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~TWO FOR ONE~ _____ One of the amazing things about our upcoming Thailand retreat is that @yogi_grogie and I will both be facilitating every session! With a max of 14 people that means lots of hands on experience to deepen your practice! _ The early bird offer is still on til the end of October so get in touch now to book up the last spots to come with us! 😁 _ Oh and did we mention that @soph_gordon will be there too cooling up a storm 😋 _ Link in my bio, or message me for some more info! 🙏🏼 _ 📸 @drishti_videography _ #acroyoga #yogaretreat #garudasana #partneryoga #yogaholiday


~THE MATRIX EFFECT~ _______ When I think of this movie I think of backbends to dodge bullets (☝🏼), and I think of one question - red pill or blue pill? _ “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.” _ What would your choice be? _ Come down the rabbit hole with me this week @another_spacelondon _ •MONDAY• 7.15pm Fundamentals, Bank _ •TUESDAY• 7.15am Flow, Covent Garden 8.30am Flow, Covent Garden 6pm Flow, Covent Garden _ •WEDNESDAY• 7.15am Flow, Covent Garden 6pm Flow, Covent Garden (covering for the wonderful @misskatelister ) 7.15pm Strong Flow, Covent Garden _ •THURSDAY• 7.15am Flow, Covent Garden 8.30am Flow , Covent Garden 6pm Flow, Bank 7.15pm Unwind, Bank _ •FRIDAY• 6pm Flow, Covent Garden _ 📸 @jake_paul_white _ #backbends #thematrix #redpillbluepill #yogalondon #anotherspace


~LISTEN TO BE HEARD~ _ The wise words of @diceyoga have been ringing out to me recently. A sentiment that I’m channelling into my life and my practice. _ I’m a doer by nature, so listening takes work. Making this shift has completely changed my communication (with myself and others) and as a result my relationships have all grown and developed for the better. What are you working on, on and off the mat? _ Want to practice it this week? Catch me @another_spacelondon _ •TUESDAY• 7.15am Flow 60, Covent Garden 8.30am Flow 45, Covent Garden 6pm Flow 60, Covent Garden _ •WEDNESDAY• DAY OFF FOR MY BIRTHDAY! 🙌🏼 🎉 _ •THURSDAY• 7.15am Flow 60, Covent Garden 8.30am Flow 45 , Covent Garden 6pm Flow 60, Bank 7.15pm Unwind 60, Bank _ •FRIDAY• 6pm The Weekend Starts Here (flow60), Covent Garden _ BIRTHDAY HUGS, HIGH FIVES AND HANDSHAKES WELCOME ALL WEEK! _ 📸 @drishti_videography _ #yogapose #armbalance #parsvadandasana #itsmybirthday #anotherspace

Find a little time to make space for yourself th

~SMILE AND BREATHE~ _ Find a little time to make space for yourself this weekend. It’s where your real rest comes from. _ I’m getting a chance to practice with the legend @troyhadeed for my headspace. What are you doing? _ If you haven’t planned your class yet - only one chance to catch me @another_spacelondon TONIGHT 6pm Covent Garden 🙏🏼 _ 📸 @jake_paul_white for @ohmmeapparel _ #yoga #pachimottanasana #yogapractice #yogalondon #headspace


~ON THURSDAYS...~ _ ...we think about Thailand! _ Was just having a chat with @yogi_grogie about next years retreat to Koh Samui. _ We are so excited to be heading back to this magic place to spend a week filled with yoga, relaxation, fun, and amazing food from the awesome @soph_gordon 🥗😋 _ There is still space to join us, and the early bird discount is available until the end of this month! 😃 _ Want to know more?! Message me and join us for the trip of a lifetime!🙏🏼 _ #yogaretreat #rocketrelaxrestore #acroyoga #padmasana #matsyasana


~WALL WORK~ ___________ Today I’m tired. My body wasn’t playing ball when I came to inverting in my practice. There would have been a time when this made me frustrated, like I had failed myself by not achieving all the shapes possible. Not today. Instead I used the opportunity to return to the wall for some work and support. Several nice line drills to help coax a little bit of strength and stability out of the tired shoulders. It felt great to just move in a way that supported my body in the moment. ____ I had been sharing this information during a workshop on the weekend and it felt amazing to step in and practice what I was preaching! I had several messages asking about those drills so I recorded a little #IGTV for you all to check out. Let me know what you think and keep me posted with your progress! 🙏🏼 __________ 📸 @jake_paul_white wearing some comfy @ohmmeapparel _ #tuckhandstand #handstand #handstandpractice #practicewhatyoupreach


~ULTIMATE FREEDOM~ ____________ It’s been such a special weekend getting to share the practice with the amazing students in Slovakia @ultimatefreedomyoga _ The question which was asked to me before I arrived was, What does ‘Ultimate Freedom’ mean to you? I said - “Ultimate freedom is the ability to choose, at all points in your life, to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate freedom to me.” _ Now I’m asking YOU! What does Ultimate Freedom mean to you? Comment and let me know! 🙏🏼 _ Back in London for the full schedule this week @another_spacelondon ! See my story for more info, hopefully catch you on the mat soon 😁💚. _ 📸 the mindful mobster 😂 @donovanpee _ #handstand #handstandpractice #yogaworkshop #yogafestival #yogapose


~Friday with F.R.I.E.N.D.S ~ ______________ I have loved this show since I was young, and it was such an epic day getting to come to #Friendsfest earlier this week and check out the sets for @misscharholmes birthday present with @yogi_grogie 💚 _ Anybody else remember having a party for the last episode? Anybody else still watch it on the regular on Netflix? 🤣 and the controversial question of Favourite episode/moment?? Let me know 😁🙏🏼 ___________ #friends #pivot #centralperk #whatwedowhenwedontdoyoga


~FITNESS DAY~ _ It’s national fitness day here in the UK, and it’s fantastic to see so much positivity and enthusiasm from everyone getting involved and showing such diverse ways to be healthy and move your body! 🙌🏼 __ Are you taking part? If so what are you doing? I went out of my comfort zone and did a cycle class! It was sweaty, but so much fun! _____ Haven’t planned what you’re doing yet? Still space to book with me tonight 7.15pm @another_spacelondon Covent Garden for a good strong Flow 😉 __________ #nationalfitnessday #crosstraining #virabhadrasana #yogalondon #warrior2


~THE HOME COMING~ ______________ First day back in my family home, it’s nice to be back! I haven’t been here in almost 2 years! 😱 __________ Since it’s @yogi_grogie ‘s first trip to the north since childhood, we are doing some touristy things - Belfast bus tour, titanic museum, Giants Causeway, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. Who’s done these? Any other cool things we’re missing? __________ First things first though, get some yoga in @_flow.yoga and then have a nice homecoming meal with my parents 😁💚 __________ #yogabelfast #yogathings #travellingyogis #ardhahanumanasana #tourismireland _ 📸 @jake_paul_white


I was gone for a minute but I’m back now... ____________ Name that rapper?! ☝🏼🤔 Been having a bit of a mental month since returning from Thailand, posting has been rare - but I’m back in Ireland for a week spending some time with the family, and getting myself back into the swing of things! ____________ I’ve got some really exciting stuff in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share! For now just the next big event - Ultimate Freedom Festival in Bratislava! @ultimatefreedomyoga 28-30th September, see you there? 😁🙏🏼 _____________ #yogathings #logiclyrics #vashistasana #sideplank #yogafestival _ 📸 @jake_paul_white


~ROCKET,RELAX,RESTORE~ __________ Our website is live! 🙌🏼 _ @yogi_grogie has crushed it creating a beautiful site to showcase the amazing facilities where we will be hosting our retreat in Feb next year! @soph_gordon will be with us cooking up a storm! I’m honestly so excited for this, an experience like no other, and seeing the website come to life has just hyped me up even more!!! 😁 ___________ Fancy coming with us? DM me and check out the site for full info! (Link in my bio) ___________ All the important bits :- * Dates 23rd Feb to 1st March. * 6 nights luxury accommodation. * Intimate setting - Max. 14 guests. * 2 Yoga teachers per session. * 12 yoga classes (75m - 90m) including some acro! * 3 workshops. * 6 meditation and Pranayama sessions * All meals (vegetarian) - except one dinner where we’d like to explore the island with you. * Prices - Start at £1399 pp per room (sharing), early bird available £1299 until October 31st 😉 * Flights not included. * Happy to work out a payment plan if needed _ 📸 @drishti_videography _ #yogaretreat #acroyoga #headstand #sirsasana #rocketrelaxrestore


~THAT FLY-DAY FEELING 🤣 ✈️ ~ ____________ It’s Friday, and that’s usually my day to head to the airport if I’m off to teach somewhere for the weekend. Today however it was a day for sleeping in, making delicious homemade pizza (check my stories 😋🍕), and getting ready to teach one of my favourite slots tonight @another_spacelondon ‘The Weekend Starts Here ‘ 6pm 😁. _____________ Since I’m around this weekend there’s another few chances to catch me - •SATURDAY• 11.15am Covent Garden 75 1pm Covent Garden 75 •SUNDAY• 1pm FUNDAMENTALS Covent Garden 60 2.15pm UNWIND Covent Garden 60 _ Will I be seeing you there? 😉🙏🏼 _____________ 📸 @jake_paul_white _ #warrior3 #virabhadrasana #yogalondon #yogapractice #yogapose


~HEART SPACE~ ____________ Closed, guarded and protected has all too often become the norm. It’s a sad way for us to live, depriving ourselves of love, and in turn not being able to fully show up and love and support other people. It’s the beautiful part of the yoga practice - physical heart openers teaching me to rebalance this space in my body, but more importantly, showing me the lessons of where I can rebalance this space in my life. To accept yourself, to love yourself, so that you can then love everybody else...Even the assholes 🤣 #killthemwithkindness _ Catch me on the mat this week @another_spacelondon _ •TONIGHT• 7.15pm HOT Covent Garden 75 - covering for the legend @marclawsii •THURSDAY• 7.15am Covent Garden 60 8.30am Covent Garden 45 6pm Bank 60 7.15pm UNWIND Bank 60 •FRIDAY• 6pm THE WEEKEND STARTS HERE Covent Garden 60 •SATURDAY• 1pm Covent Garden 75 •SUNDAY• 1pm FUNDAMENTALS Covent Garden 60 2.15pm UNWIND Covent Garden 60 - covering these two for @yogi_grogie for the next 2 weeks _ 📸 by the talented @jake_paul_white _ #backbend #heartopener #hollowbackhandstand #mageesy


~WHAT’S NEXT?~ ___________ I’m guilty of spending too much time thinking about what’s next. A work in progress for my practice to appreciate the present moment and be able to celebrate any accomplishments along the way! ____________ It’s been a treat to settle back into London life and return to the community @another_spacelondon 🙏🏼 Turns out tonight I’m jumping in at the Bank Studio, not Covent Garden as I said previously - so hopefully see you there! 6-7pm all levels flow, 7.15-8.15pm Fundamentals ______________ Big events coming up :- @yogahub Dublin workshops 15th & 16th Sept @ultimatefreedomyoga Bratislava 28-30th Sept And of course - Koh Samui Retreat 23rd Feb 2019! DM for event info 🙏🏼 ______________ 📸 jake_paul_white ______________ #havepatience #yogathings #prasaritapadottanasana #yogaworkshop #yogaretreat


~TRUST THE PROCESS~ ___________ Have you ever felt stuck within your practice? Sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. It feels like the end result is forever away, or Like it will never happen at all! It makes you question why you still go, still try, still practice. _ When these moments come up, trust the process. As the big man Pattabhi said best - ‘Practice and all is coming.’ _____________ What’s the big thing you’re working on in your practice at the minute? Remember it doesn’t have to be an asana goal - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual - let me here it ☺️🙏🏼 _ 📸 @jake_paul_white _ #hollowbackpincha #hollowback #pinchamayurasana #practiceandalliscoming #thoughtfultuesdays


~BACK IN ACTION~ ___________ It’s been a busy few weeks for travel, with lots of amazing experiences! Now I get the chance to settle back in with the London community 😁 returning to some extra special classes, see you there? 🙏🏼 ___________ On the mat this week only @another_spacelondon :- _ •TONIGHT• 7.15pm FUNDAMENTALS - Bank 60 •TUESDAY• 7.15am - Covent Garden 60 8.30am - Covent Garden 45 7.15pm HOT - Covent Garden 75 •WEDNESDAY• 7.15pm - Covent Garden 90 •THURSDAY• 7.15am - Covent Garden 60 8.30am - Covent Garden 45 6pm - Bank 60 7.15pm UNWIND - Bank 60 •FRIDAY• 6pm THE WEEKEND STARTS HERE - Covent Garden 60 - my first one back in 3 months 😁🙌🏼 •SATURDAY• 1pm - Covent Garden 75 ____________ 📸 @jake_paul_white ____________ #padmasana #yogateacher #yogalondon #lotuspose #ardhapadmasana


~WANDERLUST~ _____________ Sound check is finished - so looking forward to the big day tomorrow @wanderlustdach 🙌🏼 with @boysofyoga and @justbreatheproject 🤸🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️ _____________ Been having a blast exploring the city - trying my best to remember some German from back at school... so far I have - taschenrechner 🤣 gold star for anyone who guesses what it means without using google ⭐️ _____________ 📸 @jake_paul_white 👖 @ohmmeapparel ___________ #wanderlustfestival #malasana #germanwords #yogateacher #yogafestival