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lulusdreamtown. VEGAN PANCAKES 🥞 .
I think this is the first time I posted pancakes o

VEGAN PANCAKES 🥞 . I think this is the first time I posted pancakes on a sunday hahaha but I‘ve seen everyone posting pancakes so I gotta join in right? . Ich weiß nicht wer entschieden hat dass Sonntag Pancake Tag ist aber hier ist mein Pancaketeller haha 😋 . Personal Account: @lulusdaydream Couple Account: @stefanundlulu


WHAT IS YOUR FAV BREAKFAST? 😍 ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ . I love the products by @fit._.and._.free for breakfast! They have a strawberry banana pudding, chocolate pudding and vanilla pudding 😍 Gluten free, made with oats and delicious 😍 They have so many different delicious products so check out their products! 💕 They are all gluten free and healthy 💕 . . Ich habe zum Frühstück einen leckeren Banane Erdbeer Pudding von @fit._.and._.free gemacht😍 Auf Ihrem Shop findet man richtig viele gluten freie und leckere Produkte 😍


NICECREAM 😍 Yay or nay? 😍😍😍 . By @fitomatoes -werbung . I fell in love with nicecream again 😍 Haven‘t eaten it in a loong time but I ate a ton of it the last time 💕


WHICH ONE WOULD YOU TAKE? ✨✨✨ ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ . I love adding delicious sweet spices to my bowls like Chai or Tonkabeans. These are my two favourite spices by @hartkorn_gewuerze Definitely check them out! You can find the products in the online store and of corse in many stores in Germany 🤟🏽 —— Was ist euer Lieblingsgewürz? Und was packt ihr euch in Bowls? Ich liebe Chai und Tonkabohne 😍😍 Das sind meine zwei Lieblingsgewürze von @hartkorn_gewuerze Ihr könnt sie online finden und auch in läden wie Edeka usw. 💕


ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ 🌊OCEAN BOWL 🌊 YAY OR NAY? 💖💖💖 . I have created this beautiful bowl with ocean vibes with the all natural and colourful superfoods by @unicornsuperfoods 😍 Check them out if you need a bowl like this


Do you like JUICES? 🥤 What is your fav combi? ✨ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ . My fav combination is probably apple and ginger because it‘s spicy and so healthy 😍 I am juicing with the @novis_official juicer! I am getting messages all the time from people asking me which kitchen tools and machines I am using so this is my fav one. Easy to use and it looks beautiful 😍 . If you are interested in seeing more pics of me this is my personal account: @lulusdaydream and this is my couple account: @stefanundlulu


BLUE BOWL TUTORIAL ON MY IGTV NOW 💖💖💖 Check the video out to see how I am creating my bowls 😍🤟🏽 . Blaue Bowls Tutorial auf meinem IGTV 💕 Checkt es aus! 💕 . Personal Account: @lulusdaydream Couple Account: @stefanundlulu


Are you watching IGTV? What are your thoughts about the update? 💕 . Personal account: @lulusdaydream Relationship account: @stefanundlulu


TRICK FOR FLUFFY VEGAN WAFFLES? 😍 Sparkling water! . If you want fluffy waffles you only have to add sparkling water because then they are going to turn out so amazing! . 200g flour 70g sugar 15g vanilla sugar 1tsp baking powder Pinch of salt vanilla 50ml sparkling water 200ml vanilla milk 50ml oil That‘s it😍 Easy and delicious 😋 . Jap ich habe vergessen auf deutsch zu schreiben letzte Woche 😂 Hier ist mein kleiner Trick für fluffige Waffeln: Sprudelwasser! 200g Mehl 70g Zucker 15g Vanillezucker 1tl Backpulver Prise Salz Vanillearoma 200ml Vanillemilch 50ml Sprudel 50ml Öl 😍❤️🤟🏽 — Personal Account: @lulusdaydream Relationshipaccount: @stefanundlulu


GIVEAWAY ❤️❤️ PHONE CASE ❤️❤️ -werbung - DO YOU WANNA WIN A 30£ VOUCHER for phone cases? All you have to do is: FOLLOW @coconutlaneuk and tag 3 friends in the comments below 💕 . They got vegan cases as well as many more colourful and beautiful patterns 😍 Definitely check them out and join in the giveaway.


WHAT TV SHOW ARE YOU CURRENTLY WATCHING? 📺 We are watching Suits. It‘s a completely different show than I am usually watching but I really like it! 😍


I‘ve been creating more new pics again 💕 I am happy to have a room now where I can work and take beautiful pictures. I always took my pics in the living room and on the floor which was kinda unprofessional. Now we got an entire room just for our work 😍 A little dream of mine came true ✨ my boyfriend and I are celebrating 8th months anniversary 💕😍 We are going to eat vegan take away food and we will watch movies until we fall asleep hahaha I am excited! 😍