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Given it is a feast day and I don’t regularly attend mass I decided to spend much of the day on a drawing devoted to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary . I recently discovered some work from the my youth and this drawing is based upon a painting from 1986. It’s odd to revisit myself from that time and place and yet the same themes still fascinate me . #bvm #dormition #catholicart #draweveryday #dailydrawing #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Today is a particularly holy feast day, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrating upon her death (referred to as her dormition - falling asleep ), she was raised body and soul to heaven . Nonbelievers may scratch their head at such a notion but many artists have found inspiration in this miraculous event . As a very young man I did as well . Back in the early 80’s I spent my summers in Maine , I painted odd bits of furniture and had several solo shows at the Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill . Very fond memories of that time but not a clue as to where all that furniture went . I do have a few clumsy photographs such as this Assumption Sidetable . My work then was more obviously ironic but I see a consistent sensibility. Anyway happy feast day of the Assumption of the BVM, I feel inspired to revisit this miraculous theme . #assumption #dormition #bvm #romancatholic #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #virginmary

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I was invited to a group show exploring the Afterlife , the only restriction being the need to incorporate a stock cross which was sent to my studio . I’ve been putting the final stitches on my contribution which I’ve called The Resurrection of the Maize God. This is an extension of my previous exploration of the Maya creation story found in the fascinating Popol vuh. Upon the cross is the sacrificed maize god Hun Hunahpu, the following image is of his sons the Hero Twins born of virgin birth from the spittle of his decapitated head . The story is far more complicated, rich and intriguing for such a post , I heartily recommend delving deeper . #afterlife #groupshow #resurrection #popolvuh #hunhunahpu #herotwins #maya #mayamythology #creationmyth #maizegod #maizegods #maize #leonardgrecoart #fiberart #sculpy #handstitch

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A very lovely shot of my gorgeous little Rose , post her physical therapy and acupuncture session, taken by her friend Dr. Kwong. These weekly sessions have made quite an impact , keeping her physical deterioration at bay . She is resisting her wheels thus far but I have hope. Viola is there for the water therapy , the attention and the string cheese. #physicaltherapy #pugsofinstagram #pugs #disableddogs #vcawestla

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New work in progress , the Maize God Hun Hunahpu , a reimagined crucifix ( Recycled fabric and baked polymer clay, approximately 14”) . I’ve only just started this project but it is called The Resurrection of the Maize God, I will post more images later but I am happy to once again revisit my great love of the #popolvuh and the #mythology of the #maya . From my first introduction to the Popol Vuh I was struck by the similarities between this maize deity and that of Christ . Both sacrificed and risen , in the Maize God’s case through the Virgin birth of his sons the Hero Twins. Fascinating inspiration, proving Joseph Campbell right that the Hero truly does possess a thousand faces . #maizegod #wip #hunhunahpú #mayamythology #leonardgrecoart #recycledmaterials #fiberart #handstitching #maize

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Today’s warm drawing was actually a close-the-day drawing . Once again I’m trying to be free from expectation and allowing the doodle to just go where it will. However today’s drawing revealed something personally very psychologically challenging . The violence of the image has taken me back , I hadn’t expected it to develop in the way it had . I had a vague intention of depicting the Holy Fool ( an archetype I return to time and again ) but the drawing galloped ahead of my awareness ; the more discreet, private part of myself wanted to erase it all away , replacing it with something whimsically odd but “safe”. But I left it as it developed , it seems relevant , our collective day to day is increasingly ever more violent with no end in sight . And unfortunately like so many others I was raised in a violent household (the Minotaur looks so much like my Pater) . I’m not sure what bubbled up in this drawing, or why now , but I’m going to continue with this practice and see what reveals itself ; cheaper than an analyst . #automaticdrawing #dailydrawing #draweveryday #sketchbookartist #surrealisttechniques #psychologicalart #holyfool #minotaur #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Because so much of my work is deliberative and at times painstaking, I like to start my day with a free associative drawing session , usually an hour or so . These doodle drawings will often find further, more deliberate expression later on, even years later in more finished work . I have files of loose doodle drawings , rarely showing them but turning to them time and again. Today’s sketchbook exercise is loosely incorporating happy memories of a Blake painting that enchanted me at the Tate , and vintage images of Victorian professional mourners - I can spend hours thinking about Victorian mourning ritual . Now onto some painting. #studiopractice #sketchbook #draweveryday #pencildrawing #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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New work , “ The Desert Quartet (Saint Anthony & the Desert of Tears )” . I finished the final quarter of this four sheet drawing just this afternoon. Now on to other work . #newwork #pencildrawing #dailydrawing #stanthonyofthedesert #saints #religiousart #neomedievalism #leonardgrecoart #narrativeart

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My last post concerned an incredible exhibition of work @last_projects here in LA called The Glorious Hole . The gallery website describes the body of work by @pigpenhaulin and @samaramascara as “...a Queer space for celebrating the disappearing culture of back rooms, x-rated bookstores and porn theaters-a hot and bothered re-envisioning of pre-internet cruising grounds” . As potentially salacious as that sounds it is truly a delightful collection of wonderful intelligent work - so much so that we were lucky enough to purchase a piece . But all of this re-envisioning has me reflecting upon those imagined pre- internet , pre-sanitized days . As a teen adrift in NYC in the early 80’s , shelter and food insecure , I haven’t the need to re-envision some imagined halcyon past . In fact they were quite brutal , far from the happily expressive work on display . One really incredible painting depicts a bottle of Rush poppers ( really incredible) yet memories flooded back of an addiction to poppers to stave off hunger for food I simply hadn’t the money for - a trick that I learned from fellow hustlers . I can only hint at how many evenings I crashed in the orgy room of some tawdry bathhouse, the best and frankly safest bargain lodging in town for a destitute teenager alone . Obvious to say I have a history , but safe now , well loved and happy to have it all behind me . I have turned to this ambivalent past now and again and this drawing from 2016 is a testament to those days . It’s called “The Temptation of St.Anthony of the Desert at the Baths of St.Mark” . This reflection isn’t at all to implicate criticism to a truly wonderful body of work @last_projects , just a reminder of the complexity of my own journey . In fact the piece we purchased will be an incredible memento of a time I’ve tried to forget . #onespast #personalstory #gayhistory #gayhistoryispersonal

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I posted about this yesterday but I am such a ninny that it seems I’ve accidentally deleted when I meant to simply edit . Like I said I’m a ninny . That said it’s an important exhibition and you should catch The Glorious Hole with work by by Silky Shoemaker @pigpenhaulin and Samara Halperin @samaramascara at Last Projects @last_projects . It runs through August 24th, I believe by appointment, contact the gallery but try not to miss this exciting body of work . We were fortunate enough to acquire the second piece by Silky Shoemaker entitled Parking the Finger Car. Check it out , you won’t be disappointed. #laartscene #queerfolk #fineart #glorioushole #lastprojects

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Our Little Hermitage is a most charming cottage , what it lacks in space is compensated by an abundance of sweetness and light . But a major downer has been the lack of a proper oven . We were so smitten with the place that it wasn’t until after the closing that we discovered there simply wasn’t an oven . My husband doesn’t cook , but he does bake , and this was a disappointment. At last he has found a solution, a countertop oven by Wolf ( Thanks @williams_sonoma ). Today was his first baking day , these rather salty , rather over baked , nonetheless rather tasty baguettes are the fruit of his industry . I see flour dust in my future . #domesticity #homesweethome #wolfoven #homebaking #americansbakingbaguettes #baguette #littlehermitage

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Detail of a new work “ The Desert Quartet “, a four sheet drawing of my dear Desert Saint Anthony. Nearing completion but for now calling it a night . Have a splendid weekend. #wip #draweveryday #stanthonyofthedesert #neomedievalism #saints #religiousart #leonardgrecoart

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My birthday was a week ago , and per tradition my mother’s birthday card arrives predictably late . This isn’t news or an admonition , merely something I’ve grown accustomed to. This year’s card was enclosed with this silly dachshund magnet ( we are a dog family if ever there was one ). However this year , my 57th , mother’s dementia is really kicking in . Her once gorgeous cursive now a spidery scrawl - never a scholar but my mother prided herself on her genteel , well bred hand . Aside from the illegibility, she is now pretty much incoherent. It’s heartbreaking yet she is more tender than I’ve ever remembered. I like this dotty , dog- loving lady who can’t seem to remember my birthday but remembers exactly how happy that day , so long ago , made her . #happybirthdaytome #itscomplicated #dementia #daschund #mothers

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today’s sketch book entry: The Prince of Eels, an allegorical sketch of the Thames. One of my strolling pleasures was seeking out architectural references to the great Thames, be it a lamp post , a cartouche over an entrance or an extended frieze; the river seems ever present . This drawing a small tribute to that ...and to eel pie. #dailydrawing #sketchbook #merman #inspiration #allegory #thames #london #neobaroque #leonardgrecoart

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Further attempts at organizing visual inspiration from my recent London vacation . In this case, Mystery Plays, pageant carts and general theatricality . I may never actual use these inspirations but jotting then to paper helps me organize my thoughts particularly after an exhilarating yet at times visually overwhelming trip . #dailydrawing #draweveryday #mysteryplay #pageantry #mummery #neomedievalism #leonardgrecoart

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I am back from London and in the studio trying to process all I’ve seen and found so inspiring. Most especially unsurprisingly was the vast display of heraldic splendor . In addition the ever present references to Greenmen, the Wodewose and other pre-Christian traditions . Aside from researching and chronicling my observations, putting pencil to paper solidifies inspiration for possible future use . #dailydrawing #sketchbook #draweveryday #neomedievalism #heraldry #wodewose #fool #mandrake #leonardgrecoart

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London in the rain , a welcome relief after yesterday’s inferno . A day at the RA seems just perfect . #summerexhibition #summerexhibition2019 #royalacademy

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