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mindful_jess. 🎶 Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys 🔥
I LOVE dissecting MOVEMENT. Breaking

🎶 Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys 🔥 I LOVE dissecting MOVEMENT. Breaking it down. Step by step. Piece by piece. One small change here or there can completely change the outcome. Especially when it comes to transitions. I’m also passionate about learning new skills. Once I have decided to learn a new move there is nothing that gets in my way. I’ll play with it alone in the Spiritual Playground for hours on end. No one told me how to do this today. I’m not sure I’ve ever done it before. I quit gymnastics over 20 years ago and I’m not even sure if I ever worked this skill. It was all trial and error, attention to detail, and movement analysis. But most importantly, FUN!!! 🤗💗🔮 Thank you to @morganrosemoroneyfitness for the Inspo. Not the same move but a variation of your post from yesterday. 🙏🏻😘 . . #anythingispossible #gymnastlife #acrobat #nevertoolate #practice #Dedication #skills #saturdaynight #saturdaynightvibes #playground #samoyed #samoyedlove #samoyedlife #sammy #sammytown #denveryoga #denvergymnastics #denveracro #squats #backsquats

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🎶All about the Benjamins by Puff Daddy and Family- taking a chance here, hope IG doesn’t take this down. Tribute to @therealstanlee. Eternal gratitude for your genial magic. 🙏🏻🔮 Your personal legend will continue to inspire us to think bigger, dream bigger, be bigger... than life. Than this life. Than these tangible material moments. But mostly, for helping us to acknowledge, appreciate and find peace within the LIGHT, and the DARK. We are all Superhero’s after all. Namaste ॐ . . #tribute #marvel #marvellegends #marvelcomics #marvel_pics #comiccon2018 #comicon #anythingispossible #dreamer #denveryoga #coloradoyoga #heartopener #animated #anime #offcenter #notperfect #backbend #fridaynight #artistsoninstagram #creatives #superhero #bendyyogis

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The STORY: I have weak ankles. I’ll never have strong ankles. This is genetic. I was born this way. There is nothing I can do about it. 😢 The REALITY: My ankles are STRONG AF. Just like the rest of me. I can literally walk around the room barefoot on my pointed toes and feel zero pain. I can backbend from this position and even do squats. I am capable of amazing things using the strength of my ankles. In fact, I am capable of anything. 🔮 Which one is TRUE? I am a truth seeker and I can say with conviction that the truth is... the one I manifested. The one that I BELIEVE. It doesn’t matter what anyone told me before. Or what I told myself for over twenty-five years. I CREATED a NEW STORY and turned that into a POWERFUL REALITY. Another TRUTH: the authentic story and quality behind Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices. I’ve said it many times... I am completely transparent and I only endorse products that I believe in wholeheartedly. Natalie’s authentic juices are squeezed fresh and derived from honest sources. All juices are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and nutrition. Natalie’s juices are clean label - free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, concentrates, and gmos. Their juices have minimal ingredients and are minimally processed. Winning! 🙌🏻🔮💗 Which is probably why... they taste amazing and fresh!!! Seriously the best tasting pressed and squeezed juices I have ever tried! Great for all occasions, including but not limited to... juice cleanses, quick energy on the go, but most importantly, the brunchiest mimosas ever! 🤗🍾🍊🥂 Available to purchase at any local @mykingsoopers 😉 It’s up to you. You know what to do. Create a new story. Manifest your best destiny. That’s all. You are 💗, 🔥, and 🔮. Namaste 🙏🏻 . . #drinknatalies #ad #juice #juicer #mimosas #tiptoes #feetworship #anythingispossible #nolimits #limitless #acrobat #bridge #denveryoga #onsie #gymnastics #mudra #prayer #mindfulness #mindfuljess #rebel #bodyart #yogaphotography #true #truth #truthseeker #believeinyourself #armor

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RAW AF... It’s not called gazing when you are the STAR of your own destiny. 🤩 Believe in yourself 🔮 This is me rolling my eyes at any of you who doubted me, who still doubt me, or who just plane don’t like themselves. Know that jealousy, judgements and hatred always come from a place of deep insecurity. Think about it... Free yourself 🤔. #FAF💗 . #dream #dreambig #superstar #stargazing #chiffon #whiteeyes #loveyourself #selfie #artist #creative #bestlife #spriritual #playground #stargazing #lengerie #gymnastics #cloudlife #lovewins

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Are you feeling stuck??? You are not alone. I know I am. Wait a minute... is it #groundhogday or the #addongame 🤣 Seriously though... made this little ditty today. Somehow with the same exact outfit and moves as my other material just put together. And I thought I was being super original 🤣🤣🤣 The funniest part is...I have really been struggling for inspiration lately. However, today I never wanted to stop! I had a freaking blast making content... just like the old days. You see, I enjoy movement more than anything in the world. And I’ve enjoyed the ability to tap into my creative side through this platform more than I can describe. It has brought me so much joy! 😁 I feel happier today than I have in a while. I have so many things to look forward to and I can’t wait to expose all that is happening in my life to you. But until then.... I’ll try my best to get out of my comfort zone. WTF? Can’t be #FAF and comfortable at the same time. Ha! . The good news is... the only constant is change. And I can’t wait to see what happens next... while living in the present moment too. Ha ... You are ❤️ and 🔥 Namaste 🙏🏻 . #stuck #sticky #getunstuck #yogagirl #yogainspiration #freedom #freeyoga #yogalove #yogachallenge #tiptoes #pointedtoes #justthetip #gymnastics #crossfit #backbend #heartopener #acrobaticgymnastics #acrobatics #transformationtuesday #spiritualawakening #mindfuljess #mindfulness #artist #creativephotography

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What is your PURPOSE??? What is your WHY? . What is my purpose? What am I doing this for and WHY? This has been on my mind a lot lately... What is my TRUTH? My PATH? What is the divine magic that lives inside of me? And why is it here? What I have found is... It’s all about connection. And SERVICE. We all need each other. Over the last year or so I have built a worldwide network of friends, mentors, and support systems. I’ve inspired thousands. I believe that is truly valuable. So... That is the reason. My reason. For being here. To help you. To realize, that you are no different than me. And that we are in this together. All the battles, all the demons, all the suffering. We are the same. And we are in this together. To fight together. To better one another. I’ve been open, I’ve stayed true and authentic, and I am so grateful for what I’ve built on this platform. But mostly I am grateful for you... for sticking by my side when I was sad or confused or figuring out how to open up. You are everything to me. I truly manifested my dream life. Not many can say this. And I couldn’t imagine a sweeter life, than what I am living right now, in this very moment. I can say with confidence... I am finally FREE and ready for the next chapter. Bring it world! #FAF You are 💗, 🔥, and 🔮. Namaste

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Manifest your MAGIC. 🔮💗 . Anything is possible...

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I LOVE MY BODY🥳 ... oh wait... is that weird?🤪 If you think that is strange... then I encourage you to look deep within, your own soul, and try to understand why you are against self love. Do you love your own body? . Thank you @michelle_yogogirls for always being my guiding light. 🕯 This post was inspired by you... my friend, my mentor, my muse. . Inspired by her earlier post about the need to be an exhibitionist. lol! 🤣 If you knew Michelle, you would laugh the way I did 😘🔮💗

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There is no such thing as perfect... that’s just a weird fairytale your parents, society, or other role models told you was important and then placed strange measurements and guidelines for attaining said “perfection.” We are not built the same. Yet we are all connected. Our talents and our self esteem should not be based on report cards in school or numbers on a scale. We should all be free to choose and express our own unique version of magic. And there is no measurement for that. When one of us suffers, we all feel it, we all suffer, because we are so connected. These measurements of “perfection” often cause many of us pain, sadness, shame, and suffering. And then we all feel it. And it is heavy. So, if not perfection... what are we striving for in this life? My hope is that we all value CONNECTION, LOVE, and AWARENESS above all else. But I am a dreamer... living in the billowy clouds of inversion. I’ll stay here for now. Lol. #cloudlife . Decided to post this after so many of you amazing souls enjoyed it on my story 😘😘😘

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IT’S GONNA BE FINE... that’s my motto... I find myself saying this a lot. Especially to my friends who witness seemingly crazy stunts that are just part of my everyday life. But truly... that’s how I feel. About. Life. Everything will be fine. Everything is going to work out. Why do we spend so much time stressing? What is the purpose? Where does that get us? I am pretty sure I was on the edge of a three, maybe four story balcony here. Didn’t even think twice. #FAF Be careful what you wish for... You ask and you shall receive @thejoyfulblonde

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#costumes #props and #bodypaint OH MY! 🦁🔥😍 Are you wondering where I learned this sweet move???🤔 . Probably on a hiking trail with my #dad 🤣 In other news... about to take my third shower of the day #totallyworthit #saturdaynight #FAF

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The power of intuition. The power of editing... Not many of us discuss how we edit content on here. I am an open book. Fully transparent. I have so many techniques at this point. I try to do as little as possible... I’ve really been struggling to find inspiration lately. But after something interesting happened last night. I wanted to broach this topic. So... ask away... if you are curious 🤔

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Just take the leap. Jump. And FLY. Have you ever had a dream that you could fly? Imagine... what would that actually feel like? Where would you go? What kind of wings would you have? If any? Throughout my life I’ve had literal and figurative dreams of flight. A lot of my life I have struggled with night terrors. But interestingly enough, I usually have the power to levitate and I fly away from whatever is scaring me. In my real life... I mostly live amongst the clouds. ☁️ When I’m inverted, it feels like I’m floating. I love to climb on everything... including other humans, mostly during acro yoga 😉 But seriously... what’s keeping you from taking flight? 🤔🧚🏻‍♀️🦋🦅 #FAF

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Whatever you tell yourself you are... that is exactly what you are! Ha! Isn’t that interesting. 🤔 I know that I am a Lion 🦁 And that I am fierce. And that I am capable of anything. 🤯 But for tonight’s purposes... I am a TIGER. 🐯 Oh My! 😱 Just getting in touch with my tiger side before a really fun evening ahead. Hope everyone is being safe and telling themselves nice things tonight. Be kind and sweet to yourself... 💕 Because... You are 💗, 🔥, and 🔮. Namaste 🙏🏻

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Today vs. Last year at this time... #anythingispossible 🤗🔥🔮 . Thank you @adellbridges For reminding me that I need to #play on my #cane! 🙏🏻😘 . It blows my mind how much I’ve learned in one year. It took immense dedication, practice and of course, playtime! After spending a year dissecting the handstand I can see now what I was missing in the last video. I love going back to my old footage and looking at what I have accomplished. I’ve been practicing handstands for almost 30 years! Ha. I’ve been teaching them since I was 16 years old. I never thought I’d be this strong... Until I did that is :) Now I believe there are no limits. My mind is the only thing holding me back. When I quit gymnastics I was training alongside olympians. I swear I am stronger and more controlled now than I was then. It’s never too late. I am proof... . Follow your heart. Face your fears. Find your truth. Create your magic. Repeat. . You are 💗, 💫, and 🔮. Namaste 🙏🏻 . . #inversionaddict #handstandprogression

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I get asked all the time what I do for fitness besides yoga... 🤔 First off... I think everything is yoga so that is a trick question. Ha! 🤪 But truly... I’ll tell you all my fitness secrets if you’d like. 😱 So, here you go... wait for it... I just PLAY! I have fun. I mess around. I move my body. And I love every second of it. It’s never a “work out” and It’s always a blast! It makes me so happy to move freely. I am grateful for my body, my abilities, and my Spiritual Playground. I am not rigid. I am not hard on myself. I don’t have a set schedule when it comes to my practice or “working out”. I don’t lift weights. I just lift my body. A lot. Sometimes I run with my fur baby. But mostly we walk. When I have him we do a 2-3 mile loop each morning. I hike, mostly with my dad. 😍 I play with acro yoga, I mess around with aerial yoga, I dance around my house, climb on things, and invert often. That’s it folks!!! So now you know. Secrets out!!! 💁🏼‍♀️ If you have any other questions I am an open book! Just ask! I promise I’ll give you my best answer if you comment below. . . You are ❤️, 🔥, and 🔮. Namaste 🙏🏻😘

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Soaring. 🦅 My heart is on FIRE. ❤️🔥 This is what it looks like when you emancipate yourself from judgement and expectations. #FAF

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Full spectrum CBD + dark chocolate 😍 A match made in heaven. 😇 This is GATAKA. The first full spectrum CBD plus real cacao made right here in Colorado. Check out their tinctures too! Use code mindfuljess to receive 10% off your entire order + free shipping through November 10th!!! 🤗 I take CBD orally every day to ease the pain of my injuries and help with inflammation. Personally I think everyone should be ingesting this MAGICAL plant on a regular basis. For more information go to www.gatakawellness.com #ad #cbd #wellness #chocolate #magic

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