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Feel the power within like a sparkling bubble bath. Bow to the creative wisdom. Bow to the divine teacher within. The 300hr is the opportunity to make space for spirit to express. Every movement is an offering @exhaleyogaretreats

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Right now this is my life. Teaching yTT is a passion almost a duty. The way to pay the depth to all my teacher is to share what I had the chance to learn. When you allow yourself to put everything into what you do, into what you have, it becomes what you are. It’s been 10 years that I follow my heart no matter what, I still don’t know where is that gonna lead me but it doesn’t really matter because there is no need to know. We create to the moment by just being and until now this is my biggest teaching

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When the loud sound of war outside is about to resonate, you know it is the best time to practice. Close your eyes, open your heart, give peace a chance. ——— 3 classes @lomeyyoga 9.30 11.00 16.30

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Celebrate Metamorphosis @lomeyyoga School this week: teaching in my humble yoga studio from morning to eve is a beautiful gift. This morning at 7am when you see 10 people show up for a backbend practice with the yoga wheel, I feel so grateful. Thank you universe

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Be great, feel great, act great « @yogiteaeurope ». Thanks @harrys_bibila for the fun moment and pic

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Breathing is subtler than Asana, that’s why it is the biggest part in my Yoga Practice. @exhaleyogaretreats we share with you this powerful aspect of the practice of yoga

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It is our responsibility to make every moment especially positive. Creative energy never stops when you nourish it by expressing it with a supportive heart. We are the most powerful manifesting energy within our life’s if we just decide to. Teaching today @lomeyyoga

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40 days to immerse yourself in the beauty of yoga practice using all the aspects. This is what we offer @exhaleyogaretreats for a hollistic 300hr . Check our website for all the informations

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40Hrs Yoga Mentoring Programm – Mathieu BOLDRON – Du 27 Février au 3 Avril 2019 @lomeyyoga Dans ce programme de développement personnel pratique et théorique guidé par Mathieu Boldron vous serez suivi, conseillé et accompagné afin de construire le matériel nécessaire à votre épanouissement en tant que professeur de Yoga. Le 40hrs Continuing Education Yoga Alliance Mentorship programme est une excellente expérience pour tous les nouveaux professeurs de Yoga. La sagesse à de la valeur lorsqu’il s’agit de partager. Collectez les connaissances et expériences nécessaires lors de cette formation pour développer vos outils de communication et booster votre confiance. 📖 AU PROGRAMME – Krya, asana & asana avancé, pranayama, chant, méditation – Méthode d’enseignement, affiner son enseignement – Développement de thème – Construction de séquences & de workshops – Ajustements et partner work – Journaling – Construire sa communauté – Enseigner une classe au studio – Recevoir des feedbacks – Observer et donner un feedback – Assister une classe en temps réel – Échanger, partager, s’exercer avec un groupe de professeur certifiés CONTRE INDICATION :Débutants, femmes enceintes. MATÉRIEL : Carnet (prise de note) PRÉ-REQUIS : Les participants doivent être certifiés d’un 200hrs (minimum) et avoir au moins 6 mois de pratique régulière. ⏰ DATES & HORAIRES Tous les Mercredi du 27 février au 3 avril 2019 Tous les mercredis 9.30-12.15 : Krya, Asana, Pranayama, Méditation 13.45-16.00 : Chant, méthodologie d’enseignement, sequencing et création de workshop, journaling, ajustements, discussions et questions. 16.00-16.45 : Yin + 1H15 à enseigner au studio et 1H15 pour observer une classe et construire un feedback 📌 INSCRIPTION ET RÉSERVATION Tarif Earlybird : 650€ TTC (jusqu’au 26 Janvier 2019) Régular : 750€ TTC (à partir du 27 Janvier 2019) 18 places disponibles

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What makes you happy happy? Are you saying that you are happy because you are not sad or are you really happy happy? . Thanks @harrys_bibila for the pic

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Tuesday and Wednesday 10-12h and Thursday 19.45-21.15 @lomeyyoga. @ozguryoga will be guiding some uniq practices ! If you are a passionate of yoga come join this wonderful being who studied for many years with @chrischavezyoga

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A Very Special week @lomeyyoga coming I will teach : Lundi 7.00-8.00 Dharma Mardi 7.00-8.00 Pranayama Jeudi 7.00-8.00 Wheel . I’ll be taking all the follow the Yogi classes. My friend @ozguryoga will be teaching them as well as my sweet @ashtynnehudecz. Come Thursday night as well for an incredible yoga class with @ozguryoga

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Great connexion is the first step towards great learning & teaching. Thanks @julesseaman for this pic @exhaleyogaretreats

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Comfort never last for ever like anything else. Too much Comfort makes us weaker. In discomfort we learn, in discomfort we observe, in discomfort we move, we transform, we create, we learn, we experience, we become wiser. . Thanks @funetyoga for this pic durin the @exhaleyogaretreats Ytt

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Join me in Bali after Christmas for new year @radiantlyaliveyoga for 40hr and in Sri Lanka for 200hr from January 8th @exhaleyogaretreats

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Don’t loose your time in the virtual world come practice true with us @lomeyyoga today with @ashtynnehudecz

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Follow the Yogi tomorrow @lomeyyoga check the schedule

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mathieuboldronyinyasa. Come on a Yoga ride with us for new year!!! BALI 40 HOUR INTENSIVE YIN

Come on a Yoga ride with us for new year!!! BALI 40 HOUR INTENSIVE YIN YANG FLOW🔆🐒@radiantlyalive Join @ashtynnehudecz and I to dive into the inner landscape of your body, mind and breath. 🔆 In this 8-day Intensive slow down to refine your practice, deepen your pranayama to unlock internal power. Use the awareness of your breath to infuse each movement with a powerful dose of elegance. 🔆 Start the New Year immersed in daily Asana, Kriya, Pranayama breathing, Chanting and Yoga Philosophy - slow down to power up👊🏽. 👌🏽@radiantlyalive 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 SAMPLE SCHEDULE 🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ 3-hour Morning Practice: Yin, Kriya, Asana Yang, Pranayama, Meditation. ✍🏾📍🙏🏽 2-hour Afternoon Practice: Chanting, Philosophy, Inversion or Backbend workshops. 💚💚💚 2018 | December 28 - January 5 | 07.30 - 10.30 & 13.30 - 15.30 daily😃😇 Sign up on @radiantlyaliveyoga website

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