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“My name is Yijia Cai and I am an international student from China. I’m the only child in my family, which actually is common in China during the 1990s because of the one-child policy. This was a big decision for my parents to send their only child to study abroad. . We did a lot of research before I came here and looked at a lot of pictures on the internet. Not only was NC State really pretty, but also the Triangle area has a very good academic environment. After I arrived here, I was truly shocked by our library and gym. . In 5 years after I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school to get my master’s degree. As for my future job, I have no idea, but I may do something in applied mathematics. . NC State was the only school I applied to, and I’m glad I was accepted. I really love NC State. Everything is perfect.” —Yijia Cai, senior studying mathematics #FaceOfThePack

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ncstate. Meet @KatieBrooksArt, an @ncstatedesign senior with a minor in arts en

Meet @KatieBrooksArt, an @ncstatedesign senior with a minor in arts entrepreneurship (@ncstatemusic). Katie regularly uses all kinds of leaves as her canvas — but it was actually The Tree by Park Shops (the ginkgo we’ve been tracking this fall) that first inspired her to pick up a leaf to paint. . “I passed this ginkgo every day on my way to studio freshman year. It sounds silly, but I’d never seen one before and began to admire the tree in passing,” Katie said. “When the leaves turned gold and began to fall, I was so taken aback by them that I gathered as many as I could to press. Unlike most other leaves, ginkgo leaves have veins that are mostly flat. They were far too canvas-like to not paint! Although my painted leaves now come from a wide variety of plants, ginkgo leaves will always be special to me, and a favorite to paint. Although it isn’t quite old enough yet to take leaves from, I actually have a little ginkgo tree of my own now growing in my studio!” . . Watch our Stories for some behind-the-scenes clips from Katie’s perspective. 🎥 and 🎨 by Katie Brooks

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Hello, old friend. 😊🐺🐾 . . . The Belltower scaffolding is down temporarily, and we are just taking in this view. In addition to installing a 55-bell carillon, the restoration and completion project also involves improving accessibility and renovating the site into Henry Square, named for the generous lead donors. The Belltower’s first real bells will ring in late 2020 or early 2021. #CampaignNCState #NCStateOnCampus

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“My graduation cap design took some thinking, but I love how it turned out. Since a lot of thought was put into it and not everyone will understand the symbolism, here’s a breakdown of it: We’ll start with the words. “Think and Do” is the motto of NC State. The words “Pensé y Logré” are a rough translation of the past tense of that. More accurately it means “I thought and I achieved”. Despite the many struggles I went through at State, I achieved so much. . I am a member of a Latina-based (but not Latina exclusive!) sorority called Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. Joining LPC was probably the most significant part of my undergrad career. Upon joining La Hermandad, I created lifelong bonds and memories with the women I have met. Of course LPC came with its own struggles, but I have grown so much as a Latina woman because of it. Our flower is the red carnation and our mascot is the butterfly. Hence the carnations and butterfly on the cap. . I am proudly half-Colombian and half-Puerto Rican. One butterfly wing contains the Colombian flag and the other contains the Puerto Rican flag. With the butterfly being LPC’s mascot and this one containing the flags of my two cultures, it represents me. Two degrees, 4.5 years. The memories, experiences, and friends I made at NC State will forever stay with me. It wasn’t easy, but I don’t regret any of it. I finally did it 🔥” —Cathy Rivera ‘19 📸: @thefaneite . December grads, use #HowlBack when you post your grad pics to enter @NCStateAlumni’s photo contest. Visit the link in their bio for details.

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ncstate. Just going to wolf these down real quick. 😋🐺🐾 Happy #NationalCookie

Just going to wolf these down real quick. 😋🐺🐾 Happy #NationalCookieDay! . . 🍪 and 📸: @203yumlingtonplace

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Thankful for the glow up. Swipe to see The Tree's transformation. . . . Y'all told us how much you love this beautiful ginkgo tree when we posted a photo of this spot back in September. If you don't follow us on Twitter (follow us on Twitter), you might not know that we've been tracking The Tree by Park Shops for the past month as its leaves have turned from dark green to bright yellow. What's another spot on campus that ~sparks joy~ every time you pass it? #NCStateOnCampus

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"Hi, I’m Chance Roedel and I am an animal science major in @NCStateCALS. I will be graduating in December with an industry concentration. I first found a passion for veterinary medicine when I attended NC State’s VetCAMP summer program while still in high school. Not only did I find a passion for animals but I found a place to call home for the next four years of my life. • My time here at NC State has been nothing short of incredible. I have made lifelong friends as well as memories that I will cherish forever. While my college career was full of ups and downs, the one thing that remained constant for me was my pup, Roscoe. Having him here with me during the late nights of studying was always something to look forward to. • The thing I will miss most is cheering on the Wolfpack on Saturday afternoons in the student section of Carter-Finley while attending every football game during my four years as a student. While still considering the options that the animal science field has to offer, I am currently interning at a commercial construction and landscape company as an estimator." —Chance Roedel '19 📸 by @r.m.orr • December grads, post your graduation photos and use #HowlBack to enter @NCStateAlumni's contest for the chance to win a diploma frame. 🎓🐺🐾

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ncstate. Grateful for our Pack. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. #NCStateOn

Grateful for our Pack. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. #NCStateOnCampus

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No bad angles on The Tree (iykyk). #NCStateOnCampus

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Thinking about that #Thanksgiving menu. 😋🍗🍴 #NCStateOnCampus

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“One of the big reasons why I chose NC State is because of the Air Force ROTC program as well as the applied mathematics department that we have here. At the time when I was visiting NC State, the Air Force ROTC program was ranked nationally and that just stood out to me. NC State is also kind of close to home, and since I’m going into the Air Force, I wanted to be closer to home now because I know later on I will be across the world. • I like the fact that NC State is a bigger campus, but definitely has ways to make it feel more like home. So one thing that I did as a freshman was I was a part of the Women in Science and Engineering Village. That just made me feel more at home with the tutoring services that they had there as well as the girls that I got to meet with like mindsets. • I am an Undergraduate Admissions intern. I’ve been an intern for one year, so last semester was my first semester as an intern. One of my favorite things about being an intern is speaking to prospective students. I’m also a College of Sciences Ambassador, so those types of events just keep me going, to see the people that want to attend NC State and eventually will attend NC State. • Five years from now, I’ll still be in the Air Force. After that, maybe The Pentagon.” —Ceanise Nock, applied mathematics major with minors in aerospace studies and industrial and systems engineering, Wake Forest, NC #FaceOfThePack

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T.G.I.First light. #NCStateOnCampus

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Campus, but make it autumn. #NCStateOnCampus

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“Hi, everyone! I'm back again with more updates on my experience studying abroad as an @NCStatePrague Connect Student. Every day is a new adventure in Prague! I couldn't be happier with my decision to take a leap of faith and start my first semester of college in the Czech Republic. • The past few weeks have been exciting, busy and memorable, to say the least. When I haven't been in class or preparing for my midterms, I've been traveling around Europe with my new friends. Above you will see pictures from my trips to Budapest, Hungary as well as Paris, France. • This weekend was the 30-year anniversary of the fall of communism in the Czech Republic. I attended celebrations and peaceful protests around the city with my classmates. My Czech language professor even went with us and translated the speeches. • The idea of returning to campus in the spring is bittersweet. I am looking forward to reuniting with my friends and family in America and starting a new chapter of my life at NC State. However, I know my heart will break when I leave my new home. • Thanks for following along with my adventures as a Prague Connect Student. Go Pack!” —Abby White, @ncstatechass • We featured Abby as our #FaceOfThePack in September. Follow along this semester as she gives us a look into what it’s like to start college as a Prague Connect student. 🐺🐾

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Can Wile E. Wuf capture a win over the Cardinals? Watch tonight as @packfootball takes on Louisville at 7:30 p.m. 🏈🐺🧨 #1Pack1Goal #BeatLouisville 🎨: @markmclawhorn

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Margaret Atwood has been described as the most important living writer of our time. An award-winning author of dystopian literature, her 1985 novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” has been adapted for a TV series on Hulu. Ahead of her talk in the Talley Student Union Ballroom in which she shared thoughts on how she uses literature to explore our genetic engineering futures, Atwood visited the @NCStateGreggMuseum to see the “Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures” exhibition. Two of the pieces, “Snowman” and “Vanishing Point,” are part of artist @SuzanneAnker’s “Laboratory Life” series, inspired by Atwood’s 2003 novel “Oryx and Crake.” The multi-site exhibition runs through March 15, 2020. #NCStateAtwoodLive

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Fridays are for the Woofpack. 🐺🐾 #NCStateOnCampus 📸: @claypark

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To all who have served our nation: Thank you. #VeteransDay

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That moment you (and your parents) find out you won Leader of the Pack. 😯🐺🐾 Congratulations to Sam Chan, a fourth-year student studying political science and communication from Cary, North Carolina. #ThinkAndDo #NCStateRedWhite

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Home is where the howl is. 🔴🐺🐾 #BeatClemson #1Pack1Goal #NCStateRedWhite

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Exceeding extraordinary expectations — that’s what happens when we come together as a Pack. Three years ago, we set out to raise $1.6 billion by December 2021. With the support of nearly 88,000 donors from all 100 NC counties, all 50 states and 65 countries, we’ve met our goal two years early. Balloons fell in Talley Student Union yesterday when Chancellor Woodson announced the news at his annual Fall Address. But we're not done yet. The next phase of #CampaignNCState will focus on continuing to close the financial gap faced by many lower- and middle-income students. Join us as we Think and Do the Extraordinary.

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Strength in the PACK. 🔴🐺🐾 #NCStateRedWhite #BeatClemson 🎨: @seano.gohard

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Carter-Finley Stadium: It’s where 57,000 of us howl on game days. Where @packfootball has played for 53 years. Where Torry caught passes and Philip and Russell threw touchdowns. Where every yell of “WOLF!” is answered with “PACK!” It’s home. See you at the Carter tomorrow. Wear 🔴🔴🔴. #NCStateRedWhite

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We’re quoting former @ncstatedasa vice chancellor Tom Stafford (the man, the myth, the location) when we say tonight was “Wolfpack awesome.” 🐺🐾 Congratulations to this year’s NC-SYNC winners, @theta_ncsu and @ncsu_chipsi. #NCStateRedWhite

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