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✱ G I V E A W A Y ✱ LOVE YOUR SKIN ✱ @freskincare has been a part of my morning routine for over a year now, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. My skin has never felt more hydrated, smooth, and protected (spf 30 in the moisturizer). With nourishing ingredients such as: organic argan oil and leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B5 & E, Chamomile, Aloe-Vera, Shea Butter, and more - the @freskincare 123 set is sure to purify and revive your skin! . ✱ WIN A 123FRÉ STARTER KIT ✱ One of you beauties will get to try this set out for yourself! All you’ve got to do is: - Like this photo - Tag 3 friends - Follow @freskincare and myself . Giveaway closes tomorrow at midnight. I’m stoked to be able to share this with you all! Best of luck x o x o #freskincare #loveyourglow #loveyourskin #collab

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. I think one of the biggest problems of all is that we think we shouldn’t have any problems. What if we switch up the perspective? What if they become challenges instead? What if we see it as an opportunity for change and growth? Whether you “succeed” or “fail”, you still move forward - both outcomes have the ability to serve you. You just gotta look at it through a different lens. 💫

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. Last night during class I reminded my students that the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourself. I asked them to take a moment to recognize a recent achievement, to let it be a mini celebration (even if it felt silly) and to be proud of where they were at today. I feel like we are all so quick to move from one thing to the next (guilty) and we want more after getting a taste of something great (definitely guilty). We give so much to others but maybe not enough to ourselves. So here’s a lil reminder for myself and you all today to slow it down and soak up something great that’s leaked into your life recently. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but make sure it brings a smile to your face. #onandoffthemat

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mikmill. Here we go - round two! Come be a part of this magical 7 day adventure

Here we go - round two! Come be a part of this magical 7 day adventure. Deepen your yoga practice, soak up the beauty of Costa Rica, and make some meaningful connections. NOV 16-22, 2019 Your experience includes: - 6 nights at Vida Mountain Resort & Spa - 3 nourishing vegetarian meals/day + snacks and beverages - Yoga twice a day - 3 fitness classes - Salt water pool, steam room, cold plunge, library/tea room, yoga studio, hiking trails - Costa Rican cooking class - Traditional cacao ceremony - Guided Forest Therapy - 2 off site adventures: Tortuga Island day trip on private boat & Las Musas waterfall hike and swim - 50 min. massage - Airport Shuttles See link in bio for more info! Catch the early bird rates - available until Sept. 15. P U R A V I D A XOX MIK video: by me music: tourist - elixir

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. new ink ⚡️two words that describe all of what I’ve been feeling and experiencing since moving out west: D I V I N E & P R E S E N C E . . hand poke magic brought to you by the lovely @ink.dust

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mikmill. .
Experiences like this make me feel alive. Beautiful views, amazing p

. Experiences like this make me feel alive. Beautiful views, amazing people, fully recharged. Thoughts of my next big adventure are stirring up already ... ⋆ I C E L A N D R E T R E A T - OCTOBER 11-15th 2019 with @melissa.moffet and @adzentureretreats - come discover the magic with us! Daily yoga, blue lagoon, northern lights, waterfalls, national parks, dance parties, new friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. ⋆ Check out my highlight or @adzentureretreats website for more details! Lets take advantage of this beautiful world and see it all, shall we? ✨

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. Water baby in her element 🦀 This past year has left me feeling beyond grateful, inspired, connected and aligned. Life is crazy. This experience is magical. It’s beautiful and messy and full of surprises. If you can learn to be anything throughout your life, learn to be fluid. Let everything flow through you. Don’t hold back. Your light matters. Go after your dreams. If not now, when? ⋆ Here’s to 29 trips around the sun! Stokeddd to be here ☀️

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mikmill. .
Which mindset are you giving energy and attention to today?
your p

. Which mindset are you giving energy and attention to today? ⋆ your potential or your self doubt ⋆ Just in case you needed a reminder, you are the creator of your future. Your doubts and fears will act as road blocks, but good news is they aren’t permanent. Every intentional act to shift a mindset, or to work towards what you want is already serving you. Plant the seed. Water the encouraging thoughts, and keep showing up for yourself. 💫

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. g r a t i t u d e - the biggest game changer of all ☀️

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I’d rather crack myself open and let the world see me, than stay clo

. I’d rather crack myself open and let the world see me, than stay closed off and have resistance weigh me down. What a waste of energy it is to battle against your intuition and to second guess what your heart truly desires. Why not use that energy to dive a little deeper and get to know yourself better? What drives you? What makes you feel most alive and aligned? What puts goosebumps on your skin and smile lines on your face? ⋆ Whatever it is, do more of it. Commit to your growth, your happiness, gets curious about your potential and inspire others to do the same along the way. 💫 ⋆ threads: @beyondyoga #livebeyond track: blue - @chrismalinchak

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. I’m grateful for the practices I’ve committed to over the past few years. Creative outlets that allow me to rinse out busy thoughts, tension, and anxiety. Ultimately these are my rituals that pull me back to myself. I write, I move, I listen to music. I feel lighter after filtering through the clutter. I feel gratitude for being alive. I feel completely reconnected. ⋆ If you can commit to anything for 5-10 minutes a day, commit to yourself. Be still, move, create, write - whatever it is that brings you peace, gets your heart pumping, and recharges you - make time for it every day. 💫

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. Life’s a wild ride isn’t it? ⋆ I was never one to visualize exactly how my life was going to play out. Making a 5 or 10 year plan never felt quite right and I struggled with this for years. I was constantly battling this feeling of needing to fit into societal “norms” or like I needed to be more practical about my decisions. It weighed me down. It held me back. Fear was leaking in, and I was letting it win. ⋆ Plot twist: universe decided to toss in some major obstacles and I had only one choice: shift and evolve, or repeat and remain stagnant. This past year has challenged me, shook me, woke me, and in turn served me. I’ve never been more inspired to live a life I’m in love with, and to help others see that they can do the same. Kick your fears to the curb, ask yourself what it is your truly want and go for it. You’ve got this. You’re electric baby ⚡️ ⋆ pc: my angel @juliiathompson

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mikmill. .
I grew up believing in all things magical and mystical - fairies, me

. I grew up believing in all things magical and mystical - fairies, mermaids, rainbow bridges I could dance on, crescent moons I could nap on, sunflower fields I could get lost in ... not much has changed.💫 . Thank you for creating this expression of me @indigo.degaia you talented babe you!! There’s nothing I love more than connecting with like minded humans and being inspired by a creative spark, art, music, movement, nature ... l i f e 🌞

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. If I could give you all one solid piece of advice for today, it would be to say yes to the things that scare the shit out of you. Drop the control, the ego, the wanting to know how it’s all going to play out - say yes and watch it all unfold. ⠀ Had an epic time shooting some fun content with @borderlinebodysuits and @sahilchawla today. You two are rockstars and I’m so grateful to be a part of your vision! Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for sharing your creative energy. Thank you thank you thank you. 🌞

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. body - “move me” mind - “I’m lazy” body - “I need a release” mind - “I’ll do it later” body - “I need to shift energy” mind - “I’m comfortable right now” body - “please” mind - “okay I hear you” ⠀ I’m not always motivated to move, and sometimes it takes a bit of perspective shifting to get there - but when I do ... oh baby, does it ever feel good. There’s nothing like movement and freedom of expression. It pulls me back home to myself. It reminds me of what it feels like to be alive. 💫 ⠀ track: ghost voices - @virtualself @lane8music top: @beyondyoga #livebeyond

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. Thrifty feels💫 I dug through a massive $10 bin and found this number. Whoever this belonged to before... kudos, and thank you! I feel like I just jumped in a time machine - back to lemonade stands, jump rope and scraped knees. 🤘🏻 ⠀ #thriftstorefinds #thriftstorescore #treasurehunting

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. What if we lived more like children and embraced all that life has to throw at us. Whether it’s amazing or heavy, can you feel it all? Can you let it flow through you? Can you let it shake you, shift you and propel you forward? Can you lean into fear, step beyond your self doubts, and let go of expectation? Freedom lies in the surrender to what is. Growth lies in the discomfort. Your heart knows the way - open up. ⠀ pc: @juliiathompson • edits: me 💫

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. Can’t quite put this weekend into words - if you could feel my feels you’d understand. Completely blissed out from the connection, inspiration, laughter, and love. Thank you for the unforgettable experience @campyoga - until next year 🤘🏻 ⠀ pc: @joordanrenee

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