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Lets talk EGOS ✨ Are you willing to take a pay cut to do what you’re passionate about? Growth is never easy, and frankly if it doesn’t make me grow...I don’t need it sis. Put aside the ego, the anxieties, and trust that when you take a leap of faith you’ll catch yourself 🤯 #NotesToSelf

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We interrupt your usually scheduled Yoga post to honor Dharma’s 1st birthday 💝 I’m so grateful for this little happy fur ball. She’s so protective over me but 9/10 times is the sweetest, most well behaved baby. I love you Dharma girl 🦇💚

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EXPECTATION VS REALITY ✨ do you ever feel like you expect too much of yourself? We are so hard on ourselves as humans. Here’s a friendly reminder that your best, is enough ✨ 📸: @josh_edillon

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May was mental health awareness month, but it’s so important to always honor and respect that space 24/7/365 ✨ going into June let’s keep the theme of self awareness and self love. Say kind things and think kind thoughts onto others, but also yourself. Not everyday will be easy and that’s okay...the fun thing about human experience is that the yin and yang of life is what keeps us on our toes. Stay true to yourself and nurture your inner child. Love and support each other fairies, our experiences are not much different 🧚‍♀️🌸💫 📸: @josh_edillon

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Took a little hiatus because I’m always working on Me 👑✨ 📸: @josh_edillon

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I respect and love all living creatures who inhabit this planet. Happy Earth Day 🌺 #gyan #shuni 📸: @rohnson

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✨shine on fierce & bright, my friends✨

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So I’ve been using the 123FRÉ set for two months now and I absolutely loovveee it! The moisturizer has a spf of 15, but isn’t oily and the face wash doesn’t dry me out. I’m always outdoors, or in a studio; it’s the perfect formula to keep your skin clear if you’re active. This set is a MUST for women who work out!!! ✨ It is made of a unique blend of organic Argan Oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells. Their products are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. PLUS an Argan Tree of Life is planted for every set sold, empowering women who harvest Argan in Morocco and fight deforestation ✨ Use the CODE NOELLESN FOR 15% OFF at checkout to buy your first 123FRE SET, valid only for the next 48 hours @freskincare #freskincare #loveyoursweat #freyourglow

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Have a beautiful Sunday lovely peoples! Smile at a stranger, and call your mom 😽

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Make space for the things in life that bring you happiness. Make it a point to cut out the things that brings you down. Shine on my beauties 💖

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Where do you find serenity? I find mine in nature and through breath work practices ✨⚡️💫

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Go outside and feel the sunshine on your skin. Let the warmth consume you, and smile because you know you are living in the exact moment that you are meant to be in 🌼🌸🌻🌺🌞🍄💫🌷

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I’ve been holding onto this picture for a minute now because I felt like my alignment wasn’t “good enough” to post. So here’s a friendly reminder to you that you are good enough, and I am too. Someone’s opinion shouldn’t dictate how we feel in our bodies if we’re happy and healthy! 💖💘💝 📸: @josh_edillon

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✨ the cosmic castle - thank you for sharing ur energy with us 💫

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Explore more places that make you happy & make more shapes on things 🥰🏜🌵 📸: @josh_edillon

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Back on my dessert princess biizzzniizzzz 🐱🌵👑

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One more now and then 🥰 2018 verses 2014 - it’s crazy how much has changed, as well as how much has stayed the same. Also huge S/O to @josh_edillon for his now and then too! Your photography skills show obvious improvements over the years - I’m grateful for you and our long years of friendship! Good job my dude :)

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