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And the bravest of souls are those that chose to love. Over and over. ✨ . . Day 3 of #flourishingforwards is #boatpose - so I went with my favourite hybrid lotus/boat. . . HOSTS: @flow_flourish_yoga @clacuru @em.luker @dr_kaufman @codyyoga . . SPONSORS: @inspiritcollective @mysugarmat @comfy_yoga @hathamat_berlin @rangoonactive @arcfitnessproject

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Never apologise for your wild heart, just let me feed it the love it demands. ✨ . . Day 2 of #flourishingforwards is #warriorpose. . . HOSTS: @flow_flourish_yoga @clacuru @em.luker @dr_kaufman @codyyoga . . SPONSORS: @inspiritcollective @mysugarmat @comfy_yoga @hathamat_berlin @rangoonactive @arcfitnessproject

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Let me radiate only love, only light, only healing. ✨ . . Day 1 of #flourishingforwards is chaturanga - a pose we all love to hate and hate to love. 🤗 . . HOSTS: @flow_flourish_yoga @clacuru @em.luker @dr_kaufman @codyyoga . . SPONSORS: @inspiritcollective @mysugarmat @comfy_yoga @hathamat_berlin @rangoonactive @arcfitnessproject #chaturanga #yogachallenge

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Living in paradise ain’t so bad! The only downfall is when your face mask won’t even dry to your face from all the humidity. Aside from that, wouldn’t change a thing. 🌞✨🌴 #blessed #paradise #discoverfnq #tropicalnorthqueensland

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Stay close to people who feel like sunshine. 🌞✨ @aloyoga @liforme #aloyoga #beagoddess #liforme #sugarcanepose

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nitasenorita_x. GUYS!!!! My sister and I have just been going through Gigi’s baby phot

GUYS!!!! My sister and I have just been going through Gigi’s baby photos. Apologies in advance, but let the influx of photos begin 😭😍 #sausagedog #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshund #sausagedogcentral

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Smile and let go. It’s just life after all and you’re doing alright just by living. // Atticus ✨ @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess #ajaneyasana #backbends

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nitasenorita_x. How can I pass up participating in this challenge with these beauties

How can I pass up participating in this challenge with these beauties hosting! Love them. Anyone care to join? 😚 @vero_lius @neenah.yoga @cristinayap14 . . . . ・・・ ✨NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT ✨ . Join us for #flourishingforwards November 18th - 24th for 7 days of strengthening poses. Each day we are targeting a different body area with a pose to help strengthen it. We chose these strengthening poses to help flourish and grow your practice forwards! This challenge is for all levels, please make modifications where needed and listen and respect your body! . How To Play: . 1️⃣ FOLLOW all Hosts and generous sponsors! . 💙 HOSTS: @flow_flourish_yoga @clacuru @em.luker @dr_kaufman @codyyoga . . 🎁 SPONSORS: @inspiritcollective @mysugarmat @comfy_yoga @hathamat_berlin @rangoonactive @arcfitenessproject . 2️⃣ REPOST this flyer, tag some of your friends and don’t forget to set your account to public. . 3️⃣ POST a photo of the featured pose daily, TAG your hosts and sponsors and use the hashtag #flourishingforwards . ✨ Pose Line Up: Day 1. Arms 💪🏼 chaturanga Day 2. Legs 👣 any warrior pose Day 3. Core ⛵️ boat pose Day 4. Shoulders 🙃 inversion (modification dolphin pose) Day 5. Buttocks 🍑 chair pose Day 6. Back 🐍 cobra pose Day 7. Yogi’s choice . . @igyogachallenges #yogachallenge #igyogachallenges #mysugarmat #comfy_yoga #inspiritcollective #hathamat #weareragoon #arcfitness

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There are no half measures in love, only all or nothing. And if it doesn’t make you tremble or go mad at the very thought of it’s absence, you should move on. // Beau Taplin ✨ @aloyoga #alo #beagoddess #alienpose #hollowback #backbend

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Anyone else with fur babes relate to this? Swipe to see our normal practice - Gigi coming in hot for kisses! I’ve come to realise my most vulnerable moment is when I am inverted, Gigi comes to attack my face and I cannot move my hands to cover my face. Bless. 🤣🐾 @aloyoga @ohmat #alo #aloyoga #beagoddess #yogawithdogs

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Dreaming of sunshine and palm tree fields! 🌴✨🌞 #palmtrees #tropics #thalabeach #discoverfnq

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It’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe. 🖤 @aloyoga #alo #aloyoga #beagoddess #ploughpose

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The real reason why I always have a bruised chin.... 🙃 BUT! I’ve finally got my bun to my bum! So happy with the progress I’ve seen in my back flexibility this past year. Listening to your body is key. 🙏 #chinstand #cheststand #backbend #aloyoga #beagoddess

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I would like to introduce you all to FRUIT POOH! 🍇🍉🥥🍌🍓 It’s my one and only favourite thing to buy at the Port Douglas markets. All it is - is glorified frozen fruit puréed! And god damn it’s delicious. 🤤 This was banana, mango & coconut! #fruitpooh #glutenfree #dairyfree #tropics

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Opening my heart the best way I know how. ✨ One of my favourite backbends to practice! @aloyoga @mysugarmat #alo #aloyoga #beagoddess #kingpigeon

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Home. My little slice of paradise. ✨🌴🌞 #tropicalnorthqueensland #thisismyparadise #discoverfnq #beachlife

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Working on a new transition! ✨ Flowing from straddle press up headstand into forearm stand! This was so fun playing around with. What is something new you have tried on your practice? Tunes by fave @wagewarofficial #yogavid #yogavideo #aloyoga #wagewar

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Gentle reminder: your heart is a muscle and so should be exercised regularly. Love often and deeply. ✨ @aloyoga @ohmat #aloyoga #beagoddess #stylerunner #hollowback

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