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LOYALTY. Nothing to do with this car but just wanted to leave a message for today: Loyalty is everything! Always stay loyal to the way you go always stay loyal to the people who believe in you and always stay loyal to yourself! If you are loyal and keep these priorities you will always be successful! It can be a hard and though way and challenge you have to overcome but it will be all worth it! Wish you all a great day! Enjoy and see you tomorrow for a next TGIF video! ❤️ ___________________________________ Mercedes Benz AMG GT63s Edition 1

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SPACESHIP. Interior Ambiente Lightshow on whole new level inside the AMG GT63s 😍 As you have the option to choose between 64 colors (optional) I picked up these ones! 🤤 Here I have 3 colors and I couldn’t decide which one to post so I leave it here and let you choose! 😅🤙🏼 Late night drives with your Best Friend 😥 TAG a friend YOU would share this Car🔥 WHICH one is your fav color? 1, 2 OR 3? COMMENT below! 👇🏼 _______________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63s by @Mercedesbenzrheinruh r

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ALMOST HERE. Here we have the AMG A45 (S?) still camouflaged but you can clearly see what we can expect: - AMG specific V8 grill also known as Panamericana - AMG V8 Front Bumper - 4 Exhaust tips but this time the tips will be round - same rear spoiler as we have in the A35 - new wheels as we have them already on the GT4 door - as we saw in @removebeforerace video new engine + S model incoming 🤔 All in all I am sooo hyped to see that car, hear the sound and drive it! 😍 @MercedesAMG what are you waiting for? DROP IT! 😈 Expect it to be released in September around IAA in Frankfurt 😫 What are your thoughts about the A45? YES or NAH? COMMENT down below and let us discuss the upcoming compact class gamechanger! 👇🏼 Thanks to @wilcoblok for the pictures! 🙏🏽 ___________________________________ New Mercedes AMG A45

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NEW WEEK NEW CAR. Here we go our first AMG GT4 Door also known as AMG GT63s with the Beautiful Monoblock wheels 😍😅 As I know many of you don’t like these I personally love them but still won’t take them 😂 This one is searching for a new customer you know the question: Would you take it? HELL YEAH or NO? 🤔 COMMENT down below 👇🏼 Wish you all a great start into the new week have a blessed and successful one 😊 ______________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63s by @mercedesbenzrheinruh r

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SOUND CHECK. Here we go the AMG GT63s also known as GT4 door sound video! 😍 Many people and critics reject that sound and keep saying that this is not fitting the GT family: I personally think that the GT4 door has set a new style of AMG sound! You won’t hear that C63 roar but you hear that GTR bang 😅 All in all for me it is a full GT family member and I totally love the exterior, interior and sound! Already posted the interior view for that just check my IG TV 😉 Are you a fan of the GT4 door? Did it fulfill your expectations or are you disappointed? Leave your opinion below 🤔👇🏼 ____________________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63s by @MercedesBenzRheinRuh r

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WEEKEND VIBES. Finally Friday! This is how we start the weekend 😍 We just saw that S650 Maybach Cabriolet in a parking lot and couldn’t leave it without pictures for you! ❤️ Also I couldn’t decide which picture to post so please comment which picture you like the most 1,2,3 or 4 🤔👇🏼 Wish you all a great start into the weekend 🌤 ______________________________ Mercedes Maybach S650 Maybach Cabriolet

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PERFECT STEERING WHEEL. In my opinion this is the greatest looking interior and steering wheel for an AMG! I personally am a huge ‘All Black Everything‘ Fanboy so this fits my expectations of a beautiful interior 😍 Also do not forget the performance steering wheel and buttons with the blacked out steering wheel frame 🤤 Oh lord this is what I need right now! What do you say? Would you take that interior or rather spec a more brighter color? Let’s discuss below 🤗👇🏼 __________________________________ Mercedes AMG GTR by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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ALL NEW GLC63 S-UV. Thank you very much to @shotbyjamieb for these stunning pictures of the all new Mercedes AMG GLC63S! Very talented and content producing on a whole new level 👏🏼 P.S. can you spot @rokenr on the first picture? 😅 This one is in selenite grey magno without the night package and would make a perfect daily driver! 👌🏼 What do you say to the new GLC63? Do you like the new Front and Rear Lights? COMMENT down below and let us know 👇🏼 ______________________________ Mercedes AMG GLC63 S

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PURPLE AMG GT4 DOOR. Just check out how great this color suits the AMG GT63S! Nevermind this car would look stunning in every color - trust me 😅 Basically this one is a Render but what would you say if this was real 🤔 You like it? YES or NAH? COMMENT 👇🏼 This is what happens when you have to much time hahaha enjoy this one and wish you all a great day 😊 _________________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63S

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PERFECT SUNDAY. Check out that all new AMG GTR interior and exterior + sound. This is all from your comments and what you all wanted to see and also hear from this car! 😍 Please don’t come with the ‘why do they still use the old key‘ comments I am also not a fan of that they should have upgraded to the new one! 🤷🏽‍♂️ Now COMMENT below - what do you LIKE or what do you don’t LIKE 🤔👇🏼 Wish you all a great Sunday! Enjoy 😉 ___________________________________ Mercedes AMG GTR Facelift by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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mr.benz63. WEEKEND RIDE.
Awesome car, great weather and stunning view what do you

WEEKEND RIDE. Awesome car, great weather and stunning view what do you need more in life 😍 Enjoyed the days with the E53 AMG! Just check that interior and steering wheel upgrade with the Aluminium Shift Paddles by @petrolheadswrld 🔥 I am in love since I believe that such a strong car needs bigger Shift Paddles - get yours now 😊 How would rate that steering wheel? COMMENT from 1-10 below 👇🏼 Have a great Saturday! More things to come the next week 😈 ___________________________________ Mercedes AMG E53 by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr PIC WAS TAKEN BY CO-DRIVER! SAFETY FIRST ☝🏼

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FINALLY FRIDAY. This is how we start the weekend right: All new C63s Cabriolet at the Showroom from @mercedesbenzrheinruhr 😍 Finally the Roadster weather is also in Germany! That would be the perfect weekend ride now! 😍 Would you take that car for this weekend? How is the weather in your city? COMMENT down below and let’s have some small talk below 😎👇🏼 Wish you all a great start into the weekend, enjoy with your family friends and beloved ones 🌤

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