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Low-key on the #neveractwild🐯

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Super windy in #malmö today and one minute after this shot all the crema☕️ from my coffee blew over my entire suit, shirt and #neveradullmomentwithme right @sara.lassesson ❤️😂 . . #zestforlife

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Head in the cloud, feet on the ground🐯 . ☕️🥐 @patisseriedavid

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We’re now weeks away from opening our doors @sushirebellion 🥁🥂🥢 . This is one of our vegetarian sushi masterpieces and just like Miró our Executive Chef is an artist . He holds the titles of World Sushi Champion (Japan/2013) and Most Creative Sushi Master (Japan/2014) and I’m so proud to have him on our #dreamteam 💯 . Together we will fulfill our mission to make our guests feel good through all senses❤️ . #sushi

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This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my oldest daughter🐯Isabella . Being a #momofthree motivates me every day and has installed a powerful sense of discipline with real consequences that is very useful to me as a serial #igetshitdone . Im confident my three ❤️ will grow up into strong, original and happy women who will dive into life their way, without society’s kiss on the forehead . And I lead with #tigersaregreatswimmers

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I live from the heart❤️ . Don’t stop your love; show and tell; passion in every cell🐯 . Who lives with #noregrets & #noheartaches #yourstruly . . . #entrepreneur

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With the spread of conformity and blandness the allure of an individuated woman in possession of her personality, sexuality and powers #ownwhoyouare®️🐯 . HAPPY WEEKEND Tigers❤️ . . . #grablifebytheballs

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I realized early on in life that what makes me different and individual- these are my #betherawrnottheecho . Hats off to personality, character and joie de vivre🎩🤸‍♀️❤️ . . . #bluetie

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We want to be the kind of place where different people with contrasting preferences come together and where you can go even if you don’t like fish or sushi . So on our menu @sushirebellion we have sushi and fish but also dishes with beef, smoked lamb, crispy chicken, ceviche and lots of vegetarian options . Pictured are two of our smaller dishes; beef spoons with pickled onion and grated parmesan and (swipe) our grilled asparagus with sweet soy and orange zest . Which would you prefer?❤️🐯

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[MONDAY] how are my Tigers 🐯 doing today? Here it was #momofthree rise n’ shine 🥳 and then morning #workout 🏋️‍♀️ // Paperwork // Restaurant work supervising 👉 they’re building the kitchen @sushirebellion 🤩 // now a coffee & work at the office of the day #entrepreneurlife// I’m wearing: my light brown #tie from #roma and a smile, all sponsored by me😜

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Cheers to our epic and life affirmative😂 trip to Rome my ladies🥂 . @sophiamorgans @maya_spiritualgangster @misslauragallina @stephanieborghammar @marlenehorngard @minalegend @karinskane Elisabeth and Ramona . Not one fuss about anything, just pure pleasure; just like it should be❤️ Love you all, just wanted the world to #friendsforlife . Next epic trip👉Paris in September❤️🥂❤️

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I’ve never been fond of pink but I’m fond of stepping outside my comfort zone so say hello to The Pink Tie🖖 . I’m not really sold though so I’m facing the jury- what do you think⚰️or🥳? . #womeninsuits

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I have fun everywhere I go, even straight from #roma to #malmö . The coffee is better in Italy but the daytime cafe dancefloors are better #itiswhatyoumakeit . #entrepreneurlife

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Haha sorry about the trash bin but on the other hand being an entrepreneur is all about handling new shit every day and eating problems for breakfast is one of my greatest #keepcalmandsmileattrouble

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It ain’t easy going from #roma to #malmö but I honestly appreciate contrasts❤️and coming back to moving forward with our restaurant @sushirebellion . (I believe dancing in front of my restaurant brings good fortune😂💃🏻so here we #igotmyownthang

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So happy to work with Giovanni and crew from @sydsverigeentreprenad Feel full confidence knowing they’re here @sushirebellion working their magic❤️ . #entrepreneurlife

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Here’s another graceful disruptor from our menu ❤️ @sushirebellion We’re weeks away from opening our doors, how cool is that🐯 . #momofthree

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@zumarome rooftop top of the world with these #tigerstyle

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