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✨ the cosmic castle - thank you for sharing ur energy with us 💫

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Explore more places that make you happy & make more shapes on things 🥰🏜🌵 📸: @josh_edillon

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Back on my dessert princess biizzzniizzzz 🐱🌵👑

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One more now and then 🥰 2018 verses 2014 - it’s crazy how much has changed, as well as how much has stayed the same. Also huge S/O to @josh_edillon for his now and then too! Your photography skills show obvious improvements over the years - I’m grateful for you and our long years of friendship! Good job my dude :)

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Kamehameha or yoga blooper?? 😹💥 ps someone photoshop this pls lol Photo credit w/ @josh_edillon

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2018 verses 2014. Do you see the difference? I can....in 2014 my posture was ego driven - how can I make this pretty shape look pretty? No intentions on my alignment, no awareness to my movements, just the excitement that I could bind and kick my leg in the air lol 4 years later, I am able to come into this posture with a totally different mindset. My intentions are not to kick my foot as high as I physically can. My intentions are with love, treating my body with kindness and allowing it to move freely. My awareness is within my body, and my breath. Inhaling and exhaling smoothly and calmly as I engage my core and feel my hips align with one another;my shoulders pulling back into their correct spots. Feeling empowered, within myself and the physical practice. This is my glow up. This is my growth and transformation 📸: @josh_edillon (first photo he shot in 2018, second photo he shot in 2014)

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Happy International Women’s Day. Big shouts to all my ladies out there, love you all. Stay strong, stay empathetic, stay kind, stay together, and stay powerful 🥰🤩🥵🤤💚 #internationalwomensday

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Dharma. A true path, a natural order, cosmic law, protection. There’s no one single translation of “Dharma” to our English language, however, from practicing Dharma we find the path to peace. Practicing Dharma is an internal process, like most self work. It’s a choice, to consciously live your true path, while protecting yourself from ignorant and toxic thoughts ✨

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Craving a hike and over this rain! Where’s the best place to hike with a puppy in LA?!

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It’s the weekend!! Happy Saturday friends, I hope you’re weekend is full of light, love, and communion! P.S. i cannot believe it’s March already 😸🥳

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In the moments that you feel defeated allow yourself to smile because you understand it’s only temporary 💫⚡️🌟 📸: @josh_edillon

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Enjoy the little things, celebrate the big things; always remain present and grateful for the moment you’re living in 🌟⚡️ 📸: @josh_edillon

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Happy Saturday friends! Today I challenge you to get out into your community....smile at a stranger, commit a random act of kindness, start a conversation! Let’s connect with each other ✨ 📸: @josh_edillon

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Stand tall, stand strong ✨🌵💫 📸: @josh_edillon

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The human body will never fail to amaze me. The past few days I could feel the emotional stress building up in my body; so much that last night my body mimicked the effects of a fever but I was ~fine~. I couldn’t sleep, I felt weak, cold sweats, hot flashes all of it!! I knew something was up and went in for a massage. What happened was gnarly, I had emotional release during the session, and I couldn’t help this overwhelming sensation to cry. And no, it was not from physical pain. I’ve had similar experiences through yoga and meditation but never threw massage therapy!! What a great reminder that everything we do - think, say, act - is absorbed into our bodies....and one way or another the shit is going to make its way out. This post goes out to all my energy workers out there. In this moment, I am thankful for you 💚

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Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Whether you ~celebrate~ Valentine’s Day or not, it’s a good reminder of who we value and hold dear to our hearts. So, treat yourself, tell your bestie you love them, and call your mom 😽♥️✨ 📸: @earthtomarina_

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So proud of @biancagardner for taking on a new adventure in DTLA and helping out this little gallery space! She currently show casing @zacharyaronson, hit them up for deets on the next event tomorrow night 🤗 #SupportLocalArt

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It’s finally sunny in LA and my leg is so sore I’m limping #HappyHumpDay 📸: @josh_edillon

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