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START YOUR WEEK RIGHT. Finally the all new CLA45 S is available for the online configuration system! 😍 As you see already put on the Aero and nightpackage + multispoke wheels 👌🏼 But I couldn’t decide on the color: Jupiterred, Sunyellow it Denimblue? 🤔 COMMENT below with your choice 👇🏼 Wish you all a great start into the new week 😊 __________________________________ Mercedes AMG CLA45 S

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CHOOSE ONE! What a hard decision to choose the Ambiente lighting in the new Mercedes models 😩 I could not decide between these 5: First one is blue which in my opinion is the most intense color second is pink which fits perfectly to wood and beige interior these are the two I mostly use. Between 64 colors I also prefer Red, Turquoise and Green! 🤔 Now it is all up to you guys as you see this one is a hard one but COMMENT down below with your favorite color! 👇🏼 Wish you all a great Sunday 😊 ______________________________ Mercedes AMG E53 Coupé by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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WEEKEND RIDE. Back then I always wanted to see an E-class Coupé as AMG! And this is the first one not a 63 but a great first step since this one has a twin bladed grill and not the normal E53 diamond grill which then basically looks like an E200 with AMG Line 🤦🏽‍♂️ Just check that stunning beauty in smaragdgreen metallic and no night package! Just the beige interior is missing 😩 Exterior and Interior design is just overwhelming and the new chrome key fits better to this elegant car! 😍 Car is a little bit dirty and needs a wash but still looks great in the sun! ☀️ Would you take the keys and grab this one for a weekend ride? COMMENT below and TAG a friend you you would share it with 👇🏼 ___________________________ Mercedes AMG E53 Coupé by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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NUMBER 1000. I am really not a huge fan of specials or something but really want to thank you guys for this adventure. We have reached so much and today our 1000th post here on Instagram! 👏🏼 Here we have the all new GLE SUV Autobahn Run - as you see very comfortable 300 Diesel engine you don’t even realize that you are driving fast! Very comfortable as like you are driving on a huge cloud almost drives like a S-class 👌🏼 Wish you all a great weekend enjoy your free days and time 😊 ________________________________ Mercedes Benz GLE 300 by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr P.S. Passenger and driver were safe with seatbelts on and no one else was harmed or damaged while taking this video! This Highway had no speedlimit and it was totally empty! Please all drive safe and watch out for others!

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INTERIOR GOALS. Have you ever wondered what a perfect interior looks like? In my opinion this is the best a huge fan of the beige piano black interior combined with the gloss Carbon looks 🤤 This is what most manufacturers can’t reach! Interior game at Mercedes is on a whole new level! 💯 I see you really liked the last videos and pictures with it! But how much? RATE this interior from 1 - 100! 👇🏼 ___________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63s

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ALMOST HERE! Ladies and Gentleman, here we go with the first Spy-Shots of the upcoming AMG GTR BlackSeries! 😱 What can we expect? A huuuuge Rear Wing spoiler, new exhaust system, more Aero and air intakes in the bonnet! 😈 All in all I think that the Black Series will come with the new GT3 front and not with the normal GTR one as you see here in the picture 🤔 All in all I am so hyped for this car! I would say next year Geneva? Or even sooner? Please @MercedesAMG stop teasing and let’s get that done! 😫 Edit by @mr.benz63 and pictures by @motor1com ________________________________ Mercedes AMG GTR BlackSeries

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MONOBLOCK LOVE. Throwback to the best looking AMG GT4 door I have seen so far 😍 Iridium Silver with aero package, monoblock wheels and night package 🤤 Ready for the next happy customer! Would you take it? and would you also take these wheels? 😅 I know many of you are not a huge fan of them but I love them! 😍 _____________________________ Mercedes AMG GT63s by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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AMG TAG TEAM. As you see we had a few guests from the Home of Driving Performance in Affalterbach as @mercedesbenzrheinruhr organized the AMG Performance Tour! 😈 On the left side we have the AMG GT4 door as 63 S and on the left hand side the all new GTC Roadster which I already posted a few pics last week! 😍 This is how to start the week right! CHOOSE your favorite AMG of these two and COMMENT down below with your choice 👇🏼 Wish you all a great start into the new week 😊 ___________________________ Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster & GT63s

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GUESS THE CAR. Wrong guesses only!!! Most liked comment will win a Shoutout 😅 My favorite interior in full black and dinamica with the white details and stiching also the steering wheel frame in black gloss - something I can’t get enough of 🤤 Also I wish all my muslims followers a peaceful and lovely Eid and to those who don’t participate I wish a great Sunday - enjoy your day and have a good one ☺️ ____________________________________ Mercedes AMG ???

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TGIF VIDEO. Finally Friday! And Finally another video here on our channel! 🎉 Can you GUESS the car within the first 3 seconds of the video? I am totally convinced that you can’t because this one is a special 😈 Really enjoy taking videos and already thinking about creating extended video content on YouTube to also grow on that Platform 🤔 What do you say? Some walkarounds, soundvideos, unpacking videos hmm COMMENT what you would like to see because we won’t do average car review videos 😉 Wish you all a great start into the weekend enjoy the video and support for more 😊 _______________________________ Mercedes AMG ??? by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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INSIDE THE GTC. As you can are now we are inside the new AMG GTC Roadster with the beautiful black and grey interior + carbon and brushed chrome parts 😍 Does it remind you guys of something? This is the official interior of the AMG GTC 50 years anniversary edition which was limited to 1000 pieces! (Roadster + Coupé) Therefore many GTC Ed.50 Owners won’t be happy to see their special interior on stock production cars 🤔 Personally I am a huge fan of that and happy to see it on many more AMG’s 🤤 And what do you think? Like it? Should it stay limited and special or a stock option for all GT’s? COMMENT your thoughts below 👇🏼 ____________________________ Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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UNLEASH THE BEAST. Last GTR Pro picture for now!When I edited the headlights of the AMG GTR Pro I became a huge fan of the Red lighting 😂 Looks so much better imo and fits the car even more! Now looks more like a Track Devil 👿 If It wouldn’t be illegal in Germany I would definitely take these over the normal ones! 😅 Full black GTR Pro already sold at @mercedesbenzrheinruhr! Enjoy this one and have a beautiful day everyone! 😊 ___________________________ Mercedes AMG GTR Pro by @mercedesbenzrheinruhr

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