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Looking to explore your potential and step

. 🌞 NEW CHALLENGE ALERT 🌞 Looking to explore your potential and step into growth? Join us for our 10 day yoga challenge #BloomForSpring 🌸 Let’s focus on loving ourselves through asana practice and build our confidence through this practice, getting in touch with our inner flame! Our amazingness. Are you ready to bloom? Every posture will be focussed around the idea of starting from the ground and slowly rising until we "bloom" together! ⠀ CHALLENGE DATES: March 22nd - 31st ⠀ HOSTS: @yogimegs @Whitneydavisyoga @mikmill @warriorfromwithin @marta__milani ⠀ SPONSORS: @aloyoga @alo.moves ⠀ Poses: 1. Childs Pose - Balasana 2. Yogi's Squat - Malasana 3. Tiger Pose - Vyaghrasana 4. Forearmstand/headstand - Pinchamyurasana/Sirsasana 5. Camel Pose - Ustrasana 6. Low Lunge - Anjaneyasana 7. Twisted Crescent Lunge - Parivrtta Anjaneyasana 8. Forward Fold - Uttanasana 9. Chair Pose - Utkatasana 10. Tree pose - Vrksasana ⠀ Challenge Rules: 1. Must be following all hosts and sponsors. 2. Repost this flier on your page with #bloomforSpring and tag all hosts and sponsors in the caption and photo! 3. Make sure your profile is public and share your pose or variation with #bloomforspring and have each host and sponsor tagged! 4. Always listen to your body. Use props and modifications when called to. 5. HAVE FUN and show some love and support to your fellow challenge participants!

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. Keep your heart open to it all. Live a big life and get curious about what you’re capable of. More believing, less doubting. More feeling, less thinking. More doing, less talking. And most importantly, more loving. Lots and lots and lots of loving. 💫

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. What if for today, you committed to slowing down and welcoming your thoughts as they surface? What patterns do you see? How many times a day do you tell yourself “I can’t”? What if you challenged yourself to see things differently? What if you let go of judgement and trusted that the path you’re on right now holds purpose? What if you told yourself “I can”? Even if it’s just for today. 💫 ⠀ PC: soul sister @mariam.ordubadi

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. I like this chapter. It feels good. 💫

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. Gimme that fresh mountain air, warm kisses from the sun, a flat rock to dance on, some lovely humans to connect with, and voila - you’ve got one happy Mik 🌞 #thesimplethings #optoutside #hellobc ⠀ PC: my talented bb @juliiathompson

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. Do more of what makes you feel alive. Surround yourself with those who encourage your growth. Dance with no clothes on. Love on yourself. Swim in the ocean. Nourish your body. Eat more plants. Eat more dark chocolate. Very important. Laugh a lot. Breathe deeply. Get outside. Love fiercely. Get curious. Test your boundaries. Grow, grow, and grow some more. 🦋

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. I’m at a place in my life where peace, joy, and happiness are high on the priority list. I dedicate time to my practice, to movement, to stillness, to myself - and it leaves me feeling more alive than ever. There’s no more “bad days”, just obstacles and challenges that help me grow. There is always going to be some outside noise, opinions, judgement, and negativity - but none of it will shake you if you continue to put yourself first. Believing in yourself is a practice. Mindfulness is a practice. Getting to know yourself is a practice. It all starts within. Oooo and don’t give up baby. You’ve got this. ⠀ Find some stillness today. Simply be with yourself for even 10 slow inhales and exhales. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel your heart beating, and allow the edges of your mouth to curl up. ⠀ Final day of #yogafeelschallenge is tapping into that sweet stillness. Let it fill you right up! Sending all the love and light out to each and every one of you 💫 ⠀ Hosts: @geeoice_yoga @lizfair_ @mikmill @molly_pooler_yoga @yogaforthegwinn Generous Sponsors: @beyondyoga @malaprayer @gocleveryoga @sahajanskincare PC: @aetak & edits by me

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. Can you find happiness for all that you have, right here, today, in this moment? ⠀ Let go of the idea of needing more to be happy. Today is more than enough. You are more than enough. This life is more than enough. ⠀ I’ve taken over @mantraband IG stories today to share some of my fav mindfulness tips and rituals! Come say hiiiii 💫

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. Hellooooo hip flexors and psoas. I see you. I feel you. I don’t necessarily enjoy releasing you but hey, I can’t let your tension build up and leak into my mind. So here’s the game plan - I’m going to be patient, and linger in these postures until I feel you release. Psoas, you’re nuts. You’re the only muscle that connects the spine to the femur bones. You’re massive and deeply rooted, and a perfect space for fear and stress to travel into. So I’m gonna work with you here, cool? Cool. Good talk. ⠀ Side note: Isn’t it wild that our heavy thoughts and overwhelming experiences get shoved down into our deepest tissues? It never ceases to amaze me. The body is fascinating, and so are our minds. The two are crazy connected, and I strongly encourage you to explore that. Get to know yourself better. Practice that awareness. Practice patience. ⠀ Playing with some low lunge variations for day 3 of #yogafeelschallenge 💫 ⠀ Hosts: @geeoice_yoga @lizfair_ @mikmill @molly_pooler_yoga @yogaforthegwinn Generous Sponsors: @beyondyoga @malaprayer @gocleveryoga @sahajanskincare PC: @aetak & edits by me

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. Open yo hips and open yo minnnd 💫 but actually - when tapping into an uncomfortable space, and breathing through tension that lingers in deep connective tissue, the entire experience shifts. It’s no longer just a “deep stretch”. It becomes a practice of quieting the monkey mind, remaining present and breathing into the space that feels stuck. I talk a lot about this body/mind connection when teaching Yin yoga. It’s fascinating what the physical body can let go of when you commit to the stillness, the breath, and the softening. ⠀ Day 1 of #yogafeelschallenge is your choice of pigeon, firelog, or lotus! Feel the feels my friends. You’ve got this. ⠀ Hosts: @geeoice_yoga @lizfair_ @mikmill @molly_pooler_yoga @yogaforthegwinn Generous Sponsors: @beyondyoga @malaprayer @gocleveryoga @sahajanskincare ⠀ PC: the talented @aetak & edits by me

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. Shoutout to those who fall in love with the simple moments. It’s not about having the best of everything - it’s all about making the best of everything 💫

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. If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it. Why not, right? Go for it. Let it be messy. Let it be non linear. Let go of expectation, and soak up the process. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the end goal - you’ll miss all the beauty along the way. 🌿

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. Imagine how boring life would be if you knew exactly how it was going to play out. 💫

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. This right here, is my favourite song to dance to ✨

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. It all started with a perspective shift, which leaked into a daily practice of awareness - of my thoughts, of what was around me, of what I wanted to do with my life. From there my curiosity grew so much that I refused to linger in my comfort zone. I wanted to continue to face my fears. I wanted to see what was on the other side. I wanted to befriend my self doubt and soften my ego. I wanted to learn how to love myself fiercely, so that somehow my inner light could shine through and reach others. It’s empowering - this self love journey. 10/10 would recommend. It’s a practice. It’s a commitment. It’s so worth it. What have you got to lose? Scratch that, what have you got to gain? . #beyourownvalentine #selfloveclub #lifeofadventure

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. I think one of the best feelings in the world is to laugh. A genuine, deep belly laugh. The kind that builds and builds to the point where no noise comes out - so you end up slapping your leg or clapping your hands, and then tears stream down your face. Right? That’s the good stuff. It’s nourishing. It’s medicine. It’s a high dose of good vibes and the present moment.

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. the invitation is not to show how inventive and imaginative you are but how much you can notice what you're already part of. and appreciate it. and share it. — burgs

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. Trying to fit my sense of gratitude into a short caption, a handful of pictures and videos just doesn’t cut it. To all of my retreaters, I LOVE you. Thank you for joining me on this wild adventure, for trusting me, for expanding your practice both on and off the mat, and for inspiring me. @vida.mountain muchas gracias for absolutely everything!! You are one big family to me. I can’t wait to share what we have in store. And Costa Rica - my god you are magical. The people, the nature, the way of living ... it just makes sense. You feel like home. See very very soon 💫 PURA VIDA

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