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A weekend full of workshops by the one and only @kinoyoga ❤️ I have so much admiration for this woman for her grace, her beauty, and wisdom! Thank you for sharing so much knowledge this weekend and a thank you to @bodhimovement for hosting!

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🎤 Sistaaaaaaaa sista sista 🌙🌝✨ @taina__x3 love you!

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love.migsara. Succession of smiles ☀️ Love.

Succession of smiles ☀️ Love. Love. Love.

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Walking in this life, our experiences challenge us to rise up. This includes unraveling fears and/or blocks and work through them even if they scare the living shit out of us. Being proactive in our dreams, putting it into fruition, and having faith that we have what it takes to make our dreams our reality. There is motivation and spiritual power within to want to push through those fears. When I feel the weight of those scary things, I find more time to pause. I find more time to reflect and then I let go. It happens again and again. It will happen as I keep learning and growing. It will happen as I keep evolving, keep reaching towards my highest self. • Here’s to a wonderful weekend excursion in the Rockies ✨👌 #optoutside

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I trust this energy, fully embraced in this high vibrational flow that’s occurring right now ✨ so Grateful... for the support I have, my man, and this life that challenges me to grow into this beautiful piece of sunshine 💕

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Grateful for this memory. Happy to have gotten lost in some fields with some pretty awesome ladies ❤️ so grateful for this experience and this adventure! #love #bali #adventures

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Another phenomenal show at the Red Rocks! UM, just a band from another planet, showing us how it’s done ✅

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Posted a year ago today ✨ these words are still relevant today 💕 • Our attitude and our effort make our reality. So if you want to achieve things for yourself, you have to take a look at what’s holding you back. Mostly, it all begins with what’s going on in our mind. Start with monitoring the thoughts and feelings you are aligning yourself with. By placing your attention on your desires and passions, you can set an intention to make it your reality. The energy you are releasing into the universe is the same energy that will be returned to you... hopefully it will be greater. I like to think of it, as we all should know, the energy and hard work you put towards what you want to achieve, you shall achieve. BUT you have to learn how to cultivate patience and trust in this process. Learn it will take time, but it will happen. Trust yourself. I feel these things are important as we are working towards what we want. Because it may seem like some far off hope or dream that we cannot accomplish. I am grateful for everything in my life. I am grateful for people in my life. #manifestingtheshitoutoflife • 📸 @brookemichellej

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I love reminders of why I moved to this beautiful state! Always finding little spots like this that make me feel like I’m returning home ✨ back to nature ❤️

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“Yeah my boyfriend’s pretty cooooollll, but he’s not cool as Mee” ~Lana Del Rey 💋 • Had a lot of fun with my honey at the Moe. concert ❤️✨ #moreofthis #yesplease #love

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love.migsara. “Letting go is not about sacrifice, nor does it breed lazy inactivity;

“Letting go is not about sacrifice, nor does it breed lazy inactivity; it’s simply a return to Being. It is a shift from an assertive focus on action and results in a softer, intuitive state where you will ‘be with,’ notice, an appreciate what’s in the moment with you. It’s about moving from noise into silence. When done right, letting go is about centering, and it always leads to your home frequency.” ~Pierce. There’s nothing like connecting to Soul again and again, time after time. #breathe #letgo #mamagotyou

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love.migsara. #optoutside🌲 
because the dark ones are showing face

#optoutside🌲 #smile because the dark ones are showing face

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love.migsara. “Allow me to reintroduce myself...” .
#wildwoman #smellsli

“Allow me to reintroduce myself...” . . . . . . . #wildwoman #smellslikefebreeze

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love.migsara. He’s cute and so proud ❤️ built from wood he collected from the dumpst

He’s cute and so proud ❤️ built from wood he collected from the dumpster

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this pull back. Where you seek to understand. When you step aside of yourself And be present Let it go. Judgement. Emotions. Fear. Doubt. Anything that comes in the way of you being fully present. Less and less reacting to circumstance and more and more being aware... It comes in waves as I am passionate as hell But my peace thanks me for this skill... it’s not perfect but everyday I’m learning 😅 #woke

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Magnetic lips Gentle touch Oh the touch Cling to depths Stretched beyond Forever held Electric vibes we’ve done this we’re living anew #motherearth #optoutside🌲

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Goddess Magic✨ I admire strength in vulnerability. For a moment. Let yourself be exactly as you are. Take a deep breath. Do you have the fire within to let it all bare? Have you found space to embrace all that you are? Seek solitude. For a moment. Shatter the walls, surrender Take a deep breath Here in this space, this is all that you are Here in this space, you are ever infinite, boundless, electromagnetic waves of light Light. #knowyourworth #loveyourself I love this photo 💋

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10.5 miles up and down a mountain. I will be honest. I did walk 4 out of 10 of those miles because FUCK that was hard... and it was my FIRST time riding up and down a mountain. Super sore, but can’t wait to do it again. Happy Todd got to play around like the big kid that he is :) I keep him around because he reminds me not to take life too seriously and really encourages me to do things outside of my comfort zone So Freaking Grateful for this State and all the hobbies we get into 🤗 #moreadventures #hiking #colorado #mountainbiking

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