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SQUAD GOALS! _ So grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and passionate teachers in our team 🙏🏼 A little throwback to our yoga social at #SanMiguelTerrace _ @sanmiguel_uk @somersethouse #enjoyresponsibly #ad

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I. AM. EMPOWERED. _ Today’s the day, I’m so excited to be able to finally announce the official launch of @empoweredyogaschool 🤩 _ @gemma.soul and I have been hidden away building this teacher training programme in the background for quite a while, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you all now. We designed this 200 hour to empower you with the best foundations to become a strong, authentic and confident yoga teacher. As well as learning an ancient practice, and giving it application in a modern world. _ For full details on the course and how to apply please visit the school website! Quick overview - commencing October 2019 - Immersive section - Bordeaux, France - London weekends - hosted by @psyclelondon _ Any more questions? Please send me a message, or pop along to our TT open day Q&A on 29th June, 1.45pm at Mortimer Street 🙏🏼 _ #iamempowered #yogateachertraining #empoweredyogaschool #200hourTT _ Logo - the maestro @jake_paul_white Asana pic - the legend @matt.pearsonn

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If the body is stiff, that’s understandable. But if the mind is also stiff, you can’t get anywhere. The mind has to become flexible. - Geeta Iyengar _ And this is the real work of yoga. _ Bonus chance to catch me this weekend! Covering 1pm OMFG on Sunday for @marion_pearce _ 📸 @yogaandphoto #yogapose #flexiblemind #samakonasana

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There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting. - Buddha. _ Finding truth this week @psyclelondon _ •MONDAY• 12.15pm Power Flow 60mins - MS _ •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin After Dark 60mins - SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 60mins - MS 2.30pm The Teacher’s Practice (DM to join us!) _ Can’t make it to class this week? You can always get me on @fiit - link in my bio to try it for free! 🙌🏼 _ •JUNE EVENTS• 21st June - Summer Solstice 108 with a live DJ! (Tickets and info @psyclelondon website) 22nd & 23rd June - SWEATLIFE FESTIVAL @lululemonuk _ #thetruth #yoga #yogapose #hollowback #pincha

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ Been a little while since I’ve dropped one of these, but this one was a request from @exv3 🙌🏼🤩 _ These are the basic funky versions of Suryas we have been playing with in OMFG lately. Based loosely around the Jedi salutations you may be used to if you practice The Rocket, with my own twist 😉 Give them a go and tag me in your flows! _ Ninja A’s 👇🏼 Add crow, 3-5 chaturangas, and bunny hops/handstand. _ Ninja B’s 👇🏼 Add crow, bonus chaturangas, tiger curls, hop switches, and bunny hops/tuck handstand. _ Questions? Ask away! Suggestions of what you want to see next? DM me! _ #handstand #bakasana #sunsalutations

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Interested in Acro?🤸🏻‍♂️ _ This Saturday come join myself @thedownwarddoug and @yogi_grogie for a fun filled two hour workshop @psyclelondon as we explore the awesome partner practice of Acro Yoga! No experience is necessary! Check my stories for the ticket link! _ Other than that here’s where you can find me for a class this week! 👇🏼 •TONIGHT• 6pm OMFG 7.45pm Yin After Dark •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Yin After Dark (SHOREDITCH) •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 2.30pm Teachers Practice (DM to join!) •SATURDAY• 10.30am Power Flow •MONDAY• 12.15pm Power Flow _ Catch you on the mat soon 💚🙏🏼 _ #acroyoga #yogabypsycle #partneryoga

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I’M FINE. _ You have said it. I have definitely said it. And I have said it in moments when it’s just not true. _ It’s mental health awareness week, and it is becoming apparent that men are suffering more than ever before. Major reports show that depression is twice as common in the male population, even more it often are goes unsupported because men are less likely to talk about it. _ Time to change that. _ Join myself, @michaeljameswong @justbreathe @thenakedprofessor And @bennyjgould For a panel discussion next Monday (20th) 6.30pm at the Hoxton, Shoreditch. _ This Men’s only charity evening is open to anyone ready to have a real conversation about how we can work together, support each other, and be supported. _ Message me for more info, ticket link is in my stories 🙏🏼 _ #imfine #mhaw #mentalhealthawarenessweek #yoga #wheelpose #urdhvadhanurasana #justbreathe

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Balance Festival. You rocked. Thank you to everyone who came to class, rocking it out on the main stage with me @michaeljameswong @marc_hatvani @nataliabojanic @sarahmalcs @jonelleyoga @andy_yogalinsky @boysofyoga _ Thank you to everyone who came to experience ‘learn to fly’ and power in the @kevita_europe studio! _ Hopefully see you all on the mat again soon! 💚🙏🏼 _ Standard @balance_festival selfie caught in action by the main man @reverblondon _ #balancefestival #yogalondon #boysofyoga #findingbalance

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Anyone else think Tetley’s are starting to advertise in the strangest places...😂 _ Who’s getting upside down today? _ #tbt #whlive #handstand #backbend #yogapose #fitnessfestival

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Getting twisted. 🦎 _ Another short week in full flow! Looking forward to getting on stage @balance_festival this weekend! Who else will be there? _ Catch me Saturday and Sunday main stage 9.15 (boys vs girls) and Flow stage 12.30 on Saturday (learn to fly - inversion tips!). _ Rest of the week? Check my stories for the full schedule 🙏🏼 _ #twistedlizard #balancefestival #yogapose #yogafestival PC: the gent @reverblondon 🙌🏼

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Happiness is equal to, or greater than, the difference between the way you view the events of your life, minus your expectations about how life should be. _ A beautiful resonating sentiment shared from my friend @mind_body_bowl in class this morning. Thanks, I needed it 🙏🏼 _ Flowing this week @psyclelondon 👇🏼 •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm YIN AFTER DARK 60mins SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 60mins - MS 2.30pm The Teacher’s Practice - MS (teachers DM to join!) _ THIS WEEKEND - @womenshealthuk LIVE!! Catch me Saturday at 12pm for some hip love goodness, and Saturday12pm for the Ninja Flow! 20% off your ticket if you use CHRIS20, or check out my stories every day this week for your chance to win tickets! 🤩 _ 📸 throwback Tuesday (is that a thing? Or is it just Thursday?!) to @yogaconnectionbp with @boysofyoga _ #yogafestival #yogalondon #handstand #float #boysofyoga

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I feel a little like this at the moment. Blurred and in a state of flux. _ In the wake of some big life stuff going on, my motivation to post stuff on here feels like it’s been at an all time low. _ I have felt uninspired. Any time I’ve tried to draft a post it has lacked authenticity and I’ve ended up deleting it. Sorry for disappearing, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a little break to work on your own shit before you start sharing with others again. _ This will be me back with a little more consistency. In light of this I would like to hear what you want to see? More #theninjatransitions ? Pose breakdowns? Funky variations? Meditation? Supplementation? Cross training? Other stuff? Let me know! _ My purpose on this platform has always been to share my love of this practice in an honest way, that hopefully benefits the people that I engage with, and I’m ready to get back to doing that. _ Much Love, Chris 🙏🏼 _ #ghost #vinyasatransition #yogatransition #selfcare #yogapose #yogapractice

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If you could chose something for your life, what would it be? _ I’d choose to fill it with happiness and laughter. In fact, I already do that (thanks yoga) as everything is a choice. _ Come learn how to make the good choices this weekend @psyclelondon 👇🏼 _ TODAY - Teacher’s Practice 2.30pm (DM for info) _ SATURDAY - 12.15 Power @ MS _ SUNDAY - 4.15pm Revival @ SD _ #yogabypsycle #choosehappiness #yoga #yogalondon #totd

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! _ First and foremost to the No.1, Jean, I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without your love, care and support. Secondly to all the other mega Mama’s who rock it day in and day out for your kids! 💚 _ This is how I’m greeting all the Mum’s coming to revival tonight in Shoreditch! 😂 _ Fancy practicing this week? 👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 12.15pm Power Flow 60mins - MS _ •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7am Power Flow 60mins - MS 2.30pm The Teacher’s Practice - MS (DM if you want to join us 😁) _ •SUNDAY• 4.15pm Revival 90mins - SD _ #upavisthakonasana #splits #yogabypsycle #happymothersday #yogadudes #mensyoga #yogapose #yogapractice #yoga365

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Start a revolution. (Get it 😉) _ It’s one of my favourite things about this practice that we share - the opportunity to become more aware of habits and patterns, and recognise the choice we have to change. To revolutionise the way we think, move, and interact with the world. _ Tomorrow, 12.45 FIX - MS, 4.15 REVIVAL - SD @psyclelondon _ #yogathoughts #yogapose #yogabypsycle #revolvedlunge #bindoptional #revolutioninprogress #startarevolution #yogadudes #mensyoga

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Yoga version of “The Thinker.” 😂 _ Are you still thinking about what to do with you’re weekend? I’ve got some fun events and extra classes, come say hi! 👇🏼 _ •TODAY• 10.30am Power Flow 90mins - Shoreditch (doing some Rocket to keep up the traditions with @yogi_grogie ‘s strong crew whilst she’s in India!) 1.30pm DETOX WORKSHOP - 120mins - MS (flow, and yin and meditation and nidra 😁🙏🏼) _ •SUNDAY• 12.45pm The Fix 60mins - MS 4.15pm Revival 90mins - Shoreditch _ #Yogapose #armbalance #grasshopper #twists #yogabypsycle #inversionsworkshop #detoxyoga #yogalondon #mensyoga #yogadudes

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Weekend vibes. 😂 _ Make sure you hang with some homies who make you laugh! Shout out to the master @jake_paul_white behind the lens, and the dudes @ohmmeapparel for making this day such a fun one! _ Wanna Hang with me? 10.30am Saturday @psyclelondon Mortimer Street (rugby viewing after?) 4.15pm Sunday Shoreditch 🙏🏼 _ #yogaoffthemat #inbetweenposes #yogaposes #yogabypsycle

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QUESTION ?¿?¿ MARK _ Yoga often throws up a lot of questions, about the physical asana, breathing, mindset, philosophy, emotions - the lot. A great way to dig a little deeper than your average flow and maybe get some answers is through workshops! _ I’ve got some happening next week, Fancy coming along? 👇🏼 _ Friday 22nd March 7pm FLOW IN THE DARK - INVERSIONS SPECIAL! Event collab with @thewellscene (ticket link in their bio!) at St Martin’s Lane Hotel (doors 6.30, flow from 7 😃) _ Saturday 23rd March 1.30-3.20pm DETOX WORKSHOP @psyclelondon Combining fiery flow, yin, nidra and meditation to help you release and let go of any patterns, thoughts and habits that don’t serve you as we Spring into the rest of the year! (Seasonal pun intended 😂) _ Ps if you are keen to learn some of this forearm balancing fun, you should check out @yogi_grogie ‘s pincha workshop this Saturday! 🙌🏼🤸🏻‍♂️ _ #mageesy #yoga #yogaworkshops #yogalondon #inversions #yogapractice #pinchamayurasana #pincha #yogapose #questionmark #hollowback #forearmstand #mensyoga #yogadudes

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