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Resting is as important as teaching. The more you fill up your battery with practice, quality food, quality life, the more you can share. Before teaching the next 200hr YTT in Paris it is time to take time off in south of Turkey. Check @cihangiryoga to see when I’ll be teaching after this break 😊🙏🏽 . Thanks @thegroovegathering for the pic


Absorb fully yourself into what you are passionate about. Learn from people that inspire you. You have a few weeks left to register for my 200hr in Paris @lomeyyoga. Next one after that will be Sri Lanka in January @exhaleyogaretreats . Thanks @harrys_bibila for this great shot


If somebody would have tell you that this body and breath could reach that, would you believe it? Every year it seems like this body is getting younger. Every day it does new things. The breathes lengthens more & more as the focus increases so. The never ending process of Learning happens by living consciously. Practicing and taking YTT, workshops, retreats and classes. The yoga practice always gives new opportunities to grow. As soon as you stay passionate you learn. You wanna evolve with me @exhaleyogaretreats. The next one is in Sri Lanka in January. This week I teach in Paris a 5 days workshop Intensive before the Paris 200hr with my friend teacher Dr Ganesh Rao who will also teach next year on the 300hr. Bringing somebody from so far to teach at the studio @lomeyyoga is always an adventure. But I wanna share with you the best and that’s why We do it! The only way to do great work is to love what you do. . Thanks @julesseaman For giving me the best plateformes to share my passion. . Love and gratitude . Music by the amazing @solrising 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤩


Tomorrow three chances to take class with me @lomeyyoga 7-8 Dharma Yoga 8h10-9h10 Flow 1 10.00-12.00 Follow the Yogi


Eileen is a Yinyasa Level 2 yoga teacher. She is five months pregnant and is the co-owner of an incredible Yoga school in Luxembourg @houseofyogalu. I was privileged to teach in her dream yoga space today and OMG it is such a great vibe out there. It was a First time and for sure not the last. Thanks to the fantastic students that came this morning and this afternoon. It was a blessing & so much fun to share with you. If you pass by Paris, come visit me in my school @lomeyyoga. Thank you @linilowenkind. You are the best !!!!


Working on consistency using this sequence to keep the rythm. Going today to Luxembourg to teach @houseofyogalu tomorrow and will be Sunday back @lomeyyoga in Paris for some fantastic classes. . Anything you are working on right now.


One of my favorite thing to do along la Seine after class: Hanging like a monkey. It feels so good after carrying my bag pack and working on Inversion to do the opposite action. Therapeutic for the shoulders and fun at the same time. Do you guys like to hang out? . Thanks @harrys_bibila for this funny pic


560€ ganesh Rao and me are teaching in Paris for five days Intensive. I will guide you through a deep yogic practical journey and Ganesh will share with you all the theoretical aspects, extra breathing and yoga nidra


Questions to The heart. Heart you are the best lie detector ever. How do you know so well what feels right? How do you see so well when it’s dark? If you share from the heart, you speak from the heart, then only you touch deep into the hearts. Who did you learn that from heart? How deep can I tune into you? Why is your living beat so loud when we don’t listen, so subtle and calm when we open up? Do you really believe there is hope for this world? Heart you are the divine within me, within us please give us the awareness to hear your answers. . Learn to teach from the heart @exhaleyogaretreats . Thank u @julesseaman 📸


Follow my stories for the special extra class on Sunday. ❗️❗️❗️❗️ 📍Today 🤪10-12h Follow the yogi 📍Wednesday 🙏🏽7-8h Dharma yoga 🙉10-12h Follow the yogi 📍Thursday 🙈7-8h Yoga Wheel class 🐒10h-12h Follow the yogi 🧘🏻‍♀️19.45-21.15 Yinyasa all Level 📍Friday 🧘🏾‍♂️7-8h Pranayama Méditation 🤩10-12h Follow the yogi . Thanks @harrys_bibila 📸


Register with the code PATANJALI for the 30hr yoga Sutra & Practice Intensive @lomeyyoga with me & ganesh Rao and get a réduction of 125€


Yin Work’s very well when the muscles are cold. It’s way easier to access, the fascia, connective tissue, the joints, ligaments, the space between the muscle fibers and the space between bones and muscles. If you do Yin first you just have to make sure you move the body after extremely slow. The engagement should constant. If you move it fast you could injure easily as the body is loose and less stable. It is very important to move slow, mindfully with more integration and isometrical action. Combining yin and yang asana practice is like cooking. If you use yin at the end of class you are still getting the benefits but the effect is less on the fascia, more on the muscles. So try both and see what you like the most. yin or yang, yang or yin all of that is just a question of perspective. . Thanks @angelasyoga for your question on that. . Thank you @julesseaman @exhaleyogaretreats for the video


Letter to this Planet Dear Mother earth, I hope you are well and healthy. Even though you didn’t hear from me since I left, I’ve been missing you a lot. It has been challenging to give you news. Here on the surface we wear plastic leather shoes everywhere to make sure we don’t get dirty. We also covered the world with ciment to avoid any risk of contagions. We get rid of the obstacles so we can travel faster, clean easily the floor and build buildings everywhere. Since I got disconnected from you and your divine consciousness I’m having a real human experience. Your brothers the trees say hi. Humanity confined them into designed spaces so they are not on the way. They are glad the polluted air is still free as they have no money. They also get contaminated water sometimes. Human beings are a very compassionate specie. They love to create things that replicates you Mother Nature. You would probably love it. Obviously they maybe don’t realize that they miss you too. Humans made the choice to raise living beings that they call animals. They use them to do their work, receive their affection and they also eat them. Human being love to believe that they are separated from one another which is a very curious concept when you are coming from a place where everything is connected. It’s very enjoyable to observe this culture of beings. So many language, experiences, stories. Sometimes I have trouble to understand why they are so addicted to suffering but there is something in my heart that lights up every time they show love and compassion to one another. I wish you well my dear Mother Earth, I love you. Your son


Most of the time we use the yoga practice to collect more energy when we already feel good. What do we do with this energy? Is it all about looking good or can we use the healthy benefits of yoga to understand how to make a more therapeutic world. If it’s not therapeutic, it is not yoga. What is therapeutic in our life is as well for this planet. It might be the time to replace your coffee by Skull Shining Breath or Bellow breath, add some retentions here and there to awake the sleepy snake within you and Get a nice Savasana before running around again. Did you know that the Krya In yoga can prevent & sometimes heal you from any diseases ? It takes will power to act when we feel depleted. I’m part of the ones that believe that the best solution if you feel troubled in your body and mind is to move. Getting in motion doesn’t mean exhausting yourself but creating room for improvement within. Move the breath. Clean healthy vegan alkaline diet or watermelon fast will purge the sh.. out of you. Get up to a seat get your legs to a straddle fold to one side to the other at least for 10 long deep breath, move slow, side bend and twist to get fluid. Then seat comfortable, stable and breathe slow as slow as possible for 10-15 real minutes. Feel the effects and rest. . @julesseaman 📸🙏🏽


Can we pay attention to the choices that we make with more sensitivity? Can we act as collective entity focusing on the positive growth of knowledge? Can we pay attention to what comes in and out? What stops us from being more aware of the consequences? Is it guilt, is it fear, is it taste, is it pleasure, is it ego. What do we generate, create, leave behind ? Can we bring our senses back together. Can we, yoga teachers famous or infamous join as one to show the example. Can we encourage better choices from grosser to subtler for this planet ? Can we use the number of Followers to replenish this planet. Speak about your choice. We have the power to educate, We have the power to influence people, we have the power.


Many talents run through your head that urge you to fame. The truth is that your head will be lost. If you don’t wish to lose your head, make yourself lowly like a foot. Put yourself under the protection of the axis of who has discernment.- Rumi

mathieuboldronyinyasa. Don’t be in the rush do go somewhere. Be simply open to what life’s of

Don’t be in the rush do go somewhere. Be simply open to what life’s offering you know. This is what I love now. What does that inspire you ?


How to step from side plank to hanumanasana can be sometimes tricky. @magic_planet_ja is today an amazing Yoga teacher. She was already an extraordinary natural teacher and after completing her 200hr recently. She is now growing so much. So proud of you wisdom girl. See u soon. . Thanks @exhaleyogaretreats being the best team ever