominent pediatrician said about this - “antihistamines are what you give kids so they don’t itch while they DIE from anaphylaxis” - I hope that haunts you & sticks with you like it did me). NEVER “wait & see” if the reaction goes away or gets better. NEVER wait for the EMT or the ER doctor to epi pen you. You need to be BRAVE & stick yourself (or have a loved one do it - all my family have practiced with old expired pens on an orange as the real thing feels different than the “trainer” pen they give you with your RX) before calling 911. Remember to lie down (do not get up - even to walk to the ambulance or into the ER - studies have shown this greatly increases the chance of death from anaphylaxis) Failure to do these things WILL KILL YOU or your loved one with #allergies - I know this is hard to hear but it’s so important. It will save lives. I am now safe at home resting but I will need to be monitored for the next 72 hours because, as anyone with allergies or mast cell disorders knows a secondary reaction can occur during that time. Prayers or well wishes (positive energy/hugs/highfives if your not religious) are appreciated ❤️🥰🙏 Love & hugs to you all sweeties. Stay safe (ps black bars contain sensitive info like my insurance or address - that’s why they are exed out)

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