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I have been struggling so bad. This isn’t normal for me; I come home and have absolutely no motivation or energy to do anything. About 6 weeks ago, I stopped taking Thrive because I was trying eliminate anything that could be causing my nausea, but today i asked Amanda to reorder me Theive to see if it helps. Here is to hopping

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3rd day in a row getting in a 30 minute workout!! Monday-Friday is going to be tricky, but I am going to go into the week optimistic!!!

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I got in my 30 minutes before an insanely busy day!!

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No more excuses!! Its been a month since my car accident and I am fully healed from my little procedure, so no more excuses!! I am challenging myself to commit 30 minutes a day to do some sort of workout. Wish me luck!!!

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Man, its the perfect fall day today! Still trying to build my endurance back to what it was 3 weeks ago.

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I hate that it’s already October 16th and I have only done 2 runs. It’s amazing how much being inactive for 3 weeks can effect me physically and emotionally. This mornings run was a lot better than the one I did last week- had no pain (mostly).

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....it wasn’t the best of runs.... but it wasn’t the worst wither.... glad to be able to run again.

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A chilly morning run. :)

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Holy crap, I PR’d today!! My only goal was to do better then I did at Fortitude, and then since my run Wednesday my ankle has been hurting, so I had really low expectations. So excited!!! What a great race!!! Thanks @medalsandmimosas10k

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While I was feeding Emery at 3:30am, I was more tired than I usually am, at least it felt like it. So I started talking my self almost out of my run; “you can run when you get home. You can run tomorrow.” But then I started thinking the opposite way thinking things like, “just go run 3 or 4 miles.” So thats what got me out of bed. But once I was out and running I felt great and made it to the 6 miles I had set to do.

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Was hoping for 8 miles... still better than nothing, right?

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It definitely felt like Fall this morning. It was 48 degrees when I left the house! But a nice 6 mile run to start off Friday!!!

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Not a bad run for 3:45am!!! I had a talk with Emery, our 6 week old, last night and asked her to sleep until at least 3:30am. She woke up at 3:00am so all in all a good compromise. I fed her her bottle, and headed out for my run!!! #noexcuses

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A slow 7.5 miles this morning. Todays run, other than being slow, was much better than the last few weeks which I believe confirms I need to cut out all dairy. Thank God coffee isn’t dairy.

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It works out perfectly to go for a morning run when Emery wakes up 30 min before the alarm goes off. :)

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Hey friends. There is a new 10k race happening in Denver in just a couple of weeks. Its @medalsandmimosas10k They are offering my followers a $5 discount for the race, all you need to do is use the promo code MIMOSAS when you register! Also, the mimosas are bottomless!!! Hope to see you there!!!

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Well. I ran my worst 10k today. Ended up starting in a way later wave than I was suppose to because it took 35 minuets to get through the bathroom line, I had to stop at mile 3 to walk and left the race immediately to get home . Take aways from today: 1. I need to train better 2. Maybe Chipotle the night before a race is a horrible idea. 3. At least I finished.

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nicks_running_adventures. Ready for tomorrows 10k in Ft Collins!!!

Ready for tomorrows 10k in Ft Collins!!!

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Love getting my butt out of bed early on Saturdays to get my run out of the way. Now I get just hang out with three beautiful girls all day!

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I know I have a huge flaw within my running routine and that is I focus on my pace way more than I should. So this morning, I didn’t worry about that and just focused on the endurance part of the run. This mornings run felt great!!

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Running on a treadmill is not my favorite, but its better than nothing. I also did a light strength workout which has been almost nonexistent in my routine this year. I realized tonight how much damage you can do to your body in such a short amount of time. Its 100% my fault for making really unhealthy choices.

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Seriously, My running can’t keep up with my cookie & brownie intake. Wanna know what I had for dinner last night? French fries and a Root-beer float.... send help.

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Eating pizza before running was a bad choice. But when your wife makes homemade pizza, you have to have a piece.... or 4....

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Last nights schedule with baby Emery totally worked.... We all got to bed a little earlier, her 1:00am feeding went super quick and my alarm for a 4:00am run was not immediately shut down for extra sleep. Now how to keep her in this schedule is the real question....but for now... coffee

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