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Today’s progress :”What you are I once was, what I am you will be.” Memento mori detail seemed fitting this day as David’s mother is sent to hospice care . End days are always difficult , unresolvable emotions create a hard grief (thank you Claire for that reminder 🖤). Putting down the brushes , heading south to San Diego . #mementomori #oilpainting #wip # #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Today’s progress , a gratifying day spent noodling about on details with a fine brush , I’m particularly pleased with St.Anthony’s pig, his iconic desert 🌵 companion . Our sponsoring several (3) pigs @ironwoodpigsanctuary has helped me capture pig-iness. Yet another benefit of compassion to our animal brethren , please consider sponsoring an animal in need . #animalrescue #pigrescue #oilpainting #temptationofstanthony #stanthonythehermit #stanthonyofthedesert #pig #landscapepainting #wip #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Frantic , frustrating morning , interminable LA traffic then sitting around waiting during physical therapy for the pugs - however managed to squeeze in some drawing time : cute boy at Starbucks ( his first day ) & some fairyfolk 🧚‍♀️. Back at the studio , ready for sure me quiet work time #stolenmoments #fairies #draweveryday #dailydrawing #artistsketchbook #pencildrawing #leonardgrecoart

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Yesterday was the feast day of the Immaculate Conception so my daily drawing that day was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary . So naturally , given the season , today my drawing turned into a more complicated Nativity scene set in a devastated broken landscape . As is so often the case , a seemingly simple sketch organically morphs into a larger composition. I’ll go with it but for now taking a break - I have Christmas cards to tend to . #advent #christmas2019 #nativity #nativityscene #bvm #blessedvirginmary #stjoseph #religiousart #pencildrawing #dailydrawing #draweveryday #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #illumination

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And so it begins , the sad dismantling of a museum I’ve grown to love. Most likely when my treasured friends are back on display we will have left LA. That reality and the upcoming destruction of the @lacma campus saddens me a great deal. #progress #hubris #folly #lacma #losangeles

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Had a late start today at the studio but managed to squeeze in my daily sketch, I try to be disciplined in that practice . Today’s drawing , Benedictine monks , needed perhaps for future reference . Now time for some easel work this lovely rainy Los Angeles day . #monk #hermit #anchorite #stanthonyofthedesert #stanthonythegreat #monasteries #draperystudy #dailydrawing #draweveryday #artistsketchbook #pencildrawing #figuredrawing #brownpencil #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Detail of today’s progress , tiny brushes much of the day, now time for a break with some needle and thread. #studiopractice #wip #oilpainting #paintingtrees #tree #foilage #daemons #temptationofstanthony #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #landscapepainting

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Today’s sketchbook entry is based upon Emily Dickinson’s incredible “I’m Nobody!”. David and I are attending a Dickinson /Plath seminar this weekend , and I’ve immersed myself in both poets . This poem feels particularly relevant to me at the moment as I ponder my own irrelevance. Not in a maudlin or self pitying sense , but in a wide eyed , matter of fact reality , that in the end our croaking means very little. Dickinson explores this reality with great wit and charm . The poem, number 288, goes like this: “I’m Nobody! Who are you ? Are you -Nobody -Too? Then there’s a pair of us ! Don’t tell! they’d advertise-you know! How dreary -to be-Somebody! How public -like a Frog-To tell one’s name -the livelong June- To an admiring Bog!” ; it is such a brilliant poem , unfortunately IG formatting will not allow me to share her distinctive punctuation and peculiar structure, do look it up for yourself, but nonetheless she captures our desire for attention , the fool-hardiness of it all , and this in a pre- social media age . She is an astonishingly prescient poet , sensitive and as seen here , possessing great wit . 🐸 I was lucky enough to spend this day with another Bog-loathing, croaking averse frog, my dear friend Jodi @jodi_bonassi . A day of sketching and chatting , perhaps more chatting ; a really marvelous day with a very talented artist who happens to be such a treasured friend . #dailypoem #dailysketch #artistsketchbook #dailydrawing #poeticinspiration #poetry #emilydickinson #agorafoundation #frogs #fools #fungi #illumination #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #artistfriends

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We had dear friends to share our Thanksgiving table last evening , all very festive and much to be grateful for . The girls especially enjoyed seeing their aunties : Simone, Ellen, Beverly and Jodi . Now , after an evening of being fussed over , they are zonked . ( thank you @art_and_bananas for the album of goofy pug pics). #thanksgiving2019 #pugsofinstagram

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Moving along with this purple fellow, part of an ensemble of fairy figures . Much of this rainy studio day was stitching up his torso and the appliqué bones serenaded by lazy pugs. With the holiday tomorrow it is an abbreviated week in the workshop , we are heading out shortly to pick up David’s Aunt Beverly at the airport and tomorrow festivities will be spent with some of our dearest . But today I wanted to focus on my work doing my best to mentally block out the worrisome list of to-do’s and shoulds. Now I’m off to being grateful. Sending happy Thanksgiving wishes from LA. #fiberart #textileart #wip #purple #pixie #fairy #fairytale #recycledmaterials #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #thanksgiving2019

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What happens when you have a sketched idea , a ridiculously glittery purple pillowcase and a free afternoon. Apparently this purple pixie skull head which will be part of a #fairytale ensemble of #stuffedpaintings that I am currently working on in between my easel painting. As usual all material, save the painted elements, which are painted here in the studio , are of #recycledmaterials , mostly #thriftshop finds , thank you very much @laroadthriftstore ! #purple #fiberart #textileart #handstitched #handstitching #skull #wingedskull #wip #leonardgrecoart #fairy #pixie #fairyland #neomedievalism #artistsketchbook

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Shameless self promotion, my Fairyland ABC is now available ( link to be found on my Instagram homepage via my studioblog Boondocks Babylon. Available I am told through Amazon as well but haven’t checked . Timely as the holidays approach, perfect for cheap-o gift giving -just 20 bucks ! I self published both Fairyland ABC (and Dead Folks of London) rather easily through @blurbbooks . I’m not particularly savvy with a keyboard but I found it quite a gratifying experience , a new studio tool indeed - expect more publications! #buymybook #fairylandabc #fairyland #selfpublishing #blurbbooks #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism #abc #alphabet #alphabeticprimer

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And good morning to you too ! #viola #pugsofinstagram #becausemydogistoocute

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Akhnaten , intense and emotional and gorgeous; three and a half hours had passed when I emerged from the darkened movie house blinded by the Aten that the title character so adored . Jarringly bombarded by squealing Girl Scouts as exhilarated by Frozen II as I was by Glass’s masterpiece, I was back it seemed in the all too familiar concreteness of the day-to-day. Philip Glass @philipglassmusic is a great Symbolist , conveying eternities with such beauty and wisdom ; I think I know this opera well and yet each time , and especially after this performance, new revelations are made clear , new inspiration presented . I am left as depleted and as energized as I am after a performance of Wagner’s Parsifal . The sacred spectacle of Glass’s ritual theater is akin to Wagner in its intensity. The poignant Pieta moment between Amenhotep III @_zachary_james_ and Akhnaten @arcostanzo , as the ill fated king and his ethereal Kingdom at last fall to brute force is heartbreaking, I did indeed shed tears at this lost dream. Bravo/a to this incredible team. #metopera #metoperalive #akhnaten #philipglass #opera #inspiration

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I had a very odd experience today , I was painting and refining yet more leaves on my current painting . Painting foliage can be at times meditative and at times outright tedious . Today it felt tedious. I was struggling with direction and then suddenly I fell asleep right at the easel, paintbrush still in hand- thank goodness I was seated . It was just a groggy interlude yet when I awoke I had morphed leaves into a recognizable skull . It made so much sense for this sheltering tree of St. Anthony, harboring worldliness . I’ve since spent the rest of this day revealing hidden forms within the branches . I don’t believe I would have come to this direction if I were fully awake . Of late I’ve been dreaming of my work but this is the first time I’ve dreamt while actually painting . This is a detail of today’s progress . #dreaminspiration #dreampainting #studiotime #oilpainting #paintingfoilage #foilage #temptationofstanthony #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Today’s progress : leaves , a lot of ‘em. Plenty more to go , but for now leafed out.🍁🍃🍂Back at tomorrow. #oilpainting #tree #paintingtrees #slowandsteady #temptationofstanthony #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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Pixies Dirk & Rufus.I’ve stitched the arms and hands to little Rufus ( fingers are tricky buggers) . Wondered aloud why shouldn’t they court ? They make a fine couple . Making steady progress on this elfin pair but for now heading back to the brushes later this afternoon. 🍄🐌🦇Eventually planning on embroidering the body of Rufus but will probably wait until the holidays when traveling leaves me hours of free time to stitch . #handstitched #fiberart #textilart #pixie #faerie #fairyland #pixieville #rufus #dirk #pixiebuggers #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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The Wodewose comes home 🍄🐌🧚‍♀️. We have a very small house , really , truly , just a cottage . But I’ve packed my little hermitage with many treasures. In a city of minimalist (bland??!) tastefully restrained interiors , I stand in defiance. Today , in order to make more room in storage , I decided to squeeze my Wodewose in, down our teeny spiral staircase . I think he looks rather happy amidst his many new friends . #artisthome #maximalism #melissaetheridge We saw Melissa Etheridge last evening @waltdisneyconcerthall - fantastic as ever, hot as ever , she has been the soundtrack of our day

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Please indulge a proud pug dad but Viola has made great strides in her physical therapy at VCA West LA, her buddy Dr. Kwong has assured me that this rehab drill is quite advanced and as can be seen , she is a champ - oh the power of string cheese ! She emerges from each session more and more energetic...then nap time . #pugsofinstagram #rehab #physicaltherapy #pugtherapy #pug #athleticbutstillwonky

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I’ve just uploaded my Fairyland ABC to @blurbbooks , copies will be available soon just in time for Christmas; PDF available immediately. Direct message if interested. I’m so pleased with the result. Like an illuminist of yore , I’m as excited by this new technology as they were to the Gutenberg press . My work is naturally narrative and I see many self published works in the future . Since boyhood I’ve been making books , this is an exciting new addition to my studio practice . #fairyland #fairylandabc #alphabet #selfpublishing #leonardgrecoart #blurbbooks

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Pixie toes. Today’s stitching progress thus far , I’m immodesty pleased with the curly toes ; that said I do think this pixie duo will work out rather nicely . But until then, plenty more stitching before I call it a day . Have a great weekend.🧚‍♀️👻🧚‍♀️ #studiotime #studioprogress #handstitched #handstitch #fiberart #textileart #textileartist #stuffedpainting #pixies #faeries #fairyland #pixieville🏡🏠 #recycledmaterials #pink #leonardgrecoart #chintz #subversivestitch

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In the clouds. Today’s inspiration being in part from my own work. Many of the figures I’ve painted have first been created with needle and thread . I like the dialogue between the mediums and the thematic consistency . Now time to clean my brushes and walk long patient pups . #oilpainting #cloudpainting #daemons #temptationofstanthony #studioinspiration #studioprogress #wip #leonardgrecoart #neomedievalism

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