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Memories that pop up, like the photo at the bottom, brings me so much joy! It reminds myself of where I started and how far I’ve come with my practice. And I hope this reminds you that you can do anything you set your mind to as well! ✨ ____ The bottom photo was the very beginning of my consistent yoga practice. At the beginning, I had no idea what the foundations were to begin. I began following religiously @letsstartyoga by @jessicaolie and @elle_fit . *For anyone needing a starting point I highly recommend these ebooks.* ___ It wasn’t until one year into my yoga practice that I could actually do a forearm stand without the wall or some support. I wasn’t always as flexible as I am now. It takes time and it takes commitment. ___ The physical benefits are great, but what’s even better is how much stronger my mind and spirit have become through my practice. I’m eternally grateful for it, and for all of you crazy cats following me along for the ride. Love to you all. ✌️🖤 #letsstartyoga

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close my eyes let the whole thing pass me by there is no time to waste asking why i’ll run away with you by my side ___ 🖤 @aloyoga #trapt

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Playing around with this trippy-looking backbend. 😁 I was just seeing how far I could back-drop in a straddle position and ending up feeling sooooo good in this backbend! 👻 Any bend is my fave bend. 👌 #stayweird

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Another day, another sugar cane! 🙃

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✨💗 NEW CHALLENGE 💗✨ — Jan 21 - Jan 30 || Join us for 10 days of #WeakToWarriorAsanas ! We often practice what we’re good at, and neglect what we’re bad at. It is in hopes that these 10 days of the challenge will push us to spend more time & love on our weaknesses—both on and off the mat. — Use props and modifications when you deem necessary. Variations, modifications, and assists will be uploaded by our wonderful hosts. — Happy Hosts: @_melissayogi @em.luker @nitasenorita_x @nicole_cotcher — Generous Sponsors: @freaklechic @liforme @mantraband @dharmabumsactive — Lineup - Day 1: Splits (weak side) Day 2: Any Arm Balance (that you avoid) Day 3: Bird of Paradise (weak side) Day 4: Seated Compass (weak side) Day 5: Dancer’s Pose (weak side) Day 6: King Pigeon (weak side) Day 7: Sugarcane (weak side) Day 8: Any Inversion (that you avoid) Day 9: Side Plank (weak side) Day 10: Yogi’s Choice (pose you avoid) — To join, please: 1. Follow all hosts & sponsors 2. Like this post, tag some friends to join 3. Repost this flyer & use the challenge tag #WeakToWarriorAsanas 4. Tag all hosts in your post, and set profile to public so we can follow along ✌🏼 5. Post each day’s pose with your variation—while honoring your body, staying safe, and having fun! 6. Reach out to others with kind comments 🌸

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Trying out new shapes in headstand! ___ Today was my first day back at work for 2019! Call me crazy but I’m so excited to be back at work. 🤓 Loved having three weeks to reset my body & mind and get the rest I’ve so desperately needed the past few months. But dang, it’s so nice to challenge my brain again. Even after getting through 5 books and 2 puzzles in three weeks. Biggest dork and proud. 👌 ___ @aloyoga @liforme #lifeofanaccountant

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can you hear the silence can you see the dark can you fix the broken can you feel my heart 🖤🎵 bmth ___ @aloyoga

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Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again. ✨🌹 @aloyoga @mysugarmat

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🖤🧛🏻‍♂️ #vampirelike

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Home is not where you are from. It is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world To find it. Others find it in a person. ___ @aloyoga @liforme #handstands

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Is anyone else craving a detox after the holidays? 🙈🙋‍♀️ I know we sure are!! This dessert is perfect for it - healthy sweet treat with super foods and NO refined sugars. YAS PLEASE. ___ Rawmisu, or the healthier version of tiramisu! Espresso and Marsala soaked dates layered with vanilla chia seed mixture and coffee/choc chia seed mixture. Sprinkle with some cacao nibs and you’ve got yourself a deeeeelicious guilt free dessert. 😊☕️🍫 posted on @dorkswithforks_

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Posting a throwback for today! Does anyone remember our beautiful garden from our old home? This makes me miss my little sanctuary there so much! 😍 @dharmabumsactive @ohmat #lovemydharmabums

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My zone. Tunes by @wecameasromans Rest your sweet soul @kylepavone 🖤🤘

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There’s no place like home. ✨🌴 #thisismyparadise

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nitasenorita_x. There are worlds in you, and I have fallen in love with every one. ✨ /

There are worlds in you, and I have fallen in love with every one. ✨ // Beau Taplin @aloyoga

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You touched the place in my heart where love runs wild. ✨ @aloyoga

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Be as you as you can be. ✨ @aloyoga @mysugarmat

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