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If you could chose something for your life, what would it be? _ I’d choose to fill it with happiness and laughter. In fact, I already do that (thanks yoga) as everything is a choice. _ Come learn how to make the good choices this weekend @psyclelondon 👇🏼 _ TODAY - Teacher’s Practice 2.30pm (DM for info) _ SATURDAY - 12.15 Power @ MS _ SUNDAY - 4.15pm Revival @ SD _ #yogabypsycle #choosehappiness #yoga #yogalondon #totd

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! _ First and foremost to the No.1, Jean, I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without your love, care and support. Secondly to all the other mega Mama’s who rock it day in and day out for your kids! 💚 _ This is how I’m greeting all the Mum’s coming to revival tonight in Shoreditch! 😂 _ Fancy practicing this week? 👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 12.15pm Power Flow 60mins - MS _ •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7am Power Flow 60mins - MS 2.30pm The Teacher’s Practice - MS (DM if you want to join us 😁) _ •SUNDAY• 4.15pm Revival 90mins - SD _ #upavisthakonasana #splits #yogabypsycle #happymothersday #yogadudes #mensyoga #yogapose #yogapractice #yoga365

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Start a revolution. (Get it 😉) _ It’s one of my favourite things about this practice that we share - the opportunity to become more aware of habits and patterns, and recognise the choice we have to change. To revolutionise the way we think, move, and interact with the world. _ Tomorrow, 12.45 FIX - MS, 4.15 REVIVAL - SD @psyclelondon _ #yogathoughts #yogapose #yogabypsycle #revolvedlunge #bindoptional #revolutioninprogress #startarevolution #yogadudes #mensyoga

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Yoga version of “The Thinker.” 😂 _ Are you still thinking about what to do with you’re weekend? I’ve got some fun events and extra classes, come say hi! 👇🏼 _ •TODAY• 10.30am Power Flow 90mins - Shoreditch (doing some Rocket to keep up the traditions with @yogi_grogie ‘s strong crew whilst she’s in India!) 1.30pm DETOX WORKSHOP - 120mins - MS (flow, and yin and meditation and nidra 😁🙏🏼) _ •SUNDAY• 12.45pm The Fix 60mins - MS 4.15pm Revival 90mins - Shoreditch _ #Yogapose #armbalance #grasshopper #twists #yogabypsycle #inversionsworkshop #detoxyoga #yogalondon #mensyoga #yogadudes

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Weekend vibes. 😂 _ Make sure you hang with some homies who make you laugh! Shout out to the master @jake_paul_white behind the lens, and the dudes @ohmmeapparel for making this day such a fun one! _ Wanna Hang with me? 10.30am Saturday @psyclelondon Mortimer Street (rugby viewing after?) 4.15pm Sunday Shoreditch 🙏🏼 _ #yogaoffthemat #inbetweenposes #yogaposes #yogabypsycle

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QUESTION ?¿?¿ MARK _ Yoga often throws up a lot of questions, about the physical asana, breathing, mindset, philosophy, emotions - the lot. A great way to dig a little deeper than your average flow and maybe get some answers is through workshops! _ I’ve got some happening next week, Fancy coming along? 👇🏼 _ Friday 22nd March 7pm FLOW IN THE DARK - INVERSIONS SPECIAL! Event collab with @thewellscene (ticket link in their bio!) at St Martin’s Lane Hotel (doors 6.30, flow from 7 😃) _ Saturday 23rd March 1.30-3.20pm DETOX WORKSHOP @psyclelondon Combining fiery flow, yin, nidra and meditation to help you release and let go of any patterns, thoughts and habits that don’t serve you as we Spring into the rest of the year! (Seasonal pun intended 😂) _ Ps if you are keen to learn some of this forearm balancing fun, you should check out @yogi_grogie ‘s pincha workshop this Saturday! 🙌🏼🤸🏻‍♂️ _ #mageesy #yoga #yogaworkshops #yogalondon #inversions #yogapractice #pinchamayurasana #pincha #yogapose #questionmark #hollowback #forearmstand #mensyoga #yogadudes

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Back in the studio! _ Excited to be back in London (for everything except the slightly cold weather) and back to a full schedule this week! _ This pose is still a work in progress, and was snapped brilliantly by @timrobinsonphoto in one of the 5 seconds I can hold it 😂 what are you working on this week? Come practice it with me @psyclelondon 👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 12.15pm power Flow 60mins - MS _ •TUESDAY• 6.15pm Foundations 60mins - MS _ •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 60mins - MS 2.30pm The Teacher’s Practice - DM to join us! 😃 _ •SATURDAY• 10.30am Power Flow 75mins - MS _ •SUNDAY• 4.15pm Revival 90mins - SHOREDITCH _ #armbalance #QDR #yogabypsycle #mondaymotivation #yogapose #yogapractice #yogalondon

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Is the float/toe tap a goal of yours? _ What components do you need to work on? Two things I would make sure you are strengthening is hip compression and scapular protraction. It’s my goal this year to make my full pike press more consistent 💪🏼 watch this space! _ I’m in Koh Phangan for 2 more days then I’m back in London to share some yoga love with the @psyclelondon fam! Missed you all 💚 let’s catch up this weekend👇🏼 _ •FRIDAY• 2.30pm Teachers Practice (DM to join) _ •SATURDAY• 10.30am Power Flow 75mins (cover for @gemma.soul while she’s on the pre-wedding honeymoon 💁‍♀️) _ •SUNDAY• 4.15pm Revival (half flow half yin) 90mins SHOREDITCH (cover til @rachhirsch decides to return from India 😆) _ PC: @yogi_grogie Shorts: @lululemonuk _ #handstand #presshandstand #toetaptuesday #handstandpractice #yogatransitions #yogatips #mageesy #yogabypsycle

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ Coming at you from Koh Samui - today’s transition, Upgrade Rock the baby! What level are you working on? Tag me and use the hashtag in your attempts 😃🙏🏼 _ Level 1 - COMPASS - make sure the grip is over the top of the foot (make sure side body is open before you try these) _ Level 2 - ELEPHANT TRUNK to ASHTAVAKRASANA -point the toes, scoop up from the navel and protract the scapula. Bottom ankle hooks on top. _ Level 3 - CRAZY 8 to EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA - unhook the leg and scoop in and up as you restraighten the arms to make space to bring the leg through _ Level 4 - EPK to BAKASANA and switch sides - reverse the movements to rock the baby on the other side _ LEVEL 5 - EKA PADA SIRSASANA to PARSVA DANDASANA - please make sure the hips are already nice and open to accommodate this! Do not force your way in, as it can put your knee at risk. _ Shorts @lululemonuk Mat @yogi.bare Travel _ #yogatransitions #yogaposes #yogatips #mageesy #armbalance #astavakrasana #koundinyasana #bakasana #ekapadasirsasana #parsvadandasana

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SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT! _ Popped back to @vikasayoga today to relive the memories of last year when @yogi_grogie and I were completing a 300 training from @bryceyogaschool and @yogabeyond 😃 _ Hit up the same spot, with the same pose for a little comparison photo - swipe to see the original! A little more hair, a little less tanned, toes a little closer to hand 🙌🏼 _ Where have you noticed the most progress in your practice recently? _ #yogapractice #yogaprogress #hollowback #mageesy #pinchamayurasana #pincha #yoga

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I can’t. That is what people say. I can’t. It’s never true. ~ Das Energi _ Final few days to catch me before we head to Thailand for a retreat 🤩 all @psyclelondon 👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 10am Power Flow 75mins - Mortimer Street (MS) 12.15pm power Flow 60mins - MS _ •TUESDAY• 6.15pm Foundations 60mins MS (cover for @gemma.soul ) _ •WEDNESDAY• 7am Breakfast Club Power Flow 60mins - SHOREDITCH 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS _ See ya there? 😃🙏🏼 _ #ekapadasirsasana #hipopeners #yogapractice #yoga #yogabypsycle #mageesy

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‘If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might me a good thing to try.’ _ My mate @kylegrayuk posted something yesterday about someone buying a billboard in Glasgow and putting this up on it, and I thought it was awesome. _ If you could put up a billboard in your city, what would it say? _ 📸 @timinldn _ #bakasana #crowpose #armbalance #yogapractice #yogapose #wordsofwisdom

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Floating into the weekend like... 😂😂😂 My challenge to you - how slow can you lower?? Post times below! 🤩 Have a great weekend everyone! _ #handstand #handstandpractice #handstandtransition #armbalance #yogapractice #yogachallenge

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ This week - FUNKY FOREARM FUN _ I like playing with this in class during the opening of a Flow before stepping the foot forward (hence why they all end with me coming to lunge in these clips) Save the video, try the levels, tag me and let me know how you get on! 🙌🏼 which level are you at? _ Level 3 - keep top leg lifting to make the transition off the elbow as light as possible _ Level 2 - start from the split pincha to help find balance before slowly bringing the legs together _ Level 1 - squeeze heel to bum on the bent leg to help float the back leg up into the air _ #funkyforearmstand #funkyarmbalance #yogatransitions #yogatips #yogapractice #pinchamayurasana #ekapadabakasana #mageesy #inversions

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CHOOSE LOVE 💚 _ This Valentine’s Day I CHOOSE LOVE and I hope you will too. When you buy a CHOOSE LOVE T-shirt from @ASOS they donate ALL the proceeds to @helprefugeesuk who spend every penny on supplies and support for refugees across Europe and the Middle East. There are over 68 million refugees in the world so let’s send some love to those who really need it, the wives, girlfriends, husbands, children and grandchildren who have had to flee their homes in search of safety. Get a T-shirt today and do something beautiful to show the love💚 Link in bio for the 14th feb. _ #chooselove #helprefugees #sharethelove #mageesy #yogaoffthemat

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“Square the hips”... _ Ever heard the cue in this pose? Yup. Is it actually possible to make you’re hips square? Nope. But I understand why people might say it. _ My tip is always to think of drawing the outer front hip back in space (encouraging strength and engagement), firm grounding of the back foot, and length through the spine from a place of stability 👌🏼 _ Was walking through this exact spot today on the way to a meeting and was reminded of this awesome shoot with @jake_paul_white for my homies @ohmmeapparel 🙌🏼 _ #yogapractice #yogatips #parsvottanasana #yoga #pyramidpose #mageesy #tuesdaytips

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Drop the story, the expectation, the judgement, see what happens. _ Open up on the mat this week @psyclelondon _ •WEDNESDAY• 7am Power flow cover for @thedownwarddoug 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - Shoreditch _ •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 60mins - MS 12.15pm Power Flow cover for @gemma.soul - MS 2.30pm The Teachers Practice -MS _ •SATURDAY• 9.15am The Fix 60mins - MS _ •SUNDAY• 4pm OMFG 90mins - MS _ #yogapractice #yogabypsycle #childspose #balasana #yogalondon #mageesy

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~FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS~ _ This week I’ve been grateful for an awesome filming day @fiit working on the new Ninja Flow plan coming soon to the app 🤩, class planning with @gemma.soul for the exciting new concept coming to the @psyclelondon Yoga schedule soon, and all the incredible yogis that have been smashing the classes this week with their energy and focus! _ This weekend I’m looking forward to bonus yoga classes (FIX 9.15am Saturday, OMFG 4pm Sunday), a cinema date night with @yogi_grogie 🥰 (recommendations welcome!) and getting to hang with some good people! _ What are you grateful for this week? 🙏🏼 _ #fridayfunday #fiit #addictivefitness #funkyfriday #dailygratitude #yogabypsycle #handstand #handstandpractice #splits

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