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I can’t. That is what people say. I can’t. It’s never true. ~ Das Energi _ Final few days to catch me before we head to Thailand for a retreat 🤩 all @psyclelondon 👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 10am Power Flow 75mins - Mortimer Street (MS) 12.15pm power Flow 60mins - MS _ •TUESDAY• 6.15pm Foundations 60mins MS (cover for @gemma.soul ) _ •WEDNESDAY• 7am Breakfast Club Power Flow 60mins - SHOREDITCH 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS _ See ya there? 😃🙏🏼 _ #ekapadasirsasana #hipopeners #yogapractice #yoga #yogabypsycle #mageesy

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‘If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might me a good thing to try.’ _ My mate @kylegrayuk posted something yesterday about someone buying a billboard in Glasgow and putting this up on it, and I thought it was awesome. _ If you could put up a billboard in your city, what would it say? _ 📸 @timinldn _ #bakasana #crowpose #armbalance #yogapractice #yogapose #wordsofwisdom

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Floating into the weekend like... 😂😂😂 My challenge to you - how slow can you lower?? Post times below! 🤩 Have a great weekend everyone! _ #handstand #handstandpractice #handstandtransition #armbalance #yogapractice #yogachallenge

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ This week - FUNKY FOREARM FUN _ I like playing with this in class during the opening of a Flow before stepping the foot forward (hence why they all end with me coming to lunge in these clips) Save the video, try the levels, tag me and let me know how you get on! 🙌🏼 which level are you at? _ Level 3 - keep top leg lifting to make the transition off the elbow as light as possible _ Level 2 - start from the split pincha to help find balance before slowly bringing the legs together _ Level 1 - squeeze heel to bum on the bent leg to help float the back leg up into the air _ #funkyforearmstand #funkyarmbalance #yogatransitions #yogatips #yogapractice #pinchamayurasana #ekapadabakasana #mageesy #inversions

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CHOOSE LOVE 💚 _ This Valentine’s Day I CHOOSE LOVE and I hope you will too. When you buy a CHOOSE LOVE T-shirt from @ASOS they donate ALL the proceeds to @helprefugeesuk who spend every penny on supplies and support for refugees across Europe and the Middle East. There are over 68 million refugees in the world so let’s send some love to those who really need it, the wives, girlfriends, husbands, children and grandchildren who have had to flee their homes in search of safety. Get a T-shirt today and do something beautiful to show the love💚 Link in bio for the 14th feb. _ #chooselove #helprefugees #sharethelove #mageesy #yogaoffthemat

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“Square the hips”... _ Ever heard the cue in this pose? Yup. Is it actually possible to make you’re hips square? Nope. But I understand why people might say it. _ My tip is always to think of drawing the outer front hip back in space (encouraging strength and engagement), firm grounding of the back foot, and length through the spine from a place of stability 👌🏼 _ Was walking through this exact spot today on the way to a meeting and was reminded of this awesome shoot with @jake_paul_white for my homies @ohmmeapparel 🙌🏼 _ #yogapractice #yogatips #parsvottanasana #yoga #pyramidpose #mageesy #tuesdaytips

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Drop the story, the expectation, the judgement, see what happens. _ Open up on the mat this week @psyclelondon _ •WEDNESDAY• 7am Power flow cover for @thedownwarddoug 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - Shoreditch _ •FRIDAY• 7.15am Power Flow 60mins - MS 12.15pm Power Flow cover for @gemma.soul - MS 2.30pm The Teachers Practice -MS _ •SATURDAY• 9.15am The Fix 60mins - MS _ •SUNDAY• 4pm OMFG 90mins - MS _ #yogapractice #yogabypsycle #childspose #balasana #yogalondon #mageesy

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~FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS~ _ This week I’ve been grateful for an awesome filming day @fiit working on the new Ninja Flow plan coming soon to the app 🤩, class planning with @gemma.soul for the exciting new concept coming to the @psyclelondon Yoga schedule soon, and all the incredible yogis that have been smashing the classes this week with their energy and focus! _ This weekend I’m looking forward to bonus yoga classes (FIX 9.15am Saturday, OMFG 4pm Sunday), a cinema date night with @yogi_grogie 🥰 (recommendations welcome!) and getting to hang with some good people! _ What are you grateful for this week? 🙏🏼 _ #fridayfunday #fiit #addictivefitness #funkyfriday #dailygratitude #yogabypsycle #handstand #handstandpractice #splits

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ UPGRADE - step to top of the mat! _ These transitions are a favourite of mine to spice up a fairly standard transition that occurs in the practice! _ Try it out tag me in, let me know what level you are working with! _ Level 3 - as few points of contact as possible, the slower the better! _ Level 2 - adding the movement through a clean side plank coming in and out to make the shift of weight more manageable. _ Level 1 - keeping as many points of contact as possible on the way to wild thing, and coming back through split dog whilst you are build up the shoulder strength for the other levels 😃 _ What do you want to see next? I’m open to suggestions! 🙏🏼 _ #yoga #yogatransitions #wildthing #yogapractice

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#TheNinjaTransitions _ Every Thursday, we transition! I’m starting this hashtag so people can share in the fun - the aim is to give everyone tips and tricks to level up their practice! This also may or may not be an indication of what we are working on in practice the follow week 😉 so everyone has a few days to practice ahead of time! _ THIS WEEK - UPGRADE KNEE TO ELBOW! _ Been doing it for a while but not sure how to progress further? Check out the 3 variations above! _ Which Level are you at? Try it out! Tag a friend to join in the fun too! Tag me and use the hashtag in your videos! Any questions drop it in the comments and I will reply 👇🏼😃🙏🏼 enjoy the journey! _ #handstand #armbalance #ekapadabakasana #ekapadakoundinyasana #yogatransitions

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When does the learning stop? _ Short answer, never. _ The quest of new knowledge and new experience is constant. In life and in yoga. The practice is not a path to accomplishment, it’s a vehicle for discovery. _ There is no perfect pose, there is just the pose you find yourself in at that moment, and your ability to listen to what wisdom it has to offer you. _ PC: @timinldn _ #itsallyoga #ardhamatsyendrasana #learnandevolve #mageesy #dailypractice

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“Make shit work nice”. ~ @drandreospina _ This is the purpose of FRC 😂. Huge thanks go out to @deweynielsen and @danajohnflows for facilitating such a wonderful and informative training this weekend. Looking forward to getting back and sharing it with the students @psyclelondon _ Catch me on the mat this week👇🏼 _ •MONDAY• 10am Power Flow 75mins - Mortimer Street (MS) 12.15pm power Flow 60mins - MS _ •WEDNESDAY• 12.15pm Foundations Flow 60mins - MS 6pm Strong Flow (OMFG) 90mins - MS 7.45pm Yin After Dark 60mins - MS _ •THURSDAY• 7.30pm Rivival (half power half yin) 60mins - SHOREDITCH _ •FRIDAY• 7am Power Flow 60mins - MS _ 📸 @yogi_grogie _ #FRC #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #humansmovingbetter #crampcity #YogaByPsycle @functionalrangeconditioning

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‘Do not be afraid to love.’ _ For my birthday last year @marclawsii text me and said - pick a number between 1-149. _ Unknown to me this number correlated to a page in a book he had got me as a gift. The number I picked (73) he book marked for me, and all that was written there was those words. _ Trying to live my life by them a little more every day 💚 _ Pic: @timinldn _ #urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose #yoga #yogapractice #lovequotes

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Funky Friday. _ Take something you know, something that feels comfortable, and put a new twist on it (above - literally 😂). _ Explore, and stay open to the possibility of what the new stuff can teach you! _ @ambrasana was the first person to show me this twist, except in her version the bent leg foot touches the back of her head 🤣 _ If you fancy learning some handstands there’s still some space in the inversions workshop with me and @yogi_grogie in Mortimer Street @psyclelondon - message for more info! 🙏🏼 _ #handstand #handstandpractice #funkyfriday #yogapose #yoga

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Eagle Wrap. _ This is actually a much easier variation for most people to take upside down than it is standing. Gravity working with you rather than against you to help make space. _ As the wrap happens think knees to chest to help engagement with the handstand as a whole. _ Still working on the handstand? Come join me and @yogi_grogie for our intro to inversions workshop this Saturday 2-4pm @psyclelondon _ We will be covering all bases for making headstand, forearm-stand, and handstand, an achievable part of your practice. _ Snapped by @rachelelouise__ after @katiesilvs awesome orchestral yoga class with @lululemon _ #handstand #garudasana #handstandvariation #YogaByPsycle #yogapose

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~SIT HAPPENS~ _ Tonight is the first @justbreathe of the year. A project rooted in mindfulness, conscious connection, and community. An opportunity amongst the madness of city life, New Years resolutions, goals and achievements, to slow down a little, sit still, and start to notice what happens when we take some time out to just breathe. _ I’m thrilled to be able to attend again. Would you like to join? Check out the link in my story for full info! _ 📸 @jake_paul_white _ #sukhasana #meditation #mindfulness #justbreathe

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~WE’RE GOING BACK~ _ 6 weeks today myself and @yogi_grogie will be back in Thailand, welcoming an amazing group of individuals to their stunning villa home for the next 7 days 🤩 _ We are so excited! The energy of a retreat is something truly magical, and provides the perfect space for growth and development in your yoga practice on and off the mat. Add to that a stunning location, great food and unbeatable weather - and you end up with a trip of a lifetime! _ Have you been on retreat before? Tell me what your experience was like! If you are interested in joining us we have the last space available! Message me for more info! _ Snapped by @drishti_videography wearing @aloyoga _ #yogapose #yogaretreat #ustrasana #dropback #partneryoga

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~THE POWER HOUR~ _ Aside from this being a hilarious phrase in a northern Irish accent 🤣, it’s also a podcast I’m listening to at the minute from my friend @adrienne_ldn _ She always chats to guests about their morning routine, their ‘power hour’ that starts the day, and its fascinating to hear the similarities and differences! _ What’s your morning routine like? _ I need to be more disciplined with mine, but my aim will be to have it include - * movement * Pranayama * Big glass of water * Gratitudes * Reading * Phone on airplane mode _ #morningroutine #yogaoffthemat #dailygratitude #readmorebooks #drinkmorewater

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