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Don’t be just another brick in the wall. • (P.S. Can you name this spot?) #NCStateOnCampus

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“Both my parents are alumni, so I grew up an NC State fan. When I got in, I just kind of knew it was a great fit. The engineering program is amazing, and the opportunities here are second to none. • I’m a senior, so I’m most excited about networking with current students and alumni. Because I am a chancellor’s aide, I get to interact with a lot of high-profile alumni. Both my parents were chancellor’s aides as well. Hearing how it helped shape their experiences, I figured I’d give it a shot, and lo and behold, I’m a chancellor’s aide now. • It’s really cool because you do get to interact with a lot of high-profile people. I walked the chancellor down to the stadium at the last home football game. So that’s really cool just to have that background and be able to network with all these people and see how passionate a lot of them are about this university. • In five years, I hope to be a consultant traveling across the country and just really helping businesses and companies become more efficient.” —Jack Sagraves, @ncstateengr, Charlotte, NC #FaceOfThePack

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X’s and O’s and Wolf and Pack. Friday Eve motivation, courtesy of @packmensbball. 💪🐺🐾 #NCStateOnCampus 🎨: @seano.gohard

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You are not alone. Students gathered on Harris Field for a candlelight vigil in recognition of #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. Remember, @ncsucounseling is here for you. #StopTheStigma

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“I grew up going to all the NC State events with my dad. It’s always been my dream school. At first when I found out I was a Spring Connect student, I was a little disappointed and hesitant, but then I found out about the Prague Connect program and I got really excited. I can’t wait to be a part of the Pack! • Not only will I be taking a full course load and complete my first semester of college in Europe, but I will be living and learning with 28 other Prague Connect students who will return to NC State’s campus with me in the spring. • I’m looking forward to experiencing a new culture. I haven’t traveled a lot, so I can’t wait to travel around Europe. I’m excited to make new friends and build new relationships for when I come back in the spring. I’m really nervous about getting around and using the transportation system in Europe and adjusting to the new lifestyle. • Hopefully in five years, I’ll have graduated and I’ll be working in marketing for a company or maybe someday building my own business, not in five years but working towards that.” —Abby White, @ncstatechass, Cary, NC • Follow along this semester as Abby gives us a look into what it’s like to start college as a Prague Connect student. #FaceOfThePack

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Another W in the books. @packfootball beats Western Carolina 41-0. 🏈🐺🐾 WOLF!

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Time to face the music. The Wolfpack takes on the Western Carolina Catamounts at 12:30 p.m. in Carter-Finley Stadium. Let’s go, Pack! #BeatWCU #1Pack1Goal • Want this poster? Pick up this week’s issue of @ncsutechnician. 🎨: @markmclawhorn

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Putting the *woof* in Woofpack. #NCStateOnCampus 🐶🐾 📸: @corgisofthequay

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@PackFootball beats ECU 34-6 to kick off the season! WOLF!! 🐺🐾🏈🇺🇸

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Feels good to be HOME. 🐺🐾 #BeatECU | #1Pack1Goal

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From the International Space Station to Hogwarts — just a day in the life of the Pack. 😎🐺🐾 #NCStateOnCampus

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