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mathieuboldronyinyasa. @annamartinyoga will be my assistant on the next 300hr coming up @exha

@annamartinyoga will be my assistant on the next 300hr coming up @exhaleyogaretreats. She has grew so much since my very first 300. She was a committed student of yoga irradiating constant positive vibe #yogabeast

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I love teaching 300hr program cause it gives me the opportunity to share what is keeping me inspired in my practice and as a teacher. The program is very structure and organized to retain as many informations as possible and practice what needs to be. #Pranayama and #Krya are one of our daily #yogapractice.

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Collective support is a way to raise individually efficiently. Helping one another actively is so efficient to cultivate inspiration, consistency, motivation, karma. We are not the thought we are the group. My main teaching is to bring people together, the yoga practice is just a skill in action to do it. . Thanks @julesseaman for the pic

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Follow the Yogi back in Paris next week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10-12pm @lomeyyoga . Thanks @harrys_bibila for the pic

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Using the breath as a source of fluidity to strengthen the Asana. The lizard variation from @dharmayoganyc that i use at the end is a very good example of how breathing helps me go deeper into the pose

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mathieuboldronyinyasa. The way we nourish ourselves is a great mirror to how we feel. Thanks

The way we nourish ourselves is a great mirror to how we feel. Thanks @ashtynnehudecz for making me feel like that today #veganfood

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mathieuboldronyinyasa. Teaching a casual #yogaclass @exhaleyogaretreats

Teaching a casual #yogaclass @exhaleyogaretreats

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And if this morning Morning meditation would be this morning playing the @ravvast

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Casually stretching with my #partneryoga @ashtynnehudecz. 😍thanks @julesseaman 📸

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This is me on the beach... #yogaonthebeach thanks @julesseaman for this 📸👊🏽

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Eka pada sirsasana makes me very peaceful. It’s not about going as far as possible in my practice but more about building incisive awareness as I’m moving deeper within the layers. Focusing on a very steady and normal tranquil breath.

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We attract to us all the good things in life when we devote ourself to be in service of the grand Self. Watch the pose after exhalation #antarakhumbaka and go with the density of nothingness. 📸Thanks @julesseaman

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While we practice, the #peacock is watching over us proudly. His colors Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes are a constant reminder of the creative power of #nature . #Mayurasana reminds us that we are not the body we are the soul. Join the peacock transformative adventure 300hr this April

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This week in my personal practice I’ve been exploring different variations of ekapada Sirsasana. Repeating the same pose over and over within the same practice using different variations helps me gather my senses deeper into specific parts of my body: Here of course the hip joint, the movement of the femur in the acetabulum while engaging the pelvic floor. It helps me a lot to square my hips to the front of the mat to not use my hands to press onto my foot while sliding my head under the leg. I love the feeling of grounding within that pose. It is a great practice after teaching a 200hr

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THE REAL GURU @netflix Sometimes a yoga teacher training feels like that. So much transformations, emotional colors, people, tears, smile, sweat, the Veritable human adventure, the real deal. OMG i love this team and i love those students.

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Stretching in between exams. The students are going through their practicum right now for the 200hr Yinyasa @exhaleyogaretreats in Sri Lanka. I’m observing them teaching and it’s such a rewarding experience to see the evolution #yogateachertraining

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Support is when you allow others to carry you. In this Pic is the amazing and best assistant ever @sallyrubin teaching one of the 200hr classes. Laying on the ground next to me holding my hand is my grounding lover & partner @ashtynnehudecz. Thanks @julesseaman for the pic

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I like exploring slow and fast movements within practice at the moment, I found the most challenging is to keep steady and calm through out the transitions.

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