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Learning the timing and strategies to activate your core and keep your back supported is 😎 . Ever felt your lower back in “core” exercises? That doesn’t mean you are weak, but maybe the exercise wasn’t appropriate (yet) or you just haven’t been given the secret recipe to core success. One of my “go-to” core sequences that doubles as a balance challenge. Perfect for beginners, and easily progressed. Swipe across for ways to add extra spice once you nail the foundations. #MVMThasyourback

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Bicton, I’m coming! #Bictonbombshell #frombonditobicton #hollyjoinsmvmt ____ Exciting things coming. All revealed via link in bio (way too much goodness to share in a post). @hollyg.d

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🚀 🍑🤑 Attention: 5-Weeks of unlimited MVMT will get your body extremely toned and strong. (Perfect for showing us over Christmas and all summer). Signing upfront makes you accountable. ___ Get unlimited classes for 5-Weeks starting Nov 18th and let’s countdown to Christmas MVMT style. ___ For $199, sign up for VIP access and unlock priority access to pick and choose your favourite classes. Amazing value (even if you come just 2x week) and the perfect opportunity to test out and try all our new classes. ____ Experts in: Mat Pilates Strengthening cores Unlocking tight hips and stiff spines Beating back pain Customising movement to suit your level and body Improving bad posture Sculpting bodies 🍑💪🏽🔥 Deceptively challenging classes Activating all the right muscles Inventing new moves so you never feel bored Bragging Making you fall in love with the magic of movement VIP OFFER EXPIRES SOON. #BICTONBOOTYCALL #JOINTHEMVMT Link in bio., or email us to learn more. mvmtsociety.com.au/bictonbootycall

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Halloween Hyperlapse 🍑👻 🎃 🕷 @pilatesbychloe #dreamteam

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Watch this space! Bondi Bombshell incoming. “Favourite workout in Sydney” “Amazing teacher” “Best workout in Bondi” 🤩 #comingtobicton #bictonbombshell

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The 21-Day Spring Binge starts Monday... and as part of the offer we have included a really fun Halloween themed Masterclass... and it just so happens to be in the Greater Hall (which is beautiful, but exceptionally spooky). The class will be our NEW 45-Minute Sculpt followed by a bit of Pass-the-pumpkin 👻! Free when you sign up for the Spring Binge ($99 for 21-Days Unlimited) or ($29 if you are a member and want to upgrade). Just one of many fun things we have planned. Get amongst it, win prizes, binge MVMT and get 21-Days stronger. ____ @pilatesbychloe @contrologyactive

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Get 21 Days unlimited MVMT starting Oct 28th. #MVMTBINGE ___ Newbies can get a $99 Guest Pass. Members can upgrade to unlimited classes for just $29 🍭🤑 *the deal gets even more delicious ____ Follow the link (in bio) to find out more. (Like how to earn points, win prizes and get *the power* and find golden tickets 🎫). #BEGREEDYBOOKFIRST

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We *almost* pulled off the “human trapeze”... until we didn’t😬😱😂🐸

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mvmtsociety. Now smaller, cuter and even more transportable. Our Toning Toolkit has

Now smaller, cuter and even more transportable. Our Toning Toolkit has had an upgrade. #newbag What’s the Toning Toolkit? Your own set of the essential MVMT Pilates props in a cute neoprene travel bag, so you can enjoy the MVMT experience anywhere, anytime. Inside the Toning Toolkit, you get: - MVMT Peach Ball - MVMT Gliding Discs - MVMT Loop - MVMT Band For just $99 ... OR Upgrade to our “Express Starter Kit”: - Toning Toolkit (👆🏽) - Free MVMT grip socks - Express online workout* ... for a special price of $109. Every online mover NEEDS the MVMT Express workout in their collection - it’s perfect for travelling, at-home “quickies”, busy mums... a must-have for any movement junkie.

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*Not talking to each other* 😂👻 @pilatesbychloe — Check out the timetable and join us in Cottesloe and Bicton this week. ☀️ 🍑 🌶 🧘🏻‍♀️ 💪🏽 *3 for $45 intro for newbies. ___ Loving our @thisisfirstbase from @motionlifestyle 🖤

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Crushed hard on @liabartha ... went deep in her insta feed because the ball variations were that good. * this girl is extremely good at making hard exercises look easy! (Final slide my reaction to the moves 😂). For as annoying as the gram can be, it’s pretty cool when you get inspired by Pilates superstars all over the world. Definitely try these variations, and check our @liabartha for more goodness. ____ Wearing @aloyoga and filming in the beautiful @glideyoga

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Love a Friday and love a deal. 🤑👇🏽 Last chance to redeem the 3 for 3 with Chloe. $99 for 9 classes* Monday @ 6pm Thursday @ 6pm Saturday @ 8am *Starting Monday 23, come to 3 classes per week for 3 weeks. That’s 9 classes for just $99. DM if keen, and let us take care of the rest. *I wish my next three weeks were this organised. Perfect plan to start your spring 🍑🔥 campaign. __ @p.e.nation @pilatesbychloe @motionlifestyle @nowandthen.co

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My kinda cardio is lying on my back working my core #coredio ___ Crushing hard on this single glider series - both feet on the disc makes for a neat little inner-thigh challenge. Got some extra special gliding sequences coming to my new online program, but for now here are some newbies I’m playing with. ____ ONE feels nice on the hips. I tend to use this between sets or at the end, Being propped up (by the over ball) you have a great view of your leg alignment and tracking. TWO is a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, not sure it will get invited to the next gliding party. Tried to flow the spinal movements with the legs. THREE is just a simple arm reach. I start slow, and build up the tempo. It’s a goodie. FOUR is sped up x1000 but it’s combining mini pulses of the legs and chest. I love going from a super open position to a super small and scooped position. Another goodie. BURNS.

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No face plant, no problems 👻 Influenced by 👨🏽🦗 @westozwaters in my new @nimbleactivewear 💚

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Birthday Girl *kicking ass* as usual. I have so much love for you Chloe. Happy Birthday - and thank you for being such an amazing friend to me, and inspiration to everyone at MVMT. I’m excited to celebrate and for all the fun stuff we have in the pipeline. 🎈🥳🎈🥳 @pilatesbychloe @chloe_manford

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Awww, such a special Bali trip. Girl time my oldest and dearest friend @courtyh followed by a romantic weekend with dezzy @westozwaters. Thanks to my incredible team for holding up the fort while I had some much needed R&R. Really happy to be back and already excited to see you all 🥰🥰🥰! _____ Hope you loved extra classes with these Pilates superstars: @sarah.emily___ @pilatesbychloe @rhiannonelle_

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The only way 👨🏽 can get me to watch the 🏄‍♂️ #mighthaveheatstroke

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Nothing like a few delicious 🍹 to make shameless🤸🏻‍♀️ selfies seem ok 🥴🤪🤗 @omniabali

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Me Lychee 🍸 @courtyh @kenniandkai

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No reformer necessary! The MVMT band tied into a loop gives the perfect lower body resistance! Some simple variations to play with. Variation 4 is my new fav! It really gets into the juicy bit of the 🍑💥! __ Sneaking some of these fun variations into the NEW online program launching in September. ___ Wearing @contrologyactive and @motionlifestyle and filming in the beautiful @glideyoga 🥰🥰

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When I asked 👨🏽 if he liked this pic, he said yes because I look a salmon 🐟 😂... @earthandsociety you def nailed the colour description (and the entire outfit in general) 🥰 #swandive or in this case #salmondive Ps. 👨🏽 = @westozwaters

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Some new class times to soak up👇🏽☀️ ___ New to MVMT Cottesloe 💥 9am Tuesday 💥9am Thursday 💥7:30 Saturday (Express) 💥8:00 Saturday ___ Hanging out with my girl @pilatesbychloe in @contrologyactive 🐒🌴✨

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mvmtsociety. Optimist. Someone who figures that taking a step backwards after takin

Optimist. Someone who figures that taking a step backwards after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha. 💃🏻 @lb.doingthings

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This is how we transition into quadruped 👻 #nawwt #sawitonthegram #neckminute

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