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Today’s #Taurus #FullMoon is one of the most abundant of the year ♉️ — It carries lovely, expansive energy that will allow us to reap the rewards of our hard work and guide us to bring closure to some of the things that have been weighing us down. Via: foreverconscious.com 🌕 — Use this energy to let go of anything that no longer belongs in your life. If there is something you want to release, this Full Moon is perfect for doing so. This grounding energy will help us accomplish a long term goal that’s been on our mind ✨ — 🎨 straightwoo.com #selflove #consciousness #yoga #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #scorpioseason #scorpio #astrologersofinstagram

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It’s officially #Scorpio season ya’ll 🔥🔥 Today the Sun moves into the most intense sign of the Zodiac until November 22nd. During this time we’ll experience deeper intimacy and transformation with our partners. There can also be some jealousy and possessiveness if we’re not open and honest with our feelings (which is actually the opposite of Scorpio). It’s a good time to get in touch with our shadow side and do some inner healing work on our emotions. — @bennydrama7 is life btw, his videos always got me ☠️☠️😂 — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #scorpioseason #pluto #mars #astrologersofinstagram

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Tomorrow’s #FullMoon 🌕 puts the courageous, risky and always eager to begin something new, sign of #Aries into the spotlight. We can expect some sparks with the fire element roaring us on and making us ever-eager to take a leap! As with all Full Moons, however, a balancing act will need to surface in some way. — A Moon-Pluto square, which creates challenges, and Jupiter’s trine which creates opportunities. Emotional power struggles may arise, that can give us the push to move in the direction we need in order to make progress. — Patience will need to come into play, even though that’ll be the last thing on most of our minds. — The most important part of the story will be how Jupiter comes in to save the day—-with one of his greatest full moon moments of 2019. — This Full Moon is a great opportunity to catch a special dose of the last waves of the Jupiter in Sagittarius energy. Via: www.crystalbastrology.com ✨ 🎨 straightwoo.com — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #libra #libraseason #ariesfullmoon #aries #jupiter

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This #Friday is the First Friday Art Walk of the season in Delray Beach! Moonlight Astrology Boutique will be open from 6PM-9PM to celebrate🔮💗 — The Art Walk is a night for strolling and discovering the vibrant art scene in Downtown Delray Beach. Enjoy a self-guided tour where you will experience a myriad of artistic styles, photography, furnishings, live entertainment and more. — Take in the ambience of Downtown Delray Beach as it comes alive with unique entertainment added to compliment each Art Walk, and volunteers to help guide your experience. — This is a FREE event (no ticket, pass, coupon required) - just show up and start wherever you'd like! Don’t forget to use #DelrayArtWalk when you share your Art Walk photos on Facebook or Instagram 🎨 — Come join me and other local artists tomorrow night! The fun starts at 6PM ✨💞 See you all there ❤️🎉 — #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #handmade #vintage #crystals #healer #love #boho #jewelry #astrologer #delraybeach #shoplocal #smallbusiness #delrayartwalk #artist

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💫ANGEL MESSAGES💫 One of the ultimate signs your #Angels are with you is finding a feather. It’s such a warm beautiful feeling when you find one in your path. Your Angels are telling you that you’re on the right path. They are showing you that you are loved unconditionally by Universe 💗 I was blessed to find one yesterday. I’ve only come across feathers a few times in my life, and this is the second one in 2 years. And I know it means something special 🙏🏼 — Over the past 2 years I’ve also been learning to let go of control. It’s been a huge lesson for me, and it’s showing up in all aspects of my life. From the beautiful @ashleyrosehealings 🌹 “Things don’t happen when you want them to they happen when it’s meant to be. don’t rush things, be present and enjoy. Just let go, and let life flow, be in nature, love yourself up, and or your beloved has been one of my greatest insights this year and for this I am thankful. I am open to whatever this year brings to me and ready to invite all that is and will be and today I let go of people, places, and things that are bringing me sadness, stress, and emotional instability. One of the most precious gifts you can give yourself is to surrounded yourself with loving and kind people. Remembering that Vulnerability is not a weakness or a part of you that needs to be transcended, but rather is the gift you have to offer this world.” — #astrologersofinstagram #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #boho #jewelry #astrologer #delraybeach #shoplocal #smallbusiness #heal #feather #spirit #universe

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✨🌑 SATURN DIRECT —> > Saturn stations as it turns direct today after retrograde motion since April 29th. This shift comes as a potent reminder to take care of our responsibilities and bring our goals down to earth this week. With it, our obligations, and perhaps our limitations, are magnified. Gradually going forward, our long-term goals and plans become more explicit. — > The Moon 🌗 is also in steady Taurus all day. This Moon transit encourages us to enjoy ourselves and appreciate what we have going for us. There can be a slowing down and stabilizing of our feelings. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we find a sense of peace and contentment with that which is familiar and reliable. Even so, the Moon harmonizes with Pluto and Mars as these two bodies head toward a harmonious trine, exact tomorrow morning. We can be feeling determined and ready to make long-lasting changes as the day advances. Via: cafeastrology.com 🎨 Unknown — #astrologersofinstagram #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #boho #jewelry #evileye #astrologer #delraybeach #shoplocal #smallbusiness #saturndirect #healer #saturn

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#Astrology #Readings & detox tea on this beautiful Monday morning ☀️🔮✨ — Moonlight Astrology Boutique will be open today and tomorrow from 12:30PM - 4PM. Come check our new arrivals and our collection of handmade #Evileye protection amulets 😊🧿 — 337 NE 3rd Ave Delray Beach, FL 33444 — #iloveyou #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #handmade #vintage #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #boho #jewelry #evileye #astrologer #delraybeach #shoplocal #smallbusiness

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Early today we had the Full “Harvest” Moon fall in the gentle sign of #Pisces. Unlike other Full Moons, this one is specifically related to the Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere) Equinoxes on 22 September. The Full Moon that falls nearest to the Equinox earns this title, and was (and in some places, still is) a time where everything is illuminated in order to gather the harvest. The Full Moon sheds its brilliant light, making everything easy to see and gather. . This Full Moon in Pisces sees a culmination of events over the last 6 months, since it’s partner, the New Moon, back in March 2019. We may now see the results of our efforts over that time, and similar themes may arise for us. . The Moon loves being in a water sign – it feels as if it has “come home” in a sense, and certainly, we can all feel a sense of nourishing and tenderness over this sensitive Full Moon. Emotions may be quite big, as water signs tend to already carry within them greater emotional attunement than any other element, and it will be important for us to be with the feelings that come up in a gentle, compassionate and kind way. It’s equally important that we don’t react, allow overwhelm to drown us, or try and run away, or numb our emotions. If we do, we will be obscuring the most powerful tool we have – our intuition. . Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, is also strongly linked to this Full Moon, being in Pisces and conjunct the Moon, opposite the Sun. This can create confusion over what we truly want, what we really need, and what we think we need, may turn out to be wishful dreaming. Via: numerologysign.com . Use this energy for the next few days to go within, and listen to your inner voice. Our intuition is heightened, allowing us to hear the messages within. 🙏🏼✨💕 🎨 mexicaliblues.com

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We currently have a New Moon 🌙 in the sign of Virgo ♍️ at six degrees. It is a super moon meaning this new moon is very close to the earth so it will have extra strength. Not like an eclipse but a little extra push. This New Moon is also trine Uranus so we have innovative and creative powers available to us as well. — We are focusing on the details of what’s important to us at this point in time. We are rearranging and putting things in order so we can feel more organized and grounded. Analyzing what we want in our lives and what we don’t want in our lives, Uranus has been helpful in this regard already. — Over the weekend August 31st and September 1st continue to set goals and intentions based on what you have already been working on. Sunday Mercury will make its connection to Uranus so this will help us in writing and communicating and really clarifying what it is we want in our lives. Via: Themoonwoman.com ✨ 🎨 livebeyondlimit.com — >> UPDATE << A category 4 Hurricane is forecasted to hit Florida on Monday. They are still uncertain about Dorian’s path, and it could either turn northward towards Georgia or stay on its path and hit us directly. Please show kindness during this time, and check on your friends and neighbors. Stay calm and try to shift your energy so we can create more love and protection out there 💗 I pray for everyone’s safety and for Dorian’s impact to be minimal. 🙏🏼✨ — #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #virgo #virgoseason #newmoon #hurricanedorian #dorian #hurricanedorian

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Today’s FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS 🌕♒️ asks us, ‘What needs improving? What would the highest outcome look like? What do I want my future life to look like?’ Aquarius is the sign of frequency so as the moon waxes to full in this sign, catalysts unfold to reboot us and give us an upgrade! — With the full moon in Aquarius reflecting the light of the sun in the opposite sign of Leo, our ultimate lesson this lunar month is to take risks on what our heart is telling us to do, even if it scares our small self sideways. To do this we need to find a motivation that’s greater than our fear. — Many of us have been tested since the sun entered Leo to face our fears and outgrow them. Fortunately waxing full moon in Aquarius expands our thinking so we can see anything is possible, especially if we think outside the box & look for innovative solutions. — This full moon will form an exact opposition to Venus at 22 degrees Aquarius creating a potential challenge in our personal relationships. Full moon in Aquarius will assist by illuminating the big picture lesson to quell potential drama so we’d do well to pause and reflect or we’re like to react with anger with both Mars and Venus in the fire sign, Leo. So if things could get heated with reactivity ponder how your personal drama is a part of the whole. — Leo sun evokes the hero / heroine when we dare confront our deepest fear rather than doing avoidance. This requires courage – great heart to overcome the fearful projections of the mind. The more we connect with our heart, the more we find self belief to continue when the going gets tough. With 6 planets in fixed signs and the axis of Aquarius moon / Leo sun (both fixed signs) we are given the staying power we need. — With 5 planets in fire signs the challenge is to respond creatively rather than destructively to our challenges. ✨ Via: themoonwoman.com 🎨 Littleredtarot

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🖤✨JUPITER DIRECT & URANUS RETROGRADE✨🖤 Two important stations occurred over the weekend. First, Jupiter turned direct after retrograde motion since April 10th.  Gradually over the coming weeks, matters ruled by Jupiter will move forward more straightforwardly. Our confidence in ourselves and the universe builds. Our faith and perspective expand. This direct turn can feel refreshing at a time when there is quite a bit of retrograde activity, in general. — Second, Uranus turned retrograde and will continue this apparent backward motion until January 10th, 2020. During this cycle, our desire to make changes in our lives turns inward. We are getting in touch with what it is that may be holding us back from living more spontaneously and authentically. We seem less rebellious, at least on the surface, and more inclined to follow the rules. This will be especially so after Saturn turns direct on September 18th, which will serve to highlight a more conservative approach to pursuing our goals. As the shift occurs, however, Uranian energy is more challenging, and we can experience some tension until we acclimatize to the energy. Via: cafeastrology.com 🎨 @indg0 ✨ — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #leo #leoseason #uranus #jupiter #sagittarius

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The Leo ♌️ New Moon 🌙 takes place tonight at approximately 11:12pm EDT just minutes before Mercury moves direct. Sitting still and listening to the wisdom in your heart will reveal what you have been seeking. — The Leo New Moon more than any other time of the year is the time to play have fun, and enjoy the gift of life and honor the special person that you are. — Venus is in Leo next to the Sun during this New Moon. This combination adds another emphasis on bringing into your life what makes your heart sing. She is also in a Square pattern with Uranus, giving us a curious combination of wanting something different and exciting. — Venus traveling with the sun is her sacred time, she is invisible now and preparing in the weeks ahead to be reborn as the evening star. — In addition, Mercury which has been retrograde the last three weeks moves direct the day of the Leo New moon. Mercury is connected with deep thinking Pluto, the journey over the last 3 weeks to reconsider what brings security, safety, and a sense of belonging begins to take form. The next phase is to implement changes that you have decided will help you have more of what brings contentment and joy. — Every year the Leo New Moon is a time to set intentions for our hearts wishes 🙏🏼💗✨ Via: lovinglightastrologer.com 🎨 Girl and her Moon — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #leo #leoseason #newmoon #leonewmoon #mercuryretrograde #mercurydirect

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It’s Leo Season babes! My favorite time of the year 😍🦁♌️ During this period, the Universe will be inviting us to find our inner power and strength. 🔥 — What makes you feel powerful? What helps you tune into the inner lion or lioness within? While hardships and struggles can make us stronger, we feel true power when we are happy. — Under the energy of Leo Season, the Universe is reminding us that there is a strength and power in joy that can lift us up, inspire us, motivate us, and heal us. Inspire yourself. Invite love and relaxation in. Fall in love with your life again. For when you do, you will feel powerful, strong, and motivated to move through not only the rest of the year, but the rest of your life. — Let the joy in. Let the light in. And just like the lion, become the King or Queen of your own domain. Shine in your spotlight! 🌟🔥 Via: foreverconscious.com 📸 & Designer: @lindsylight ✨ — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #eclipseason #leo #leoseason #mercuryretrograde

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Later today we have a Partial Full Moon 🌕 Lunar Eclipse at 24° of Capricorn. The Full Moon, which usually illuminates the night sky, will be partially hidden by the shadow of the Earth, creating an alignment that will bring new insights and information to the surface. The energy behind this Eclipse is intense, and beams of energy will flow from the darkness and from the light to expose our shadows and things we have been hiding that we need to release. This Eclipse will affect those the most with personal planets in Cardinal signs around 21°-27° (Capricorn ♌️, Cancer ♋️, Aries ♈️, Libra ♎️). — Under the energy of this Eclipse, we may feel like we are being stretched to our limits or pulled in two different directions. We may have to choose a path, or we may feel torn between one mode of action versus another. A decision will have to be made, but the Eclipse will be your guide and will deliver the answers in the perfect timing. — While we wait to see which path is the best fit for our souls, we have to remember to keep stretching and opening. We have to work on letting go of the things that we know have no place in our hearts and minds, as this work will free us up to make those judgment calls and decisions that will affect the next chapter of our lives. ...Con’t below👇🏼...

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In just a few more hours the 🌑 New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌑 takes place at 3:24 PM EST in 10° of #Cancer. — Eclipses bring change, whether you think you’re ready or not. Each eclipse represents a turning point, where beginnings and endings come together. At this solar eclipse, seeds you planted long ago are bearing fruit. With this eclipse point opposed Saturn, be prepared to work hard for your harvest. — Those with personal planets in Cancer ♋️, Libra ♎️, Capricorn ♑️, and Aries ♈️, may feel this energy the most. — With Mercury turning retrograde on the 7th, we are being asked to look further inward, and to reflect on the changes we’ve made during this Eclipse Season. — Vision boarding and journaling during this time is a wonderful way to manifest your dreams. Solar Eclipses are powerful portals, and can enhance energy work ten fold ✨🌑 — To all my followers, have a blessed Solar Eclipse! And happy manifesting 🙏🏼😊🖤 🎨 @solsticeshoppe 📸 @willowtreeimagery ✨ — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #solareclipse #eclipseason #cancer #cancerseason #mercuryretrograde

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🌑✨ Eclipse Season Vibes ✨🌑 — The next Solar Eclipse occurs in just a few more days, July 2nd in 10° of Cancer. Even though things seem uncertain now, which is normal before an Eclipse hits, things will start moving forward in the next 6 months, releasing all that stagnant energy. — This is a great Eclipse if you are looking for opportunity or for change, so set your intention, put your feelers out there and see how the Universe delivers. Sometimes in order to align with our purpose, we have to start taking action even if we are unsure if it is the right action. Sometimes, it is the act of moving and getting out of our rut that helps us to find where we need to be. — Following the July Solar Eclipse, we have Mercury going retrograde on the 7th. While Mercury Retrograde is often seen as an annoyance, in this instance it is really is a gift! After the wave of opportunity that the Solar Eclipse brings, we are going to want a chance to slow down and weigh up our options, and that is where Mercury comes to help us. Mercury will be guiding us to look at the past and to reflect on what we have learned before moving forward. — If Mercury retrograde brings up things from your past, pay attention and figure out whether you want to make that past part of your future or if you are ready to leave it behind. Via foreverconscious.com 💗 🎨 @tisha_morrison 🌟 — #selflove #consciousness #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #astrologer #delraybeach #solareclipse #eclipseason #cancer #cancerseason #mercuryretrograde

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Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire 🔥🧿✨ — @moonlightastrology Boutique Schedule for June 12th - June 19th ✨ Wednesday June 12th >> OPEN 12PM - 5PM ✨ Friday June 14th >> OPEN 12PM - 4PM ✨ Saturday June 15th >> OPEN 12PM - 5:30PM ✨ Wednesday June 19th >> OPEN 12PM - 5PM — Come find that special piece meant for you! 💜🔮 — 337 NE 3rd Ave Delray Beach, FL 33444 — #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #florida #moonlightastrology #psychic #handmade #vintage #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #boho #jewelry #amethyst #astrologer #delraybeach #shoplocal #smallbusiness #pineapplegrove

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🌙 ♊️ NEW MOON IN GEMINI ♊️🌙 — Tomorrow, we ring in the #NewMoon in communicative #Gemini. The Moon makes a wide square to Neptune, just further emphasizing the Neptunian influence for much of this coming month. During Neptune periods we can feel as if so much is out of our control. Neptune has domain over the unseen worlds and dimensions, as well as those things that we cannot (or will not) see in our own material lives. This can lead to feelings of confusion, indecision or ambiguity. — However, Mercury is still strong in the last degrees of its own sign of Gemini, at the time of the New Moon. This is a reminder to pay attention to our senses: both our physical as well as our intuitive senses in this case. This will help us to clarify what we are truly seeing and hearing. And ultimately believing. Our minds are obscured by our beliefs, by society, by our culture and habits and assumptions. But the pure aspect of our mind is something more than this, it is far more vast, and with greater potential than we can possibly imagine. And if we were to question even a single paradigm, the ripples and consequences of that mental shift could be revolutionary. — New Moons are times to sow intentions, embark on new beginnings. Make new starts. However it may be difficult to see the ramifications of our efforts with Neptune clouding the picture. We may not have all the information we need. We may be told to wait and see. Or we may even be misinformed. So in some ways, we are being asked to proceed on faith. Via: astrologybylauren.com — Writing and creating a vision board is a wonderful way to take full advantage of the New Moon energy this month. Let your imagination run free, list all the things that you want to manifest into your life 🙏🏼💗✨

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London has truly been an amazing experience! @theastrologyshop was definitely one of the many highlights, as well as exploring other metaphysical shops. Meeting my dear friend @zish_mermaid in person, which I never imagined would happen, finally did! Astrology is what brought us together 💗 — Looking forward to exploring the rest of what London has to offer with my wonderful cousin @kiliccesur 😊❤️🇬🇧 — #astrology #astrologer #crystals #astro #tarot #horoscope #psychic #intuition #love #follow #like #portrait #life #photooftheday #pretty #photography #instalove #igdaily #photo #sunset #model #london #england #traveler #europe #photoshoot #unitedkingdon #explorer #karma

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moonlightastrology. @moonlightastrology Boutique will be closed for the week (until May 27

@moonlightastrology Boutique will be closed for the week (until May 27th). I’ll be on vacay in London for that time, and will re-open shop on the 28th 💗🔮 If you booked an Astrology Reading, I’ll have it completed and sent to you by the end of the month. I am also taking appointments for the month of June. They do go quickly, so message me to schedule your reading ✨ — I’ve never been to #London before and I honestly cannot wait for all the adventures that await 😍 If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit please comment below, I love exploring! Also, the University that my cousin studies in has an Astrology division. I will keep everyone updated on that! I’ll definitely be posting pics and videos in my stories. Love you all! 😘✨💗 — #iloveyou #selflove #yoga #mediation #art #astro #astrology #karma #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #moonlightastrology #psychic #handmade #vintage #crystals #healer #tarot #lightworker #love #boho #jewelry #astrologer #shoplocal #smallbusiness #london #traveler #europe #england

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🌑♏️ FULL MOON IN SCORPIO - MAY 18 ♏️🌑 The Moon in #Scorpio is notoriously the most intense Moon of the zodiac. This #FullMoon in Scorpio is SUPER intense because on the same day we also have a dramatic Venus-Uranus conjunction, which will spice things up even more. — The Full Moon in Scorpio is engaged in some very interesting aspects: a sextile to Pluto, and oppositions to Mercury, plus Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. — Pluto wants only one thing: to change you. At the Full Moon, you will get in touch with your most primal instincts, with your deepest knowing. Pluto will guide you to the Truth. Don’t resist change, Pluto will not tolerate it. And Pluto always wins. — The Moon in Scorpio wants to expose (Full Moon) what has been kept in the darkness (Scorpio). The darkness from your past, or previous lifetimes. Mercury is the communicator of the zodiac. When Mercury makes an aspect with a planet in Scorpio, he becomes the ‘medium’ of the zodiac. He helps us get to places we wouldn’t go otherwise. He makes us see what we couldn’t see before. ...Cont’d in comments👇🏼...

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