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Confession: I only post backbends because they’re in my comfort zone and are “easy” for me 🙃 I’ve gained a lot of strength over the years, but I’m proud that I’m still getting stronger little by little everyday 💪🏼

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West Coast Winters keep me extremely happy and sun bathed 🌞

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#throwbackthursday w/ @josh_edillon, shoot him a follow if you don’t already 😸

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Starting Monday off with an opened heart & mind 💚 cheers to trusting the process ✨⚡️ 📸: @josh_edillon

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I bend over backwards to get my friends to do Yoga 🤓 📸: @josh_edillon

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Swipe to see another original @manarino_tats creation! 😻 This is my 5th tattoo by Michael, and I couldn’t be happier with what he draws me 🥰 if you’re in LA stop by @evermoretattoo for all ur traddy tatty needs!! I promise you’ll be taken care of 💚 P.S. I officially have a half sleeve by Michael now 😸😸

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Los Angeles! Drop your favorite hikes ⬇️✨

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✨ drishti ✨ (d r ih sh - t ih) Your “yogic gaze” aka a concentrated attention. Visually, our world is suuppeerrr over stimulating so we have these little tools to help focus our attention. The idea is: when we focus our visual attention on something, the mind follows. Next time you’re in a class and find your eyes wandering around the room, remember your yogi tool box and try to find drishti 💚 📸: @josh_edillon

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Wowowoweee 2018, you were a trip. I’m so thankful for the extreme up’s and down’s, because they came with sooo much growth. Huge shoutout to my friends who helped me through it all, I love you guys. Who else is ready to absolutely smaasshhh this new calendar year?! 📸: @josh_edillon

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Happy Saturday friends ✨ 📸: @beedee_

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Home is where the heart is happy 💘🌊

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Make a wish, my Capricorn babies ✨🍰 📸: @beedee_

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“I’ve always been flexible but I’m not strong”....I guess I can’t say that anymore. I’m so much stronger (physically and mentally) than I give myself credit for. Here’s a friendly reminder to not sell urself short of ur full potential 👊🏼 go out and have a great Friday! 📸: @josh_edillonl

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The best, 24/7 🔮 @beedee_ @beedee_ @beedee_ @beedee_ @beedee_

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Doing Airplane Pose by an airplane gives me more joy than it should....it’s the little things people 😹🤘🏼✈️ 📸: @josh_edillon

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~hello hot spring season~ Southern California! Who has some natural hot spring spots to share with me?? ⚡️⚡️⚡️ (Hot Spring pictured: Arizona Hot Spring, on Nevada/Arizona border)

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🌸 We hold sooo much tension in our chest and shoulders....that’s why we backbend! Did you know when we backbend we trigger our sympathetic nervous system? (that’s the flight or fight instinct btw) these feelings and emotions can be super intense because of how vulnerable we make ourselves in the posture. This can make us feel uncomfortable and stressed...but like, why should Yoga make me feel this way? 🌸 When we expose our chest and the front of our body, our mental mind gets stressed out. Our naturally instinct is to close up and protect ourselves. Stresses and traumas store in our bodies as these feelings, so as you open up these areas, some shit might start to arise. Sound familiar to anyone? (cough cough that panicked feeling you get in camel) 🌸 So Yogis, allow yourselves to move through your body. Know these feelings are normal, but only temporary. Love yourself no matter what the posture makes you feel, and especially love yourself over how it looks. Step into life with loving kindness and acceptance, rather than judgment or comparison. Move through the light and the muck. It’s all about of the process baby 💘 📸: @josh_edillon

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