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Who would you be if you didn’t believe the stories you create about yourself? If we drop the story, the expectations, and live in the present moment - purposeful and connected, we create the opportunity to be who we are, rather than who we think we should be. Less thinking, more feeling on the mat this week @psyclelondon •MONDAY• 7am Power was 👌🏼 🔥 12.15pm Power 50 •TUESDAY• 7am Flow cover for @mind_body_bowl 🙏🏼 7.30pm Power 75 •WEDNESDAY• 6pm Power 75 7.30pm Yin •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin SD Friday to Sunday catch me @ultimatefreedomyoga in Slovakia! Tickets still available on their website! if you can’t make it follow along on stories for all the BTS fun! 🙌🏼 @yogaandphoto with the great capture #yogabypsycle #londonyoga #armbalance #sidecrow

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Friday feels. “Vulnerability is hard. It feels scary and dangerous. But it’s not as scary and dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves, what if I would have shown up?” - @brenebrown I watched ‘The call to courage’ on Netflix the other evening after a recommendation from @misskatelister (have you guys seen it?) and thought this was a powerful message to take away from the whole thing. Happy Friday good people! Go do something you love! 💚✌🏼 Stretchy stretchy snapped by @yogaandphoto #heartopener #yogaphilosophy #vulnerability #thecalltocourage #netflixandchill #netflixandthink

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#TheNinjaTransitions This time round I’ve thrown together a few fun variations of things to try in your Ardha Hanumanasana (half splits pose) and Hanumanasana (full splits) Which one is your favourite? As always tag me in your attempts and let me know if there is anything you are interested in seeing in future! Happy practicing! 🙏🏼 #hanumanasana #splits #oversplit #ekapadarajakapotasana

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Reformation. {Noun} 1. The action or process of reforming an institution or practice. 2. An amazing studio opened this year in Dublin by my friends @leetraceylife and @anniekpilates 🙌🏼 I’m honoured to be able to come and share some workshops at their amazing space. You can catch me first weekend of October - 5th @ 1.30pm - Welcome to the Jungle 🦍 Primal Vinyasa 6th @ 1.30pm Inversions Clinic 🤸🏻‍♂️ Booking is up through the @reformation.ie website or on @mindbody App! Really looking forward to this! Hope to see all you Dublin yogis there! 🤩🙏🏼 _ Photo Credit: @jake_paul_white #threeleggeddog #yogadublin #yogaworkshop #balibible

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Everything’s connected. I was listening to JRE yesterday with @neildegrassetyson and he dropped this absolute gem... There are more molecules of air in a single breath than there are breaths of air for every person in our atmosphere. Read that again. So every exhale for you is someone else’s inhale, and vice versa. Like one big shared breath, shared life, all connected, all one, in union, yoga. Absolute magic ✨ @jake_paul_white catching a rare smile 😆 #yogaphilosophy #hipopener #yogapose #yogateacher #empoweredyogaschool

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WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 🦍 _ Get ready to unleash your inner animal as your typical yoga flow is about to go ape! Join me this Saturday 2.15pm for the Primal Vinyasa workshop. Here’s a flavour of some of the stuff we will be playing with! This session combines all your familiar yoga favourites with some dynamic animal locomotion, creating a fun, challenging and sweaty session. All levels are welcome, some experience is recommended. Animal noises optional, but encouraged! _ Rest of the week looks like this @psyclelondon •MONDAY• 7am Power 12.15pm Power 50 •TUESDAY• 7.30pm Power 75 •WEDNESDAY• 6pm Power 75 7.30pm Yin - The Science of Sleep 😴 •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin - Shoreditch •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power 2.30pm - Teachers Practice (Teachers DM to join in the fun!) •SATURDAY• 10.15am Power 75 covering for @gemma.soul 2.15pm WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE _ #animallocomotion #yogaworkshop #monkeyaround #vinyasa

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Ultimate Freedom _ Last year I had the absolute privilege of sharing some yoga with the amazing community in Slovakia @ultimatefreedomyoga This was the first festival of its kind in Bratislava was an incredible experience and one that stands out as special amongst all the travel teaching I’ve done with a really magical energy to it. I’m so pleased to be headed back again this year to join some incredible teachers like @troyhadeed @troyturi and @adellbridges 🤩 The festival is running 27th-29th September and you can grab tickets from their website. I’m sharing an inversions clinic Friday, The art of Transitions on Saturday, and Healthy Hips and Hamstrings Sunday 😃 I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones there soon! _ The beautiful camera work of @jake_paul_white #yogafestival #slovakia #ultimatefreedomfestival #reversewarrior #yogapose

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AD | I got hit with a #RepandNominate challenge from @tallyrye to show how I’m putting the @benq_europe GV1 portable projector to good use for some training so here it is (swipe to watch the video!) Keeping the good vibes going I’m nominating @kerllenrego and @faisalpmafitness to show me what you’ve got! 💪🏼🙏🏼 _ #ad #digitalfitness #trainanywhere #pinchamayurasana

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Having an awesome time in the big apple, but also excited to be back to @psyclelondon for my regular slots and a few extras this weekend! See you there? 😃🙌🏼 _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin - Shoreditch •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power 2.30pm Teachers Practice (DM to come down!) 6.30pm Revival 75 •SATURDAY• 10.30am Power 90 - Shoreditch •SUNDAY• 9am Flow 10.15am Foundations _ @yogaandphoto behind the lens @lululemonuk with the threads #yoga #yogapractice #dragonsquat

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[AD] Reconnecting with Nature! _ A new month and a new scent! @schmidtsUKI Cedarwood and Juniper all natural deodorant keeping me smelling fresh during my time in Bali. It’s warm and woody combo really enhances the connection to the earth around you, and the all natural ingredients mean we are avoiding all the nasty chemicals so we prevent further damage to this beautiful planet 🌏 🌴 _ #ad #SchmidtsNaturals #ekapadarajakapotasana #bali

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1 or 2? _ Got a short week this week as I’m off to New York on Friday! New York friends - let’s hang out! Or do you have New York recommendations? Drop them below! _ In the mean time, come catch me on the mat @psyclelondon •TONIGHT• 7.30pm Power 75 •WEDNESDAY• 6pm Power 75 7.30pm Yin •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin - Shoreditch •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power _ Camera skills by @yogaandphoto #hanumanasana #splits #yogapractise #londonyoga

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Turbo Salutations 🙏🏼 _ Short on time? Or just feel like spicing up your Suryas? Try these out! A little twist on #TheNinjaTransitions _ 1 Surya A 10 Turbos (Urdhva hastasana to chaturanga and back as quick as you can) 1 Surya B _ I did 5 rounds yesterday, was done and dusted in 20mins, literally 😂 the change in tempo of the movement really makes you work your relationship with the breath - a super effective way to shake things up if you are feeling comfortable with your A’s and B’s. _ Give it a go and let me know what you think! 🙌🏼 _ Speed X4 Song: Powers by Tidus _ #yoga #yogapractice #sunsalutation #thebalibible

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Well I tried to do what I felt was right, And I know I fucked it up sometimes, But at least my heart was open. ~ Foy Vance. _ I haven’t listened to Foy’s music in a long time, but when I looked at this picture this lyric jumped to mind. If I have to sum it up in a word - Vulnerability. It’s easy for life to make you hard. It allows us to put up barriers/walls/defences. To wear masks to protect your true self. What if we choose something different? Let yourself become more vulnerable, open to possibilities, to love yourself and let others love you. Even when you fuck stuff up. Even when it’s scary. Cause that’s when it matters the most. 💚 _ #bali #sunset #yogapractice #urdhvadanurasana

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Casting shadows 🤸🏻‍♂️ _ The ripple effect. The choices and decisions that we make in our lives travel further than just us. You have the capability to positively impact the people and the world around you, even if they don’t realise it. What will you do today to create positive change? _ Gonna need to work on that one arm handstand if I’m going to get the full Air Jordan logo (sneaker headz will know) 😂🤸🏻‍♂️ _ #handstand #handstandpractice #straddlehandstand #positiveimpact #airjordan

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Sometimes we over complicate it. I’m as guilty of this as everyone else. Making it about the big poses, the push, the structure, the theme. Overthinking it. This wasn’t about any of that. I just stepped on the mat. No agenda, no plan. Just breath and instinct as a guide. And it felt great. A practice of feeling rather than a practice of doing. _ #yoga #yogapractice #practicedaily #trustyourinstincts

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The human 👌🏼 emoji. _ Or the closest I can get at least haha. I read something great yesterday and wanted to share it, a little mindfulness for your Monday - _ “The ways in which we choose to move our bodies and nourish ourselves are two of the greatest gifts we are given every day. The best wellness resource at your disposal is one you already have: your mind. Changing your body starts with changing the way you think.” _ What are you setting your mind on this week? How are you going to move your body to feel good and nourish yourself? Have a great day everyone! C 💚 x _ #yoga #yogapractice #yogaphilosophy #pinchamayurasana #hollowback #hollowbackpincha

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I don’t work with people or products th

Making an honest difference. _ I don’t work with people or products that I don’t believe in and trust, so when I talk to you about how amazing @puorilife are, believe me it comes from personal experience with them, their ethos and their products. _ As part of my health regime I use their daily health essential packs and Symbiotic’s, add their greens powders to smoothies, and always have a packet of C3 in my bag. And I NEVER travel without them! _ Recently Puori launched The Transparency Project. It highlights their commitment to putting the cleanest, best ingredients in their products. They partnered with The Clean Label Project to test each batch of products for purity and publish all the results online for consumers to see 🙌🏼. _ I greatly value honest and transparency in all areas of my life, and think it’s an amazing testament to this company, to put themselves out there and lead by example! Go check them out if you haven’t already ☺️🙏🏼 _ 📸 @balm.creative #puorilife #sponsored #sponsoredathlete #allthatcounts #PuoriTransparencyProject

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#TheNinjaTransitions 🌴Tropical Edition😎 _ JAZZ UP YOUR JUMP BACK! Floating back from the top of the mat is so common in classes and can sometimes leave us going through the motions, try some of these variations to spice up your Sun Salutations and vinyasa transitions! All of mine end with an extra plank to chaturanga to help build more concentric strength in the upper body, which is sometimes missing in a traditional yoga practice. _ Let me know what you think! Questions? Leave them below. Which level is your favourite? Which one are you doing and which one are you working on? _ Love from the jungle 💚 _ #yogatransitions #yogapractice

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