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The human 👌🏼 emoji. _ Or the closest I can get at least haha. I read something great yesterday and wanted to share it, a little mindfulness for your Monday - _ “The ways in which we choose to move our bodies and nourish ourselves are two of the greatest gifts we are given every day. The best wellness resource at your disposal is one you already have: your mind. Changing your body starts with changing the way you think.” _ What are you setting your mind on this week? How are you going to move your body to feel good and nourish yourself? Have a great day everyone! C 💚 x _ #yoga #yogapractice #yogaphilosophy #pinchamayurasana #hollowback #hollowbackpincha

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mageesy. Making an honest difference.
I don’t work with people or products th

Making an honest difference. _ I don’t work with people or products that I don’t believe in and trust, so when I talk to you about how amazing @puorilife are, believe me it comes from personal experience with them, their ethos and their products. _ As part of my health regime I use their daily health essential packs and Symbiotic’s, add their greens powders to smoothies, and always have a packet of C3 in my bag. And I NEVER travel without them! _ Recently Puori launched The Transparency Project. It highlights their commitment to putting the cleanest, best ingredients in their products. They partnered with The Clean Label Project to test each batch of products for purity and publish all the results online for consumers to see 🙌🏼. _ I greatly value honest and transparency in all areas of my life, and think it’s an amazing testament to this company, to put themselves out there and lead by example! Go check them out if you haven’t already ☺️🙏🏼 _ 📸 @balm.creative #puorilife #sponsored #sponsoredathlete #allthatcounts #PuoriTransparencyProject

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#TheNinjaTransitions 🌴Tropical Edition😎 _ JAZZ UP YOUR JUMP BACK! Floating back from the top of the mat is so common in classes and can sometimes leave us going through the motions, try some of these variations to spice up your Sun Salutations and vinyasa transitions! All of mine end with an extra plank to chaturanga to help build more concentric strength in the upper body, which is sometimes missing in a traditional yoga practice. _ Let me know what you think! Questions? Leave them below. Which level is your favourite? Which one are you doing and which one are you working on? _ Love from the jungle 💚 _ #yogatransitions #yogapractice

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Pincha playtime in paradise 😎🌴🤸🏻‍♂️ _ Settling into Ubud nicely! Anyone else love Bali? What’s your favourite thing to do on the island? _ #pinchamayurasana #funkypincha #thebalibible #bali

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ STRADDLE FOLD FAVOURITES! Here are some of my favourite ways to play with Prasarita Padottanasana within your yoga practice! As always make sure you’re warm before attempting some of the stronger variations! _ What level are you at? And which one are you working on?! Share your progress or your other favourites variations! _ #yogatransitions #yogapractice #handstand #pinchamayurasana #headstand #splits #prasaritapadottanasana

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Can you point towards Bali? 😂 _ On Saturday I’m headed to @fourseasons in Ubud 🙌🏼 gonna be there for 3 weeks - so I need you to share all your Bali recommendations below! _ Here’s my last few classes @psyclelondon if you want to come flow and say bye! •TONIGHT• 6pm Power 75 7.30pm Yin •TOMORROW• 7.30pm Yin SHOREDITCH •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power 60 _ Don’t forget whilst I’m away you can keep practicing with me any time, anywhere on @fiit 💚🙏🏼 _ PC: @yogaandphoto #bali #yogabypsycle #yogapractice #pistolsquat

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You give me all of you I recognize my heart as black and blue You accept all I do But I don't know if I am worth it. ~ Moses Sumney. _ This song gave me some serious vibes this morning. _ Have a great weekend everyone, if you are headed to @wildernesshq come say hey to me and and the @justbreathe crew - mass meditation Saturday 10.30am in The Atrium! _ #yogavideo #yogatransitions #handstand #handstandpractice #ekapadabakasana #wildthing #urdhvadhanurasana #yogapractice

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Bird noises optional. _ Few chances to fly this week before I head to @wildernesshq with the good folks @justbreathe 👇🏼 TONIGHT 7.30pm Power 75 WEDNESDAY 6pm Power 75 7.30pm Yin THURSDAY 7.30pm Yin - Shoreditch FRIDAY 7.15am Power 60 _ 📸 @yogaandphoto @psyclelondon #bakasana #crowpose #yogapractice

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ LIZARD LEVELS! Here are some options to spice up lizard in your practice. As always please make sure your body is ready and warm especially for the deeper versions! _ What level are you at? And which one are you working on! Share your progress or your other favourites! _ #yogatransitions #yogapractice #lizard #koundinyasana #visvamitrasana #bhairavasana #ekapadasirsasana

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When you practice, why do you turn up? Is it always the same thing? Or is it something different that brings you to the mat each time? _ For me there may be different small scale intentions for individual practices, but when I think big picture, I’m there to explore. To discover, to play and ultimately to grow. That’s always my deeper purpose. _ Anyone know the name of this? First legit answer or most creative suggestion can have a free class with me! 🤩🙏🏼 _ 📸@yogaandphoto #armbalance #purposeandpractice #parsvabakasana #yogapractice

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What are we here for? To comfort the disturbed. And to disturb the comfortable. _ #yoga #fallentriangle #yogateacher #yogabypsycle #yogapractice

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There is a duality in the practice. Stillness and movement. Effort and ease. Your individuality and the collective consciousness. Strength without rigidity, softness without laziness. Only you know if you are striking the appropriate balance between the two. Trust your instincts and allow the practice to give you what you need. _ On the mat this week @psyclelondon •MONDAY• 7am POWER 12.15pm POWER 50 •TUESDAY• 7.30pm POWER 75 •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm FLOW 50 6pm POWER 75 7.30pm YIN •FRIDAY• 7.15am POWER 2.30pm TEACHERS PRACTICE - Shoreditch this week!(Yoga Teachers DM to join!) •SUNDAY• 10.15 FOUNDATIONS 11.30am POWER 75 _ Hope to see you there 🙏🏼 Image from the amazing @yogaandphoto #yoga #yogapractice #twistedlizard #ParivrttaUtthanPristhasana

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#AD | Recently I have been trying to be more mindful in my morning routine, moving away from artificial products in favour of the good natural stuff. _ Enter @schmidtsuki - their range of deodorants, soaps and toothpaste are all plant and mineral based (vegan), and derived from innovative botanicals. I’m currently rocking the Lime range, the deodorant has an awesome bright, citrus smell and is made with Shea butter to help nourish your skin. The toothpaste tastes great! Coconut and lime with cool mint undertones, and leaves my breath smelling fresh! I highly recommend for anyone on the hunt to try some new natural products that actually work! _ #WakeUpwithSchmidts

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When I practice I am a philosopher, when I teach I am a scientist, when I demonstrate I am an artist. ~ Iyengar. _ When shooting content for the @empoweredyogaschool teacher training manual, @timrobinsonphoto managed to catch me catching the foot for the first time. _ #yogapose #pincha #hollowback #yogabreakthrough #teachertraining #qotd #yogaphilosophy

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NEW SCHEDULE! 🤩 _ Few exciting new permanent classes as well as covers this week! Are you coming to class?! All @psyclelondon _ •MONDAY• 7am POWER **new permanent** 12.15pm POWER 50 •TUESDAY• 7am FLOW (covering @mind_body_bowl ) 7.30pm POWER 75 **new permanent** •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm FLOW 50 (looking after this til @alanamurrin gets back from her holidays 😎) 6pm POWER 75 7.30pm YIN •THURSDAY• 7.30pm YIN Shoreditch •FRIDAY• 7.15am POWER 12.15pm POWER (covering @gemma.soul ) 2.30pm TEACHERS PRACTICE (Yoga Teachers DM to join!) •SATURDAY• 10.30am POWER 90 Shoreditch (covering 🚀 @yogi_grogie ) •SUNDAY• 11.30am POWER 75 (covering @yogi_grogie _ ) 3pm REVIVAL 75 (covering @alanamurrin ) _ #yogabypsycle #yogalondon #yoga #heartopener #Piccadillycircus @yogaandphoto

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‘The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience, is not the same you that comes out on the other side.’ ~ Bhante Henepola Gunaratana _ A lovely start to my day - Flow and meditation for strength and focus with @mind_body_bowl thanks my friend, you can catch her next one 13th August! (Second Tuesday every month) _ Lots of cover this week while @gemma.soul is on mini-moon, and a workshop! Come share the yoga love @psyclelondon _ •TODAY• 12.15pm Power 6.15pm Foundations •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Flow 50 *NEW STYLE* 6pm Power 75 *NEW STYLE* 7.30pm Yin *NEW START TIME* •THURSDAY• 7am Power 7.30pm Yin (SHOREDITCH) •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power 12.15pm Power 2.30pm Teachers Practice (DM to join) •SATURDAY• 10.15am Power 75 2.15pm HEALTHY HIPS AND HAMSTRINGS WORKSHOP (2 hours) _ Any questions message me, hope to see you on the mat 🙏🏼 Chris _ @yogaandphoto _ #meditation #londonbus #yogaworkshop #sukasana

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I love a wedding! _ Something so magical about seeing two people full of pure happiness and passion for one another, surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones. A huge congratulations to @gemma.soul and @pc_skinner on such an epic day! Here’s to the rest of your lives together 💚 _ Shout out to the squad for turning up with me and making it such a great weekend, and @izygeorge for the excellent candid photo skills 🤩🤣 Channelling my best @henryjwade and @williamjwade _ #notyogaclothes #gemmaandphil2019 #suitup #allthegin #allthecheese

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HEALTHY HIPS AND HAMSTRINGS... Which part of your practice do you struggle with the most? For me the most common area of tension for people living a typical western lifestyle is the hips and hammies, and can often be a real contributor to struggles within your yoga practice. _ Join me next Saturday @psyclelondon 2.15-4.15pm as we unlock the hips and hamstrings in a practical and accessible way using a combination of dynamic vinyasa, yin yoga and FRC techniques to improve joint mobility of the lower body. _ Any questions give me a shout, follow the workshop tab on the website to book 🙏🏼 _ Snapped by the talented @yogaandphoto #yogaworkshop #hipsandhamstrings #frc #controlyourself #yogabypsycle #yogapose #topplingtree @functionalrangeconditioning

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